‘Little PSY’ Subject of Online Racial Hatred


Hwang Min-woo, popularly known as ‘Little PSY’ for his stint in the Gangnam Style music video, has been catapulted into the limelight. The boy’s multicultural background (his mother is a naturalised Korean from Vietnam) attracted the attention of Ilbe which mounted a high-profile hate-campaign this week. Given the track-record of Ilbe’s kulturkampf and their unabashed xenophobic stance, this fray with the 9-year old is likely to continue until some form of legal intervention takes place.


From Nocut News:

– Min-woo finds difficult to cope with insults against parents
– Cries often when called Vietnamese boy
– Plans to file libel suits against the Akpeulers

◇ Jung Kwan-yong [reporter] > Do you know Hwang Min-woo, also known as ‘Little PSY’? He was featured in PSY’s Gangnam Style music video. His father is Korean and his mother is Vietnamese, making him one of the most famous stars from a multicultural family background. But some netizens used extremely derogatory comments on the net and his agency has requested an investigation by the police. We had a brief interview with the representative from his agency.

◇ Jung > Which sites did they put up the akpeul?

◆ Lee [agency rep] > Ilbe members have been found to be spamming them. It’s mostly traffic from Ilbe and their akpeul that downed our system.

◇ Jung > Did you trace some of the IDs?

◆ Lee > Most of them are traced back to Ilbe.

◇ Jung > What were some of the things posted?

◆ Lee > Well, there are tons of comments that I cannot even begin to describe. Why a Vietnamese is on TV, why does he live in Korea and so on.

◇ Jung > Your homepage went down? How do you feel about reading them?

◆ Lee > To be frank, I would be just as hurt. That he is being targeted only because he comes from a multicultural background, I find it incomprehensible, really.

◇ Jung > When were the police approached and what did you testify?

◆ Lee > On the 26th roughly – we have met up with the police and will file a defamation suit next week.

◇ Jung > On what charges will the suit be filed?

◆ Lee > Disturbing our normal business operation, that’s what it will be under, and also we consider further legal action for defamation.

◇ Jung > How old is Min-woo?

◆ Lee > He is 9-years old, second grade in elementary school.

◇ Jung > Did his parents also read the akpeul?

◆ Lee > Min-woo does not know as we are trying to shield him. For his parents, with his mother being Vietnamese, it hurts quite a lot to see such things being said about their son.

◇ Jung > Did his parents agree to the legal action?

◆ Lee > Yes, indeed. Min-woo does try to ignore the personally-directed akpeuls but for those directed at his parents, he finds it really difficult to face. He cried a lot when he was called a Vietnamese kid and his mother does have Korean citizenship…

◇ Jung > Is it true that he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the police today?

◆ Lee > He was confirmed as the goodwill ambassador for the police but this is most unfortunate. Today is the day he is appointed goodwill ambassador.

◇ Jung > I hope the police will investigate thoroughly to punish those rotten apples and hope they do take care of Min-Woo.

We conclude our interview with the Mr. Lee Jung-min.


Comments from Daum:


What wrong did the kid do, *sigh* ㅡㅡ


How does it matter whether he’s Korean or Vietnamese to be an entertainer?? They must be such losers to make an issue of his ethnicity. Must be jealous to death, tsk tsk.


This time, akpeulers should be not just fined but completely eradicated and put in detention.


Ilbe again…. I have no interest in finding about that kid but do hold back nasty comments. Just ignore like me.


What the, just what makes them write nasty comments on a kid?


Time to disclose akpeulers’ identities publicly.


Gyeongsang-do Ilbe bugs are such a problem. They are more of a problem than Japanese far-right wingers. How is Gyeongsang people worshiping the military dictator and distorting history any different from worshipping imperialism and distorting history in Japan? Is Gyeongsang a normal province when a teacher and an Ilbe bug student were muttering ‘commie’ in that video of Ilbe bug elementary school students’ fight? It was appalling when we found out middle-aged people who learned how to use the computer wrote nasty comments in a public welfare center. That’s why I’m oblivious to the right shift in Japan, you Gyeongsang Ilbe bugs. You guys are more disgusting~


Firstly hurting a child just because his family background is multicultural is just morally wrong. But that boy sings awful strange songs so those responsible around him ought to account for the future of the child. And using him to advertise mail-order bride things with Vietnamese is also kind of meh…. Well, none of my business really but after all it is really concerning….


Akpeulers deserve what’s coming to them. But the adults who commercially exploit a 9-year old also need to think twice.


Your pen can kill a person…How can they write nasty comments on a little kid…Such nonsense ㅜㅡ


Hurling abuses at little kids, how great are we.


There are many nutjobs.


Whether he’s a multicultural kid or not, it doesn’t look good when they try to make money off of him~


I want to see the faces of akpeulers..If you want to make nasty comments, you should upload your pictures, too. Do not break other people’s heart behind your computer.


Shitty multiculturalism must be resisted. Jang-gae and Southeast Asians ought not to be allowed to compete for the same jobs as native Koreans, is that not crazy? Stop running these sympathetic articles. Such sympathy is what kills native Koreans. Koreans must come first in Korea.


It must be the work of the NIS [sarcasm about the scandal.]


I don’t know why they are talking about something irrelevant. Regardless of his parents’ ethnicity, it is a backlash to the parents who are commercially exploiting him in every possible way just because he got famous for one gimmicky thing. I’m worried that multiculturalism will be overprotected and native Koreans will be discriminated again because of this incident. I say no to 2nd Lee Jasmine.


Those who make baseless nasty comments should be legally punished and compensate for the mental damage. It’s a serious crime. It is a shame that the human trash who did it on a little kid are fellow citizens.


Celebrities get bashed. Why would you even file a lawsuit? If you don’t want to get bashed, just be a good student.


-_- Honestly, I don’t know how he is a celebrity. Did their parents find an agency to make money? It’s not like there is any popular song from him… What is he doing? -_-

Several Ilbe postings critical of the way Hwang Min-Woo has been conducting his business have given free rein to vent the general animosity towards the policy of multiculturalism in South Korea, allegedly driven by the big business and moneyed-interests, and naively propagated by the left-wings and human rights NGOs at the expense of the middle and lower-middle working class. Here, the migrant workers and foreign marriage partners, often portrayed as ungrateful freeloaders scrounging in search of welfare benefits, represent best the current societal structure said to be deeply unjust and unfair to the hard-working Koreans.

From Ilbe:

Liberated after the oppressive Japanese imperialism for 36 years, a war by crazy commie Kim Il Sung that left everything in ruin…. Not a penny in pocket with no natural resource to boot….. Not even a tree on mountain to use as fuel

A foreign reporter went so far as to write ‘it is not a time to be born in Korea.’

But in that desperate hours our people worked hard and perservered so that the curse of poverty would not have to be endured by the future generations. That hard toil accomplished industrialization on which blossomed the flowers of liberal democracy. We overcame that overwhelming desperation and achieved prosperity. We can finally stand tall and enjoy the fruit of our collective labor.

And now all of sudden Shit-east [sic] Asia cunts are crawling into our country and Paki-roaches breed crimes like no tomorrow. And what responsibilities and duties do those scums do? They are here to suck on our welfare benefits and enjoy the prosperity that we Korean people worked so hard to achieve, so why should we not feel bitter….

Xenophobia??? What have you guys done for Korea?


Comments from Ilbe:


I really hate multiculturalism.


If you looked at the situation in Europe, multiculturalism should not be accepted. Jwa-jom scums go on about how they are all human and sell you that shit but they don’t know jackshit about the situation in Europe, fuck.


A 9-year old boy killed himself because he was bullied for being white in the UK, that’s the tip of iceberg.


All those Southeast Asian scums think we are all same race and try to suck on our honeypot. If they are tolerably nice, that’s fine but they back-stab you worse than Jeolla scums. Especially Vietnamese, they really don’t know any manners.


I understand how old people would hate this but why do YOU hate them? Did you found this country?


They are only demanding rights without any responsibility so we are trying to put a stop to it before things go out of control, is that the same thing? Wait, you sound suspicious. Try saying Jasmine Lee is a bitch cunt.


Migrant workers are out-competing what little jobs Ilbe scums have who are at the bottom of Korean society.


We are the ones who will have to look after the grandparents generation. Our tax support the lonely seniors and the facilities but the migrant workers remit all they earn. Our young people avoid the hard work, it is true but even if they DO want to, having to work with them would be very unpleasant.


We should try to get migrants from advanced countries, why are we accepting from those worse off than we are? We disappoint me.


Fuck off, so our parents generation who went off to make money in Japan and the US are fucking scums, is that what you are getting at?


I live in the US and unless you are either Hispanic trash or heukhyung [term of esteem for black people, adding hyung meaning older brother] with ingrained victim mentality, none thinks like that. All they look for is someone to vent their victimhood to, that’s what happened during the LA Riot.


Ilbe is the extreme right. If you are nationalist, you’d be busy trash-talking other countries. But whether far-right or just regular right-wing, isn’t it true that we should not accept the shit migrants workers are creating right now?


Fuck you morons. Trashing a little mixed kid makes YOU the real fucking scums.


Only those who toiled hard on the barren land deserve the fruit of their labor. Without so much shedding a single drop of sweat, under the banner of multiculturalism they do not deserve anything. And if you think they deserve something for nothing, that makes you a communist.


Name me one single person in the upper-class who did this multiculturalism crap. Why do they fucking want the lower class to put up with multiculturalism when they themselves do not?


This is why we should unify with North Korea. We need to wipe out the North Korea leadership and kill off all the jongpuk scums and replace what’s left in North Korea with the migrant workers. Then we can drive out all the migrant scums and only let in those who meet the most stringent criteria.


Stop bashing migrant workers. There aren’t enough workforce in South Korea to replace them. If they all pack up and leave, the real wage will go up? Nonsense. Korea’s got nothing in terms of resources. If we want to remain competitive, we must maintain low-wage, fixed exchange-rate and that’s how it must be~. If we raise our wage by 30% our current balance will turn red~

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