‘Little PSY’ Subject of Online Racial Hatred


Hwang Min-woo, popularly known as ‘Little PSY’ for his stint in the Gangnam Style music video, has been catapulted into the limelight. The boy’s multicultural background (his mother is a naturalised Korean from Vietnam) attracted the attention of Ilbe which mounted a high-profile hate-campaign this week. Given the track-record of Ilbe’s kulturkampf and their unabashed xenophobic stance, this fray with the 9-year old is likely to continue until some form of legal intervention takes place.


From Nocut News:

– Min-woo finds difficult to cope with insults against parents
– Cries often when called Vietnamese boy
– Plans to file libel suits against the Akpeulers

◇ Jung Kwan-yong [reporter] > Do you know Hwang Min-woo, also known as ‘Little PSY’? He was featured in PSY’s Gangnam Style music video. His father is Korean and his mother is Vietnamese, making him one of the most famous stars from a multicultural family background. But some netizens used extremely derogatory comments on the net and his agency has requested an investigation by the police. We had a brief interview with the representative from his agency.

◇ Jung > Which sites did they put up the akpeul?

◆ Lee [agency rep] > Ilbe members have been found to be spamming them. It’s mostly traffic from Ilbe and their akpeul that downed our system.

◇ Jung > Did you trace some of the IDs?

◆ Lee > Most of them are traced back to Ilbe.

◇ Jung > What were some of the things posted?

◆ Lee > Well, there are tons of comments that I cannot even begin to describe. Why a Vietnamese is on TV, why does he live in Korea and so on.

◇ Jung > Your homepage went down? How do you feel about reading them?

◆ Lee > To be frank, I would be just as hurt. That he is being targeted only because he comes from a multicultural background, I find it incomprehensible, really.

◇ Jung > When were the police approached and what did you testify?

◆ Lee > On the 26th roughly – we have met up with the police and will file a defamation suit next week.

◇ Jung > On what charges will the suit be filed?

◆ Lee > Disturbing our normal business operation, that’s what it will be under, and also we consider further legal action for defamation.

◇ Jung > How old is Min-woo?

◆ Lee > He is 9-years old, second grade in elementary school.

◇ Jung > Did his parents also read the akpeul?

◆ Lee > Min-woo does not know as we are trying to shield him. For his parents, with his mother being Vietnamese, it hurts quite a lot to see such things being said about their son.

◇ Jung > Did his parents agree to the legal action?

◆ Lee > Yes, indeed. Min-woo does try to ignore the personally-directed akpeuls but for those directed at his parents, he finds it really difficult to face. He cried a lot when he was called a Vietnamese kid and his mother does have Korean citizenship…

◇ Jung > Is it true that he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the police today?

◆ Lee > He was confirmed as the goodwill ambassador for the police but this is most unfortunate. Today is the day he is appointed goodwill ambassador.

◇ Jung > I hope the police will investigate thoroughly to punish those rotten apples and hope they do take care of Min-Woo.

We conclude our interview with the Mr. Lee Jung-min.


Comments from Daum:


What wrong did the kid do, *sigh* ㅡㅡ


How does it matter whether he’s Korean or Vietnamese to be an entertainer?? They must be such losers to make an issue of his ethnicity. Must be jealous to death, tsk tsk.


This time, akpeulers should be not just fined but completely eradicated and put in detention.


Ilbe again…. I have no interest in finding about that kid but do hold back nasty comments. Just ignore like me.


What the, just what makes them write nasty comments on a kid?


Time to disclose akpeulers’ identities publicly.


Gyeongsang-do Ilbe bugs are such a problem. They are more of a problem than Japanese far-right wingers. How is Gyeongsang people worshiping the military dictator and distorting history any different from worshipping imperialism and distorting history in Japan? Is Gyeongsang a normal province when a teacher and an Ilbe bug student were muttering ‘commie’ in that video of Ilbe bug elementary school students’ fight? It was appalling when we found out middle-aged people who learned how to use the computer wrote nasty comments in a public welfare center. That’s why I’m oblivious to the right shift in Japan, you Gyeongsang Ilbe bugs. You guys are more disgusting~


Firstly hurting a child just because his family background is multicultural is just morally wrong. But that boy sings awful strange songs so those responsible around him ought to account for the future of the child. And using him to advertise mail-order bride things with Vietnamese is also kind of meh…. Well, none of my business really but after all it is really concerning….


Akpeulers deserve what’s coming to them. But the adults who commercially exploit a 9-year old also need to think twice.


Your pen can kill a person…How can they write nasty comments on a little kid…Such nonsense ㅜㅡ


Hurling abuses at little kids, how great are we.


There are many nutjobs.


Whether he’s a multicultural kid or not, it doesn’t look good when they try to make money off of him~


I want to see the faces of akpeulers..If you want to make nasty comments, you should upload your pictures, too. Do not break other people’s heart behind your computer.


Shitty multiculturalism must be resisted. Jang-gae and Southeast Asians ought not to be allowed to compete for the same jobs as native Koreans, is that not crazy? Stop running these sympathetic articles. Such sympathy is what kills native Koreans. Koreans must come first in Korea.


It must be the work of the NIS [sarcasm about the scandal.]


I don’t know why they are talking about something irrelevant. Regardless of his parents’ ethnicity, it is a backlash to the parents who are commercially exploiting him in every possible way just because he got famous for one gimmicky thing. I’m worried that multiculturalism will be overprotected and native Koreans will be discriminated again because of this incident. I say no to 2nd Lee Jasmine.


Those who make baseless nasty comments should be legally punished and compensate for the mental damage. It’s a serious crime. It is a shame that the human trash who did it on a little kid are fellow citizens.


Celebrities get bashed. Why would you even file a lawsuit? If you don’t want to get bashed, just be a good student.


-_- Honestly, I don’t know how he is a celebrity. Did their parents find an agency to make money? It’s not like there is any popular song from him… What is he doing? -_-

Several Ilbe postings critical of the way Hwang Min-Woo has been conducting his business have given free rein to vent the general animosity towards the policy of multiculturalism in South Korea, allegedly driven by the big business and moneyed-interests, and naively propagated by the left-wings and human rights NGOs at the expense of the middle and lower-middle working class. Here, the migrant workers and foreign marriage partners, often portrayed as ungrateful freeloaders scrounging in search of welfare benefits, represent best the current societal structure said to be deeply unjust and unfair to the hard-working Koreans.

From Ilbe:

Liberated after the oppressive Japanese imperialism for 36 years, a war by crazy commie Kim Il Sung that left everything in ruin…. Not a penny in pocket with no natural resource to boot….. Not even a tree on mountain to use as fuel

A foreign reporter went so far as to write ‘it is not a time to be born in Korea.’

But in that desperate hours our people worked hard and perservered so that the curse of poverty would not have to be endured by the future generations. That hard toil accomplished industrialization on which blossomed the flowers of liberal democracy. We overcame that overwhelming desperation and achieved prosperity. We can finally stand tall and enjoy the fruit of our collective labor.

And now all of sudden Shit-east [sic] Asia cunts are crawling into our country and Paki-roaches breed crimes like no tomorrow. And what responsibilities and duties do those scums do? They are here to suck on our welfare benefits and enjoy the prosperity that we Korean people worked so hard to achieve, so why should we not feel bitter….

Xenophobia??? What have you guys done for Korea?


Comments from Ilbe:


I really hate multiculturalism.


If you looked at the situation in Europe, multiculturalism should not be accepted. Jwa-jom scums go on about how they are all human and sell you that shit but they don’t know jackshit about the situation in Europe, fuck.


A 9-year old boy killed himself because he was bullied for being white in the UK, that’s the tip of iceberg.


All those Southeast Asian scums think we are all same race and try to suck on our honeypot. If they are tolerably nice, that’s fine but they back-stab you worse than Jeolla scums. Especially Vietnamese, they really don’t know any manners.


I understand how old people would hate this but why do YOU hate them? Did you found this country?


They are only demanding rights without any responsibility so we are trying to put a stop to it before things go out of control, is that the same thing? Wait, you sound suspicious. Try saying Jasmine Lee is a bitch cunt.


Migrant workers are out-competing what little jobs Ilbe scums have who are at the bottom of Korean society.


We are the ones who will have to look after the grandparents generation. Our tax support the lonely seniors and the facilities but the migrant workers remit all they earn. Our young people avoid the hard work, it is true but even if they DO want to, having to work with them would be very unpleasant.


We should try to get migrants from advanced countries, why are we accepting from those worse off than we are? We disappoint me.


Fuck off, so our parents generation who went off to make money in Japan and the US are fucking scums, is that what you are getting at?


I live in the US and unless you are either Hispanic trash or heukhyung [term of esteem for black people, adding hyung meaning older brother] with ingrained victim mentality, none thinks like that. All they look for is someone to vent their victimhood to, that’s what happened during the LA Riot.


Ilbe is the extreme right. If you are nationalist, you’d be busy trash-talking other countries. But whether far-right or just regular right-wing, isn’t it true that we should not accept the shit migrants workers are creating right now?


Fuck you morons. Trashing a little mixed kid makes YOU the real fucking scums.


Only those who toiled hard on the barren land deserve the fruit of their labor. Without so much shedding a single drop of sweat, under the banner of multiculturalism they do not deserve anything. And if you think they deserve something for nothing, that makes you a communist.


Name me one single person in the upper-class who did this multiculturalism crap. Why do they fucking want the lower class to put up with multiculturalism when they themselves do not?


This is why we should unify with North Korea. We need to wipe out the North Korea leadership and kill off all the jongpuk scums and replace what’s left in North Korea with the migrant workers. Then we can drive out all the migrant scums and only let in those who meet the most stringent criteria.


Stop bashing migrant workers. There aren’t enough workforce in South Korea to replace them. If they all pack up and leave, the real wage will go up? Nonsense. Korea’s got nothing in terms of resources. If we want to remain competitive, we must maintain low-wage, fixed exchange-rate and that’s how it must be~. If we raise our wage by 30% our current balance will turn red~

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  • “Just as black people holding French passport are not considered real French…”

    Yes, they are, actually. Maybe not culturally, but legally. And kids born/raised in France are French in every aspect. Also, “black people” is not a nationality, so this is wrong in any case. And what about the situation in Europe? Hello, welcome to Finland. A place where you don’t need to bribe people to have a chance at employment, healthcare, education etc etc. Maybe they should consider some of the countries here and how they work compared to theirs and why before they talk as if anyone but a Korean is the scum of the Earth and as if Korea is the promise land.

    Also, could some anthropologists and historians tell these people they are bastards of other peoples as well? And that we all come from the same pre-historic species of humans? Just so we can see their reaction then, since it seems they think Korea was Korea and full of modern Koreans since the dawn of time…

    It must be so hard being a sane and decent person and netizen in Korea. A lot of comments are very caring and open-minded. Imagine how it must feel to have fellow-citizens like some of the precious jewels in some of the comments above… I know I can… We got plenty of them here too. They just pick on different things.

    • k.ftw

      Agreed! and I will add this: France regions include also Martinique and Guadeloupe from Caribbees, and Guiena from South America. These people also live in the metropolitan France, and many of them work in the governemental service. I don’t even start with the immigration from Africa during WW from colonized countries.. Now regarding ridiculous comments about europe .. European Union is not multicultural now? When people say that racism comes from ignorance, you can clearly see that it’s true~

      • Yeah, these morons exist in every country and they just harm the image of the rest of the citizens and country itself. It’s a good thing all kinds of netizens in countries very well connected express their opinions. For every racist idiot, there is a down to Earth decent human being.

        Same goes for Korea too, even if they do have a bit too flawed a society in comparison to their achievements. But I guess rapid modernization in a society which has not yet caught up to it in all aspects brings about such issues. It will get better in time.

    • MooDang

      There is a stark lack of real information to be found about foreign country’s inside Korea, and it leads ignorance and some really bizarre beliefs. Teaching older people, I am shocked to find they think things like:

      All British people are gentlemen

      Americans can not eat spicy food

      Black people are considered real Americans

      Ireland and Korea are very similar

      People out side of Korea care about Dokdo enough to conspire about stealing it from Korea.

      Kpop and kimchi are widely popular and readily available the world over.

      Korean people are internationally famous for being polite (just..wow)

      Paris is dirty (in reality it is MUCH cleaner than Seoul)

      Korea is unique because it is the only country with four seasons.

      It is pretty wild to hear these same beliefs echoed by people who have university degrees and are in their forties or fifties. It gets frustrating, but it isn’t their fault, probably they were taught that by some faulty text book or something…but it does create a lot of strange problems such as what we are seeing here.

      On the other hand there are a lot of worldly young Koreans who are super open minded, I’m just giving some specific examples I have encountered, not generalizing about all Koreans in ANY way.

      • MooDang

        sorry, they often believe blacks are NOT american, ludicrously.

        • Jang

          That part you said about “Korean women giving up their right arm to get white men” must be true if we were to go by how often the Korean media has to remind Korean women how bad white men are. I mean, why do Korean women need to be reminded so often how diseased white men are and all the English tricks they will use to date Korean women? Warning Korean women don’t date white men ~ Signed: Enter Korean media outlet name here.

          • dk2020

            Is it in Korean media all the time really? I just heard of that MBC report and a couple articles last year ..

          • moody

            ” I just heard of that MBC report and a couple articles last year ..”
            They don t need to say it ALL THE TIME for it to be wrong, they only need to say it once.

      • dk2020

        don’t forget fan death .. its real. wow, you really dispise korean people ahahaha ..

        • MooDang

          I absolutely do not despise anyone, just hate ignorance and hateful behavior.

      • “Ireland and Korea are very similar” – how come???

        • MooDang

          They were both colonized by larger neighbors.

          • But many countries were colonized by their big neighbours, yet they have so different history. But i got the point, thanks.

        • harvz

          I am copying this straight from an eslcaf thread. This isn’t my opinion. It’s just for reference.


          Are Koreans the Irish of Asia? Here’s a Case

          Eamonn McKee, the Irish ambassador to the Koreas, had heard the saying before he came to Seoul in 2009 – that Koreans are the Irish of Asia – but only after getting here did he begin to think it might be true.

          “I think it might have been originally coined by an English woman to insult both of us,” Mr. McKee said. “You know, that we’re both emotional and entertaining and unruly and et cetera. We now both wear it as a badge of pride.”

          Some people may also see that as a bit of code for a love for beer in both countries and the ease that both Koreans and Irish have finding a reason to drink it.

          Mr. McKee is in the news this week because, after more than a year of ground work, a delegation of leadersin the joint government of the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland is in Seoul to share lessons from a peace process that took more than two decades.

          For the South Koreans, Ireland’s political reconciliation is not something that has been given much attention or thought. But the scope of issues that the Irish peace process tackled may come to influence what is are studied at the agencies, institutions and academics working on Korean unification – as well as the strategies that are considered by policymakers.

          Shortly after Mr. McKee arrived, he was asked to give a speech at the Asia Society Korea Center to an audience of South Koreans, diplomats and expat businesspeople. Being so new in Seoul, he didn’t know what to talk about so he decided to ruminate on the Koreans-are-Irish cliché.

          “I listed off all the things we have in common to start,” he said in an interview last week. “Obviously I came to the rice-paper screen of Korean culture and Confucianism and, clearly, there’s a difference there.”

          But as he dug in with research, he quickly realized there are more connections than seem immediately obvious.

          “I was quite surprised when you make the list of what we have in common. It’s quite formidable actually,” Mr. McKee said. He added, “Inevitably, you look at all of things and say ‘Gee.’”

          Here’s the ambassador’s take:

          “You’ve got two small countries, Ireland and Korea, who are surrounded by big powers and have retained their national identity over many, many centuries despite being buffeted by these powers and the power politics of their regions.

          “Two countries that were colonized quite dramatically. In our case, for 800 years. In the Korean case, successively by different influences but really quite dramatically from the 1890s onward.

          “Then you had an interesting situation where Korean nationalist intellectuals looked to the Ireland model about how you resist and being influenced by our national theater, for example. And you had Japanese nationalists looking to London to find out how do you suppress resistance and how do you create empire.

          “You then have two countries that are poor up until recently and rapidly become modernized, but still the rural, folkloric agricultural background is very close. Most of our parents or grandparents would have come from farms. You still have these older kind of approaches to life, interest in people and village talk.

          “And then you get to partition, dealing with partition and the legacy of history.

          “You look at the relationship between Korea and Japan, for example, and the relationship between Ireland and England. Now I would hold that, through the peace process in Northern Ireland, we have forged a very close bond of friendship with Britain. This was the reason for the success of Queen Elizabeth’s recent visit, for example. I think we’re very much ahead of Korea and Japan in terms of reconciling and having put history in its proper place, which is in the rear-view mirror. But still there are parallels there, unresolved issues of the past.”


          Reader comment:

          Quote:3rd Party Observer wrote:
          .I stupidly started to read this article, aware that the Irish-Korean comparison is a stupid and hackneyed yarn. However, I became pleasantly surprised by Mr. McKee’s exposition of the comparison. He brought some good comments and historical and cultural comments that were deeper than the usual “we both drink a lot” explanation. I was saddened by his conclusion, which basically says, “Ireland is better because we reconciled with Britain,” as if the Koreans would not want the same. The problem, Mr. Ambassador, is that Ireland is an island, bordered on democratic and generally reasonable Britain, while modern post-war Korea started off being invaded by Stalin’s tanks (with the help of US spies in the State Dept such as Owen Lattimore), then invaded by a few million communist Chinese troops, and all this while Korea’s former occupier, Japan, sat by and licked its chops, still bloodstained by its unpunished, unrepentant, Class A War Criminals. Ireland, give me UK analogs to 21st Century JP politicians and academics denying the Nanjing Massacre, Korean female captives, and other WWII atrocities, along with current claims on Korean territory, and I’ll then say that the Irish are truly wonderful for putting aside their grievances with the British Crown. By the way, I am, genetically, twice as much Irish as I am English, and I don’t have a drop of Korean blood in me.

          • Paulos

            Interesting post, thanks for sharing.

        • pingu777

          I thought it was because both countries had a strong drinking culture.

      • anoym

        And what kinds of ignorant people do American people say about Koreans and Asians in general? Really now… come on.

        And these kinds of comments I’ve heard about Asians, living in America.

        All Asians are smart, they are good at math

        Asians are same, they talk like ching chong.

        Aren’t they all Bruce Lee and know Kung Fu?

        Asian men are short, ugly and can’t possibly be able to have sex

        Asian women are hot dragons who will give their right arm to get white men

        Asians will do anything to get into the good Ole’ USA, all they want are green cards

        Koreans, don’t they drive around in rick shaws?

        In Korea, they pay you dollar a day where they work in sweat shops

        USA is number one in the world (whatever that is, name it here).

        How come Asian men have small dicks?

        Chinese Japanese Koreans all same, no difference

        What was her name again? I will just put it down as Ching Chong Lee

        It is pretty wild to hear these same beliefs echoed by white people who have university degrees and are in their forties or fifties. It gets
        frustrating, but it isn’t their fault, probably they were taught that by
        some faulty text book or something…but it does create a lot of
        strange problems such as what we are seeing here.

        On the other hand there are a lot of worldly young Koreans who are super open minded, I’m just giving some specific examples I have encountered, not generalizing about all whites in ANY way.

        • MooDang

          Some are good points.

          But having lived in America for over 2 decades I’ve only ever even heard of one of those, the small cock one, and it was always in a joking and factitious manner.

          • anoym

            Oh the constant bombardment. The other day I got asked again like the fifteenth time this year, what are you? I think it must be my accent or I have boogey on my chin or where I am now, which is pretty much all white. So what part of China did you come from? huh? Korea? Are you from North or South? How come South Korea wants nuclear weapons? I couldn’t help ranting in my head, “read the fucking news, get yourself educated, stop being a fucking dick for a change, fucking ignorant Americans!”.

          • Paulos

            So, some people interested in your cultural background asked you some questions? Those ignorant bastards.

            I can understand your frustration, though. Your culture is important to you, and you’re pissed that the people you meet aren’t more aware. However, I think it’s a bit unreasonable to expect your Average Joe to be very familiar with the differences between China and each of it’s former vassal states in passing. Can the average person anywhere tell the difference between a Greek and a Macedonian? A Serb and a Croat? A Swede and a Norwegian?

            Honestly, unless you eat copies of The Journal of Contemporary History for breakfast, there’s likely some important parts of the globe that are a complete mystery to you, and that’s fine. People have shit to do, after all. Shit that will actually affect their day-to-day well being. Not everyone can be an academic.

            tl;dr: Be happy people are asking about your culture at all. A few years earlier and they’d be throwing rocks.

          • Robert

            Read Moodang’s post. So what you’re saying is then that it’s OK for Americans to be ignorant of Koreans/Asians in general, but totally unacceptable for Koreans to be ignorant of the west? If Americans think Asians are good at math why can’t Koreans think Englishmen are gentlemen?
            What’s so hard about differentiating South and North Koreas? The shit is all over the news!

            Why is there so much double standard ness?

          • Roman

            Honestly, I think it’s a bit unreasonable to expect your Average Asian Joe to be very familiar with the differences between Italy and each of it’s former vassal states in passing. What is the difference between a Dutch and a Danish? A Italian and a
            Albanian? A Spanish and a Portuguese? A French and a
            Belgian? A German and a Swede?

            Can the average western person anywhere tell the difference between a Chinese and a Vietnamese? A Thai and a Indonesian? A Japanese and a Korean? Chinese Vietnamese Indonesian Japanese Koreans, no difference.

          • Jen_in_NY

            Just please keep in mind, though, that Americans are totally comfortable asking each other, “Where did you come from?” or, “What nationality are you?” or saying, “You look Irish/Italian/Russian/whatever.” Elementary children do whole world geography projects by tracing their roots.

            An American will see an Asian person and naturally wonder whether that person is from China, Korea, Japan, or elsewhere, and he or she won’t really think it’s too much different from asking a friend if her family came over from Ireland or Scotland–they may just be interested in your story, what brought you here, the way each of us Americans have a cherished, often romanticized story of how our families came over here. People find out that my great-grandparents were from Italy, so they often ask if I have a good tomato sauce recipe, or they find some other “Italian thing” to comment on. It’s harmless, for the most part.

            I think most Americans don’t think of it as racist to ask each other where they’re “from”–that said, there will be total racist dicks who might try to sniff out if you have “Jewish blood” or something stupid, but you can generally tell someone’s intentions by other clues.

            I’m not saying that you *haven’t* been asked that with some kind of racist undertones, but just consider that in some cases, you’re not necessarily being singled out for a negative reason at all. In your case, it’s probably not that the American is being a “fucking dick” or “fucking ignorant”<–and it's kind of ignorant to think that, if I'm being totally honest!

          • I agree with you 100%. Out of all my friends, it’s the non-white people that get offended, nervous, or start acting weird when you ask about their roots. If you say or pronounce something wrong, then its supposedly evidence of being an ignorant racist. I think it is just insecurity. Ask a white person what they are and they’ll gladly tell you “I’m 1/8th Hungarian, one-half German, part Scottish etc…..” lol without incident.

          • ChuckRamone

            In my experience, most Americans don’t even know the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. so when they ask this question, it comes off more like “What ARE you?” As if you are an alien species or something. It goes back to being a kid on the playground and people would ask “Are you Chinese or Japanese?” And if you answered something else, they’d give you a bewildered response. But, I don’t think all “non-white” people get offended at this question. That is like the mother of all generalizations. That includes Hispanic, Black, Indian, Arab, East Asian, Southeast Asian, etc. people. That’s a lot of people, all of who would respond differently to this question.

          • Well….I’d still say most non-whites (aside from blacks) get offended or are insecure when you ask them. I’m not speaking in terms of absolutes either, just the times I have had awkward experiences. I’ve also noticed it to be a common criticism people will give of white people– “why are they even worried about where I’m from or my race etc etc.” If you knew where most white americans were coming from, you would understand why it could make you look insecure. We’re taught to learn about and be interested in other cultures. So when we inquire about your background, it’s almost like us going out of our way to account for you and get to know you, almost as a sign of respect.

          • ChuckRamone

            This hypothetical situation is open to so many possibilities. It depends on who’s asking and who’s being asked. If the person asking sounds genuinely interested, as opposed to interrogative or wanting to pigeonhole someone, I think most people being asked would understand there’s no offense intended. I personally don’t care. I often ask people, once I get to know them, about their background. “Is your name English, Dutch, Norwegian …?”

          • Disgusted

            Does it mean I’m racist for asking a European man which part of Europe he comes from? This is stupid.

        • Disgusted

          I’ve never experienced racist bullying before but… except for the kungfu. But it was supposed to be joke and we both laughed about it. Some sensitive person you are. Get a sense of what a joke suppose to mean

      • gllgh
      • I used to heard from someone that American English is from the slaves brought back from Africa LOL.

    • Lol. No they aren’t. Go to France. They do the majority of crimes in France and live in the outskirts of cities in the high-rise ghettos. These areas are called “no-go zones” and even police and safety services can’t enter. Look at the 2005 race riots. Almost every other week there is a riot of black and maghrebi people somewhere in France. They’ll burn cars, attack people walking by (who are almost always white) and in Amiens last year, they even set a school on fire. Even the smaller towns experience this violence. The Korean people are right about multiculturalism; though I agree hammering a youth is slightly neurotic.

      • mr.wiener

        “The Korean people are right about multiculturalism;”
        This sounds kind of weird coming from an American with your name. Were there many Granzows on the mayflower? Or is it all white to be Polish?

        • Close, but no cigar buddy. Granzow is a German name from a town near Berlin in Pomerania. “Granzowa” and “Гранзов” are the slavic versions. Plus, the other side of my family is Strömbom (figure that one out). They were all Lutherans and were easily assimilated within a matter of years, without a policy of “multiculturalism” in place; they are also similar genetically to Anglo-Saxons. It is a vastly different situation than taking in immigrants from Asia, Africa, the middle east and every other region of the world.

          • mr.wiener

            Sounds like my Mum’s mod [Wilksch] Poles who made it to saxony for a bit, then the new world.
            If your point is that Europeans should only allow immigrants of European stock , then it is not such a stretch for Koreans to take in Vietnamese is it? or since there are a sizable minority of Christian Koreans can they only take in Christian Vietnamese.
            As far as the west goes, particularly the new world we are a societies made up of immigrants, and while I’m by no means advocating throwing open the flood gates that means we have to extend our comfort zone and let people in we aren’t really that comfortable with as in the long run our societies will be better off for it.
            I still remember what Australian food was like back in the 60’s, bland , bland, bland.
            Oh yeh, Put a shirt on.

          • Look at it from a northern European vs southern European perspective. Italians/Greeks/Portuguese etc. are considered not 100% white/European by the northerners. Even the northern Italians consider the southern Italians to be a different people (google: lega nord). The same dynamic exist in Asia. Korean, Japanese and Chinese are the “east” Asians, and have higher average iqs than anyone else in the world. Meanwhile, SE Asians have a lot lower average IQ. Look in America. In the midwest, Hmong students don’t perform as well as the Chinese/Korean immigrants in California.
            “….that means we have to extend our comfort zone and let people in we aren’t really that comfortable with as in the long run our societies will be better off for it.”
            Sorry, but every white liberal I hear say this grew up in an all-white neighborhood/suburb, only experienced “diversity” when he had a black roomate in college and never had to live with the diversity he claims to crave. Ethnic restaurants are different than ethnic ghettos too btw. While you may like that authentic Mexican food, I don’t think you’ll like living in a neighborhood with gangs like MS13, Latin Kings, Nortenos, Surenos etc. and a high crime rate. Looking at America, I think recent immigration has made it worse. Even defer to what Japan’s president in the 80s had to say about us. Our immigration quotas were torn up in the 60s and they just let everyone in. Our country and society have been substantially dumbed down since then. Immigration can be good, like it was back in the days; but, if not careful, it can be catastrophic.

          • mr.wiener

            Sorry to be a White middle class liberal. Although to vote “liberal” in Australia means you are conservative, when I was growing up we didn’t have any black people as we’d shot them all and every one was pretty much working class were I lived [farming community]

            The experiences you speak of are those that you’ve experienced in America [Florida I believe?] In Australia, thanks to geography the overiding migrants of concern have always been asian. After we found out most of them aren’t opium dealing syphillitic pimps , but rather, people who wanted to work hard to give their kids the chances in life they’d never had we all got along swimmingly. The Key to a smart immigration policy seems to be the right mix of people.

            Political refugees from Muslim parts of Africa have not seemed to be a good choice to let into a western country in large groups [As the Swedes have found to their cost] But as you say if not careful it can be catastrophic.

          • Yea, the Swedes are a good example of that. They now are second to South Africa in the world rankings for rape; most of the aggressors being immigrants and victims being Swedes. But, now that I know you’re from Australia, similar stuff was happening with Lebanese immigrants attacking/gang raping white women, especially around the time of the Cronulla riots, surely you’ve heard of this. In fact, I’ll hear a lot of Australians (especially women) speak of how aggressive a lot of the immigrants (esp. muslims) in Melbourne and Sydney are.

          • rem

            The northern/southern European is a really outdated Anglo/US way of thinking. (Strange, since the majority of Brits are genetically linked to the northern Spanish.) It’s like going back to the days when the Irish and Finns weren’t considered white. These days it’s the western European/eastern European divide that is relevant and at the forefront of immigration debates in Europe (aside from the Muslim immigration issue).

          • Not really. The Italians/Greek/Iberian divide had to do with the fact that they aren’t the same as most northern Europeans. Plus, keep in mind, when they talk about immigrants from new-EU member states in eastern Europe, they’re talking about roma, not white people. Majority of immigrants from Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia etc. are gypsies. The fear of having mass gypsy immigration to the west is so strong, that states have been spending millions to make the situation better for them in eastern Europe; and even going as far as to spread propaganda to make Britain/France look like a miserable place. You might hear them complain about immigrants, and when pressed they will mention the Poles; but most of them just do this because they don’t want to look racist by complaining about India/Pakistani/Bangladeshi and African immigrants. PC is really prevalent in Britain.

          • what9876

            Germans didn’t fully assimilate in the US until they were forced to hide their heritage during the World Wars. The Italians/Irish took two or three generations to assimilate — the immigrant generation kept some ties to their home country/culture/language, the next generation grew up adopting American culture and the generation after that barely know of their heritage. How is that process any different for new immigrants from Asia and Africa and their descendants?

            Even if you want to make the point that assimilation also requires being able to physically blend in, it is a moot point. Since the beginning, the US had whites and non-whites living side by side (natives, blacks and whites).

          • This is a false historical analysis. You’re assuming because Germans were persecuted during wwii, that they therefore must not have assimilated. But you fail to recognize that a majority of American cities were founded by Germans, Dutch, French, Scandinavians etc. far before 1776. The British also have 50% the same DNA as Germans. So no, genetics is just not being the same color and phenotype, it also has to do with interior biological features and hence similar thought paradigms.

          • TheKorean

            Aren’t most White Americans of German heritage? I read somewhere 80% or something. It’s surprising since Colonial America was founded by majority British settlers. I don’t think the Brits back then was too fond by German settlers.

          • Yea, I believe German is the most common single ancestry in America. On the other point though, you have to keep in mind that most of the states were founded by different groups, and were essentially independent. For example, while New England might have been majority, you guessed it, English; states like Pennsylvania were founded by German Quakers.

          • harvz

            You have essentially written a series of articulate and well thought out piles of steaming horse shit. I’m actually surprised that you have came this far and not mentioned eugenics yet.

          • Point out any inaccuracies and I’ll gladly direct you to links from reliable sources. Just because it’s not politically correct (and I know well it’s not) does not make it wrong. Grow up. Reality and the laws that govern the world/nature are not politically correct–failure to discuss them like adults inevitably leads to failure in the society as a whole. It’s time to put on your big boy pants and face the music.

    • Kimchi

      France, UK, Spain etc colonized many African and Asian countries, but they hate immigrants, they are ignorant hypocrites.

    • Echo

      Hey orion, I’m very sorry that you come from a mongrelized failed state of a country, but don’t lash out your insecurities on successful racial homogenous nations. Korea has always prided itself as a racially homogenous nation, and anything that disrupts this will cause the disintegration of the korean nation state. Much like what is happening in western europe and irrelevant dumps like greece.

    • Echo

      You’ve got a big mouth for someone coming from the failed state of greece. Keep your advice to yourself. Koreans will do as they so, and that is to keep their population homogenous and world class. While Greece rots and dies.

      • You’re right. I should shut up since my views piss you off. Since advice is always given with hate towards those you give it to. I should also not speak up about my country’s problems as someone aware of them and coming from the best possible place to speak about them from an educated standpoint.

        I guess I should deny all of our problems and believe that enough waving of our flags and attacking people online who understand the issues needing to be fixed so that other countries will not end up like mine by ignoring an inevitable change and not doing their best to regulate it will magically keep us all pure with the wicked rest of the world at bay.

        • Echo

          Your country failed because of multiculturalism. Greece was once a beacon of human enlightenment and genius. But the turks and the slavs pissed in your gene pool.
          What remains of the lineages of the genius mathematicians and philosophers of Athens? The fearsome warriors of Sparta? Nothing.

          • We have plenty of smart people, it’s just that they mostly leave the country now, since they cannot get work and acknowledgement by our government and educational institutions.

            The reason multiculturalism failed is because it was enforced on us (Turkish occupants did not exactly love multiculturalism either and look how well that turned out) and done without any plan to maintain our culture and regulate life in the best possible way for all involved. Letting in illegal immigrants without any plan for helping them and requesting that they adapt into society leaves us with many different peoples lumped together without any measures.

            I am not saying “Let’s all open up our borders”. Quite the opposite. It’s rarely done successfully, because governments and companies want cheap labor and don’t send people back. Temporary and illegal. I am saying that the world will not go backwards in time and that multiculturalism within each country will happen, as a natural progress of humanity. So why not make sure we do it right so that both locals and immigrants don’t suffer? If the people allowed in are willing to co-exist, respect the local way of life, abide by the laws and become useful to the country, it can work.

            It’s because I come from a country with such a history of enforced intrusions where nothing was planned, no culture was respected and the borders were just spread wide open, that I speak about such issues as much as I do. You are speaking with the people’s best interests in mind too, are you not? We just have a different view on how those can be best served.

  • MeCampbell30

    Crazy. The country that gets multiculturalism right first will be the best. Full stop.

  • Jurippe

    Dang, this is probably the most racist stuff I’ve read thus far out of all the ChinaSMACK spin offs. No mercy, even for children.

    I’m….almost proud.

  • YouAreSilly

    I find it funny how many of the commentators believe that Korea became a developed country, solely because of the hard work and toil of the Korean people. Korea would still be a third world country if it wasn’t for all the aid and investment from the US and Japan. Ironically, Korea probably wouldn’t be too dissimilar from many of the countries that the Ilbe users seem to hate so much.

    • Not only that, they blame poor families who come to Korea for a better life (yes, criminals get in too, but not only), but they don’t mind the fact their own politicians pocket the money that could go to the betterment of the place, to creating jobs for all, to caring for both locals and immigrants. They don’t even blame the governments of the countries which drive their people to escape in search of a future. They blame the people themselves. It’s like trashing a cancer patient for having the nerve to be ill and show symptoms and not blaming the cancer…

    • AAA

      Japanese (false) War Atrocities in Korea?

      Rape and massacre of Vietnamese civilians by the Korean military

      Barbaric act of the Korean military in Vietnam

      The Crime of Korea

      • AAA

        Liberated after the oppressive Japanese imperialism for 36 years?

        According to the statistics at Immigration Bureau of Japan, there
        were 565,989 Koreans in Japan in 2010. This figure does not include those who have adopted Japanese citizenship.

        The 2005 figures are as follows:

        Those with permanent resident status (general and special categories): 515,570

        Naturalized Japanese citizens: 284,840

        Long-term visitors: 82,666

        Korean students in Japan: 18,208

        Total: 901,284

        • dk2020

          oh yeah all zainichi are evil and never contributed anything to japanese culture .. smfh ..

      • dk2020

        all of a sudden right wing japanese care about the vietnam war?


    • Echo

      Korea was indeed built by the sweat and toil of the korean people. I’m sick of you american trash claiming that all korean success can be attributed to the tiny flow of funds from the US. Korea got hardly anything.
      If US aid is all it takes to become rich, why are the philippines, once a US colony so poor?

      It takes human ingenuity and very hard work to become a developed country.
      Immigrants have no stake in that success and especially not americans.

      • YouAreSilly

        Do your research. Korea received more $60 billion in loans and grants between 1946 and 1978; more than all Africa combined. That’s not to say that Koreans didn’t work hard to put that money to good use, but hard work alone doesn’t buy the natural resources, machinery and the technological know-how required to create a developed economy. If hard work alone was enough, North Korea would be one of the wealthiest economies in the world.

        Haha, American trash? I’m not American you retard. But it doesn’t surprise me that you would try and generalise me into a group, as you do with immigrants.

        • Echo

          Loans and grants don’t magically create development. It is nothing more than borrowing money. Anyone can do that. Japan became rich without american loans and so did most other developed countries. Most of that 60 billion (which comes to less than 2 billion a year, completely insignificant) did not go into developing the country since korean economic revival did not start until the 70s.

          Why was south korea still as poor as africa in the 60s despite all those billions? That money was meaningless and contributed hardly anything.

          • YouAreSilly

            Loans and grants don’t magically create development but they are an essential part of any capitalist society. Europe, which already had a strong tradition of industrial development, would have been nothing without the Marshall plan after World War 2. For an underdeveloped agrarian society like Korea, foreign capitol and assistance were an absolute necessity for development.

            The $60 billion I mentioned is from the US alone and doesn’t even take into account the money from Japan and private sources such as banks. Even $2 billion a year to small, underdeveloped economy in the past decades would have been a huge amount of money.

            And Korea’s economic development the sixties was quite rapid, thanks in no small part to foreign investment.

          • Echo

            Investment is meaningless if the country you invest in doesn’t have the will to succeed. Britain got significantly more than germany in the marshall fund, but britain today is near irrelevant compared to the economic power of germany.

            What happened to the billions sent to the philippines, the billions sent to africa every year?

            Without an intelligent population that toils blood sweat and tears and is willing to make sacrifices, giving countries grants and loans is meaningless.

            Korean success was 99% korean toil and blood, 1% american investment.

          • YouAreSilly

            You’re completely ignoring what I’m saying. I’m not saying that hard work is irrelevant and that money is the only important factor. I’m saying that without any financial assistance the Koreans would not have been able to develop their industries and would most probably be languishing like the North Koreans are now.

            I don’t know about the Philippines but as I pointed out before Korea received more aid than all Africa combined for a few decades. The fact that other countries may squander their aid does not mean that Korea didn’t benefit from aid. Are you seriously trying to tell me that Korea would be in the position it is now without any foreign assistance?

            It’s funny that you mention Germany as an example; yes the Germans have a strong industrial work ethic but you’d be hard pushed to find one who denies the importance of the Marshall plan in re-stimulating their economy after WW2.

            I don’t know why you seem to have such a problem admitting Korea required foreign assistance. It’s still a huge achievement what Korea has done in the past few decades regardless of where the first assistance came from. It doesn’t mean Koreans are lazy dependants hoping for a handout from the US or Japan.

          • Echo

            You can’t compare south korea and the north. All communist countries were and still are poor and this is due only to economic policies.

            Your assumptions are totally wrong. South korea would have developed regardless of aid from america. Sure I’m not denying that it helped or that it jumpstarted industry, but even without it, south korea would have developed. Because that’s the natural thing that happens to all market economies whose labor force are very dedicated and intelligent. Just like Germany and France in the 19th century.

            The main problem I have is that americans think that all korean success is attributable to americans. This is completely wrong. Americans did f*** all. Giving a few loans to beggars requires no effort. Giving beggars a home, an education, a job; that requires effort. And americans did nothing.

          • YouAreSilly

            Of course, South Korea would have had some level of development without assistance from the US and other countries (I don’t know why you seem to think I’m only talking about the US). But while there’s lots of evidence of how economic assistance aided Korea, all you seem to be arguing from is your opinion that Koreans are just so inherently dedicated that they would become fully developed regardless. Unfortunately, a strong Confucian tradition and experience working hard in a rice paddy does not automatically equate to the same skills required of a fully developed industrial nation. Comparisons with 19th century France and Germany are inaccurate as they were fairly urbanised and (scientifically) educated with strong links to other European countries. And, in the case of Britain and France, they benefited from the money gained from Empire as a means to industrialise before the rest of the world.

            Anyway, I’m not sure you care about the reality of South Koreas development as judging by your other posts you clearly believe in the inherent superiority of the homogenous Korean master race.

          • harvz

            Let Isaac and Echo read a couple blog posts and suddenly they become experts in economics.

          • Isaac

            American historian Bruce Cumings questions the assumptions the term “Miracle on the Han River” create: “Koreans in the South have worked their fingers to the bone to create the industrial country that we now see” Are you implying that the words from this distinguished professor are lies?

          • harvz

            Correction: You read one book that a freshman majoring in Asian studies at Uni would read, and suddenly you’re an expert on economics.

          • Isaac

            Did I ever say I was an expert on economics? Is the user ‘YouAreSilly’ an expert or not? Face it. You and your boyfriend can’t accept the truth.

          • Isaac

            Echo is 100% correct. Loans alone (which is essentially borrowed money) couldn’t transform a war-torn country which was ranked 102 during the 60’s to today’s 13th wealthiest. South Korea paid everything back in due time.

          • YouAreSilly

            Whoever said it was just loans? You’re mis-representing what I wrote. I never claimed South Korea only developed because of foreign investment; it merely added the financial boost that was fundamentally required for development.

        • Isaac

          “Korea received more $60 billion in loans and grants between 1946 and 1978; more than all Africa combined.”

          Tell me. How much did Japan got in expense of all the handouts and donations from the US?

  • Sapphire Jones

    It’s bad enough when this kind of racist hatred is directed to adults, but it’s even worse with the vitriol being directed at children. It reminds me of the girl who played Rue in the Hunger Games, Amandla Stenberg — there was a lot of racism directed at her as well. It’s sad in any case and hopefully more people can outgrow it.

  • PixelPulse

    Color me shocked. Im very upset that they would attack a child, shows just how disgusting they really are.

  • Kguy

    Why is this even news? News about bunch of racist trolls on a web forum who said some not so nice things? Next you’re going to tell me they’re going to do news articles on the hate at Stormfront or Japan 2ch? And they’re going to arrest these internet trolls? Who in any democratic with a free speech and any serious internet, does that? This story has plastered all over South Korea with screaming front page news in all the newspapers and TV news. Good lord.. It’s the over hyped Korean press that makes all Koreans look like idiots. Now I can see where this is all going to lead now, as this shocking news hits the global trash news market… more hatred for those damn evil RACIST Koreans.

    • markus peg

      During the Olympics racist comments were left on facebook and twitter about different countries nationalities and they were found and arrested. the same thing happens during sport matches and they often make the news in the west. So why cant this make the news here? racism is a world problem and shouldn’t be tolerated. report racists so that everyone can see how wrong and stupid they look. (name and shame).

  • Is it fair to say that South Korea is the most racist developed country in the world? Such a hateful society, what a shame.

    • Sam

      Was it racist of the Korean crowd who cheered for this boy when he made his debut on a talent show on national TV? Was it racist of the Korean
      talent agency who took him on and gave him a
      chance to become famous? Was it racist of Psy who put this boy in his
      music video? Was it racist of all the Korean TV shows and programs and
      charity works who invited this little boy to perform for them? Were all those Koreans who cheered and laughed with this boy, racist too? Was it
      racist of all the Koreans who were also disgusted by the remarks by
      some, and who spoke about it, including the majority of Korean commentators at nate and countless other sites?

      • Sillian

        That’s an obvious point but it still had to be pointed out and spoon-fed to some ppl.

    • mr.wiener

      No, that’s not fair because it is a generalization.

      • Pickle

        There’s a reason why it’s called generalization. There’s truth to it.
        Is the whole world becoming ass kissing PC?

        • mr.wiener

          A good generalization usually contains a kernel of truth, but this doesn’t mean it is true in the broader sense.
          Now if you excuse me , I have my 5pm booty call to attend to, followed by the felatio twins at 8, Damn I hate living up to this white racial stereotype in asia.
          …………Bugger! tripped over my dick again!

          • Pickle

            Is your name a reference to your tool or your ethnic background?

          • mr.wiener

            I am in fact a deli and small goods manufacturer, but I do like the odd Benny Hill joke about my trade.
            And does yours refer to your trade or your disposition?

          • Pickle

            Pickle, as in being bitter? No.
            I didn’t want to waste a good username so I happened to remember a fictional character with that name.

          • Pickle

            The name pickle doesn’t refer to me being bitter. I just settled on it because I didn’t want to waste a good username here.
            I responded earlier but I guess the site didn’t catch my response.

    • dk2020

      I guess you haven’t been to this delightful site ..

      ts just hate on the internets again from Ilbe .. when foreigners start getting killed because of the color of their skin, harassed by cops and put in jail then thats racism ..

      • Justin_kBANG

        well i for one am glad and saddened that white people don’t have monopoly on racism

        racist people just everywhere :p

    • harvz

      Well, aside from killing the Natives, Americans have been hostile to every wave of immigrants that came to the country – Cuban, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Italian, and so forth. Many still feel that racism to this day. And that’s not even touching on the clear racial tension between black and white Americans.

      Europe is going through “Islamophobia.” You can see clear racism against Northern Africans, Pakistanis, Indians, and Central Asians. And I hate, hate hate hate hate hate, to defend Islam because I don’t like organized religion. full stop. but racism is racism.

      Every country has their idiots. It doesn’t mean that the majority hold true to those ideals. I know plenty of Koreans who don’t think like this – and you probably won’t encounter many who do, because they aren’t going to be hanging out and talking with foreigners. I say let the few people who want to think backwards fuck off and be backwards. They’ll hang around people who agree with them in their backward thinking loser circle.

      What makes this story especially suck is that it’s directed towards child whose only “crime” is being half Vietnamese.

      (ps not every Japanese person hates Koreans)

      • Pickle

        You type lots of crap.
        Islamophobia? Why do they let in all these Muslims then? These same Muslims march in streets saying death to the native Europeans and still these people are allowed to stay and continue to move there en masse. They should be fearful.

        You say America is hostile to immigrants and still is yet most if not all those countries make it infinitely harder for people to move to their country. They are not welcoming and even if you live there for decades not truly accepted.

        • harvz

          You obviously haven’t dealt with, or known someone who has dealt with American immigration coming from a developing country.

          I’m just gonna go on and let you keep thinking your backwards beliefs that ALL Muslims march on the street saying death to the west.

          I’ll just leave you with this tidbit. Some of those Muslims come from former colonies that Europe carved up into nice little sections and exploited. Deal with it.

          • mr.wiener

            After some of those delightful types mentioned above demonstrated in a park in Sydney and made their little kiddies hold up signs saying “Behead those who would offend the prophet” and started throwing stones at the police [all the while screecking about their “rights”] The Muslim Counsel of Australia publicly disowned them and said “These people are extremists and have nothing to do with us”.

          • harvz


            And on the American front, an undercover FBI agent joined a mosque and, over time, tried to recruit for terrorism within the community. The mosque leaders turned him into the FBI.

          • Pickle

            I wonder if this is really true. You being a liar leads me to question it.

          • harvz

            Ahh Pickle. My first kbang nemesis. That’s cute.

          • mr.wiener

            Whaa caan’t we awl jus’ geda’laang?

          • harvz

            Does your picture have anything to do with Holi?

          • mr.wiener

            It does indeed, Holi in Taipei 2 years ago, my hair is much longer now.

          • Pickle

            Kbang? You mean you only post here and not on the other sites? I’m interested more in jcrush and csmack personally.

          • harvz

            Csmack commenters are too irritating for me to bother sifting through a bag of polished turds to find a diamond. As I don’t speak any Japanese, I was eagerly awaiting Japancrus, but I find the content to be a bit lackluster these days. Enjoy your reading.

          • Pickle

            You like kbanging; I like csmacking and jcrushing. *sigh* I wish I could switch the words around though. I banged a few c’s and unfortunately only one j.
            As for being a nemesis, it will only be on occasion if you if you mostly stay on kbang. But disqus spans tons of sites so it could spill on other places if I was tempted to post elsewhere on this account. . But I doubt it. I don’t want to piss in my own well water.

          • Pickle

            It’d be nice to hear this happening in Europe too.
            2 things.
            You get up votes on everything it seems. Even when you comes off as a prick. They must really like your wiener.

            Do you believe in open borders and unlimited immigration to western nations? Do you think non western nations should have the same?

          • mr.wiener

            “They must really like your wiener.” A sausage joke! My day is complete!
            Unlimited borders and open borders? Most certainly not, Countries have the right to pick and choose who comes to live there. The benefits, skills and cultural richness that new migrants bring must be tempered with tolerances , prejudices and cultural clashes that are certain to happen..
            Oh yeah, and black girls are hot.

          • Pickle

            You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.
            With a name like harvz, no wonder you are a liberal idiot.

          • harvz

            I can’t argue that logic. You, sir, have outclassed me this time!!

          • Pickle

            Stop trying to come off as clever or suave. Only idiots with your same opinions will agree with you. Going back to your earlier post, shows you clearly are just another person with cry baby politics.

          • Pickle

            Don’t pretend you’re smooth or clever. You are neither. Your earlier post was full of lies and inaccuracies with a an obvious liberal bent that perpetuates further lies.
            Going by the up votes you recieved, there are many idiots who post here. Going by the down votes I got with my response, there are many hypocrites here who think western nations should recieve endless supply of immigrants but Asian ones shouldn’t have to and it’s ok to preserve their people, heritage and culture.

    • Sillian

      This is what you said earlier.

      “Well that’s why they’re ‘netouyo’. It’s also sad how much Neo Nazis obsess over hating non-whites, but it should always be noted that these are fringe opinions on the internet that don’t represent entire groups of people, regardless of what some posters here seem to think.”

      Are you implying random average people on the streets in Korea care and curse at the kid? Why the double standard?

    • TheKorean

      Do Koreans attack foreigners because of their color of their skin? Go look at the “civilized” western world.

  • Reila90

    I noticed the difference between KB, JC & CS, that comments from Korean netizens are probably the most stupidest & racist. Agree anyone?

    • Sam

      Disagree. Comments at JC where they always rip into Koreans are always dismissed as a few minority of Japanese, not representative of the majority. No such benefit of the doubt for Koreans exist.

      Do China and Japan governments attempt to practice multicultural policies to integrate immigrant workers, and foreign brides from Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh? Do China allow North Korean defector children to become a TV star? Do China and Japan discuss openly about racism in their societies, or do they say they don’t exist in their societies? I bet the latter.

      • chris

        Um, racism is very active in Japan but only politically driven discrimination against ethnic Koreans, and Chinese in Japan, or in a general sense, “foreigners” – however, the largest community outside of Japan is in S. America/Brazil. go to Gunma prefecture and prefectures around the Kantou area and there is a huge population of Latin Americans – to a point that the hospital my dad works for has signs in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. There is also a high population of Japanese Americans or mixed marriages. Some of Japan’s top celebraties aren’t even Japanese or full Japanese. like Lola, Bobby, Becky, and others. baseball is also huge in Japan, so a lot of foreign athletes are considered heros to many sports fans. Sumo wrestling is huge now, with a lot of Polynesian and Mongolian wrestlers who are also celebs. Japan and Poland, and Turkey have very close ties as well.

        Therefore, because of the fact that Japan has developed sooner than other East Asian countries, Japan is more multicultural than others. this does not mean racism does not exist, but the large portion of racism primarily extends to politically motivated racism with ethnic Koreans/Chinese in Japan.

        • What about the fact that gaijin in Japan, even ones who’ve been there most of their lives, often complain that they will always be outsiders in Japan? People who’ve been there 20 or more years still have to hear “Your Japanese is so good,” “Can you use chopsticks?” etc. all the time?

          • chris

            and what about Asians in the U.S. or Europe? that could be said about any foreigner in any country. “you dont have an accent when you speak in english,” etc.

            any foreign will always complain that they are treated as outsiders. show me an example of a country that universally accepts others and how foreigners arent treated as foreign?

          • 1010

            That’s true anywhere you don’t look like the majority. It’s also a common complaint among minorities in the Canada, States or Australia.

    • mr.wiener

      Are you trying to say Korean are better at being stupid and racist than people of other races!?! I resent this baseless allegation. We [whities in my case] can be much stupider and more racist than them.
      Of course anyone chinese will claim they invented racism and stupidity.

      • dk2020

        lols mr wiener, always level headed with a sense of humor, cheers bruv ..

    • Comebackkid13

      Well I would have to disagree with that Reila. I have lived in Japan for some time. I often read Yahoo news and 2 channel (a popular news site with netizen comments) and I frequent JapanCrush as well. If you browse those websites long enough you will start to get a glimpse of the racism of those netizens. However, its not only people online that are like this. The people around me in real life in Japan are just as bad.

      A lot of people on Japan crush try to downplay the prevalence of racist and ethnocentric views of the Japanese by claiming that only the netizens are racist. That simply is not true. You can spend time with ANY group of people and hear the racism. From children to elderly the view of the Chinese and Koreans is very bad.

      Many of the comment made by racist netizens are sympathized with by a large number of Japanese. The only time they say different is when they believe their comments will bring international attention. The difference between how Japanese speak about Koreans and Chinese in front of foreigners and in the local bar is astonishing.

      Now I dont live in Korea and I have no idea how it is there. However, living in Japan, I will say that they are extremely small minded, racist, and ignorant when it comes to other Asian groups.

      With white they have a weird Hatred-Love relationship that would take a long time to explain.

      • dk2020

        But Japanese are supposed to be the politest of all the East Asians! So goes that stereotype ..

        • Comebackkid13

          I think that is because, as I said earlier, Japanese will act much differently when their actions are under the scrutiny of others. They avoid conflict and shaming others. They will praise you to your face and scorn you in their heart.
          Also, most westerners dont recognize the subtlety of the Japanese insults. “To praise a prince is to insult him to his face without the fear of retribution,” or so the saying goes.

          • chucky3176

            I said the same similar things along the line, and I am often told I’m crazy, unreasonable, and hateful. But this does not explain the doublestandardness that exist amongst those people who are watching and comparing the two societies (Japan and Korea) in general. So many people try to excuse and explain that most Japanese don’t think this way and that they’re not the representative majority. Yet all Koreans are condemned for what what one Korean may say or do.

          • Comebackkid13

            I do not live in Korea. That being said, I would venture to say that overall opinion of Japan and Japanese on the morning peninsula is not very agreeable.

      • Pickle

        Go ahead and explain. I’d love to hear it. I find it interesting.

        • Comebackkid13

          If that is the case I will take a crack at it.

          The love I would say comes manifests itself in the way the Japanese idolize Western culture and power. It is my personal belief that this comes from the strength of western cultural penetration into Japan and other Asian nations. It is further fueled by American media and pop culture that is disseminated all throughout Asia. The messages and images that are conveyed are exotic and seductive to the Japanese. I think they envy much of what the west has, at least presently, and the personality of the people and the culture. It represents such a stark difference to Japanese culture that much of it is idealized without a firm basis in reality or personal experience. Their perception of westerners, as I said earilier, is based on pop culture and media. Very few Japanese have tangible experience with cutlures outside of their own. The West, particularly, America, holds a much more coveted position than other nations. American culture is viewed as superior to others. Americans are also seen as strong, free spirited, and independent leaders. Again, a stark contrast to most Japanese. This ideal is brought to life through the imagination of Japanese who have little to no experience with Americans or other westerners. (Much of this idolization can also be explained by the fact that other cultures, particularly those with dark skin tones, are derided and viewed with contempt, and that again is a different subject.)

          The hatred is a simultaneously backlash to the way they covet the west, especially America. The Japanese, understandbly, cherish their own unique culture and history. They are comfortable in Japan. Japan is the heaven of wisdom and serenity. Only a Japanese can fully understand another Japanese, in their view, this is due to the delicacy, refinement, wisdom, maturity, and peacefullness that Japan and Japanese inherently possess. Despite this, the west is idolized, and although they find themselves dreaming of western lifestyles, they also rebel against it in many ways. Why should they learn English? The fact that an outside language is forced upon this great nation elicits many negative emotions. Why should America have bases all over Japan and maintain relative total control over the nations defense. They understand that they are defenseless without America, and for a nation that prides itself on defying the odds to become a world power, this neediness is hated.

          • mr.wiener

            Very clear and well thought out.

          • Comebackkid13

            Thank you.

            On a final note, let me include one more point that is worth considering with this topic.

            Japan has been in a state of relative economic decline since the early 1990s. They have lost much of the economic lead that they created in the first 3/4 of the last century. This has had a number of social and political implications. In almost any nation throughout history, during difficult times, there is the flourishing of nationalistic idealogy. This resurgent nationalism has grabbed not only the attention of Japanese, but other nations in the region as well.

            Many Japanese workers who have lost their jobs will be quick to blame foreigners, especially Koreans and Chinese, for their predicament, rather than their own government. This neo-nationalism is also finding a home in the hearts of the displaced and unused young Japanese worker. Many can’t find decent jobs and those that don’t are shunned with a vehemence that most westerners cannot understand unless they have lived here. With these conditions, the general attitude towards foreigners has taken a turn for the worse, and is being spearheaded by the current Abe-Aso administration. This nationalism explains much of the intensified ethnocentrism, and animosity towards foreigners, both Asian and Western. Those who receive the most intense racial scrutiny are those living in Japan.

          • Pickle

            I’m not bothered by their ethno nationalistic pride until they start moving into other countries in large numbers but limit who comes to theirs. I hate the hyprocracy. I’m really speaking on all Asian nations here.

        • Guest

          On a final note, let me include one more point that is worth considering with this topic.

          Japan has been in a state of relative economic decline since the early 1990s. They have lost much of the economic lead that they created in the first 3/4 of the last century. This has had a number of social and political implications. In almost any nation throughout history, during difficult times, there is the flourishing of nationalistic idealogy. This resurgent nationalism has grabbed not only the attention of Japanese, but other nations in the region as well.

          Many Japanese workers who have lost their jobs will be quick to blame foreigners, especially Koreans and Chinese, for their predicament, rather than their own government. This neo-nationalism is also finding a home in the hearts of the displaced and unused young Japanese worker. Many can’t find decent jobs and those that don’t are shunned with a vehemence that most westerners cannot understand unless they have lived here. With these conditions, the general attitude towards foreigners has taken a turn for the worse, and is being spearheaded by the current Abe-Aso administration. This nationalism explains much of the intensified ethnocentrism, and animosity towards foreigners, both Asian and Western. Those who receive the most intense racial scrutiny are those living in Japan.

      • Reila90

        Because we are different from western counterpart. We have our own value. While western society is all about individualism, eastern society is about collectivism. Not “i respect” but “we respect”. East Asian people view themselves as a product of civilization, rather a product of a state. Which make us feel belonging & entitled to our root. Western tend to be egalitarian minded while eastern tend to be hierarchical minded. Everything is just opposite between east & west.

        So when western civilization introduced as powerful & wealthy, we see that as “the new patriarch” that we should follow its example. Thus the value of respect to each civilization differ to their “status”. This ain’t help because our nature tend to homogeneous. filial piety, & naive. This is the base reason why there’s cultural revolution back there in China. Because China realized they need change its mindset in order to be competitive to western counterpart as “the patriarch” in Asia like they used to be. Japan tried as the new patriarch in Asia during WW2 but they failed.

        So in order for Asian to get along, they need to abandon their fondness toward westerner. Start being proud of themselves, put their own culture above western culture, & not obedient to westerner. Because after all, Asian family are more close to each other throughout centuries before the westerner came.

        • Comebackkid13

          As a Western spending his life in East Asia, I agree with you 100% Reila.

        • Reila?

          • Reila90


          • just wondering..

    • markus peg

      Racists are everywhere, how does a country allow multiple cultures with as little racism as possible? As far as i”m aware the UK often promotes its self as being multicultural. What ever the US & UK did needs to be studied and applied. (im not saying the US/UK are perfect but they seem to have mixed cultures quite well). In some ways Korea and China are both acting the way the UK and USA did 50-80 years ago.

      I guess its all in the hands of the younger generation.

      • harvz

        On a lighter note, I find that my English friends bitch more about the Scots and the Welsh than they do actual immigrants outside the UK :p

        I have nothing but love for them though. I quite like the Welsh language.

        • markus peg

          That’s funny i hear it being the other way around.

      • Jen_in_NY

        I think it helps that everyone here in the US is from “somewhere else”–that’s why we can easily ask each other, “Where did your ancestors come from?” My great-grandparents were from Italy, France, and Lithuania, for example. The US is one of the few places where you can move from anywhere else in the world, establish roots, and within a very short time be considered as American as anyone else around you.

    • pingu777

      On that note, does anyone know which sites they get their comments from?

      • Sillian

        It’s shown in the article. Daum and Ilbe in this article.

    • Sillian

      Under an article like this, you can say that and you will get enough instant agreements from the lingering emotional effect but keep in mind that comments can be vastly different depending on which sites they choose to translate. This article has comments from two sites. Can you even generalize them? I don’t understand this *who’s worse* game some people try to play here when they are exposed to a very small portion of the online activities through these sites.

  • Digitalsoju

    The irony in a person named “크리스타” (Krista) saying they hate multiculturalism.

  • harvz

    South Korea is going to become multicultural whether people resist it or embrace it.

  • harvz

    South Korea is going to become multicultural whether people resist it or embrace it.

    • Echo

      No it will not, you foreign trash.

      • harvz

        All developed countries are going to go the multicultural route. Those few that haven’t already. Don’t like it? Blame globalism. Blame your successful economy.

        Don’t like it? There’s always North Korea. They keep things pure up there.

        • Echo

          Japan hasn’t. Countries that embrace multiculturalism have their population replaced and go extinct.

          You want multicult? You take it, scum.

          • harvz

            Fortunately the people that run a country don’t share your fascist views, as that would drive away International Commerce and have severe economic impacts

          • Echo

            International commerce has nothing to do with multiculturalism.
            The severe economic impact comes from having to feed, clothe, house, give healthcare and welfarento millions of low paid or unemployed foreign parasites.
            Koreans are not stupid, they will choose to end multicult once they start observing massive spikes in crime and welfare costs.

            Sorry if I’m fascist because I don’t want my culture to be wiped out from the earth.

          • harvz

            If you don’t think international commerce will be effected then look to Apartheid South Africa. Human rights violations caused all but Japan to sever ties with them. But none of that will happen in Korea, so no sense arguing it. The word is growing smaller, so as we are more connected with each other, you have to accept and respect other cultures. If nit, be a bitter right winger who is left behind. I don’t care!

          • EchoSucksDICK

            Echo, you’re a fucking Idiot. Seriously man, kill yourself please. Culture is not dependent on race, In america we celebrate different peoples cultures, I have friend from all over the world, yes even Korea I’m not Korea but I know a bit of Korean. Why ? Because I’m not an ignorant asshole like you. I know English,Spanish,Portuguese, and currently learning Norwegian/Swedish. Its great learning about different cultures, the culture is never lost, think about it for a second. Just seriously think about it, in America we celebrate everyone’s culture together. Irish, German, Mexican, African American , Chinese ect. It doesn’t fucking matter. We have restaurants of all cuisines, its fucking great. Isolating yourself from other cultures just hinders you more than you benefit especially if you will be working in the business world and will deal with clients from other countries.
            And yes, I am American, and I am proud to say I’m American.
            You want to call me scum ? you want to call me stupid?
            Show me your degree in Physics and Mathematics from a top institution ( minimum do top 100 rank in the US, or comparable), if you can’t do that, then you are scum compared to me. You want to play the superiority complex card, I’ll play that card and see how you like it. Now clean my floor, throw this trash out since you are my inferior you scum, You are stupid and the only way Koreans can get anywhere is by cheating on tests, that why the SAT were removed from Korea. So sit the fuck down you Idiot scum, you waste!



            By the way, South Korea would be shit if it wasn’t for the US aid. The only reason we helped was because North Korea went full communist during the Cold war. You were our proxy war, The U.S. used South Korea as their character and North Korea was used by the Soviet Union. Kinda like a game of Starcraft.
            I’ll end it here and take Winstons Churchill advice and
            “Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed man.”

            (This most may have included satire.)

  • nitrostat

    damn… that was just.. bad … and sad… why pick on the poor kid?

    • mr.wiener

      Some people are dicks.

      • Jen_in_NY

        The world over!

    • Pickle

      I agree with you. People might not like foreigners or mixing culturally but why attack someone not doing anything wrong?

      • MooDang

        because they don’t like foreigners, as you said. It isn’t that foreigners do anything wrong, it is just some racists are offended that other types of people even exist.

        • Pickle

          Just because someone is racist or whatever means they don’t want other types of people to exist. Humans are territorial animals. Not wanting outsiders to be in your space does not automatically equate being evil.
          I don’t think there’s enough foreigners in Korea to be concerned about it anyways. I was surprised to see they elected a filipina in some election though.

          • MooDang

            What defines outsider to you? That is the problem I think. many Koreans think they have some kind of pure blood running through their veins, and anyone who isn’t 100% Korean is an outsider…when in reality most Koreans are mixed with Japanese mongol, Chinese and who knows what else. The whole pure blood thing was a political ploy that actually came from Japan. Then, what people are outsiders? I could understand a linguistic divide, but placing any belief that we are ranked or divided by arbitrary things like skin color or “race” do show the total “animality” of man kinds thinking.

          • Pickle

            Why do people use things like skin color as an example as if people would be all the same if we were all the same shade.
            Why do you say race is arbitrary ? It’s obviously real. Like there are breeds of cats and dogs, there’s breeds of people.
            Do you feel at home where you live? Are you accepted by others there as a fellow person? You live and teach in Korea? Are you a korean or a different race? If so, they see you as an outsider even if they accept you as a person.

          • dk2020

            Her name is Jasmine Lee .. aren’t you surprised there’s a woman president even before the US being Korea is so patriarchal, I would have never thought that would happen .. give it a couple more years ..


          • Pickle

            I don’t care as long as the person is good for the job. Hillary Clinton, Sara Palin etc those types would be bad.

        • dk2020

          How is this kid a foreigner? he’s not .. he’s hapa and a ROK citizen so they do have rights, more than foreigners on visas ..

  • dk2020

    This kid came through Koreatown in LA and was treated like a celebrity like he should have .. Isn’t there laws against slander and defamation in Korea now? Or is this protected under freedom of speech? Either way just like the racist right wingers in Japan they are mainly harmless keyboard warriors .. fastest internet on the planet and theres no hackers like Anonymous .. thats a waste ..

  • dk2020

    This is how multiculturalism is in Koreatown Los Angeles nowadays ..

  • Emoticonal


  • MooDang

    I wonder how well these guys represent the Korean population and the general mindset of Korean people. I live here, and there is definitely some racism, but most of it is based on extreme ignorance and lack of world experience rather than hatred…Koreans also seem to have a weird mystical superiority complex passed down to them by their school and parents. Even the college students I teach loudly proclaim how they would NEVER live in another country because KOREA is BEST. It gets old but it isn’t really hate per say, just brainwashing and a total lack of critical thought. As a result of this there is a lot of blame that gets pinned on other cultures for stuff that Korean people do all the time. Just like in this case, where Korea could still be speaking Japanese if it weren’t for the aid of foreigners, most Koreans would never in a million years even acknowledge that possibility, and most prefer to blame their country’s various historical struggles on evil outside forces, rather than internal problems which caused them to be weak in the first place. Historical distortions and silly nationalism aside, this is taking it to a new level in terms of despicable human behavior. I hope that all the good and open minded Koreans out there will loudly proclaim how wrong and shameful this is, rather than just ignoring it or hiding their faces in shame, as is too often the case. The only way will be the international media picking up the story, something tells me Korean society would get very proactive about this race problem were they to suffer international embarrassment

    • dk2020

      you should really get out of the education racket and just hang around like minded people ..

      • Justin_kBANG

        come come now. it’s quite a decent observation. you probably have an insider- view and he outside- . Mood got some things right and some wrong. there certainly is a bit of cognitive dissonance at the moment. i do meet my korean friends who will say how good things are and then 5 min later how they want to get the hell out as soon as they have to all open up fried chicken delivery places. it goes to show the tremendous sense of uncertainty in the face of what has been very solid and predictable growth pattern.

        • dk2020

          North Korea still got foreigners shook over there?

    • dk2020

      international press already picked up a story like this kid ..

    • Sillian

      I know you are a well meaning genuine guy and I get some points you make but let’s stop and think more relevantly.

      *** This was covered widely by the Korean mainstream media even though it was only caused by anonymous internet comments. Numerous Korean public figures get insulted everyday online but the Korean media took this very seriously because of the additional tone of ethnic discrimination.

      “The only way will be the international media picking up the story”

      That’s a very arrogant way of thinking….Korean media is working fine when it comes to raising issues about socially vulnerable people and that’s the very thing that frustrates those akpeulers because they think Korean government and media is overprotective of immigrants. Yea.. I know this doesn’t really apply to foreign English teachers.

      *** The majority of netizen commentators are condemning the ‘akpeulers’. Open the Daum article link and check the up-down numbers.

      *** Multiculturalism policy is spearheaded by the government. The Korean government offers special benefits to multicultural families. This frustrates some people at the bottom of the barrel because they are ineligible for such benefits because they are native Koreans. Internet becomes the best venue for their loudspeaker to vent out. This isn’t something unique to Korea. Are you aware of these extremist sites for instance?


      *** Can we ever get rid of nasty comments on the internet? Probably never. They can only be countered by other comments but nasty comments themselves will not disappear unless some authoritarian government completely bans them without much regard for freedom of speech.

      *** Ironically, Ilbe is the internet community where stupid nationalistic myths are made fun of very ruthlessly. They call it 국뽕. It is originally a humor site where nasty jokes are promoted. They care about national interest in their view, not some kind of national superiority and they belittle Korea very often when they talk about something better in other countries. Ofc, there are many dissenters on Ilbe as well but I’m talking about the general trend there.

    • Sillian

      About your actual comment…when some people say they would never live in another country because Korea is the best, I don’t think they mean Korea is better than all other places on the planet in absolute terms. Average Koreans look up to quite a few other developed countries. It sounds more like ‘your hometown is the best for you after all’ kinda saying. There are a lot of these little things with nuances.

  • I didn’t know about such awful attitude towards people with multicultural background in Korea… Well, I can understand anger and certain issues related to illegal migrants or criminals, but why it is a crime just to have a non-Korean mother? (or father in other cases)
    I don’t see any connection between foreign workers (non-citizens) and a boy (Korean citizen, just with multicultural background). Those who posted such comments full of hatred are so pitiful, really.
    Both of my kids are Eurasians and I have never heard any negative comments about them not being 100% Malaysian even though they look very much different from locals unlike this boy Min-woo.

  • chucky3176

    First of all, I looked at Kbang’s link to the Korean site Daum.net, and read a good chunk of Korean netizen comments on this happening here:


    The vast majority of Korean netizen comments have been very supportive of the Minwoo and his family.

    Then I looked at the Kbang’s link to the Korean site where this problem reportedly originated from. The link here:


    The title of the article says “Korea will need 11.59 million new immigrants”. The Kbang translation of Korean netizen comments are comments made in reply to the study by Samsung research that recommends the Korean government to throw in a new open door immigration policy, and that the Korean government is looking towards possibly implementing this in the near future. As you can see, not every Koreans are happy with this study.

    But Kbang needs to do a better job and explain that these comments made by Koreans against multiculturalism had nothing to do with Hwang Minwoo, because unless you don’t read Korean, you can easily get the impression that those Ilbe commentators who were against multiculturalism were commenting on Hwang Minwoo, when in reality it had nothing to do with the boy. The anti multiculturalism comments at Ilbe could have been the same type of comments you will read in American/Canadian/Australian sites (I’ve never read EU ones) that discuss the merits and negatives of open door immigration policies. South Korea is at a very unique case because she’s neither totally open nor totally closed, and is at a crosspoint where what Korea decides now, will reshape the country for the way it looks in the future. Undoubtedly, a lot of Koreans look at failure of immigration in Europe, they also don’t that to happen in Korea.

    Why doesn’t Kbang just post the problem posts at Ilbe that lead to all this instead? Is it because Kbang can’t find the posts anymore because they were deleted by the Ilbe administrators? Or did those posts even exist from the beginning? I don’t know. But at this point, all we’re going by is what the boy’s entertainment agency is saying.. that there were some people from Ilbe – ten people to be exact, who have been identified and who are being accused of posting spam hate messages against the boy’s agency and against the boy. The police have been called in and they are investigating the accusation. Until I see what those actual spam messages contain and the faces of the people who posted them identified, I don’t see how anyone should jump to conclusions and start condemning all 50 million people as if they all hate this boy when that’s furthest from the truth.

    • Justin_kBANG

      sharp shooter you chucky you :D
      how did the dinner go with kate and brett btw?

      to answer your point-on Qs:

      1) if you rewind ILBE back by a week before Hwang Minwoo thing erupted, there’s hardly any on multiculturalism. Minwoo story triggered the avalanche that’s been sitting on the slope for a while. in fact the trending stories were ‘Nancy Lang – Byun Heejae’ fray until HWM story came up. then it went hornet’s nest with multiculturalism stuff, which often is lying dormant…

      there are a number of issues to which ILBE devotes their awesome energy and time: left-wing politicians, north korea, japan (love and hate), china, korean-chinese, marrying white / japanese girls, hating on korean girls, random information pieces, and multiculturalism. multiculturalism is the heated focal point on which these things could (and does) converge. and given their online presence and disproportionate influence they wield, they tend to be a big player in that regard….


      and yes, lil PSY story is 2nd most popular news next online to predator toothy fish story on KTimes. Perhaps the media consumption should be more diversified and deepened? how it is consumed often reflects the readership as well

      and of course, your opinion always adds value to our stories :D

      2) well, not everyone in japan thinks badly of korea, but that’s often the tail that wags the dog (i.e., the wind vane of the online culture). so yeah, touche. not everyone in korea is racist – certainly that’s not what it is meant to suggest. but that it may be ON the rise, that’s what Besu is trying to convey. i’ve lived there, and people were often very pleasant even though they did tell me strange things. but no harm intended, etc. just lack of sensitivity in certain things which could be easily corrected through balanced information

  • Jang

    Those at Ilbe are not the only ones guilty xenophobia in S. Korea. It is ubiqutuous within most of the S. Korean main stream media and most Koreans eat it up.

    • anoym

      If this was really true, then I doubt this story would even appear anywhere in the media. It would be a non-issue and no accusations of racism. But there would be no Hwang Minwoo, because a boy like that would never have been allowed to become famous. Jang sounds like a disgruntled former ESL teacher who didn’t get paid on time by a small time language instruction school, and now blame whole Korea for all his problems. And news like this, is a perfect opportunity to jump at to trash the entire country he hates. That’s a form of racism in itself, shown by Jang.

    • chucky3176

      Yeah right. There are Koreans who are advocating that by 2050, 41% of all the population should be immigrants (according to the Ilbe.com thread link that Kbang posted). That’s so racist. rolls eyes.

      • Justin_kBANG

        well, that’s what Samsung Economic Research Center is arguing for, which upsets many Koreans. They could have a perfectly rational response to it, i.e., calls for national discussion and more reflective legislative deliberations and more transparent decision-making, but that it FEELS like it is being shoved down their throat is what is irritating them, that’s what they are trying to really badly articulate :p

    • Sillian

      The Korean mainstream media is actually very PC about Southeast Asian immigrants. The fact that a problem caused only by anonymous internet comments didn’t get buried under the rug but received full media coverage should mean something to you.

  • Klyu

    racsit in Korea ????

  • nintendo-nerd

    haters gonna hate

  • mimo

    I live in the US and unless you are either Hispanic trash or heukhyung [term of esteem for black people, adding hyung meaning older brother] with ingrained victim mentality, none thinks like that. All they look for is someone to vent their victimhood to, that’s what happened during the LA Riot.
    lmao at this moron living in the US. You’d think he’d move to Korea by now

    • Sillian

      Ofc that netizen’s comment was a rude generalization about slums but why would he move to Korea? I don’t get the logical link.

  • Elf Queen

    Cute kid,doesnt matter who his father or mother is.I like the almond eyes.

  • kguy

    근데 황민우군 댓글들 포탈에서 많이 봐왔는데 베트남혼혈이라서
    까는글은 못봤던거 같은데? 주로 까는글이 부모가 어린애를 돈벌이 시킨다고 애는 애처럼 키우라는글은 많이 봤지만 말이야~근데
    언론은 왜 자꾸 왜 인종차별로 몰아가는지 모르겠네.

    일베같은 사이트야 성별 지역 계층 다 까는곳인데 몇몇 댓글로 인종차별로 또 몰아가는거 보면 또 언론이 논란거리를 일부러 만들어서 이슈화 시킨다는 느낌을 지울수가 없다.

    I’ve saw many portal comments regarding Hwang Min Woo, the “little
    Psy”, but how come I never read any flaming comments about his mixed
    Vietnamese ethnicity? Any criticism against him were against his parents
    for using the kid as a money maker, and that kids should be raised as
    kids. But I just don’t understand why the press wants to keep turning
    this into a racism issue. Sites like Ilbe are sites where everyone and
    everything is flamed and mocked, including gender, Korean regional
    differences, social hierarchy, just about everything is a target. I
    can’t help but to feel that just because of few racist comments online,
    the press is once again purposely creating and manufacturing a huge
    issue on race, with an agenda to push for multiculturalism.

    • Sillian

      It is one of the worse internet defamation cases because it involves a little kid. Ofc the vast majority of normal people do not condone throwing insults at someone just for being multi-ethnic but I think there are quite a few who have some complaints against the government’s multiculturalism policies and some of them do make nasty comments on the wrong target on the internet instead of trying to explain their real complaints rationally.

      • kguy

        Japan and China medias aren’t getting their knots twisted over some internet remarks against other ethnic minorities, I don’t know why the Korean media always overblows the victimhood regarding South East Asian newcomers. Everyday, there’s a new TV show showing how a VIetnamese/Cambodian/Chinese/Filipina brides and migrant workers are having a hard life in Korea with the violin playing in the background as they cry on TV because they left their families behind back home and can’t see them etc etc, it’s just sickening. The media keeps portraying them as downtrodden and suffering beyond unimaginable. If life was that bad for these immigrants, why are there so many more and more of them coming? If it’s so terrible to live in Korea for minorities, why is there more people who risk great financial and physical hardships to enter the ROK? Again, I have nothing bad to say about the boy Minwoo nor is he responsible for immigration policies and media coverage.

        • kguy

          By constantly portraying them as downtrodden victims, it’s not doing them any favor. In time, they will stick up for themselves when they get culturally adapted and learn how the Korean society works. Overreacting to every little transgressons on the internet is not only impossible to stop, it’s unrealistic to stop it, and it will only breed more seeds of resentment. Korean needs to relax and take it easy and not be so hyperactive.

        • Justin_kBANG

          I don’t really think that’s how things are depicted and I am not even sure what you are trying to say here.

          1) Korean TV is notoriously melodramatic in general and soliciting sympathy by crying is as much true for a Vietnamese newly wed as stray dogs on the TV (you ever heard of this thing called 동물농장/전원일기/무한도전?) I am not sure why you’d suddenly find that ‘sickening’ since that’s actually the TV norm. The range of emotion to which average Korean TV audience are expected to respond are dreadfully few: sadness, sudden happiness, and saccharine sweet mostly.

          As for whether things are good or bad for the migrant workers and other non-ethnic Koreans, I cannot answer. All I know is that the government has a reasonably elastic bandwidth of ‘illegals’ they happily tolerate depending on their economic goal. Nonetheless South Korea is a signatory to the UN charter for human rights and as such have a number of internationally agreed duties and responsibilities to which they must adhere. To not do so would be not only in really bad form on the part of South Korean government against the binding international agreement, but a major moral lapse.

          In case you think that’s just some liberal rubbish, here’s the list of the countries that took up that UN rubbish resolution last time when South Korea was in need: 이에 따라 미국을 비롯하여 오스트레일리아·벨기에·캐나다·콜롬비아·프랑스·그리스·에티오피아·룩셈부르크·네덜란드·뉴질랜드·필리핀·타이·터키·영국·남아프리카 연방 등 16개국 군대로 유엔군이 편성되었다.

          Now that South Korea is rich, I guess it doesn’t really need to remember the countries who bothered to help. That ‘downtrodden and suffering beyond imaginable’ was what got these countries to help South Korea, but o well, who needs friends in need, right?

        • Sillian

          Political correctness and human rights activism for Asian newcomers is naturally getting stronger in the Korean mainstream media and organizations. That’s expected. You can argue Korea looks more racist ironically because Korea actually takes working class newcomers and Korean media is very busy making issues, picking up stories and standing up for the migrants, compared to other Asian countries. This then creates resentment among the multi-culti dissenters and you can see them on the internet. When their anger is directed toward innocent individuals, there should be some sort of rein to control them. I think Korean media is okay. It’s better than ignoring the issues. What’s really needed is the public venue where informed people can openly discuss the immigration policies. Right now, it seems the dissenters feel they are demonized and told to shut up.

          • Justin_kBANG

            i agree – i do believe there’s a limit any civil society and ordinary nation-state can absorb before tearing its social fabric. they should have well-informed and well-deliberated policy and philosophical debates about this issue that is transparent and reflective as well as forward-looking.

            and then there’s ILBE that just wants to demonise the whole thing. that’s what the Korean media are trying to rein in on, i.e., don’t make hate-speech, but kguy sees it as wicked propaganda by the media to shove down left-wing agenda against the helpless korean people.

            the cognitive dissonance they must suffer by having to identify Samsung and Saenuri as ‘left-wing propaganda machine’ must be really brain-splitting.

          • Sillian

            the cognitive dissonance they must suffer by having to identify Samsung and Saenuri as ‘left-wing propaganda machine’ must be really brain-splitting.

            Lol that must really hurt.

  • Heydri

    As a Korean, this is truly embarrassing… Whoever that illogically hates the poor kid online should be ashamed of reading the article.

  • commander

    In light of enormosity of side effects from stubborn adherenece to ethnic homogeneity, it appears to be justifiable for any raciat comments to be posted under writers’ real name.

    Some insensible Koreans appear to find joy in making racist remarks as they are tempted to attribute the blame for their failures and frustrations in their life to other nationals coming here to earn money for their remaining families in their home countries. How pathetic!

    More troubling is that the work migrant workers do that requires hard labor and patience is the last thing they want to do. Migrant workers’ contribution, done at low wages, to price competitiveness of exports, remains unrecognized.

    The best way to deal with misperceived xenophobia is to bring personal information of racially motivated commentators to light.

  • This is called racism and is punishable in Western countries.

    • Ogre

      That’s not true at all.

    • Sillian

      Do you know exactly which Western countries criminalize online insults that fall short of ‘real threats’? It’s not that straightforward.

  • So how Korean react if Korean are discriminated against in another country for instance US, France, Vietnam or elsewhere for being Korean ethnic.

  • chucky3176

    Young Chinese swimmer, Chun Jing Jing, takes up South Korean citizenship.


  • chucky3176

    A little update on this from South Korea’s newspaper in Korean language press here:


    According to Chosun Ilbo May 7, seven people (out of ten being investigated by the police) have called the entertainment company that signed little psy, and have apologized for their forum comments. They were worried that they would be found and prosecuted by the police. The newspaper also reports that there were also a group of Ilbe users who were gathering online evidence against some people and handing them over to the entertainment company for investigation.

    Under South Korea’s laws, internet forums must use the real name registration system where social security numbers are recorded. There were a lot of complaints when this new law was introduced, that South Korea was losing the freedom of speech. The real name system was implemented after many South Korean pop stars were harassed online, with many driven to suicides. Same type of harassment has happened to little Psy, but in this case, the system seems to have worked fine.

  • Saisyet

    I am surprised Korean netizens heard about the case in the UK where a 9 year old boy hanged himself because he was bullied for being white by South Asians. This really shows the power of the internet and globalism to spread information.

  • a bunch of hypocrites… without the US’s aid in Korean war, they prob under Communist rule now. Then again, bashing a kid is morally wrong. I hope they die a painful death -.-

  • Namphuong Ngoc Nguyen

    This is so stupid. So he’s a mix. What do you want to this boy? Kick him out of the country to maintain your pureblood like some vampire race clan? You guys talk as if you are from some upper race and other nationalities are lower class scums.This is what I’d call hard core discrimination. Bullying a kid. One word: disgusting.

  • Disgusted

    This is so stupid. So he’s a mix. What do you want to this boy? Kick him out of the country to maintain your pureblood like some vampire race clan? You guys talk as if you are from some upper race and other nationalities are lower class scums.This is what I’d call hard core discrimination. Bullying a kid. One word: disgusting.

  • Usher

    North korea is going to invade the south one day when they’re tap out of resources. You guys won’t be singing any more pop songs than.

  • KKKorean

    Why are we racist to Vietnamese people? If we should be racist to anyone it is the perverted Japanese and their sick culture. They have school girls shouting death to Koreans and public anti Korean parades fullly sanctioned by Abe. Also Japanese foreigners harrass Korean Women everyday in Seoul and taking upskirt photos to sell??? (WTF i know )

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Wow. Stay classy, racist assholes. (I’m referring to the ones who were actually racists, not South Korea as a whole.)

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  • weiyuan

    Sorry, that one guy is right. Multiculturalism is shit. Sympathy ruins real political thought and bogged everything down with feelings. There’s nothing wrong with Vietnamese or anyone else. Just live in your own countries.

  • Guest

    even if the boy is not 9 but 29, it’s still cruel to bash him just because of his multicultural background. and tbh I find this hate to south east asians from these koreans funny. like, come on, you hate it when south east asians tries to make a living in your country while there are a lot of koreans actually came to south east asians countries to work. (this is real okay I’m south east asian and there are a lot of korean families in my area). I hope this didn’t sound butthurt or rude but honestly speaking, if you hate our people to be in your country then why did you guys even came here? get the hell out of my country if you hate us so much -_- I don’t hate koreans, please don’t take it the wrong way. I could’ve worded this more nicely (I’m not that fluent in english so… I’m sorry if this offended anyone, but I’m just pointing out my honest thoughts with no offense directed to anyone or any race/country).

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  • guest

    The racist xenophobic posts which show absolute fear of foreigners from echo et al on this thread are deeply deeply depressing. Not to mention the racist nature of the original subject — harrassing a child because of his ethnicity? How low can you go?

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