Café Owner Secretly Records 900 Women in Coffee Shop Toilets

Crouching Girls, Hidden Camera? A cafe owner in the up-market Gangnam area (Seoul) has been arrested by police after being caught with a secret camera installed in the ladies toilets.

From Seoul News:

Cafe owner with criminal record caught with hidden camera videos of over 900 women

On the 26th the Seoul Gangnam police, announced the arrest of a Mr. Lee, charging him with sexual assault for secretly taping customers as they went to the washroom.

Mr. Lee installed a tiny camera in the women’s washroom of his cafe in Shinsa-dong, Gangnamgu. Where he recorded video 917 customers’ private parts, from March of last year, until just recently.

According to police, Mr. Lee installed the camera where customers could not see it, and a movement sensor automatically recorded customers when they would enter the washroom.

The video files where discovered in a folder on Mr. Lee’s computer where they were organized by date.

After reviewing his criminal record, it was discovered that Mr. Lee had committed similar crimes to this twice before, when he installed cameras to secretly record people in private places similar washrooms.

The illegal activity was discovered when a female customer found the hidden camera and reported it to authorities.

A police spokesperson said “Mr. Lee does not have any mental illnesses, however appears to be seriously into voyeurism.”

Comments from SBS:


Crazy mother fucker


I wish sex offenders would get harsher sentences!


I can’t believe there are people like that!


Our country is too light on sentencing. Even if you commit a crime, when you realize how light the sentencing is, you see no reason to not do it again. Like when you get caught, you can just pay a fine or cut a deal of some sort…If you want to get this kind of thing to go away, you have to increase the sentencing, and set make an example for the rest of society. It’s not perfect but we can reduce crime this way. If we can’t do that, than this kind of shit bag crimes will never go away. Anyway whatever

Jiman An:

That disgusting fucker makes me want to puke.


In another version of the article it wasn’t specified that the washroom with the camera was the women’s washroom, so readers assumed it was a unisex washroom:


ke, why did he take pictures of dudes?


Ha ha, yea. I was wondering the same thing. Maybe it wasn’t for his own enjoyment, but he planned to blackmail them or something? When you’re extorting someone, it doesn’t matter if they are male or female. ke ke.


ke ke ke, Or more simply put, maybe it is his other part time job?

Taewook Choi:

So he wanted to see guys pee and poo and things like that? ㅡㅡ

Hyeonjun Soh:

Our country has thousands of Cafes… and out of those cafes.. Is that ONE guy the only one who likes recording? I bet there are way more victims…

Comments from


People have this thing called a conscience, but sex offenders have less of a conscience than even a dirty animal. Animals looking at humans like that should be captured and beaten.


Pathetic douchebags watching people like that in front of their computer should have their brains pithed. You either have to make it so they can’t move their head again or they will keep peeping.


he he he”>Why would he want to do something like that? You can see their complete body form and exposed legs while they are wearing clothes. I wonder what he does after seeing that? Ha ha ha


Maybe he was watching them with a secret camera because someone wants to steal their family jewels…..?

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