Netizens Criticise Weak Government Stance on Korean History


From: Naver:

Criticism of the Government’s Passive response.. ‘We have to actively let our history be known’

Map of Chinese Korea

On the 29th, it was anounced that in a report by the American Congressional Research Service illuminating the historical and geopolitical relations of East Asia, a distorted argument saying, ‘Goguryeo and Balhae were provinces of Tang Dynasty China,’ will be released. This picture showing Goguryeo and Baekje as territories of the Tang China is taken from a map of the Tang territory at the Chinese Hu Shan Cheng History Memorial Hall.

Criticism of the Government’s Passive response.. ‘We have to actively let our history be known’

With the planned publication of a report by the American Congressional Research Service illuminating the historical and geopolitical relations of East Asia asserting a distorted argument (saying, ‘Goguryeo and Balhae were provinces of Tang Dynasty China‘) historical scholars in Korea are gravely concerned.

Government authorities explained that this report will reference material briefly explaining China’s position, while the Northeast Asia History Foundation claimed it would convey Korea’s side of the story and that the report would reflect this.

However, the academic world is expressing concern at this report, considering that the stance of China wanting to incorporate the histories of Goguryeo and Balhae might become an internationally established fact.

It has been suggested that the government also has to abandon the passive position it takes every time an issue like this one arises and actively inform the world that Goguryeo and Balhae are a part of Korean history..

Professor Yoo Yong-tae of Seoul National University remarked, ‘It’s worrying, even though government authorities claim the American report provides data simply introducing China’s position, since materials published in the American congress are acknowledged by global authorities, even a simple introduction can have meaning.’

Professor Yoo was greatly critical of the The Northeast Asia History Foundation, saying, ‘[It] said it would explain our side of the story to America so that the report would reflect our position, but saying that it did its job by merely conveying our position is absurd.’

Professor Jo Beob-jong of Wooseok University commented, ‘It looks like the American congress is preparing for the changing state of affairs in East Asia by moving to grasp its historical and cultural background.’

Professor Jo also stated, ‘In terms of Goguryeo history, China is aware of the opposition of Korean scholars, and to a certain degree there is an atmosphere of acceptance of Korea’s position, but regarding Balhae, the attacks are mounting,’ as well as advising, ‘We need to actively express our position.’

Some have pointed out the importance of developing the academic capacity to counter China’s arguments.

Professor Roh Tae-don of Seoul National University emphasizes, ‘The accumulation of academic research regarding the histories of Goguryeo, Balhae, and Gojoseon is most important.’

A spokesman for government authorities says, ‘In order to prevent a biased report, Korea delivered its side of the story,’ as well as, ‘We must remain vigilant until the content of the report is released.’

Comments from Naver:


Tang China intended to destroy Balhae so they attacked it many times, but they were held off. So they call it Balhae and gave it the title of ‘Strong Country by the East Sea’ ke ke How could a mere province like Balhae have more military strength than a country like Tang China? ke ke That’s hilarious ke ke ke


ke ke ke ke ke ke jang-gae are the most immature people


ke ke ke Exactly. The distortion is too absurd. A baseless claim. ke ke ke


Look at his imagination duh… respect


So Emperor Yang threw a tantrum and got owned by a ‘province’ [referring to Goguryeo].


It’s the same with Dokdo and the same with Goguryeo… We have to firmly assert our position on a national level.


Look at the responses. National history and territorial protection, It’s a problem of identity but the leaders on the left and right are fighting again. It’s so stifling, really.


There is snickering coming from the grave of King Gwanggaeto the Great. The language, the culture and appearance are all different, but it’s a province? This is more preposterous than saying that Dokdo is a part of Japan. In the Tales of the Dongyi, The Book of Wei in the History of the Three Kingdoms, Goguryeo was clearly referred to as a distinct country, so is China denying its own history books?


I suppose it’s a bit regrettable, but what’s the point of complaining only about South Korean government? North Korea should voice up too but they only think South Korea is their punchbag. Just look at news about South Korean society. Everyday, it’s suicide, murder, accidents; these stories make up 70% of the news, so what must North Koreans think? Either we turn Pyongyang into a wasteland as the last means or we accept permanent division. Responsibility for all this lies with foolish South Koreans who cannot distinguish the truth. Seriously, only South Korea in the entire world is wasting energy, arguing about the commies and chin’ilpa.


I dream of studying history and I want to research the histories of various countries in the world, but I feel pathetic coming from a country that can’t even manage its own history… Why in the world did Korean History become an elective course?  ㅠㅠ Really, the limits of the 7th and 8th revised curricula will show themselves. We are becoming a nation of people who do not even know their own history, so the government has to change national history from an elective into a mandatory course like Korean, math and English. Science students don’t learn it and liberal arts students can choose it. Is there a rule that says it’s okay for science students not to know their own history? Is national history more important than English and math? [netizen probably meant to say this the other way around] It’s really pathetic.


What has Lee Myung-bak done as president? Hasn’t he been getting rid of history education? With an excuse of special lectures, he let New Right chin’ilpa academics lecture at high schools. Have you heard the interview with the high school students? They also knew it was pro-Japanese version of history. How can a country where rootless Lee Myung-bak from Osaka is the president discuss history? He even cut down on the budgets for history education.

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