Fugitive Korean Soldier Captured After Suicide Attempt

Article from Yonhap News:

Sergeant Im attempts suicide…Pursuit ended after 43 hours

Sergeant Im, who deserted after his shooting spree at his general outpost (GOP) in Goseong, Gangwon-do, was captured alive on the afternoon of the 23rd after he attempted to commit suicide. Both the military and his family members had been persistently contacting Im and asking him to surrender. Im’s flight began on the 21st, when he killed five and injured seven members of his unit with a grenade and about ten bullets, and ran away with weapons. In total, he was a fugitive for 43 hours.


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Comments from Naver:

Reveal everything that needs to be revealed. He still has to pay for his murder.


Even if there were abuses in the barracks, did he really have to go this far… Both Sergeant Im and the dead soldiers are worthy of our pity..


Without omission, reveal what he wrote in that memo to the public.


The situation ended! Start firing the responsible people at the Ministry of Defense, ke.


There are so many things to do when you are young. Why did he have to give up everything?! What a fool!!! This is not something any young person should be tempted to do…


Journalists in our country should be put on a leash because many of them are crazy. Why did they visit his family’s neighborhood and let them all know?? Aren’t they crazy for real? Those journalists who cross the line these days should get their act together.


Even if what he wrote in the memo might be controversial, the military should not manipulate it. You cannot block the sky with your palm.


So he cried…. He eventually got back to his senses… How painful it must have been to commit such acts when his rank was already sergeant…Such a pitiful murder.


He couldn’t endure the last three months until he got discharged. Now he will be isolated from society for a lifetime.


The investigation team should not hide anything and reveal everything as it is… If they hide something, an incident like this can happen again..

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