Adultery Scandal at Korea’s Elite Law School Ends in Suicide

On October 2nd, an adultery scandal that electrified the country ended with a court case and mourning. The Judicial Research and Training Institute, the most highly respected school in the country, was the scene of a sordid affair between two of its elite students. Among Koreans, there was deep disgust that the country’s most gifted scholars could have committed the betrayal, public insults, and harassment that were exposed in the beginning of early September. A blow by blow of the affair is below, but the best summary may have been written by the mother-in-law of the husband who had the affair. Determined to punish her son-in-law and his lover, the mother-in-law stood outside the main gate of the Institute with a sign describing their shocking behavior.

Article from Donga Newspaper:

Expulsion for Male Student at Center of Judicial Training Institute Adultery Case

The mother of the deceased protests in front of the Judicial Training and Research Institute, her sign reads, “A student here, [name obscured] made my daughter hang herself and commit suicide!! My son-in-law had an affair for over eight months and then even called up my daughter and told her all about the sex! After abusing and driving my daughter to kill herself, this man has no right to become a judge!!! His woman [name obscured] just thought about herself even after killing my daughter, she will never be forgiven! How dare she become a judge

The mother of the deceased protests in front of the Judicial Training and Research Institute, her sign reads, “A student here, [name obscured] made my daughter hang herself and commit suicide!! She had an affair with my son-in-law for over eight months and then even called up my daughter and told her all about the sex! After abusing and driving my daughter to kill herself, this woman has no right to become a legal professional!!! This woman [name obscured] just thought about herself even after killing my daughter, she will never be forgiven! How dare she become a legal profesional.

Judicial Research and Training Institute expels male student, suspends female student for three months for “inappropriate behavior that harmed the dignity of the institution”.

The JRTI recently decided to expel the man at the center of the ‘adultery scandal’, the strongest punishment possible available under its regulations. The Institute gave the female student who was involved in the affair a three-month suspension.

[Note: In South Korea, anyone who wishes to become a judge, prosecutor, or lawyer, three of the most prestigious jobs available, must first pass the notoriously difficult JRTI entrance exam and study within the institute for two years. All students, upon graduation, can choose to one of the three career paths and expect to have a secure, respected career for the rest of his or her life.Korea is currently changing from this system to an American-style law school format.]

On October 2nd, the JRTI Disciplinary Committee announced the punishment for the two students according to their violation of the National Public Service Law, Article 63. In a statement from the Institute, “Student A hid his marriage status from the female student in his class while he engaged in intimate relations with her, leading to an inappropriate relationship that harmed the dignity of the institution…While Student B (the woman) did not know of Student A’s marriage status before meeting him, her behavior after Student A revealed his marriage, in which she exposed the affair to Student A’s wife, also harmed the dignity of the institution.”

Punishment of students at the JRTI can take the form of expulsion, suspension, loss of salary, or formal reprimand. The only previous time that a student was expelled was in 2003, when a student took pictures of a naked woman, who was not a student, and stole her jewelry. In that case, the student was also arrested. Representatives for the Institute said that, since their students were in training to become officers of the law, they had to be held to the highest standards of behavior. They added that because the students’ actions reflected negatively on the institute, severe disciplinary actions were unavoidable. The committee said that they took into account the fact that the woman, Student B, did not end her relationship with Student A even after finding out that he was married influenced their decision.

According to the results of the JRTI’s investigation, B [the female student] did not show an intention to induce A [the male student] to divorce his wife, although B sent copies of her text messages with A to his wife. Investigation records show that A began a romantic relationship with B in August of 2011, then confessed to B in February of 2013 about his marriage. A told B that he planned to divorce his wife and continued the relationship with B, but then told B in April of 2013 that he wanted to break up with her. B, feeling betrayed, called C and revealed the affair. After C began to insult B, B sent a copy of messages she had exchanged with A to C. Later, B met with C’s mother and said she would set the love triangle straight. The report does not state that B called C and told her to get a divorce or mentioned anything about continuing the romantic relationship with A.

Screenshot of the messages sent between the two students which mentioned their relationship, which the female student sent to the wife. In this image, the male student says, "Even if we are punished for adultery, I want to come clean about this."

Screenshot of the messages sent between the two students which mentioned their relationship, which the female student sent to the wife. In this image, the male student says, “Even if we are punished for adultery, I want to come clean about this.”

According to the JRTI, A apologized to C after his affair was revealed and even went so far as to set a date for their wedding. The couple had been together since the beginning of law school, however they had only made a legal marriage, rather than an entire wedding ceremony. However, by June, other factors arose that negatively impacted their marriage life, which led to them living separately by the middle of June and soon after filing for divorce. In July, C committed suicide. The JRTI explained that A and C’s decision to seek a divorce was completely separate from any disagreement over excessive dowry, [혼수]. [Note: other articles about the case mentioned that A had demanded a large sum, $930,000, from the parents of the bride for the customary wedding contribution]. A representative from the Institute stated that “this is an issue related to the reputation of the deceased and as such we will not comment”.

The expelled male student will not be able to graduate from the JRTI, and will have to return to attend a law school and take the bar exam if he intends to work as a lawyer.

Article from Money Today:

Judicial Research and Training Institute Launches Investigation into Claims that Female Student in Adultery Case Tutored Illegally

The Judicial Research and Training Institute (JRTI) student at the center of the ‘JRTI Adultery Scandal’, nicknamed Ms. B, 28, has made headlines again after the institute received a tip that she had been working illegally as a tutor. Since it is illegal for current JRTI students to tutor others on the admissions process, the institute has launched an investigation into the incident.

On October 4th, a JRTI representative announced, “After receiving documents on September 30th that indicated that Ms. B had been involved in illegal tutoring activities, the disciplinary committee confirmed the details of the case in a meeting…Since the committee believes that additional details are needed, they scheduled further investigation for the near future.”

The representative added, “the investigation is proceeding as quickly as possible, if misconduct is discovered, then we will take the appropriate measures.” The representative did not announce whether or not Ms. B had admitted to the charge against her.

Online, netizens have raised questions about the timing of the new investigation, referring to the fax that was sent to the JRTI and the complaint to the Supreme Court in the middle of September. “The JRTI was aware of the the illegal tutoring allegations even before the adultery allegations surfaced, the disciplinary committee tried to look the other way to protect one of their own.”

One netizen in particular revealed that the complaint went to the Supreme Court on the morning of the 16th of September, while the same information was sent to the JRTI in the afternoon of the same day. Only on the 30th did the JRTI confirm that it was aware of the illegal tutoring activities.

The representative for the JRTI stated, “in a situation like this, confirmation takes time…When something like this is happening, where faxes and phone calls are coming simultaneously to the Administrative Office, to professors, and to supplementary offices, it is difficult to confirm how tips are progressing.”

If the investigation from the JRTI finds that Ms. B was carrying out tutoring illegally, there will inevitably be additional punishment. Since students at the JRTI are special government employees, under the National Public Service Law, section 64 (dual employment and working for profit), they are unable to work for profit in any area besides their official duties without the specific permission of their employer.

There has been no word about what the specific additional punishment would be for Ms. B. She has already received the maximum punishment of three months suspension in connection with the adultery incident. Since there has never been a precedent of a JRTI student receiving additional punishment, there is no guide to how the institute will punish Ms. B for this misconduct.

A representative from the JRTI said, “Since JRTI students do not usually create problems like this, this is an exceptional case… [When the student receives additional punishment] there is no standard for the length of the punishment.”

Suspicions about Ms. B’s illegal tutoring arose after advertisements for tutoring, allegedly from Ms. B, were identified online.

Claiming to have successfully passed the 52nd Annual Bar Exam, the author of the online ad wrote a post online, saying “Currently, I am teaching a law school student and a student preparing for the first round of the exam. I also have experience serving on the evaluation committee for the first round of the 52nd Bar Exam. I am also currently correcting the practice tests from a second round student from a top university…I offer my methods, knowledge, and information. I can help practice writing answers and provide detailed critiques upon request. Please contact me.” The ad was uploaded in July of this year.

Ms. B has attracted furor from netizens after she engaged in inappropriate relations with a male student in her class and then informed his wife of their adultery. Following Ms. B’s actions, the man’s wife committed suicide.

Comments from Money Today:


This homewrecker doesn’t know when to stop. The pathetic institute blindly tried to cover for one of their own [lit. “the crayfish is on the crab’s side”]


They committed adultery together, but they only expelled the man. Expel that bitch as well.


she’s getting what she deserves!!


As if committing murder and adultery wasn’t enough, she went and broke the law ke ke ke Congrats on your hat trick….You are the ‘best’, [name of female student redacted]


Isn’t the most unbelievable thing that this woman was going to become a judge, oversee cases, and work as a lawyer? If she later changes her name, gets plastic surgery, and works as a judge, who could know? Then how unfair would that be to people who are tried in her court? This is crazy.

인육장수 조선족:

The guy loses his position…this bitch is just suspended for a few months, what the???


If trash like this lacks basic sense then there isn’t anything she won’t do… This is just the beginning… after she finishes her suspension there is no doubt that she will return to work as a judge…


what a pitiful ministry of justice.. why can’t you handle any investigation?


Just think about this bitch becoming a judge, can you imagine it?! kick this slut out, does she have to kill someone with her own hands to be accused of murder? This bitch is more guilty of killing someone than an actual murderer.


this woman doesn’t have an ounce of morality in her!!


this person is a worthless piece of garbage, you think you could be a prosecutor, lawyer, or judge?? What would happen to people’s faith in the system? Don’t you have any respect, JRTI, kick this woman out.


So she is continuing to break the law. Don’t dismiss this offense casually, they have to kick her out of the institute before she breaks an even bigger law.


if she was capable of this, was she bribing somebody higher up? she’s unbelievable. the courts these days…


In order for people to trust the courts, there must be a firm response to this


what a venerable institution~~


Unless they kick the woman out, there is no way this incident will be resolved.


If she only gets three months suspension, then she will never be able to get rid of her reputation as a homewrecker


So somebody who is going to become a judge or a prosecutor gets greedy and destroys someone else’s family without any remorse, even sends someone to their death. It’s so scary. Prosecutors and judges are highly respected jobs, but then somebody goes ahead and behaves so indecently. Money-grubbing bitch.


tsk tsk, the han of that family has yet to be atoned for… with a brain and body like that, why would she do that??? Why would she wreck someone’s family… there are plenty of good men around, why would it have to end like this

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  • commander

    Many vernacular reports say that the troubled aspiring lawyer and his wife had been studying together for the bar exam before marriage, though his wife failed to pass the exam.

    But their relationship has evolved into a marriage where his wife brought huge amount of weddibg dowry to keep him to her side, but marrige life apparently had’t proceed smoothly.

    The expelled trainee should have told his wife that he cant hold onto marriage life any more if he dont love his wife genuinely.

    What he did was to insult and mock his wife when his mistress, a peer at the JRTI, sent an exchange on a smartphone messanger to the wife.

    Few imagine a more terrible heartrending situation where a loved spouse tells his paramour that marriag life is horrible enough to get punished after revealing an extramarital affair.

    For parents of the deceased, the expulsion would hardly relieve their pain.

  • HaydenG

    wow, who cares about their private life. Cheating on your wife isnt a crime and certainly doesnt have anything to do with your career. if she committed suicide there was obviously something wrong with her besides the affair.

    • commander

      Cheating is not a crime in the US, while South Korea criminalize the act, though the prevaling view here is that a constitutional court will rule the adultery charge unconstitutional in another petition against the adultery ban law.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Good to know, thanks! I didn’t know adultery was actually against the law in South Korea, which caused some confusion when reading the comments.

        Instead of seeing the Korean netizens as the Morality Police, they seem more like people criticizing a criminal (Ms. B) for aspiring to becoming a judge of the law, which makes a LOT more sense.

        • commander

          For an adultery charge to be applied, a spouse has to file a complaint in person with the police with the material evidence proving his or her spouse’s improprieties, which is very hard to secure, and start divorce proceddings against adulterer.

          If the charge is upheld by a court, both adulterer and his or her lover get punished.

      • cqn0

        > Cheating is not a crime in the US

        Actually, adultery is a crime in 22 states. In Michigan, for example, it is punishable by life in prison:

        • commander

          I think you misunderstood the article at the linked site.

          Although a Michigan state court say in a ruling, ” anyone involved in an extramarital fling can be prosecuted for first-degree criminal sexual conduct, a felony punishable by up to life in prison,” it is as long as the accused is involved the commission of any other felony.”

          As far as I know, the US does not criminally charge anyone who have an extramarital affair. Instead, the accused should pay a huge amount of alimony to his or her spouse when thr couple gets divorced.

          In a country where individual freedom is higest valued, it is inconceivable that individual pursuit of happiness right is criminalized.

  • David

    Considering the number of men (I won’t even say Korean men) who cheat on their wives at bars, love hotels etc. . .I think suicide was an extreme reaction. There was definitely something else going on between them that caused her to do that.

    • There is a fling and then there is a love affair.
      But suicide, well the damage left behind is unreal..Its heartbreaking, because
      no one can fix it, ever.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Weighing them by value of “the lesser evil” they committed, I believe:

    -B didn’t know about the cheating, tried to tell C the truth so she wouldn’t get married to A the Asshole. Not sure why B’s being painted as a homewrecker? The worst she did was lie about her credentials and try to earn money on the side. Oooooh, that’s horrible.

    -C is the victim here, being cheated on by A, being humiliated (intentionally or unintentionally, not sure) by B. Suicide is really harsh reaction though. Can’t say I agree with her methods, but I’ve got nothing against her, must have been a hard situation for her to deal with.

    -A the Asshole. Nuff said.

    • mormollio

      A eventually told B who stay with him despite knowing about his wife. Then they whole text conversation between B and C as to why B is the homewrecker. A and B are both assholes

      • David

        Yes but according to the article A told B about being married like 1 1/2 years after the affair started, so B was already emotionally hooked on A (as I am sure this is what A planned). This does not make B blameless (you date somebody for more than a year and do not know they are married, you are in denial) just stupid and naive and maybe, considering her lack of good judgement, she should not be a judge.

        • kick the crutch

          Female student who revengefully tells the adultery to the wife and directly cause suicide is far worse human-being than male student who wants to finish relationship with the female student. But in Korea, the male student banned school forever rather than the female student who is daughter of powerful man banned school 3 months. Who do you think is more blamed for the death of the wife? Why Kimchi-girls always blame man for rape, adultery and war? Is their solution for gender conflicts in South Korea? Why people in here keep saying they should not be judges, mothers and fathers; just mind your business and you don’t have right to intrude lives of others except you are gods; do you think your life is better than them? I don’t think so because you are average Koreans, just get marry and find your future foreign husband, dah!

          • David

            He was the married one who was cheating, not her. It was his responsibility to honor his marriage not hers. He promised to be faithful to his wife, not her. He also lied to her about being married for 1 1/2 years. To say she is more to blame for the suicide is ridiculous. As for Rape and War (this is just a stupid comment but I will answer it anyway) Men get blamed because is men who are raping women, women are not raping men. Since all the leaders in Korea until now have been men and all the senior advisers are STILL men, even in South Korea, it is stupid to blame women for war.

          • kick the crutch

            Yes, I exactly meant what you talked. But all the men in the war do NOT rape women. There are some solders who acknowledged rape is crime or some gay solders. However, Kimchi-girls demand that all the man are the causes of rape, adultery and war. Kimchi-girls are not even the Feminists who asks same social status with men, because Kimchi-girls don’t want to share military service with men but asking same chance of employment and income; while Feminists demand women in army. Kimchi-girls are just South Korean females who have abundant minds of male-phobia and male-hatrism. Please, visit South Korea for one month if you have any adversities on my point. You are Russian man, I guess, and they will treat you same as South Korean man because Kimchi-girls will consider you as a person of communist with suffering mild autism except you are an American who speaks English very well. Thank you.

          • David

            I am American man and I lived in Kore for several years starting in the mid 80’s. My last visit (only for two weeks) was this past July. I do not know how they treat Russian men there (there were never any around when I have lived there) so I will take your word for it. I don’t know why you insist on calling this woman a Kimchi-girl. She is obviously a high achiever, because she made it into one of the most competitive and prestigious schools in the country. I will admit things have progressed slowly in the last 27 years but I think the vicious comments made by men against this girl is proof that the men in SK resent it when a woman gets ahead (or in this case has the potential to get ahead, since she has not graduated yet). While she is not the victim as much as the wife she was also used and lied to for over a year. As for the military service argument I do not think it is valid. I was in the service for 8 years and I was still able to pursue a career when I got out. This is just my opinion.

          • Harriet28

            David you obviously don’t know anything about women.. Any woman who is ‘real’ with herself knows how it would feel if another came to her and told her that her husband was unfaithful with them. It’s the worst thing! WHO ISN’T MORE EMOTIONANLLY INVESTED THAN HIS WIFE???!!!! Seriously? You are taking up for this woman? Both are to blame for the consequences of their selfish actions! Full stop! To say how much one is over the other is a not the issue. Issue is they did the deeds, someone lost their life and a mother is left with a disgrace of a son-in-law and a dead daughter. Apart from exhibit A; without B a.k.a ‘home-wrecker’ a.k.a ‘tramp’ none of this would be possible. So please stop trying to exclude her from the equation.

        • Harriet28

          “emotionally hooked..” This further proves everyone’s point. Contacting the wife was not something that was done for the wife’s benefit but for her own selfish reasons. :(

      • UserID01

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but B can ONLY stay with A if A allows it. You can’t exactly agree to be with someone if they don’t want to be with you anymore. A was probably feeling the heat of getting caught and when B said, “But I still want to be with you,” A saw his shot of looking good to C by showing his wife the text messages. Kinda like saying, “Hey, look, I TRIED to get rid of this woman, but she’s still hanging on!”

        Also, come on. A and B mutually agreed to the relationship. HE sure as hell knew he was married when he struck up a relationship with B. He’s just as guilty.

    • K

      B was still in love with A even after A told her he’s a married man. B told the wife the truth so she could divorce him and B could marry A. That makes her a homewrecker.

    • kick the crutch

      Female student who maliciously tells the adultery to the wife and directly cause suicide is far worse human-being than male student who wants to finish relationship with the female student. But in Korea, the male student banned school forever rather than the female student banned school 3 months. Who do you think is blamed for the suicide of wife? Why Kimchi-girls always blame man for rape, adultery and war? Is their solution for gender confliction in South Korea?

      • Harriet28

        Unfortunately, that’s how homewreckers think. They feel that engaging in fornication with a married man who claims ‘he is leaving his wife/not in love with anymore’ (which are usually lies) wont happen to them once they’ve gotten married. That’s why their actions are selfish.

    • Harriet28

      First off.. her contacting the wife regardless shows malice. She should have ended her relationship and called it a day. They are two married people that should be left to deal with their relationship. No one would tell a stranger “Thank you!” for telling them such a thing. There is too much emotional baggage there.. If she wanted to right a wrong, she should’ve dealt with the guy and did an about face. His wife would’ve been better off than to get such a shock and would have found out about her husband on her own. This is why she is being held accountable for her actions in all this.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Hmm, but what about the possibility of the wife never finding out in the long run? If B is going to deal with A and then cut all ties after, she’s not going to keep tabs on C and sees whether she finds out about A’s actions in the future….

        I mean, if B just, say, slaps the crap out of A, verbally chews him out, and then walks away, that still leaves C vulnerable to being lied to and exploited by A.

  • canadianbacon

    Nothing to see here folks just another case of individuals living in a sexually repressed society slowly finding itself lifting the veils but of course it’s still a progress. Still a question of Western values infiltrating Korean traditional values, there will never be a rest. If you are a Korean and want to live it up, you should not stay in that tiny little country, there are bigger and better places that do oppress the individual.

  • bigmamat

    More Korean high crimes, funny but this stupid sex stuff gets Koreans all riled up but chaebol leaders stealing hundreds of millions of dollars goes practically unnoticed.

  • Dave Park

    Suicide was definitely an extreme, dramatic thing to do for the woman. How unfortunate.

    But seriously, I think that adultery should be decriminalized. The court should not be in my personal/sex life.

    • canadianbacon

      no it shouldn’t that’s not the korean way

    • Jang

      It is not a crime, it has been “decriminalized.”

      On the other hand,
      I didn’t know a “student” = an employee(governmental or not).
      “However, they only made a legal marriage rather than an entire wedding ceremony.”

      So what if the guy saved a little money.
      The netizens are attacking the woman(student) unfairly and the married woman who offed herself. One less ditz on this earth.
      “Tutoring” is illegal just like private lessons for NSET’s(Even Koreans must have permission by the Ministry of Education). However, countless Korean students have done it and continue to do it everyday.

      • Hillsman

        You’re incorrect. Koreans only need a license (not permission) from the MoE to teach minors. They need no special permission or license to tutor adults. If the income exceeds a certain amount they should have a tax number as a regular business and report the income.

  • commander

    Although the article describes lawyers as one of the prestigious professions in South Korea, the aura of the job has significantly faded as the number of lawyers has increased by 1,500 to about 2,500 from 1,000 with the introduction of a law school system.

    Previously, there is the only way to become a lawyer in the nation: passing a nortoriously difficult bar exam.

    But in a bid to meet growing demands for legal services and produce lawyers with expertise in, for example, patents, medicine etc., a law school system is set up, equivalent to a graduate school level, phasing out the existing bar exam system until 2017.

    The new system introduction means aspiring lawyers have to graduate from a four year university before applying for a lawy school. Before the change, anyone just has to pass the bar exam to become lawyers without their academic credientials.

    Anyway the point is the growing number of lawyers raises the prospect of many lawyers finding little work, making much smaller money and becoming ambulance chasers.

    Although the top tier of lawyers still enjoys a six figure salary here but the presitge attached to the legal profession are undergoing a dramatic downturn.

    As a result, the punished lawyers, expelled and suspended, may find it hard to find gainful employment not to mention a coveted hiring.

  • hi KB. I am thinking of going to Japan or Korea to conduct my master study for cross-cultural research. Does anyone here know if Korean student in University speak English adequately? because I contacted lecturers in Japan and I was told that Japanese students english is not good and that I had to conduct it in Japanese. Is it the same for Korean? Anyone in Korean university can tell me? I dont mind learning the language and do the translating but i just want to know the English level for my preparation before I go there. Thanks KB.

    • commander

      English proficiency of Korean college students varies depending on which university you take for a master degree.

      In the case of three most prestigious universities in South Korea, knowned as the acronym SKY, students at the graduate school level can communicate themselves with you smoothly in daily lives, though some of them find it hard to make an argument in a debate on a major related topic.

      I guesd Japan has a similar situation where top-tier univerisities students will understand what you say but hardly speaking fluently of specific major fields.

      • ok thanks for the information.

  • commander

    Many in the legal professions agree on the need to scrap adulatery ban law, citing the prohibition’s unconstotitionality.

    And they predict that constitutional court judges will find the criminalization of the controversial law against the constitutional if another petition against it is turned in.

    Actually, it doesn’t make sense to criminally charge adulterer and his or her lover as adultery doesnt infringe on social good.

    Thus, the emerging consensus in the legal circle is that a hefty alimony needs to be given to the cheated spouse in a divorce ruling in return for decriminalizing adultery–a practice that is done in the United States.

    Falling in love with a person other than his or her spouse is morally wrong, but it is hard to bring around a spouse who is no longer in love with a husband or wife.

    Some misguided feminists assert that a repeal of the ban would produce more cheated wives thus opposing the abolishment.

    But what is the good of keeping a spouse who already lost romantic steam with a spouse?

    The improved quality of life in the wake of rapid economic growth prompted people in South Korea to prize their own happiness from having their personal love life, setting the stage for the adultery outlawing to be decriminalized.

  • Ann

    Both A and B are immoral.

    Both are liars and extremely selfish.

    Their affair hurt and shamed a wife so much that it drove her to suicide.

    I sure don’t want those two to be judges.
    They betray trust and commitment.
    A and B sure are having hard time right now but the innocent victim here is C – the wife and her family.

  • KCdude

    I may be a Conservative. This is still in me. But South Korea needs to legalize pornography ASAP. We have too many sexually frustrated people here of both genders and ages in this tiny Asian country.

    • mike b

      Or they can just download torrents.

  • kick the crutch

    Female student who tells adultery to the wife is far worst human-being than male student who wants to finish relationship with the female student. But in Korea, the male student is banned forever in school rather than the female student is banned 3 months in school. (Some says she is the daughter of Daicoon.) I think the malicious act of female student directly cause the suicide of the wife; however, Korean Kimchi-girls always says, “Man is the only evil of rape, adultery and war.” Is their any solution for sex-conflict in South Korea? If you are Korean girl, please, read the English words carefully before insult me.

  • kick the crutch

    Female student who maliciously tells the adultery to the wife and cause suicide is far worse than male student who is the husband.

  • Rinetto Shii

    both A and B are gutter trash

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