Ladygate: Pregnant ‘Adultery Girl’ Disgusts Netizens

In what has now become a nearly weekly ritual, another ‘-녀’ (‘-nyoh’, or ‘girl’) has surfaced on Korean cyberspace. While some may wonder why this latest addition to our series deserves the ‘Ladygate’ award, one need not look far to find she was one of the most talked about topics in town on web portal site Nate over the weekend.

Many see this new witch-hunt trend of singling out a ‘nyoh’ and trying to expose their identity online down to the rise of gender inequality and woman empowerment in Korean society, that women can be just as outspoken or outrageous in actions as their male-counterparts. In the latest incident, ‘Brainless Adultery Girl’ is busted online (the following site demonstrates how meticulous these hunts get into naming and shaming the so-called ‘villain’ at hand) for cheating on her former boyfriend and marrying an older man that impregnated her. Furious netizens condemned our protagonist and touched upon unspoken issues such as (the illegal practice of) abortion in Korea and hymen reconstruction surgery.

From Nate:

‘Shock’ as Pregnant ‘Brainless Adultery Girl’ Goes See Ex-boyfriend

Married and pregnant ‘Brainless Adultery Girl’ who went to find her past lover in a rented room has enraged netizens.

Her former boyfriend took screenshots of a KakaoTalk conversation available on an online community of the incident that happened last January. [screenshots available here]

The man said that “I was dating my office-worker girlfriend for 4 years since the age of 20. While I enlisted in the army, my then girlfriend had an affair with a guy in his 30’s and married him”. He added that “I roughly heard about the story (from her), being that the guy who would become her husband had not once had a girlfriend in his 30 years and that even though he was good-natured character, he spent a few hundred thousand won on her.”

The man also confessed that “though my ex-girlfriend was [now] married and pregnant, she still came over to my house for Chuseok [Korean thanksgiving] and we had sex together.” He said that “though her belly was protruding, she still planned on seeing me the following week in a rented room” while boldly stating that “it’s pretty amazing to have sex with a pregnant woman.” One netizen sharply criticized his actions on the relevant online forum by saying that “I too am a man, but this is just not good.”

Married and Pregnant, 'Brainless Adultery Girl' went to a rented-room to have sex with her ex-boyfriend

Possible reconstruction of the rented-room scene

After a period of stagnation, on the 11th of this month the man once again uploaded the 30 KakaoTalk screen captures of his conversation with ‘Adultery Girl’. The KakaoTalk conversation between the girl and ex-boyfriend included “it’s difficult forgetting the memories of us together”, “were I not pregnant, things would be better between the two of us”, not making it obvious that she was a married woman.

KakaoTalk message from 'Adultery Girl'

Screenshot reads: Girlfriend ‘Had I not become preggers, things between the two of us would have been better.’ Boyfriend ‘I don’t wanna let you go.’ Gf ‘had we met on a day like today, what would we have done?’ Bf ‘Kiss.’ Gf ‘Snuggle in my bosom, kiss, and chat while holding hands.’

Netizens were gobsmacked at this bizarre incident. They wrote comments such as “I feel sorry for those two, I mean 4 souls”, “I feel sorry for the husband”, and “I am fearful of marriage.”

Meanwhile, netizens found the personal mini-homepage of ‘Adultery Girl’, confirming she is a housewife born in 1986, and published accusation comments in her ‘guestbook’. The netizen witch-hunt continued, obviously resulting in ‘Adultery Girl’ first deleting all her posts, and then shutting down her mini homepage altogether.

Comments from Nate:


Let me guess what Nate (netizen) girls will write: ‘Yes a wife having an affair is not good, but it shows that the husband who neglected his wife is also at fault’


I only feel sorry for the husband. He had not once been in love, and he met that scumbag girl and married her.. he should quickly divorce


I’m a woman, but this is just really filthy………….


She did not marry the man because she loves him in the first place. She kept her fuckbuddy as an insurance, and she married a man who can spend several hundred thousand won when they go on a date. It’s like the woman did not change her mind because her husband did something wrong, but she did not end the relationship with her ex in the first place and got married to the rich man just because of his money, not because she loved her. That’s why she kept both relationships. It seems impossible to consider extenuating circumstances for the man and the woman who cheated. First of all, the man and the woman in question should provide large amount of compensation and child rearing expenses for 20 years. The husband should never forgive them nor settle [were there a case] I think it is enough if you lived your life as a fool for 30 years. Now please enjoy your life doing whatever you want to do.


These kimchi girls are the best at hiding their past. Kimchi girls who went to America will come back here soon.


# The danger of Korean Girls#
1. World number 1 for abortions
2. Among OECD countries, the only one where girls go abroad to prostitute
3. The only country in the world where you can have hymen reconstruction surgery
4. They never split the bill when they have money to buy a 5000 won coffee for themselves.
5. World number 1 for plastic surgery, number 1 for consumption of cosmetics


Hoel… until now I thought ‘Love and War‘ [drama name] was all fiction.


President Kim Dae-jung: This girl does not have the capability to conduct adultery. If she does, I will assume full responsibility. [Alluding to Kim Dae-jung’s words that ‘North Korea does not have the capability to produce nuclear weapons. If they do, I accept full responsibility’]


There are really many bitches in Korea who get married and then have a child from another guy. If you marry a Korean girl, it’s a necessity to [do and] check the paternity test


Adultery is illegal but it’s impossible to check..ffs


I’m also a woman, but regardless of whether one is pretty or not, women who hide their pasts are scary. Although I know some of them…..


I feel sorry for the husband.


My dad works on the first floor of a pharmacy in a gynecology clinic. I sometimes go to help him, and girls who on the outside look completely innocent and clean come in to collect abortion prescription medicine. Among them, over 80% of them are university students in their early twenties……. Seriously Korea is the number one country in the world where girls pop their cherry and have the most disorderly sex life. I hope that when Korean men get married, they marry someone after doing a medical examination on whether or not they are still virgin.


Hey X Mi-x born in 1986, are you looking? Please know that you are embarrassing ke ke ke


Her name is Oh Mi-sin, born in 1986


If you look at the other screenshots, the ex-boyfriend guesses she is pregnant ke ke ke ke ke really what a disgrace ke ke I feel sorry for the married man. He almost raised someone else’s child keke


Go to Gangnam Station [affluent part of Seoul] or Apgujeong [plastic surgery central]. You see all the female college students and female workers in their early twenties, carrying luxury handbags looking like celebrities. Where do you think they got all the money to afford those things? You can barely see pretty girls who are working for convenient stores or restaurants. Most of those pretty girls are prostitutes. Therefore!!! You Korean men…Be careful when you marry!


I’m also a woman but there are really so many crazy bitches..


When men get married and have a baby, they should really have a paternity test~


This is literally a pregnancy attack [play on words with personal attack/humiliation]

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