Conservative Korean Netizen Reaction to Rise in US Army Crime


A recent spat of high-profile crimes by the American servicemen/women in Seoul came just as the military tension across the Korean peninsula sharply intensified. With the limited scope of juridical action on the part of South Korean authority as defined by the U.S.–South Korea Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), the issue of the crimes committed by the US servicemen/women has always proven a sensitive subject for both South Korea and the US. However, with the recent conservative turn on the Korean cyberspace, the online reaction proved more moderate and constrained.

From Yonhap News:

‘Full cooperation with the ROK law enforcement’, Restriction imposed on alcohol consumption and overnight until further notice

The US 8th Army announced that ‘[P]ending the outcome of a Korean Police investigation and actions by the Ministry of Justice, any Soldier convicted of a crime will be considered for additional command action, to include separation from the United States Army’, emphasizing that the ‘Eighth Army absolutely does not condone and will not tolerate misconduct.’ The statement make clear that the USKF is doing everything it can to ‘fully cooperate with local law enforcement officials.’

The 8th Army explained that in order to prevent any further incident the punitive measures including ‘suspension of alcohol consumption, termination of all three and four day weekend passes’ and further looking into ‘immediate accountability of all personnel, execution of personal conduct training, review and identification of service members who do not meet Army conduct standards, and leadership seminars that will focus on Army Values, Soldier responsibilities and cultural awareness and respect.’

The statement concluded that ‘The ROK-U.S. Alliance is the strongest in the world and the actions of a few will not undo over 60-years of collaboration and mutual respect.’

The full statement from the 8th Army could be accessed here or through Marmot’s Hole.

Comments from Ilbe:


But then if they impose teetotal policy across the entire USKF,,, the merchants in Itaewon [foreigner, mainly American district of Seoul] would suffer a lot, ke ke ke ke


Not that I buy white supremacism or something, but I want to be born as a white American if I am reincarnated. Then I want to be a 100% white American officer who would go on to make it all the way to the rank of general.


I heard it was easy to join…. but now it’s not so easy… Once you are enlisted, (after the boot-camp) citizenship will be given and oath taken… followed by the military oath. Why, because of the law that limits the military service to the citizens…. I remember there were Naver information sites for entering the US military… Many of them are just seeking to obtain the citizenship but there are also many reservists who genuinely look up to the American military…. I heard the age restriction was relaxed but now tightened.. I will post the URL soon….


I heard if you are one of the black people or illegal aliens who haven’t been educated well, the only way you could make something of yourself is to join the military. Those fellas are ignorant but the military and welfare system are well-structured so their military works efficiently.


It’s cool. Actually US soldiers got all muscle no brain, so it’s good for the US if they dump useless ones, too. Unlike the Air-Force pilots who cost millions, those troublemakers are just regular trash.


When I was in the US military, there was a guy with attempted murder under his belt. So many ex-cons in the US military.


I want to join the Cheon-jo [US] country’s military rather than fucking Korean military. I have been thinking about this for a while. [a line from the suicide note of ex-Pres. Roh Moo-hyun.]


Dishonorable discharge is fatal only for officers. Those southern white-trash on four-year tour of duty would be laughing it off.


If dishonorably discharged, finding any job will be a challenge, so he is fucked. Destined to deliver pizza for the rest of his life with Peter Parker.


Can I enlist in the US military even if I don’t speak the language? I want to become a US soldier and get the citizenship, but all I know is ‘Gibu me chocoret’ and ‘What the fuck’, but can I still communicate with black people?


Living in the US, I noticed soldiers here are freaking nice. But for some strange reason, many of them in Korea are totally fucked-up ones. Aren’t there anyone else from the States? They would understand what I’m saying.


Hey, Korea must be strong for real now. It would have been just brushed under the carpet quietly in the past but now such cases are firmly dealt with. Our Dear MB’s awesome work on raising our national strength, duh duh.


Dishonorable discharge?.. What?.. It’s bad right? I hope they’d show some impact here… Even if they are American soldiers, their asses should be whooped seriously….


Getting dishonorably discharged for playing with a BB gun seems too harsh, no? If he were Korean, it would have been a slap on the wrist.

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