koreaBANG’s Guide to the 7 Best “Midnight Snacks”

“Midnight Snack” is a segment of the tremendously popular Korean talk show, “Happy Together”. While the segment debuted last year, it has steadily increased in popularity, drawing 8% of all TV viewers during its Chuseok special broadcast. The Chuseok special broadcast the top seven recipes from the past 278 episodes, showcasing the kind of convenience store gourmet that has made the show a hit.

During Midnight Snack, (also translated as Midnight Cafeteria), celebrities present dishes that they have created to two judges, Yoo Jae-suk, the most popular television host in Korea, and comedian Pak Myeong-su. Most dishes can be prepared in under 10 minutes with packaged foods available at any corner convenience store and cost less than ₩5000.

To help any readers interested in replicating some Midnight Snacks, koreaBANG has produced a graphic that identifies the ingredients in the top seven recipes. Let us know in the comments if you make Lee Hyori’s chocolatey “Bad Girl Pizza”, Ji Sung’s deceptively simple “Mandu Mixed Rice”, or any other of the most popular dishes.

happy together-midnight cafeteria-korea3

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  • went out and bought bunch of korean food after seeing this!

  • commander

    Although handily cooked snacks at mid-night are the trade off for obesity, blurred waistlines, celebrity-suggested recipes are helpful for those who feel a little bit hungry at nighttime.

  • k.ftw

    all these looks yummy but are dangerous for my diet T_T

    • chinese

      i like those lotte choco pies and the onion rings snack ar good as well however not made of real onions though.

      • k.ftw

        It’s not in my culture/education to eat snacks XD
        I see many comments about snack brands that I’ve never ate or sometimes don’t even know. XD

    • Cokejuseyo


  • chucky3176

    I never, ever, eat after 7 o’clock.

    • Jay

      why not, the whole “eating after 8 is bad” has been proven to be a myth.

    • Cokejuseyo

      holy shittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

      how ?? dont u get hungry or cravings ? how the hell do u not eat after 7

  • Mighty曹

    For some Chinese a midnight snack usually means a ‘prostitute’.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      If you are a dude on a business trip by yourself or with other male colleagues in China and you don’t go to one of them spas or bathhouses… you are just indirectly admitting that you are gay.

      • Mighty曹

        Correction: Business trips in ANY country.
        Note: I never said I was against ‘midnight snack’. Just sayin’.

        • Rinetto Shii

          And if you participate while married, then you are a pig in any country

          • Mighty曹

            Some housewives accept it as an important part of the big picture in the world of business dealings and turn a blind eye. Don’t marry a businessman.

          • Rinetto Shii

            That’s so sad to hear :( I feel sorry for those wives, knowing their husband is cheating and spending money on other women. They deserve to find other men while their husbands are out cheating lol

          • Mighty曹

            It IS sad. For some it’s a compromise because they are fully aware that their lives are still better off under this condition than the ones they had before they married these men. So they ‘put up’ with it. Don’t be surprise, some housewives have young boyfriends while their cheating husbands are overseas. hahahaha…

          • Rinetto Shii

            hahaha good for them, then xD
            I think it would suck the most for the kids though, not only do they not get to see their dad often but to know he’s cheating (or both parents are cheating), it’ll probably turn him/her into a cheater later on :/

          • Mighty曹

            The kids will definitely be affected as they can’t fully understand what’s going on and will grow up angry.

            Don’t marry some rich businessman. :p

  • B.

    Damn, the 5th recipe looks delicious. Ramen with kimchi and butter looks ok too.

    The 4th is a bit disgusting though.

  • linette lee

    tortilla, Cheese and chocolate?????

    cheese and instant noodle????

    Are these people from Mars or Jupiter?

    Instant noodle with spam or ham and egg is good enough. No cheese.

    French toast is easy to make too. Take two slices of bread and just soak them in eggs. Place in pan coated with butter. Eat it with condense milk.

    plain rice noodle mixed with sweet sauce and sesame, you can buy them in supermarket and just steam them. Add hot sauce. So yummy.

    Of course I love dried squid. So bad for you but so yummy. I know you
    non Asian folks are too scared to eat this. I dare you to try. hahahah..lol. Also try the salted dried plum. The salt will kill. lol.


    • catmando1980

      Spam and eggs-that looks soooo good!

  • Coco

    Ramen with kim chee and butter sounds tasty

  • Good post! I’m going to try 1st, 2nd and 5th recipes! Looking forward to try them.

    • lee_hyung_ju

      I hope they turn out well, feel free to send us a link if you make a post about any of the recipes. -koreaBANG

  • jg29a

    So tortillas are available at any Korean corner convenience store?

  • bang2tang

    now they also use famous recipe from internet.

  • I’ll have some of that bad girl, to go please.

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