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    I love korean food!

    • Jang

      I don’t mind some of it, just not the same things 3 times a day. BTW, nice food display(the wiggle, wiggle, shakes) but I didn’t build up an appetite – most not very tasty looking.

      Ask a Korean what their hobby is and you’ll often hear “sleeping.” Ask a Korean what he/she did during vacation abroad and you’ll sometimes hear “I ate ______ food.”

      “Most are expected to attend the much dreaded yaja [야자] or nightly, mandatory-to-attend self-regulated study sessions…,”

      Remarkable…”expected” but “mandatory” and “self-regulated.” I guess that prepares them for 3 different bosses telling them a similar thing but in 3 different ways.

  • chucky3176

    Except for the sweet potatoes and bibimbap (without the white rice), all of the food shown in the pictures are junk food that you should stay away from, if you don’t want to get fat.

    I’ve been staying away from those foods for a year now, and have worked towards having only 12% body fat percentage now, down from 26% couple of years ago. And I feel much much more healthier, with less craving for food. Korean food is full of carbs and salt. You need to be careful or you can gain belly weight fairly quickly.

  • Brett Sanbon

    곱창, 닭발, 족발 are all awesome, but I don’t like eating these foods unless there is a bottle of 막걸리 in front of me.

    Personally, sweet potatoes and 아저씨 kimchi are my favorite nighttime snack.

  • h3ll

    Hahaha! they didn´t even bothered in numbered that cake´s calories^^

    • h3ll

      I love sweet potato with maple syrup,yummy!

  • glenn

    I love korean food except the dish wherein you get to have alive octopus ( small ones)…

    • Brett Sanbon

      Do you mean fresh raw octopus/squid that is still moving when it comes to the table? Put a little sesame oil on it with salt. You’ll think you’ve died and arrived in Korean heaven.

      • Nyancat

        i personally love me some bulgogi :D although I don’t think that counts as a late night snack or does it? ^^

  • Stories of butts

    I would not go near those sweet potatoes with a 20 foot fork.

    • Nyancat

      From your name I would assume you have issues with gas? hahaha

  • Paul M

    Damnit I’m hungry now.

  • SuJunk

    2 AM, and this article just about 야식 is already getting on me. Damn nasty heavenly food these are. Help me!!!

    • acorn

      then it has served its purpose :D

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