koreaBANG is looking for new translators!

Think you know South Korea?
Can you tell 일베 from 다음?
Do you often think about how to translate words like 촌스럽다, 답답하다, or 멘붕?
Are you tired of your friends being clueless about all things Seoul?

koreaBANG is the cure for the common blog, researched, objective perspective on the most important issues in Korea. For two years, we have covered the murder trials, the sex scandals, and the memes that are required knowledge in the most wired nation on Earth. Throughout it all, we have depended on a small staff of volunteers who give their time because they believe in what we are doing and enjoy sharing Korea with the rest of the world.

We have heard the demand for more frequent updates and are now looking to add a few more people to our team. If you are comfortable translating from Korean to English and curious about all things North and South Korea, then please email our editor at [email protected].

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If you can't answer these questions, there is only one solution: read more koreaBANG.

If you can’t answer these questions, there is only one solution: read more koreaBANG.

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  • I had typed out the answers and was ready to hit submit, but then I noticed there was an answer key included in upside-down text.

    So much for showing off.

    • pingu777

      Are you a scottish canadian living in Korea? I just inferred it form your avatar.

      • A Canadian from Nova Scotia, living in Korea!

        • pingu777

          Oh I see. My mistake, I thought it was the Scottish flag.

        • David

          Nova Scotia rocks!

  • I know the answers, but I’m definitely NOT bilingual. Working on it!!

  • Boblet

    Is this a paid position?

    • commander

      The website runs on the devotion of volunteer translators, which are presumably proud of boosting the global awareness of Korean state of affairs.

  • Sung Jang

    woo~ i am in!

  • I can fill the gaps even though I cannot translate properly hahaha
    I hope you get somebody new. I love this blog!

  • commander

    The answers, too easy for South Koreans, are 김정은(Kim Jong-un), 우리땅 (the South Korean territory) and 소맥 (a mix of soju, a local liquor, and beer).

    As a South Korean with a vast interest in English, I want to take part, but the required level of Korean to English translation–“comfortable” in using English– for posts at koreaBang makes me hesitant to apply as I am still learning English and I dont consider myself to be comfortable with English.

    Is there any tryout in singling out applicants into the staff to verify the translation ability?

    Well, I hope that many competent applicants will join the staff of volunteer translators, enriching the website, attracting more visitors, and improving the world’s understanding of ins and outs of a nation with an economically and culturally growing presence in the world.

    • harvz

      I think that your written English is good enough. You should try man.

      • commander

        I am flattered, and I gonna give it a shot, boosted by you guys’ encouraging words.

        • linette lee

          I think your English is very good. You are intelligent. Go for it.

          • commander

            Thank you. I am also studying Chinese and its most challenging part is up and down intonation.

          • linette lee

            The tone? Don’t focus too much on it. When you speak the whole sentence people will understand you. The tone is just something you need to get used to hearing and then eventually you will recognize.

            I have so much trouble with conjugation in Spanish verbs. I am studying Spanish on my own with an exercise book and I’m getting nowhere. I get lazy and don’t read as much as I should. My Spanish friends is not helping neither. Always end up speaking English to me instead of Spanish. I think I need to attend an University in order to get serious with it.

          • commander

            That’s useful tips. I have been learning Chinese largely by reading Chinese articles. I have a HSK five level certificate, which I got with quite low scores in listening and fairly high mark in reading and writing.

            I need to put my focus on listening anyway and I keep in mind your tips.

            And wish you a good luck to you for studying Spanish and some day your hard work will pay off.

          • linette lee

            Wow, then you are good with Chinese then. I don’t know, Maybe watch some more Chinese news on CCTV. Listen to them talk.

            Korean is very hard to learn too. All those Asian languages are hard to learn I think.

            Thank you. I can understand a bit when watching Spanish TV.
            I know if I move to a spanish country and stop using Chinese and English, I will be able to speak Spanish well. I understand them a bit in conversations. I just need to get away from Chinese and English. Spanish is still easier than Asian language.

          • David

            lol I share your pain Linette. When I studied Thai, I told my wife she had to speak more Thai to me and less English, but she almost never did. The Result? I got the only B in my university career and my Thai is still not very good. Vaya con Dios, mi amiga.

          • linette lee

            hahah…I know right. My friend get impatient and figure just communicating in English. It’s easier to do so in English so just don’t bother using Spanish. Takes too long to communicate.

        • Mighty曹

          “I gonna give…” is just poor English. But… give it a shot. You got my vote!

          • commander

            Thank you for your kind words.

    • JoeChicago

      Your written English is more than enough. You should def apply.

    • I think you would be great, whenever I have asked a question about Korea you have given me very clear and informative answers without the usual, google it .You always have great clear information to pass on about Korea .So mods, as a long time poster, I would support commander 100%.:D

      • commander

        Thank you. It is kind of you to say so.

        I am well positioned to make information on Korea more accessible to those who want to know more about Korea as I am a South Korean.

        It’s my pleasure to let foreigners know better about Korea.

        Thanks for your compliment.

  • Krystal Hampton

    1. 김정은 2. 한국의 3.소 맥.You know, I didn’t use the answer sheet upside down. I’m an English Teacher. This was pretty easy. Am I bilingual?? Oh no! I can, however, work several translation generators, translate basic things out, and/ or help people. I also know of some Koreans down in Gwangju who could help. I think the commander should take the job.

  • Mighty曹

    I’m sure there are many ‘qualified’ candidates here.

    • linette lee

      hey mighty bro, how have you been? How come I don’t see you at CS anymore. You were fighting with someone there? I hope you are fine. :)

      • Mighty曹

        Hey Sis! Well, I’ve been banned from posting there. (Without even a warning). The most current on a list of sites to ban me. Hahahaha… How are you doing?

        • linette lee

          Are you joking? That’s terrible. Many bloggers post crazy remarks too. Were you fighting with Kai?

    • mr.wiener

      You have been missed.

      • Mighty曹

        You sure fooled me, Mr.Weiner. How ya been?!

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