KoreaBANG is 2 Years Old!


Today is our second birthday, and this is our 436th post!

In the past year, we have published 136 articles of raw, unreported, Korean news, always available for free.

1.3 million people visited us to see what this perverted Korean teacher did in the hallway, how honeypot gangs can rob you blind, why South Korea still lags behind in gender equality, and yes, how much weirder plastic surgery can get.

There are oceans of news in Korea that never make it out of the country, and it is our mission to change that. That’s why we have named February 28th, koreaBANG’s birthday, “Kiss a Translator Day”*. Because without the men and women around the world who have a passion for wading through Ilbe forums and the darkest reaches of Naver news, we wouldn’t have a site and you wouldn’t have a BANG.

In no particular order, I present our amazing team and some of their top stories:

Disbelief as Korea is Ranked 108th in Gender Equality
Viral Cartoon Asks Korea: “Are We Allowed to be Happy?”
Commander Kim
President Park Criticized for Wearing Japanese Shoe Brand
Swedish Politicians Debate Adopting Korean Education System
Anna Joy
Female Soldier Commits Suicide after Constant Sexual Harassment
Infographic: How South Korean Intelligence Interfered in Election
Brian Van Hise
Mothers Get Plastic Surgery to Look More Like Their Daughters
TOEIC Test Cheaters Busted for Using Concealed Cameras
Minjun Chen
Students Angered by 500 Free Bananas Apology
Conservatives Destroy Popular “How Are You Doing?” Posters
Simon Kim
2013 Seoul Crime Rates: Rape in Gwanak, Drugs in Gangnam
Wild Goose Fathers Increasing, 70% Depressed, Malnourished
North Tells Foreigners to Leave South Korea, Netizens React
Schoolgirl Supports Family by Collecting Waste, Netizens Moved
Sunna Park
Celebrity Soldiers Spotted Leaving Massage Parlor
Voice Phishing Scams Learn to Use a Seoul Accent
Eugene Yu
Report: Korean Smokers Would Pay 360% More Before Quitting
New Fashion Trend Among Korean Teens, Million Won Headphones


*please do not actually track us down and kiss us, we like you, but keep it on the internet

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