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Ever wanted to know when to celebrate North Korean Machine Worker’s Day? How about the most important holiday in North Korea, Day of the Sun? Veteran North Korea watchers and Korean journalists know that the best way to predict what will happen in North Korea is to look at their calendar. What’s that you ask, without a (possibly permanent) trip to Pyongyang, how can we purchase such a valuable tool? KoreaBANG has partnered with NK News to provide a low-cost option for our Korea-curious readers. Just use the code “koreabang1213” to take $5 off, for a final price of $19.99. As part of our long tradition here at koreaBANG of not making a profit, we won’t make any money off sales, but you will get a great present in time for the most anti-communist of all holidays, Christmas!!!

Historic events in North Korea that coincided with holidays:

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  • lonetrey / Dan


  • Brett

    Is this for real?

  • David

    Did April fools come early this year? While it might be interesting as a novelty item, I would not pay $20 for a Calendar in English with cute puppy dogs on it. Sorry. However, it is an interesting way to raise money to help keep the site going, for that I salute you.

    • Guest23

      Wouldn’t want to miss any days that celebrate Fearless leader and Dear leader don’t we? might show this to some of my Korean acquaintances though, should be either a laugh or some outrage.

  • Let me know when the Ailee calendar comes out…

  • Chad Nknews

    Note: This calendar does not glorify DPRK leaders in anyway. It’s propaganda free! And none of the revenues goto NK. They help fund our news website, which focuses exclusively on DPRK!

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