Four More North Korean Defectors Return To North Korea

North Korean defectors give a press conference back in Pyongyang.

From Yonhap News:

Four North Korean Defectors Return To North Korea…Hold Press Conference In Pyongyang

Another case of a North Korean couple that escaped North Korea for South Korea and had returned to North Korea has occurred.

North Korea’s state-run media, KCNA, held a press conference for the couple and their daughter on the 24th, as well as four other female defectors who had defected to South Korea and then returned to North Korea.

KCNA spoke, “Kim Kwang-ho, Ko Kyung-hee and others were lured and dragged to South Korea by the puppet government, but have returned to our republic and are giving a press conference on the 24th at the People’s Culture Palace. Despite the [South Korean] puppet government’s vile slander, and the South Koreans’ continuous attempts to try and part our citizens from us, they continue to bid farewell to South Korean society and return to us.”

At the press conference, Kim Kwang-ho said, “In August 2009 my wife and I went to South Korea but decided together at the end of last year that we wanted to return [to North Korea],” introducing both his wife and his 10-month old daughter. Ko Kyung-hee said, “In June 2011 I was forcibly dragged to South Korea and were finally able to return to North Korea at the end of last year.”

The conference also highlighted former defector Park Jeong-sook, who had reentered North Korea last June; couple Kim Kwang-hyeok and Ko Jeong-nam, who reentered last November; and thus 8 people in total who had defected but returned to North Korea.

The Kim Kwang-ho and Kim Ok-shil couple claimed, “South Korea was a very dirty world. We had a silly idea that if we work hard we can become rich, but their world felt so Machiavellian and sinister, so full of malice and deception…we just could not live in that kind of world any more.”

The couple said, since they were worried about their child’s life, they decided to go back to North Korea after hearing about the press conference for Park Jeong-sook.

Ko Kyung-hee said, “I left for South Korea because I was totally deceived. The grim reality of South Korean society is something you could hardly imagine; I spent nearly all of it anxious and in tears. I could not find a job anywhere in the South because of my status as a defector.”

Ko continued, “I longed for my children [that I left behind in the North], and yearned for the embrace of my homeland. I lied to the South Korean authority that I would bring my kids back and entered North Korea via China.”

Comments from Nate:


They came and went back to spy on us! They are killing two birds with one stone – conducting espionage on South Korea while slandering her at the same time. Stop letting these spy noms in!


And of course, they received settlement funds from our government! Such parasites.


While our world may be Machiavellian, dirty, and full of fraud, it is still better than yours. Spy noms


These defectors are spies, who conducted spy activities in our country and then returned to North…future defectors should not receive subsidies from the government…there was a defector spy in Seoul even working in government service.


It is highly likely that they were spies posing as defectors. After all, they cannot return to Pyongyang empty handed.


Did they take Lee Jung-hee with them…


When they defect, they supposedly have to risk their life, but when they return, they can just lie and waltz back to North Korea on a plane ~ North Korean citizens must be curious, too. Does it make sense that it’s so hard to come to South but so easy to go back to North? Ke ke


They were “forcibly dragged” to South Korea…shitting me? Crazy, ke ke ke.


Defectors are really suspicious…They criticize the North Korean regime so hard in South, and poof, they can vanish like this.


Can Lee Jung-hee go with them…


I wish we could let Wu Yuanchun loose in North Korea.


Let’s deport all defectors.  Can we live in peace when there are spies among them? Fuck. Spies posing as public servants who have defected, ssibal. We cannot trust these defector saekki. We just share the same ethnicity with them but they are foreigners. Didn’t the U.S. and U.K. come from the same people as well? Let’s not treat North Koreans as our citizens. Our homeland security is crumbling.


Why were they even let in??


Can they please take Lee Jung-hee with them?


For those who returned to North Korea because they have children there, they are probably given the choice to do a press conference or go to a prison camp.


There is no need to reunify with these commies. Why are my taxes going to feed these people? Isn’t that right, Lim Su-kyung of the DUP?


We shouldn’t allow any more defectors in because honestly, it’s too hard to weed out the spies from the real defectors.


You were free to go back…now you guys have no freedom at all.


Hey, jongpuk, did you hear that? Ke ke Go ahead and cross on over to the North…it must be heaven there for you guys!


How much do you want to bet that commie bitch Lee Jung-hee arranged this??

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