Neil Armstrong Dies, Moon Landing Conspiracy Resurfaces

Neil Armstrong

From Yonhap News:

The first man on the moon passes away

The first person on the moon, Neil Armstrong has passed away. The news was reported on the 25th (local time) by various newspapers and television networks including NBC and Associated Press. He was 82.

He had a heart operation to treat the narrowing of his coronary arteries, but as his family explains, he died due to complications after the surgery. It is unknown when and where he breathed his last breathe.

His family said during an announcement, ‘Armstrong was an American hero,’ and ‘he served his mother nation with pride as a pilot as well as an astronaut.’

The late Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio; he studied aeronautical engineering at Purdue University. He enlisted in the Navy and served as a fighter jet pilot during the Korean War; after the war, he became an astronaut at NASA.

He was selected as the second group of NASA astronauts in 1962 and Command Pilot of Gemini 8 in 1966; finally, on the 20th of July in 1969, he became a hero when he landed on the surface of the moon, the so-called ‘sea of silence’

In particular, his famous remark to an audience of 528 million TV viewers around the world when landing and making his first step on the moon is history: ‘That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.’

The legendary astronaut criticised the government for the cancellation of the space shuttle programme during a congressional hearing in last September; that the programme became ‘embarrassing.’

Comments from Daum:


He went six-feet under without telling the truth: no man landed on the moon.


He didn’t say anything after all. Most scholars agree that America has had no one on the moon. There hasn’t been any subsequent successful landing since the first; no one has been successful after that, including the US. The footsteps and video clip seems definitely fabricated.. I think it was America’s political manoeuvre, trying to outsmart Russia during the Cold War. Finally, I’d like to send my condolences to his family.

풍요로운 인생:

Whether it is true or not, he is the man who made me dream of going to the moon. And he’s also a Korean War veteran.. Rest in peace, Mr Armstrong.


The Moon landing isn’t the only fabricated story. There are a variety of scams such as 9.11, the Oklahoma City bombing etc. Believing what newspapers say is plain stupid. Anyway, I wish him rest in peace.


I’d like to show my condolences to his family. NASA, CIA they all know the moon landing was a fraud. The video was filmed in Universal Studios. Stupid, naïve Koreans.. Think about if it’s possible: mother ship and daughter ship are separated; daughter ship lands on the moon whilst docking on the mother ship that is circling in the stationary orbit of the moon; after the successful docking, it penetrates the earth’s atmosphere; it lands in the Pacific Ocean with nothing left but a space capsule. Humans can’t yet go to the moon and come back safely. This is BS. Choseon bastards (Koreans) are indeed ass-lickers of Western bastards. Koreans are America’s loyal parrots. Screw you, saying ‘America always speaks the truth.’


Even NASA admitted that the moon landing was a total fraud ke ke ke. There still seems to be enough morons who still believe it. The video clip shows the waving American flag, but how can a flag wave in the vacuum-atmosphere? ke ke ke


Everyone who tried to dig up the truth around the moon landing died in suspicious circumstances. We’ve got similar experiences as well: Korean scientists who participated in nuclear missile developing programme during the Park Chung-hee era got killed as a result of ‘accidents’ in America. Here’s the truth: the US is the best when it comes to ‘staged incidents’.


Rest in peace, Neil, the great actor.


There are no scientists who are stupid enough to take 0.0001% chances. Naro space rocket failed twice, even though it’s not a human-carrying rocket. And they claim that they perfectly executed it from the launch and landing to leaving the moon and coming back to the earth. What bullshit! How did they launch the rocket on the moon without a launcher? The video was definitely filmed on the earth. The sand they were walking around seemed affected by the gravity, when looking at how fast the sand grains fell.


I could believe the launch to moon-landing part. What I’m curious about is how they got the energy to come back to Earth without a gigantic fuel barrel. It seems like a hoax to me.


The con man of the century passed away.. Don’t you guys know it’s a fraud??


It’s strange.. If America was capable of going to the moon in 1969, Russia and China should be able to do the same these days. But they still can’t, after 42 years passed. Is the American technology that much better than the two? There’s something suspicious about the moon landing. I mean, I think the disparities among the intelligence of different human population groups are negligible. If America made it decades ago, then Russia and China should’ve reached the similar level by now. It’s indeed suspicious.


He carried the secret to the grave.. I heard Buzz Aldrin also went to the moon.. I hope he’ll reveal the truth instead. It’s frustrating. Oh, and I wish for him to rest in peace.


You should’ve told the truth!


If they went to the moon in 1969, we should be able to cook some pancakes there by now. But forget the pancakes; we can’t even go near the moon. It’s such a fraud.. The Cheonan sinking is not even close to its cunningness.


Oh, he was still alive? He was such a trickster.


His greatest achievement is serving in the Navy during the Korean War. It’s way more respectful than the moon landing. ^^


Other nations barely manage to send space rockets to the limit of the Earth’s atmosphere. And you want me to believe that those Americans went there and came back to Earth by the same space capsule they landed on the moon?


You morons believe the moon landing because it’s in textbooks? I guess you also believe what the government says about the Cheonan sinking ;; Seriously.. We’ve got to think! Are you gonna believe ‘creationism’ were it in textbooks?


It’s America’s biggest scam,the world being its audience. They did it not to lose hegemony when Russia launched a space rocket first.

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  • monmon

    When exactly did NASA say this was a hoax? I am dumbfounded by these comments.

    • pj

      you are dealing with idiots. NASA never said it was a hoax. It isn’t a hoax. But you can never argue a negative with people who steadfastly believe in conspiracy theories. You can tell them the sky is blue, take them outside and show them that is is blue but they will still persist. It is also like logic and reason fails and is replaced by psychosis.

    • Barack Obama

      Of course America has never landed on the moon. Why? Because Neil Armstrong is actually Korean!!!!!

  • pj

    Yawn! America is full of geniuses. Only superior beings could pull off such a hoax for so long, with so many people involved and not one makes a peep. Everyone knows Koreans believe it is a hoax, in my experience or misfortune teaching ESL to Korean students that is one of the first ridiculous statements uttered from advanced ESL students. It makes class time hilarious for me, listen to people try to prove a negative. Okay, the USA didn’t go to the moon. Yawn. Guess the Americans are a lot smarter than the rest of the world and probably paid off the former Soviet Union not to blow the whistle. Maybe Korea doesn’t exits. That sounds about right. Whenever a jingoistic Korean opens their keyboard and attempts to put thoughts into words, it borders on comedy if it weren’t so pathetic and transparent. Korea NUMBER ONE! Happy? America sucks. Oooooh, stupid Americans. Oooooh, ugly dumb people. Oooooh smelly dumb stupid people. I hate America. Yawn. It is like watching a baby throw a tantrum. Thankfully I know many intelligent and thoughtful Koreans; the rest of you keep typing away your rage on your keyboard. What a waste of time and energy. And while you are at it, stop using the internet….Western people created that.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      No, this is just the same sort of conspiracy theory that has been going on since the moon landing was first broadcasted. There’s at least one person in every country that has some version of the ‘Moon Landing’ Hoax. Usually tied in someway to Area 51 and aliens and whatnot.

      Since Neil was the first man, it’s natural that when news involving him surfaces, so do the nutjobs that believe the mission never happened.

      • pj

        Well said! It is irksome to say the least but you are right: nut jobs come out of the woodwork.

        • bigwin80

          Quit being such a whiny little bitch pj. Jingoism/nationalism has nothing to do with this article. You can find conspiracy theorists everywhere. The moon landing hoax movement is in fact strongest in the US of all places.

          Whiny victim complex ridden 13 year old girls such as yourself are the reason why Koreans look down on certain foreign groups.

          • pj

            It has everything to do with jingoism and nationalism. In the infantile, Korean, victim mentality (a sad, pervasive element of your otherwise interesting culture), the United States couldn’t possible have achieved anything as complex as the moon landing. It is interesting that most conspiracy theories involve the US. It is as if those without power are trying to scratch at the face of the one that has power. And generally when one feels disempowered one leaps to group thinking and nationalism to cleave together with others who feel weak and powerless.

            I am not sure why my post would suggest a “victim complex.” I am merely saying one can’t argue a negative and people who hold the point of view that the moon landing was a hoax are generally not open to logic and will never be convinced of its authenticity. I ask you: what does it even matter if it is a hoax or not?

            Many foreign groups ignorantly look down on Koreans and lump them into a group. Generally narrow-minded people. But lacing your post with puerile and crude language doesn’t do much to prove anything other than your ability to try to use foul language to denigrate others as opposed to clearheaded language.

          • C84

            Bigwin, it’s better to ignore the trolls like pj, which multiply like cockroaches with different user names.

  • Cassidi

    I guess none of these netizens are aspiring astronauts, HAHA!

  • JC

    Neil Armstrong, or any other American for that matter, ever landed on the moon.
    One big scam, just like 9/11.

    • Stories of butts

      Oh my.

    • Mike S.

      9/11 Was a hologram.

    • Jahar

      How could it happen? The moon’s not real either.

    • mr. wiener

      Hi JC, nice to see you found somewhere else to …..state your interesting yet provocative opinions. Want to call a truce or do you want to exchange all the boring insults we were doing before?

  • dh

    even if it is a hoax or not, i don’t care. it does simply not matter to me at all. i do believe it’s true though, but it could also not be. i belive that anyone not involved in the so called operation can’t know for sure.
    but as usual, idiotic and ignorant people will always make a comment on articles like this. don’t forget that most sane and non-idiotic people do not comment because they just sigh and move on.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    1960s and moon landing.

    In retrospect, the 1960s was a decade of a thriving economy in its economic reconstruction in the wake of WW II while ideological warfare between two superpowers was being intensified.

    The tragic hero J.F. Kennedy defused the 1960 cuban missile crisis with adventurous naval blockade but the subsequent USSR’s launch of space rocket called Sputnik brought embarrassment to the United States, which was a firm believer of its technological prowess. The jittery of being overtaken by the USSR led to massive investment in space programs, culminating in humandkind’s milestone of moon landing.

    Such a feat made an indelible impression in the minds of all people around the world, who had hunger for something marvelous amid economic growth at a break-neck speed.

    But the moment of glory proved short lived. The 1970s was a decade of upheaval fraught with economic recessions, anti war protests, resistence culture’s rise and environmental degradation.

    Interestingly, Amstrong’s awe-striking landing on the moon was a symbolic climax of human advances before the world took its another step into an uncertain, shaky 1970s.

    Wish the deceased lay in the rest.

    • Yu Bumsuk

      “The tragic hero J.F. Kennedy defused the 1960 cuban missile crisis with adventurous naval blockade but the subsequent USSR’s launch of space rocket called Sputnik brought embarrassment to the United States”

      Sputnik was launched in 1957. The Cuban missile crises occured in 1962.

  • lavista4u

    I have so much respect for all Koreans now, The comments are so heartening it will make conspiracy theorist rejoice. Thank you Koreans. Stupid brainwashed American lame stream society and rest of the stupid brainwashed lame stream society will never ever get it. They follow the mass media propaganda, whatever the authority says must be true mantra.

    I’m going to share this article with one of the biggest conspiracy sites on the net davidicke dot com just for the comments…..I have never seen a country with so many smart people who actually question the main stream media lies.

    There are lots of American & europeans who know for a fact that moon landing were a gigantic hoax..if only people research for a while and not follow main stream, they will come to the truth

    • thaif

      7/10 would read again

    • Jon

      I propose that all the people on earth who believe that humans have never reached and walked on the surface of the moon (six manned missions in total) commit themselves to disproving the event, and each contribute whatever they can to a fund they establish themselves. The fund’s purpose will be to build some kind of spacefaring detection device. It can be as simple as a telescope and a very high-res camera, launched towards the moon and aimed at the sites NASA has (claimed to) visited. Let it orbit the moon and take some snapshots, like the Google Earth satellites have.

      Let all the conspiracy theorists take as many high-resolution photos as they like of these sites, on the condition that all such photos be released to the public for independent analysis. Then they can promptly STFU.

      I’m bothered by these doubters. I am a skeptical person by nature, but the evidence is overwhelming. Fuck, it is fact. What bothers me so much is that the lunar landing was such a major achievement for mankind, and completely technologically feasible! It doesn’t even require a stretch of the imagination, when you look at the engineering behind the event. But it symbolizes how far we can go when we commit ourselves to a goal, and push at the boundaries of what is “possible”. Do these conspiracists doubt that we have a space station in orbit? That Curiosity landed on Mars? Do they think mobile phones work by magic?

      I hope the comments in this article in no way represent the common beliefs of Korean citizens. But I suppose if you believe leaving your electric fan on overnight will kill you somehow, you can believe anything.

  • BigCAD

    Hell, was saving this for when China smack pulled the ‘truth’ out of the mouth/ass of some PRC raging youth, will just have to post it here:

    with the pawn of the US Neil Armstrong dead and the false staged moon landings exposed for all to see it is time for China to take what is rightfully ours, the moon. Long has the moon featured on china astrology charts it is a inseparable part of China much like the Falkland islands.

    When we final land out taikonaughts it will be a small step for Han and giant leap for Hankind. We can one and for all confirm that China’s world’s longest tug circle is indeed visable from space.

    Shocking, and here was me with the impression Koreans were a beacon among the youth-in-Asia.

  • Matt

    Wow. After all these abhorrent articles showcasing hateful racism and disgusting xenophobia and obnoxious nationalism, honestly, this one pisses me off more than any of the others by leaps and bounds.

    I have no problem with the position that the moon landing *might* have been a fake. That’s a fair, reasonable opinion that requires no bigoted devotion to blind faith.

    But for these arrogant, scientifically-illiterate scumbag douchebags to claim with *ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY* that the moon landing *WAS* a fraud “beyond all reasonable doubt” is just blind, idiotic, childish, pseudo-rebellious stupidity of the highest magnitude.

    And to think, so many Americans fondly think of South Korea as a close, friendly ally. If only they knew the disgusting truth.

    I don’t know if any chinaSMACK editors are reading this, but I’d love to see whether Chinese netizens are as insufferably ignorant and obnoxious about this issue as their “free and democratic” neighbors.

    • BigCAD

      From passed mind boggling conversations the answer will be a resounding yes. See my comment above for what to expect.

    • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

      I dunno about Netizens, but after asking someone during my visit to China, my response was “There’s a space program?”

    • Jon

      Yeah, this shit is insufferable.

  • chris

    well i guess koreans arent invited to gingrich’s moon base.

  • Paul M

    With the quality of logical discourse and coherent thought often displayed by the inbred, knuckle dragging, basement dwelling individuals who post on nate/naver/daum – this comes as no surprise. It would also come as no surprise if the same people found an ambiguous and obscure Joseon era painting and posited it as conclusive proof that King Sejon the great was, in fact, the first man on the moon.

  • Interesting how the successful achievements of other nations always bring out the massive insecurity complex that that is a basis of Korean culture.

    One gets the impression that the entire nation is in dire need of collective therapy.

    • pj

      well said!

  • Shawna

    I asked my Korean boyfriend about this, and he said it never occurred to him that it could be a hoax or others thought that.
    This baffles me. How do these type of people explain the reflectors that were put there?

    • Ruaraidh

      Flat, hollow earth and robo-reptillian masonic jew-luminanti. How else?

    • Patrick

      Or the moon rocks brought back.

  • RotBot

    Buzz Aldrin should go on a world tour punching people in the face.

    • Paul M

      Ha ha ha! That’s brilliant. I’d pay good money to see that show.

    • mr. wiener

      Not a big fan of Buzz Aldrin, but the dickhead had it coming. BAM! that’s what I call the right stuff.

  • Chris

    korean: “no scientist would contribute to such a risky effort with only a 0.00001 chance to succeed!”
    answer: not all societies are based upon safe, unimaginative repetition (see: korea, china). this was on the coattail of WWII, a period of massive public and scientific interest in pushing the boundaries of knowledge in america.
    besides, i would actually wager the opposite: any astrophysicist, engineer, etc, would kill for the chance to be part of a project like this.

    korean: “how did it get off the moon without a massive launch vehicle?!?!”
    answer: lack of atmosphere and a fraction of the gravity seen on earth might help. let’s think about this: if we can build stuff that let’s people leave our planet, it’s probably alot easier to build something that can exit the moon’s gravity well. i don’t see how this is even an argument.

    korean: “they only did it once, how come it wasn’t replicated!?”
    answer: they did it several times over a decade (or two? too lazy to look up the hard numbers).

    korean: “if americans supposedly did it, how come the russians and chinese didnt? surely you dont imply that theyre that far ahead in thinking and technology!!!”
    answer: russia actually came close. china is still generations behind the US in military/space technology, not to mention that their rise to power is fairly recent. also, since we’re bringing up russia, the soviet union confirmed that they saw concrete evidence of these manned missions on the moon.

    korean: “the flag/sand/etc from the videos clearly indicate that it is fake!”
    answer: this shit has been debunked so many times its ridiculous. there is no video with a waving flag, the moon is not zero gravity, so on sorth.

    • Chris

      now don’t get me wrong, there are some things i wouldnt put past the US government/CIA, but the argument against the moon landing is pretty flimsy.

  • Vincent

    It is funny how people can make statements and affirmations out of nowhere, without any ground.
    I bet if the man who landed on the moon was korean , their reaction would have been completely different.
    And i am not even american.

  • bultak

    i hear korea is planning a landing on the sun.

  • ddd

    wtf, I didn’t there were so many Koreans who were idiots.

    • Brett Sanbon

      sVo~ subject, VERB, object

    • Matt (@MeCampbell30)


  • Chucky3176

    So you guys, based on these translated comments, think this is what the majority of Koreans think? That most Koreans believe the moon landing was a hoax? Really?

    • k

      Chucky, I don’t think you have any right to criticize anyone on generalizing.

      • Patrick


      • Brett Sanbon

        ㅋㅋ no I guess the pot just never gets it… hes black too!

    • Jang

      Yes, young Koreans who were not born at the time and hear about the Neil’s moonwalk and are immediately connected to conspiracy theories. At best(or worst depending on your point of view), young Koreans “wonder” whether it’s true or not. Why? Because even before the Internet was common the Korean media jumped onto the conspiracy theorists bandwagon and TaDa, that’s what it remains today for the majority. For you to think otherwise shows that you’re out of touch with the majority of Koreans.

      • mr. wiener

        At least no one claimed Michael Jackson was the first to monnwalk :)

        • mr. wiener


    • Paul M

      …says the guy who links to obscure news stories and pictures to show how wicked and evil white people are.

      • vincent

        I thought that this chuky guy was just a troll 0_0

        • Brett Sanbon

          Its not trolling if you believe it.

  • icbm

    The moon landing conspiracy runs deeper than any one of you think. Do you think lazy Americans could do this alone? The CIA of course had help … from that hive of war criminality: Japan!

    Let me tell you about the Comfort WoMoon Hoax the greatest conspiracy merger of the 20th century.

    America’s Cold war motivations for faking the moon landings are well known in Korea as can be seen here.

    The Japanese desperately wanted to restore political and trade relations with it’s former province but much peer reviewed research suggested most Koreans only interact with foreigners to protest their foreign policy. For example if a Korean saw a uniformed GI on the street his first reaction would be to spit at the Yankee’s face>demand he express remorse the occupation’s crimes>ask the GI what US prep schools are likely to get their son into the Ivy League>try to sell them some of their knockoff consumer electronics. Since Japan’s 40 years of rule over Korea were full of benevolence, equality and puppies this left little foundation for restoring Korean-Japanese ties. Japan needed to create well of bitterness and resentment by faking unforgivable crimes in the past.

    They originally thought to just fake some massacres but someone pointed out that Koreans had been killing each other by the tens of thousands since 1949 but Koreans largely blamed Americans for the deed who in turn enjoyed increased trade and military basing rights. The offense had to be unmistakably Japanese lest the hated Yankee steal more Korean trade. A sexual slavery scandal called Operation Confort Women (慰安婦) was chosen since nothing is more patently Japanese than bondage and geishas?

    Going over the production figures the Japanese realized they could not do this alone and decided to approach the CIA. They were in luck since newly elected president Nixon had too many CIA assets wire tapping hippies to produce the moon hoax on time alone. The US brought cutting edge cinema F/X, he Japanese brought their mastery of cheap electronics and pornography. even 10 year old future PM Yoshihiko Noda ran a snack bar on set.

    Future Tokyo governor Shintaro Ishihara wrote the first moon landing script but 90% if was left on the cutting room floor since the CIA felt simulating the gratuitous rape scenes in zero gravity might empty the FX budget. His script for the operation comfort women however remained almost unedited.

    Almost 40 years of asian prosperity followed but all good things must come to an end. Unlike the well planned 9/11, the CIA was sloppy and of course did not kill off the major conspirators and now major participants of the conspiracy like Ishihara, Abe, and Koizumi are exposing the Comfort Women Hoax in a short sighted dispute to over the relatively worthless Liancourt rocks. Since exposing the hoax billions of trade and arms deals have been cancelled with Korea.

    In any joint venture liablity is shared. Since the moon landings are now exposed as fake its Comfort Women co-conspirators are debunked as well.

    • Noori

      Thanks for proving that it’s possible to write an even more ridiculous comment than those Nate ones above. I underestimated the power of the internet, I guess.

    • k

      wall of text…eyes hurt…

  • Matt (@MeCampbell30)

    Some people sound super jelly.

  • ForeverWander

    We can orbit satellites, use them as GPS, send people into space, and land a robot on Mars…. but we can’t land on our moon?

  • Aaron

    They left a mirror on the moon. Scientists for decades have been “pinging” signals off of it. It’s how they’ve been measuring the change in distance.

    • Joseph P.

      NASA was bouncing signals off the moon (laser and radio) long before 1969. The pinging nonsense is just another ridiculous rationalization by NASA. Government funded scientists will not speak out regarding the hoax/conspiracy because it would end their funding and careers. The moon landing hoax is actually an inside joke among higher-ups in Intelligence and Govt.

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