Neil Armstrong Dies, Moon Landing Conspiracy Resurfaces

Neil Armstrong

From Yonhap News:

The first man on the moon passes away

The first person on the moon, Neil Armstrong has passed away. The news was reported on the 25th (local time) by various newspapers and television networks including NBC and Associated Press. He was 82.

He had a heart operation to treat the narrowing of his coronary arteries, but as his family explains, he died due to complications after the surgery. It is unknown when and where he breathed his last breathe.

His family said during an announcement, ‘Armstrong was an American hero,’ and ‘he served his mother nation with pride as a pilot as well as an astronaut.’

The late Armstrong was born in Wapakoneta, Ohio; he studied aeronautical engineering at Purdue University. He enlisted in the Navy and served as a fighter jet pilot during the Korean War; after the war, he became an astronaut at NASA.

He was selected as the second group of NASA astronauts in 1962 and Command Pilot of Gemini 8 in 1966; finally, on the 20th of July in 1969, he became a hero when he landed on the surface of the moon, the so-called ‘sea of silence’

In particular, his famous remark to an audience of 528 million TV viewers around the world when landing and making his first step on the moon is history: ‘That’s one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind.’

The legendary astronaut criticised the government for the cancellation of the space shuttle programme during a congressional hearing in last September; that the programme became ‘embarrassing.’

Comments from Daum:


He went six-feet under without telling the truth: no man landed on the moon.


He didn’t say anything after all. Most scholars agree that America has had no one on the moon. There hasn’t been any subsequent successful landing since the first; no one has been successful after that, including the US. The footsteps and video clip seems definitely fabricated.. I think it was America’s political manoeuvre, trying to outsmart Russia during the Cold War. Finally, I’d like to send my condolences to his family.

풍요로운 인생:

Whether it is true or not, he is the man who made me dream of going to the moon. And he’s also a Korean War veteran.. Rest in peace, Mr Armstrong.


The Moon landing isn’t the only fabricated story. There are a variety of scams such as 9.11, the Oklahoma City bombing etc. Believing what newspapers say is plain stupid. Anyway, I wish him rest in peace.


I’d like to show my condolences to his family. NASA, CIA they all know the moon landing was a fraud. The video was filmed in Universal Studios. Stupid, naïve Koreans.. Think about if it’s possible: mother ship and daughter ship are separated; daughter ship lands on the moon whilst docking on the mother ship that is circling in the stationary orbit of the moon; after the successful docking, it penetrates the earth’s atmosphere; it lands in the Pacific Ocean with nothing left but a space capsule. Humans can’t yet go to the moon and come back safely. This is BS. Choseon bastards (Koreans) are indeed ass-lickers of Western bastards. Koreans are America’s loyal parrots. Screw you, saying ‘America always speaks the truth.’


Even NASA admitted that the moon landing was a total fraud ke ke ke. There still seems to be enough morons who still believe it. The video clip shows the waving American flag, but how can a flag wave in the vacuum-atmosphere? ke ke ke


Everyone who tried to dig up the truth around the moon landing died in suspicious circumstances. We’ve got similar experiences as well: Korean scientists who participated in nuclear missile developing programme during the Park Chung-hee era got killed as a result of ‘accidents’ in America. Here’s the truth: the US is the best when it comes to ‘staged incidents’.


Rest in peace, Neil, the great actor.


There are no scientists who are stupid enough to take 0.0001% chances. Naro space rocket failed twice, even though it’s not a human-carrying rocket. And they claim that they perfectly executed it from the launch and landing to leaving the moon and coming back to the earth. What bullshit! How did they launch the rocket on the moon without a launcher? The video was definitely filmed on the earth. The sand they were walking around seemed affected by the gravity, when looking at how fast the sand grains fell.


I could believe the launch to moon-landing part. What I’m curious about is how they got the energy to come back to Earth without a gigantic fuel barrel. It seems like a hoax to me.


The con man of the century passed away.. Don’t you guys know it’s a fraud??


It’s strange.. If America was capable of going to the moon in 1969, Russia and China should be able to do the same these days. But they still can’t, after 42 years passed. Is the American technology that much better than the two? There’s something suspicious about the moon landing. I mean, I think the disparities among the intelligence of different human population groups are negligible. If America made it decades ago, then Russia and China should’ve reached the similar level by now. It’s indeed suspicious.


He carried the secret to the grave.. I heard Buzz Aldrin also went to the moon.. I hope he’ll reveal the truth instead. It’s frustrating. Oh, and I wish for him to rest in peace.


You should’ve told the truth!


If they went to the moon in 1969, we should be able to cook some pancakes there by now. But forget the pancakes; we can’t even go near the moon. It’s such a fraud.. The Cheonan sinking is not even close to its cunningness.


Oh, he was still alive? He was such a trickster.


His greatest achievement is serving in the Navy during the Korean War. It’s way more respectful than the moon landing. ^^


Other nations barely manage to send space rockets to the limit of the Earth’s atmosphere. And you want me to believe that those Americans went there and came back to Earth by the same space capsule they landed on the moon?


You morons believe the moon landing because it’s in textbooks? I guess you also believe what the government says about the Cheonan sinking ;; Seriously.. We’ve got to think! Are you gonna believe ‘creationism’ were it in textbooks?


It’s America’s biggest scam,the world being its audience. They did it not to lose hegemony when Russia launched a space rocket first.

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