Memorial Hall of Former Dictator Vandalized, Netizens Divided

October 26th marked the 33rd anniversary of the assassination of Park Chung-Hee. The public views of former president Park differ considerably, from a hero who saved the country from starvation to a cruel, pro-Japanese dictator who violated the rights of the Korean people. While his daughter is vying for the presidential seat as one of three prominent candidates, his memorial hall has been vandalized with graffiti by a Korean-American who blamed him for the demolishing of the constitution.



From Nocut News:

Graffiti in paint on Park Chung-hee Memorial Hall says ‘Constitution Destroyer’

Korean-American in his sixties graffitis monument out of dissatisfaction with the Yushin [Revitalising Reform] Constitution.

Police captured a Korean-American in his sixties who drew graffiti denouncing former president Park Chung-hee, on the external wall of the president’s Memorial Library in Sangam-dong, Seoul.

The Mapo district police booked him (Kim, 67 years old) without detention for property damage.

He is charged for writing ‘Constitution destroyer’ stretching 3~4 meters with a red lacquer spray on the external wall near the entrance to the Memoral Library, around 2:20 PM this day.

He was caught drawing the graffiti by the building’s janitor and then handed over to police. Having finished the primary investigation, the police is considering whether to summon him again on the 26th and carry out further interrogation.

From the investigation it was revealed that he holds American citizenship and immigrated 2 days ago. He allegedly drew the graffiti out of discontent for former president Park’s dictatorship and the Yushin Constitution.

The graffiti was masked with a 6-meter-long covering on that day, a temporary measure by the Memorial Hall.

Comments from Nate:


My grandparents think Park was the cleanest politician in the world. ㅡㅡ; You’d know if you studied economic history at university that Mr Park asked for money from the IMF more than 10 times over 18 years. The difference between him and Kim Young-sam was just that he hid the fact from the public.. [He was] a pro-Japanese officer, a member of the Worker’s Party within the national army, and a destroyer of the constitution. A dictator who made a coup d’etat and extorted other people’s property. Don’t compare [South Korea during] Park’s 18-year long dictatorship with North Korea, but compare it instead with a fast-growing Japan, Taiwan and Singapore of that time~ Park Chung-hee can’t hold a candle to them. Sangdo people~ stop the Sae-maeul [new community] movement and start the Sae-maeum [new mind] movement.


As long as they glorify Park, there is no future to the Republic of Korea… A characteristic of dictator-led countries is to present all national achievements as the dictator’s own. Park was an officer in the Japanese army and a member of the Worker’s Party within the Korean army. His coup d’etat, illegal accumulation of wealth, and decadent pleasure-seeking with girls as young as his daughter… He was just a typical dictator…


If our country becomes subject to enemies, let’s write a pledge of loyalty to the enemy in our blood and volunteer to join the enemy’s army [like Park did]. That would make us heroes in this shit country.


Look at the influx of Ilbe scums ke ke ke


1. Park was an extraordinary dictator who helped the growth of business, especially that of manufacturing business, necessary for a modernized nation. 2. Park’s destruction of constitutional order deserves criticism. 3. Park’s coup d’etat was surely a coup d’etat but at the same time was an unparalleled success as a top-down modernizing revolution.


Look how the leftist commies are whining out of an inferiority complex. You brainless folk, no matter how much you support Ahn Cheol-soo and Moon Jae-inabolishing the National Security Law and [re-instating] the Sunshine Policy are not jokes!


He should draw graffiti on the Dai-Jyu [Kim Dae-jung] Convention Center, shouldn’t he, because he’s a traitor of the people to have armed North Korea heavily?


Wow.. A massive alba turnout early in the morning.. They’ve made it to the three best comments, too, hmm. Yeah…good work worth their pay. Well done, Hannara Party… Fucking bastards.


Lefties really can’t learn anything. No elderly person of your grandma’s generation with progressive tendencies, however extremely progressive they are, can speak ill of President Park. It’s all due to him that you can use the internet now. You say anyone could be a president at that time and enliven the economy? Then what did Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun, who you praise so much, do to the economy?


The Yushin dictatorship was part of Park’s demerits, so why do they protect it from blame by mentioning his merits? That must be because Park’s supporters like dictatorship. These people must be the commies [the blame is usually in the opposite direction]


Park started the coup out of respect for the Japanese Taisho soldiers, so why is he buried in the National Cemetery? Just dig up the corpse, behead it and send it to Yasukuni. He’ll go crazy with joy.


The biggest reason Korea is chained on its way to becoming a developed country comes from Park Chung-hee. The growth policy under the communist dictatorship helped [Korea] escape from hunger in the short run. But a society-wide up-regulation should accompany it in order for the economy to develop to the level of advanced countries. In politics, economy, society and culture, the group that still ties the nation down is none other than the scum who praise Park’s deeds. Tut tut. If you so miss dictatorships, go to North Korea, you conservative scum.


Gosh there are so many conservative albas, tut tut


The conservative supporters in this country would swear to be loyal to the Japanese Emperor and join the Japanese army if Japan invades Korea


Park really was a destroyer of the constitution. The dictator’s daughter is a powerful presidential candidate in this country – he [the graffiti perpetrator] must have found it so weird and frustrating that he’d do something like that as a US citizenship holder. He made the sufferers of Yushin feel a bit better, so release him with a warning


You’ve missed out the ‘murderer’ bit… ‘pro-Japanese’ as well… And missed out ‘general manager of the Worker’s Party…’


Memorial Hall for shit! The conservative scums made it out of nostalgia, glorifying the dictator. They didn’t mention there that Park wrote with his blood for and entered Japanese military school. They didn’t include his achievements of capturing soldiers who fought for independence from Japan. And his remarkable role of organizing in Korean army the Worker’s Party, originally established by Kim Il Sung. The Memorial Hall is lacking in too much detail to be called a memorial hall so should be demolished.


The gas cannister granpas might soon crowd around the grave of former president Roh Moo-hyun and drive stakes into it.


It looks somewhat like a self-injury threat from the Saenuri Party ke ke. Anyway he called a spade a spade


Have Ilbe kids all taken time off school? Go to school, kids -_-

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