Netizens Condemn Anti-National Security Law Protest

Protestors march against South Korea's National Security Law

Protestors march against South Korea's National Security Law

Protestors march against South Korea's National Security Law

Protestors march against South Korea's National Security Law

Protestors march against South Korea's National Security Law

Members of the Democratic Laborers Union marched down to the Seodaemun District (Seoul) police station last month to protest against the police investigation into some of its members under the National Security Law, as well as calling for a ban on the law. The law essentially forbids any interest or mention of anything that could possibly be seen as pro-North Korean, and recently there have been several cases of Koreans re-tweeting messages from the North’s official Twitter account, leading to their arrests. Some even say the National Security Law is a breach of their freedom of speech. Netizens were quick to condemn the Seoul-based protest, becoming one of the most discussed stories on the Korean portal site Nate.

Comments from Nate:


We should get rid of the National Security Law? Are they insane? It seems they have no brain


Is it ok for me to brand them as commies?


Are they saying we should think about abolishing the National Security Law? Though I don’t have any political inclination, I really think it’s not a good idea to get rid of the law. They can just be seen as nothing but idiots.


LOL This debate is pointless – to agree with those who don’t cause trouble because of the National Security Law: yes, but to agree with those who cause trouble at least once because of the law: no!


If we abolish the National Security Law, have they thought of what will happen? North Korea demands the withdrawal of US troops stationed in Korea and were we to abolish the National Security Law, they would make the most of the opportunity, with a high possibility of them sending spies, stirring up trouble in the South. [On February 2nd, the North issued an ‘open questionnaire’ to the South, with nine demands, one of which being the removal of US troops in Korea]. We should never abolish the National Security Law.


Those bastards should be run over by tanks.


Are they out of their minds?


To my fellow citizens. The Democratic Labor Party (DLP) has read the act [of the law] hasn’t it? Those traitors want the following, firstly to abolish the Anticommunist Law. Here is the Republic of Korea, a democratic republic. Accordingly, would it also [kindly] pluck out the DLP, who are crying out for the abolishment of the National Security Law? From now on, let’s get rid of the seed [which will grow into something bigger, the ‘seed’ being the DLP]. We should never vote for the DLP.


Let’s catch them all, seize their belongings, and send them up [North]!


Are they not crazy? When it comes to thinking about the preservation of peace for our country, they really are complacent.

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  • Chelino


  • nereis

    It appears thinking from first principles is not a strong point here.

  • Ray

    It could be the spies that are protesting!

  • lonetrey

    Huh. Why are most netizen’s reactions so negative?

    Do they value their pride over the freedom of speech?

    • Tiffany

      they value their security over freedom of speech and i don’t blame them.

      they’ve been raped as a nation. Why let a repressive nation any where near them?

      • mr. wiener

        Near is relative. It’s right next door. Ignoring them won’t make them go away.

      • Kai

        The law has been abused to silence political dissent and political “enemies”. That’s the “freedom of speech” concern.

  • nate

    Get the american bases out of south korea and sent their troops home. Let south korea and north korea sort their own differences. Also what is wrong with looking at north korean websites, south koreans are smart enough to know how brainwashed the northerners are, at least they can laugh or feel sorry for them.

  • 앤드류

    Were all reactions really negative as the article suggests? Can’t believe all South Korean netizens are clamouring for the right to be oppressed by this anti-democratic law, the same one used to round up, torture and murder pro-democracy demonstrators at Gwangju in 1980.

    • Raphael

      These were the top rated comments from the article! There were a lot more…Also, because of the very law in question, it would seem self-censorship is at play. To comment on a news post on a Korean site, you must have an account. To open an account, you need to register with your citizen’s number. So I don’t think you’ll find many opinions of those who support the protesters…

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