Korean Netizens Labelled as Losers Upload Proof of Life Success


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From MoneyToday:

A parade of users using their university IDs to confirm their identity on online community ‘Ilbe‘ (The Daily Best) has caused a stir on the South Korean internet.

Ilbe’s en masse school ID parade has been seen as a reaction to the popular perception that Ilbe is frequented by ‘the lowest of the low internet losers collective.’ Netizens often refer to Ilbe users as ‘Ilbe bugs’ but the Ilbe denizens often countered this claim by popularizing Ilbe-bushim [Ilbe-Pride].

Professor Chin Jung-kwon voiced his thoughts on Twitter: ‘This is practical proof that there is no high or low in terms of education level when it comes to online losers.’ Other netizens expressed dismay saying ‘I am really shocked to see such a turnout. SKY universities are common and there’s a large number of students from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Stanford, Columbia, etc.’ Others wished that these so-called cream of the crop would do something useful for the society rather than spend their spare time on Ilbe.

The long list of university verification postings still continues unabated, and has gained a new lease of life following wider participation from medical and legal professionals and MENSA members. Others simply flaunted their personal asset and wealth. Some suspect that even non-Ilbe users participated just to jump on the bandwagon.


Translation of above:
‘Ilbe, $300 million (USD) balance verification, Believe it bitches!’ [balance below, bottom right of photo]

Clockwise from left: A plaque of ‘congratulations’, A certificate of commendation from the Busan Regional Public Prosecutor’s Office, A business award, A Medical Doctor Specialist Certificate and, lastly, a Seoul National University student ID card.

Translation of above: ‘Billionare’

Translation of above: ‘Billionare

Translation of above: ‘Position: Producer, KBS [Korean Broadcasting System]’


Translation of breast doodle: ‘Ilbe’



Translation of above: ‘Pharmacist’


Medical doctor license


PGA Pro Golfer


Translation of above: ‘Ilbe, 39th entry pool, you see this? We were in the same year!’


Translation of above: ‘I hereby certify that the above person has passed the 5X bar examination.

Comments from Nate:


If you got a problem, go to an elite university. Saying anything otherwise makes you look like having a yeolpok


ke ke ke ke ke ke, you retards go on, I am fucking enjoying you guys having yeolpok, ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


It could be from a member of their family


Dig your grave wide and deep. So they go to an elite university, so what…. This is why this country is in this kind of shit hole —


Fake verification postings may be a few but they are all discovered by other Ilbe bugs. Unlike brainless leftie-zombies who get easily led by deceitful demagoguery, Ilbe bugs actually pursue the truth.


In conclusion the Ilbe bugs that you treated so contemptuously actually lord over you in real life. Women who dismiss Ilbe bugs actually have to spread their boji and beg them to marry them ke ke ke ke.


So I am actually disgusted that people with good a education are up to that kind of shit ke ke ke. So if you go to good university your dirty shenanigans are all alright?? ke ke ke


So what, they are still scum of this society.


Most of their verification was supposedly done with their family or friends’ borrowed ID.


Beating up elementary school students, jerking off to their sisters’ panties, bragging about rape and plotting gang-rape, they say this is just a minority among the Ilbe bugs, and now with a few elite university IDs they think they own this country. Being obsessed with an online community with a wide array of people is just not a good idea.


Regardless of websites, if you pick the top 1%, isn’t that what you get? A pile of garbage is still garbage, ke. Kim Gil-tae after his graduation from Harvard is still a garbage.


Oh I am so ashamed, I am merely a Dongguk University student….


This is the reason why TodayHumor, with their low-level education is a left-wing site. They haven’t got any ability so they blame society, rather than themselves. Their low ability is something that they should blame themselves for.


Wow~~~ After all that study and effort, you lamers are same as me, a bunch of keyboard warriors ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke. I am in awe of such high personage ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Sure they went to an elite university, that makes them even lamer.


If you’re making big bucks, why would you support the Democratic United Party or Democratic Labor Party? People with real dreams cannot be on the progressive side. Real generous people may donate some to the other but they do not force others to do the same.


So what. Since when did we judge someone based on which university they graduate from. I don’t need fancy school ID to have good friends with generous heart. I am saddened though that people around me are so calculating about who they meet. Even when they befriend someone, they do that on the basis of supposed benefits. That’s just not right.


I graduated from a top non-Seoul university but I could not say a word on Ilbe today. I felt so small and insignificant in front of dozens and dozens of people who attend schools that I could have only dreamed about. What could I say, I could only pretend to be a president, king and Confucius but in reality this society is strictly divided along the line of school and class. The Ilbe members that I saw were not the losers I always thought them to be but the winners among winners.


All those learned people sit around and talk about how to rape and not get caught, this is a fine world we live in.


Elite university people are being like that, this is why this country is in such a mess.

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