Live Dog Tied to Back of Car Again, Netizens Demand Law Change

Dog Tied to Back of Car

Following the “Devil Equus” incident covered by koreaBANG last week that saw a live dog tied to the back of a car, a similar case of alleged animal abuse is gaining public attention, this time under the nickname “Devil Beast” after, on Monday the 30th April, a car was witnessed in Busan driving around with a dog tied by its leash to the back of the car.

Last week’s incident caused quite a stir on the Korean internet, leading to outcry from pop star Lee Hyori and even prompting a demonstration by the “Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth” group on Saturday the 28th on Gwanghwamun Plaza in Seoul. Despite this, the incident was since found to be an unintentional and unfortunate accident and the police have cleared the offending driver of all charges.

People Protest in Central Seoul About the Devil Equus Incident

People Protest in Central Seoul About the Devil Equus Incident

However, in the case of the “Devil Beast” it would seem that the lead had been attached to the back of the car more deliberately. The case has been submitted to the police for investigation, but netizens keep calling for the animal protection law to be strengthened. The below YouTube video

From YouTube:

Comments from Nate:


This photo shows the reason why we have to tighten animal protection laws. Were this in another country, he would get 2 years in prison. We have to tighten the animal protection law as soon as possible.


Really why are people like this. Just looking at the picture brings me to tears.


We should make the owner’s face public…


You know whether a country is a developed country by looking at how animals and women are treated there….


In a country where if you sexually assault a child, you only get 3years and 6 months…… do you think they will care about animal protection….we still have a long way to go…………….


‘[while being dragged by the car]The dog was urinating and wetting itself, with tongue hanging out and saliva dribbling down’……. how scared the dog must have been…. just looking at the article, I think we can feel how scared the dog was, it really makes me sad…


Why why why are there so many crazy bastards in Korea.


The car owner should be caught, tied by a leash to the car and dragged like this too…


Please, let’s not be like this. Tightening the animal protection law is really urgent now.


You scum, who says that it’s his business what he does with his dog…. if a person starts thinking lightly about things like this, then next, the person will start thinking lightly about person’s life as well… and the victim of that might be you…


It should be compulsory to register the owner’s identification when buying a pet, same as it is with buying a cow…. then they would not have been able to throw the animals on the street….


What’s with this trend of similar incidents suddenly showing up after the first one? First it was child sexual molestation that was popular, then sexual assault, then Choseojok killing a Korean, then animal abuse… It looks like after the first incidents similar stories keep coming up… what’s this?


Looking at the picture it really seems that the dog was tied to the car intentionally… crazy… the dog is just next to your car, what the hell are you doing?


It seems people are getting more and more strange.


Even an insult would be too good for a bastard like you. Your parents should be tied and dragged by a car like this before your eyes. By the way, where are your parents?


I don’t really like animals, but there is a special reason why I don’t keep them. And that is because I know that I wouldn’t be able to take responsibility for them to the end. So unless you are sure you can take care of them, just don’t keep them. Or you will get punished if you don’t…


Does it make you feel good to treat a living creature like this?


I really can’t understand…. why is he doing this?


Just kill him! The owner….


When a dog is treated at a vet clinic, they take an additional tax from us. Then why don’t they tighten the law protection of dogs, bastards.


Korean law is too weak. Regardless of whether a crime was committed by a minor or foreigner, they should be punished more severely. Our animal protection laws must be tightened too, so that we can stamp out this problem completely.


Wow can’t really control myself.. if you are gonna [treat the animal] like this, why do you keep it? You should not keep any animals.


Not sure if this person is normal!! This is too pitiful! What crime has the dog done? The dog obviously just wishes to stay alive!!


Those fuckers, they’re not even human, there really are too many [people like that] in our society.


I’m really ashamed to be human, how that dog must have felt ㅠㅠ My heart hurts really.. This is too brutal to a living thing….


What kind of excuse will the car owner give now? The dog was too big to fit into the car? -_-


Make the license plate publicly visible!!


Maybe he is training the dog for dog-fighting?… crazy bastards


Make the license plate and his face public, he must be punished. He would also deserve such a dragging, then he will recover his senses.


The dog looks like a fighting dog, maybe he is training him like this…If it’s really for training, there’s one thing I can’t understand… even when the car is standing still, on a road there is always a possibility of a car crashing from behind. On a road – place where many cars are moving around, you never know when accident might happen.


Why are you hiding the license plate of such scum!!


We should tie this bastard on a leash with the dog behind the wheel…


It seems he is driving slowly enough for the dog to be able to run at the same speed. Looking at the second photo, it looks like the dog is following well. … In case of some big dogs, it’s quite impossible to give them a proper exercise just by walking. You would have to run almost at the same speed as the dog, but how many dog owners are able of that? That’s why people usually use motorbikes for training. If the car on the photo was running at a speed too high for the dog, then it would be clear animal abuse. And anyone who’s got experience in training dogs knows that running with a tongue dangling out is normal way dogs regulate their body temperature. And about the dog urinating and wetting itself, we can’t really know the real situation by hearing just one side of the story. Normally a dog would urinate on the road side somewhere while taking a walk, so it might just be this that prompted a whistle-blower with evil intentions to post those pictures.


Why the hell are you doing such things? Instead of usual sentence, that person should be tied to a police car and dragged around the neighbourhood…. cool?~


Nowadays, it looks like all these crazy bastards are trying to compete with each other..

UPDATE: It looks like this was simply a case of an old man walking his dog… with his car.

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