Saenuri Lawmaker Criticized For Looking at Bikini Photo

Article from MoneyToday:

Lawmaker Looking Photo of a Woman in Bikini During Parliamentary Audit

A ruling Saenuri Party lawmaker caught looking at a sexy picture during a National Assembly audit.

The photo captures Rep. Kwon Seong-dong of the ruling Saenuri Party looking at a sexy picture on his smartphone during a National Assembly audit in Sejong, on Oct. 8th, 2014. His behavior prompted a cascade of public condemnations.

On Oct. 8th at around 9 p.m., in the Sejong government complex building where a National Assembly’s Environment and Labor Committee audit of the Ministry of Employment and Labor is being conducted, Rep. Kwon Seong-dong of the Saenuri Party is caught browsing the Internet on his smartphone.

Tensions that had been simmering since October 7th between the ruling and opposition lawmakers over how to select witnesses stalled the parliamentary audit before it resumed at around 11:40 a.m. that day.

Comments from Daum:


He’s trash!


Makes sense for such a disgusting lawmaker!


He is out of his mind – openly looking at a sexy picture during the parliamentary audit. That explains why he came up with that crazy argument that workers need to work harder for less pay!


Nothing new, the Saenuri party has many more examples: Han Seon-gyo looked at an erotic picture and mimicked it in a session of parliament, and Shim Jae-cheol is counted among them. These examples are enough to say they might as well be called the “Sexnuri” Party.


Our great Sexuri Party lawmaker!


“Bikini” Seong-dong carries on the tradition of “Nude” [Shim] Jae-cheol.


It’s a pity. How can he get paid for doing such a thing?


Sexnuri party, never disappoints us. They are always fulfilling our expectations!


You feel good, don’t you? Huh? ke ke ke


That bastard gets several times more monthly pay than ordinary people do. The only answer is to dissolve the National Assembly.

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  • dwqeqwe

    Dafuq is wrong with koreans

    • dwqeqw

      Those posters I mean.

  • Black_Plague

    Really. Just how desperate do you have to be to look up on stuff like that in the middle of a parliamentary audit, of all places?

    Don’t these politicians have their own *alone* private time to gawk and fap?

    • Boris

      That’s the thing. If it were during downtime or in private, then there should be no issue. But during work time, then of course you deserve the shit you get when getting caught.

    • seno

      was he viewing a white girl or korean girl?

      • mindyzz

        and tht matters because?

        • seno

          if he was viewing a hite girl ,that makes him not only a lazy public servant but also a bannana

  • Anon

    I’m more horrified that here and now, in the year 2014, someone carries a mousepad with them to use on a wooden table.

    • 금정산

      Here’s a horror story for you. Using a mouse pad will silence the sounds of plastic skimming the tabletop. Also, resting the carpal area on hard surfaces can exacerbate the tendon strain.

      … Shocking!

  • elizabeth

    9 p.m.? Isn’t that after office hours? The report is too vague on details and context.

  • ht7h

    i bet he was just scrolling thru fb or whatever. theres all sort of shit on my tl as well

  • men will be men

    • 금정산

      The problem (and the reason this made headlines) is that he was at the National Assembly audit. It doesn’t matter if it was during his break, he’s a representative of the party and the public and should have known he was being watched.

      I know this may not have been your intention, but do you realise what you said insinuates that all men are unprofessional, like this?

      What exactly do you mean by “men will be men” in this context?

      • Sophia Dalke

        I’m so glad there are busybodies prepared to save us from representatives who might have some humanity. I am shocked, shocked and appalled that a man might be attracted to woman! So unprofessional! And to be looking a picture which in the context of an MPAA rating would be PG at worst… What’s next, dogs and cats living together?

        So much hand wringing over absolutely nothing. People need to get over their repression.

        • 금정산

          I think Koreans are much less prude than many Westerners realise – but sex needs to be hidden. Do you think it’s a problem for a party lawmaker to be using his smartphone to browse a girl in her bikini during an audit?

          • Sophia Dalke

            My point is that a girl in a bikini isn’t “sex”. It’s something you might see in a movie rated for kids, or indeed just in public on a beach. There is no scandal except for those who just desperately want to make into one for their own political gain.

    • jin

      Women should be women and stay in the kitchen. See what I did there?

  • x1sfg

    Remember the time one Congressman got caught looking at porn during a session? Nobody cared. Non news, everyone knows laws or integrity don’t apply to our lawmakers and “societal elite”

  • zachary T

    I would vote for a “sexnuri” party

  • Small twon

    Sometimes I wish we export South Korea politician to North Korea for 1000 won…wait..they can’t afford to do that..sigh…Is it possible to “donate” politician to North Korea ?

  • dark

    Your tax money! Do something about it.

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