Celebrity Tweets her Love for Animals, Netizens not Convinced

Lee Hyori has upset a few netizens

Lee Hyori, a long-time soju model and singer, is attracting netizens’ criticism with her recent tweets about animal rights. She said ‘Don’t ignore the inconvenient truth of what we are eating’ before she retweeted an announcement of SBS documentary series ‘Animals, Conditions of Happiness’. Netizens are criticising her for being aggressive and judgemental; the fact that she used to be a PR ambassador of Hanwoo(Korean beef) Association does not help her make a reasonable point, either. She is also hosting a reality show, ‘Golden 12’, which has been depicting her eco-friendly life style and love for animals.

Once a meateater, Lee Hyori now promotes vegetarianism

Once a meateater, Lee Hyori now promotes vegetarianism

From Nate:

Lee Hyori’s admonition on meat eating; ‘Don’t turn a blind eye to the inconvenient truth!’

‘Don’t ignore the truth because it’s inconvenient.’

Singer and TV personality Lee Hyori highlights her concern and shows her infinite passion for animal protection.

On the morning of the 10th, she used her own twitter to publish, ‘Don’t ignore the inconvenient truth. See the truth of what we [who populate this world] are eating.’

Prior to this she also retweeted, ‘Tonight, 11.10PM SBS Special, Animals, Conditions of Happiness Part 1 – If meat hurts, humans hurt.’ Do you know the life of your meat?’

It looks like this sentence is what started, Lee Hyori’s (a known animal lover) passion for animals. This program is a shock documentary about ‘The beef and chicken on our dining tables; that meat also had a life and existence. Where and how did they live? How did they die?’

The program includes themes that talk of the meat placed on our dining table that previously had a life, had emotions similar to our own. And finally that the right to fair treatment is a key principle.

Lee Hyori is an animal lover to the point that the representative socialtainer [portmanteau of ‘society’ and ‘entertainer’] takes proactive action at the non-governmental organisations. These kinds of phrases are capturing netizens’ eyes due to her recent declaration of vegetarianism, which also grabbed a lot of attention.

Meateater or maneater?

Comments from Nate:


A real twitter *******


This kind of piece is really inconvenient isn’t it…Celebrities who promote Korean beef whilst having a conscience about vegetarianism are hilarious but even so


We humans’ existence itself is a burden for the environment.. Don’t turn a blind eye to the inconvenient truth? What does she want us to do, committing suicide?


There’s nothing scarier than a fool having a conviction.


Maybe she is feeding her dog with vegetables, not dog foods.


She is a worst kind of vegetarian. Humans have always been omnivores, and it’s natural. But some vegetarians label omnivores as primitive, vicious and I hate that; they are usually pretentious people without deep philosophy, and she might be one of them.

Being vegetarian is fine: it can be beneficial to the environment, but that doesn’t mean that eating meat makes the rest of us evil. It is simply a way of life. I am not uncomfortable because she showed us ‘the inconvenient truth’ of eating meat; I am uncomfortable about her self-righteous attitude, even though meat has been a crucial part of the human diet, not just the pleasures of eating. Aren’t her comments close to vilifying the ancestors or her own roots? I don’t want to see self-righteous people like her any more.


Turning a blind eye or whatever! Why don’t you quietly follow your belief? Why can’t you shut up about it? Besides, you are wrong: we are not the only animals eating meat. Dissuade lions from eating meat, and then I’ll give up too.


Ms Lee Hyori, you shouldn’t take medicine when you’re sick because they are all animal-tested. And also stop using cosmetics (which contain animal fat), wallets, handbags, purses…


You are the one who’s turning a blind eye to the truth. Do you think only animals have lives and existence? So do grass and vegetables. Why do you keep seeing only one side? It’s uncomfortable to see her breaking the conformity.


Did you apologise to the Hanwoo Association? http://www.ihanwoo.org/ [Lee Hyo-ri used to be a PR ambassador, not too long ago she became a vegetarian.]


Ms Lee, there are millions of micro lives in vegetables and water. What you eat, drink, wear, and the house you live in… There’s nothing we humans don’t take advantage of the environment. What we have to remember is the attitude of gratitude.


Ms Lee, why don’t you stop using your car? You should walk or ride a bicycle. Don’t turn a blind eye to the inconvenient truth.


What is wrong with her? I’m truly worried about her mental health.


Stop pushing us. Animals would be better off without your comments.


Stop talking bullshit, you ex-PR ambassador-of-the Hanwoo Association. You want to be a vegetarian, then be a vegetarian, and stop talking about it. Animals kill and eat each other in wild environment.


She is talking like she has NEVER eaten meat before. ke ke It sounds like a sin to eat meat.


What the heck is wrong with her?


It makes her look neither thoughtful nor sensible, but cheap.


ke ke ke Is she pushing us into a vegetarian life? What’s the freaking truth she’s talking about? ke ke ke


I like vegetarian life style or whatever.. I think she will no longer be relevant in the entertainment industry, if she keeps on acting like this.

Lee Hyori is also known for promoting her puppies

Lee Hyori is also known for promoting her puppies

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