Ladygate: ‘Cup Noodle Girl’ Divides Netizen Opinion

Cup noodle girl

Hot on the trail of ‘Hair Ripping Girl‘ and ‘Date Girl‘ comes ‘Cup Noodle Girl’! The female in question this time appears to be a young and hungry school-age girl eating cup noodles on the Busan Metro. Although we’ve all had a cheeky nibble on public transport (or in some instances, a boozy picnic), nonetheless poor ‘Cup Noodle Girl’ has captured the imagination of netizens and rather interestingly actually divided opinion. Whilst some Internet dwellers have been happy to take it all out on ‘Cup Noodle Girl’, sympathetic netizens have also leapt to her defence.

Interestingly, ‘Porno Man on Line 1‘ (involving a man appearing to be in his sixties watching porn on full volume on his smartphone during rush hour), got nowhere near as much attention [and hence was not covered by koreaBANG].

From Nate:

‘Busan’s Pot Noodle Girl’ Divides Netizen Opinion

Photos taken of a young woman on the underground sitting in the priority seat (usually reserved for the elderly and disabled) whilst eating cup noodles has caused stirred controversy amongst netizens.

On the 9th, a photo titled ‘Busan’s Cup Noodle Girl’ was published on an online community bulletin board.

In the photo, what is thought to be two school-age girls are sitting in priority seats whilst chatting with one of the pair eating a cup noodles.

The photo, has spread rapidly via SNS and has had netizens commenting, ‘The smell of cup noodle is quite strong, don’t you know public etiquette?’, ‘Please don’t act bizarrely on the underground’ whilst displaying anger at the image of eating cup noodles on a public metro.

In particularly, one netizen without hesitation rudely commented, ‘She’s not just fat, she also doesn’t have any self- awareness.’

On the other hand there are also concerns that this is just another victim of a witch-hunt.

Of course, eating in a public area is wrong but a personal attack is an excessive response. Particularly, there has also been concern regarding invasion to the girl’s address as her face is only partially hidden.

Comments from netizens restraining themselves from personal attack have also been seen; ‘Although she made a mistake, we should refrain from person attacks.’, ‘People who see something like that and just take a photo are also a problem,’ ‘Quit attacking her individually, she has a friend next to her and it looks like there’s some kind of situation.’

Comments from Nate:


Wow, she’s really going at it! With such dedication! Are the noodles alive?


Release her identity and have her stand in a People’s Court. It’s the wish of this nation’s people.


Of course there are many attacks from outsiders [people who don’t even know the situation.]


I wonder where the hot water [for the noodles] come from…she really has no manners. That’s also a seat for the elderly…


Everybody, please understand. It’s a priority seat [for the elder and disabled]. Having no brain is also a disability.


These days you carry a gas oven out and simmer eggs to eat with rice. Just lay out newspaper…


That’s a girl!?


Don’t you dare, towards this poor girl. Maybe she became dizzy and so ate quickly.


Moreover, you’re sitting in an elderly-reserved seat…


You know that eating has never been allowed on the metro, additionally…you know you can’t sit in priority seats.


…if you can’t maintain your body there’s no helping it…live to eat…

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