Ladygate: ‘Cup Noodle Girl’ Divides Netizen Opinion

Cup noodle girl

Hot on the trail of ‘Hair Ripping Girl‘ and ‘Date Girl‘ comes ‘Cup Noodle Girl’! The female in question this time appears to be a young and hungry school-age girl eating cup noodles on the Busan Metro. Although we’ve all had a cheeky nibble on public transport (or in some instances, a boozy picnic), nonetheless poor ‘Cup Noodle Girl’ has captured the imagination of netizens and rather interestingly actually divided opinion. Whilst some Internet dwellers have been happy to take it all out on ‘Cup Noodle Girl’, sympathetic netizens have also leapt to her defence.

Interestingly, ‘Porno Man on Line 1‘ (involving a man appearing to be in his sixties watching porn on full volume on his smartphone during rush hour), got nowhere near as much attention [and hence was not covered by koreaBANG].

From Nate:

‘Busan’s Pot Noodle Girl’ Divides Netizen Opinion

Photos taken of a young woman on the underground sitting in the priority seat (usually reserved for the elderly and disabled) whilst eating cup noodles has caused stirred controversy amongst netizens.

On the 9th, a photo titled ‘Busan’s Cup Noodle Girl’ was published on an online community bulletin board.

In the photo, what is thought to be two school-age girls are sitting in priority seats whilst chatting with one of the pair eating a cup noodles.

The photo, has spread rapidly via SNS and has had netizens commenting, ‘The smell of cup noodle is quite strong, don’t you know public etiquette?’, ‘Please don’t act bizarrely on the underground’ whilst displaying anger at the image of eating cup noodles on a public metro.

In particularly, one netizen without hesitation rudely commented, ‘She’s not just fat, she also doesn’t have any self- awareness.’

On the other hand there are also concerns that this is just another victim of a witch-hunt.

Of course, eating in a public area is wrong but a personal attack is an excessive response. Particularly, there has also been concern regarding invasion to the girl’s address as her face is only partially hidden.

Comments from netizens restraining themselves from personal attack have also been seen; ‘Although she made a mistake, we should refrain from person attacks.’, ‘People who see something like that and just take a photo are also a problem,’ ‘Quit attacking her individually, she has a friend next to her and it looks like there’s some kind of situation.’

Comments from Nate:


Wow, she’s really going at it! With such dedication! Are the noodles alive?


Release her identity and have her stand in a People’s Court. It’s the wish of this nation’s people.


Of course there are many attacks from outsiders [people who don’t even know the situation.]


I wonder where the hot water [for the noodles] come from…she really has no manners. That’s also a seat for the elderly…


Everybody, please understand. It’s a priority seat [for the elder and disabled]. Having no brain is also a disability.


These days you carry a gas oven out and simmer eggs to eat with rice. Just lay out newspaper…


That’s a girl!?


Don’t you dare, towards this poor girl. Maybe she became dizzy and so ate quickly.


Moreover, you’re sitting in an elderly-reserved seat…


You know that eating has never been allowed on the metro, additionally…you know you can’t sit in priority seats.


…if you can’t maintain your body there’s no helping it…live to eat…

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  • Brett Sanbon

    This is bogus… and pathetic. Actually I’m just jealous I havent been able to find girls doing anything interesting on the subway yet. I will have the pics up when I do!

    Also, porno grandpa sounds like a funny story. I wish I saw that in person. I wouldve laughed so loud on the train ㅋㅋㅋㅋ.

  • Sam Eum

    Could I ask for your opinions on the priority seats? Why is it such a taboo to sit in them? As long as you give you seat up, when a person in need comes along, I think it’s perfectly fine to sit in them… People can be such hypocrites.. I see seats with the same marking in the buses and no one gives a damn when an elder is nearby… tsk tsk

    • An anonymous boy…

      From what I’ve seen it doesn’t appear to be taboo in many places in the world, but my experience of Korea has been quite limited.

      I think by letting people set in these seats, there is an assumption that these people will have courtesy toward the elderly or disabled, but I feel like most of the time that isn’t going to be true ( at least from my experiences around the world ) .

      In part if the seats are occupied, the elderly person might not set down when they would otherwise would have because they will not ask, and the people in the seats will not offer.

      On buses, the driver could easily enforce the rule to be courtesy and solve such problems, but I’ve only seen a few do such.

      • Sam Eum

        That sounds very reasonable. Thanks for sharing!

    • Gabrielle

      Well *you* think it’s fine, but Koreans don’t.
      I’ve some Chinese girl being quietly and politely told to leave.

      It seems that they’re aware that young people wouldn’t move their ass once they’re seated and they’re pragmatic about it.

      I don’t know, I think a prefer Korean way than my hometown’s way when nobody leave their seat.

      • YouNeverKnow

        I’ll try to explain as clearly as possible..Say you went to work in sat in the bosses chair, but when he comes you move out of the seat. Do you see something ok with that? As you probably know, the eldery in korea more respected than compared to other countries, so as a young teenager to sit in an eldery seat isn’t looked kindly upon.

        • Sam Eum

          That’s a very good example~
          But this isn’t a “Elder’s chair” so to speak, but more of a “Priority seat”
          We’ve made a taboo around it and transformed it into what you are talking about.

      • Sam Eum

        I’ll have you know I AM an Korean~
        And a polite one at that^^

        I’m just asking why people think it should be enforced in a subway but don’t care on a bus..

  • TheNoob

    There should be a law for people against randomly taking photos of you in subway then uploading it….these subway photos are getting out of hand….shes just eating a cup of noodles for god sakes. Leave her alone!!!! I would like to know where she got the hot water from lol

  • k

    I really don’t get what is wrong about eating in public, sometimes you have to when you are very busy and have to eat on the go. I find the netizens comments more classless then this girls behavior, as it seems they are more concerned about attacking her weight and appearance then anything. Just because she isn’t one of the 90 lbs plastic divas in 6 in heel glory teetering around the subway in a skirt up her butt doesn’t mean she isn’t “female” or “fat” or “disgusting”. Koreans really need to stop being so superficial about appearances, there is more then one kind of beauty in world other then on their k pop dramas. Also she may have been sitting in the priority seat because she was ill and that may of been why she was eating, no ome knows the situation. It should be a crime to ostrasize this girl over something as innocent as eating noodles…..

    • Chucky3176

      Man… listen to your lecture..

      It’s some typical trash response from a trash story. Can’t we just leave it at that without going into indignation and all the usual stereotypes of 90lb plastic surgery Korean women?

      Goodness gracious.

      • h3ll

        I dont sense any indignation about her comment,actually it sounds quite realistic,If her looks would be more like Lee Hyori type,the netizens comments would vary from “poor girl..having to eat at subway because she works too much to take care of her family/ study too much to be the best”.Of course this is not particular in Korea,it happens everywhere,just seems that koreans priviledge more the looks than others.
        About prority seats,I dont see the trouble using them while the subway car is almost empty.
        Btw I like Lee Hyori^^

        • chucky3176

          Sorry, but that theory didn’t exactly pan out with the dog feces girl in the subway, and the girl who was caught torturing and killing a pet cat. They were good looking as far as I can tell, and nobody exactly gave them a benefit of the doubt. Eating in the subway, and a fat girl will bring up comments about the girl’s weight, that’s only natural in the anonymous world of the internet. Hold up the same scene in the North American sites, what comments would you get? Would be the comments be any better?

          • Ray

            Actually I agree with chucky, it seems like if the girl was prettier then it’ll just generate more hate about how girls theses days think they can do anything just because they got looks.

          • James

            Agree with Chucky too – these are just netizen comments – they don’t reflect all of Korean society (just as idiots trolling YouTube don’t reflect all of English-speaking society either).

          • h3ll

            Well,the context were different in those cases,since torturing animals and feces are very shocking, evil and disturbing actions rather than eating a noodles bowl at subway.Pretty or not.
            People tends to think fat people only spend time eating so I understand the nature of the netizen´s comments, that´s why I said previously “…this is not particular in Korea,it happens everywhere…” so If I hold up this scene in American sites the comments would be the same.So exactly the same positive feedback if she would have been prettier or probably ignored since many people tends to eat at subway. You should not take it as a critical comment ,after all I´m just expressing what I got from korean media where they portrait looks over other qualities.
            Btw, I like your posts in CS.^^

      • Justforone

        The folks that gave just cause to this are mere Simpletons.

    • lonetrey

      Agreed. This is just the Korean equivalent of eating on the go. Or maybe just this Korean girl. Either way, why should we care? Commentors about the food-eating should be intentionally starved for a day, and then beaten when they try to sneak a bite while in transport. Ahahaha

    • In Korean culture, eating is seen as an “occasion”, you’re only supposed to eat at a table, not walk around or on local transit vehicle. (A long distance bus is another matter.) The older generation would definitely say that girl was rude.

  • Chelle

    I do not think it is so shocking that porno grandpa story did not become more popular because if you think about it, the “netizens” do not actually represent the Korean public as a whole. For a variety of reasons they are overrepresenting the ideas of men who have leisure time to make those comments.

    • Anonton


  • Bruce Tutty

    a cup of noddles?…oh grow up, we have a global crsis at the moment!

    • fea25565e


  • sojubang

    Whats next, muddy shoes girl or perhaps chewing gum girl? haha.
    What I would like to see is a girl on the subway with a gas stove and cook some Galbi, while drinking a case of Soju with a lit cuban cigar in her mouth.. that I would pay to see.. haha

  • lonetrey

    This is just the Korean equivalent of eating on the go. Or maybe just this Korean girl. Either way, why should we care? Commentors about the food-eating should be intentionally starved for a day, and then beaten when they try to sneak a bite while in transport. Ahahaha

    As for her appearance, comments are just typical internet bullshit. Congrats Soouth Koreans, you’ve joined your American brothers (and international brothers) in the long line of trolling. Welcome to the prestigious club.

    Sitting in a priority while there are other seats open around around her is just nitpicking. Just laugh at commentors who made a big deal, and walk away from them. I just have to be careful not to trip over the stick rammed up their asses, lol

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  • Tickle Monster

    Too much sodium in ramen.

  • Paul M

    *sighs* Another ladygate. It’s to be expected in a society where confrontation is frowned upon. People see someone behaving in a way that is out of the ordinary and instead of asking them politely to stop whatever it is they are doing, take a picture and post the sordid details all over the interwebs.

  • Janelle

    So stupid. Occasionally I do see people sitting in the priority/elderly seat, but those people do stand up when someone who needs that seat comes by. She probably would have done the same thing.

    I dunno if people care if she’s eating on the train, but there’s no rules against it as far as I know. I feel a little out of place when I have a soda or water on the subway, but there are vending machines right at the doors so I say go for it. (Yeah cup ramyun is a little unusual but as long as she doesn’t make a mess then whatever).

  • vetomon

    In Hong Kong that girl would be punched in the face by all the passengers and may be she will have to clean all her blood off the floor of the car.

  • jianfei

    What a fucking load of bullshit! She pay’s for a ticket so she can sit on a seat, its no one’s business if she eats her Spicy Ramen while sitting there, common sense says she wont spill them!

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