Former Politician Still In the Running for Korean Talent Show

Ex-politician Kang Yong Suk

As koreaBANG reported earlier this year, ex-national assembly member Kang Yong-suk auditioned for the TV programme, ‘Super Star K’, which is the Korean equivalent of the X Factor. While at the time his decision to audition was largely seen as ridiculous, perhaps he was more serious about his potential career path than the public thought. It turns out, he did not get eliminated right away: he made it to the third round, where he faced a panel of celebrity judges. Though we have yet to discover whether Kang’s last audition was successful, netizens have been very vocal about his tenacity in the pop world. Many find the news about him reaching the third round hilarious, likening him to ex-Presidential candidate Huh Kyung-young who is never shy of showing his creative side.

From Nate:

Kang Yong-suk auditioned for the third preliminary for ‘Super Star K’ Season 4

Ex-Rep. Kang Yong-suk is once again gathering attention for participating in the third preliminary round for ‘Super Star K’ Season 4.

According to several people associated with the show, on August 13 Kang auditioned for the Seoul regional preliminary, which is the third round before the show started. He made it past the first, second preliminary.

One of the associates of the show said ‘When Mr Kang applied for Super Star K, we didn’t think he would do well. But we’re all surprised that he’s making it straight through to the third preliminary.’

An online website disclosed Kang’s picture as he waited for the audition with a name tag, ‘Kang Yong-suk’ on his torso.

At the first preliminary of the show, contestants send ‘UCC video’ to be evaluated and they get to meet the judges at the second round with their name tags that includes an array of random alphabets and numbers. Seeing the name tag on the picture of him, Mr Kang seems to have made it through to the third round.

Kang Yong-suk singing at a noraebang

Kang Yong-suk’s auditon video

This is particularly interesting because at the third preliminary, the contestants get to meet celebrity judges. The Seoul preliminary judges were Lee Seung-cheol, Baek Ji-young, and Gil.

Since Kang has been known for his ‘unfiltered’ remarks, it should be an interesting scene to see him being in a weak position, hearing harsh comments. People start asking about what song he sang, whether he did well, and what the judges said to him.

However, a staff member of the show declined to answer questions about Kang’s progress: ‘The episode didn’t even hit the air, I cannot confirm how far he has made it.’

Meanwhile, ‘Super Star K’ Season 4 will air at 11PM on August 17th, following the opening ceremony on the 15th that wraps up the whole preliminary auditions of the show at LA, New York (US), Sydney (Australia), and one of the military bases in South Korea.

Comments from Nate:


What is wrong with this guy….


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke He’s even funnier than Huh Kyung-young ke ke ke


Is he gonna sue the judges when he gets eliminated?


This ajossi’s life must not be boring.


I’m going to sue in 60 seconds.


Honestly, I think he’s pretty cool. Who could be as care-free as he is? And although he seems eccentric now, he helped a lot of poor people when he was a lawyer. The Grand National Party tried to politically assassinate him, yet he couldn’t care less. I hope he keeps on driving his own life.


*sigh*………. Why did I pay taxes?


I heard he has a lot of debt. I feel sorry for him.. Way to go, mate!


Huh Kyung-young + Kang Yong-suk could make a hip-hop duo like Deux! Who am I, and where am I! [Deux is a K-pop idol band from early to mid-90s. This comment refers to one of their song.]


Kang Yong-suk should release a digital single like Huh Kyung-young did: Look at my eyes, you’ll get sued. Look at my eyes, you’ll get defamation charges. Call my name; you’ll be arrested for impersonation. Sing my song; you’ll get copyrights infringement charges. Call my name three times in a day; eventually, you’ll get sued. Don’t be shy. Do it Right Now![parodying Huh Kyung-young’s song]


He was so good during a university debate. He surely graduated from Harvard. [He went to Harvard law school.]


You’re a man of will ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


How freaking funny it would be when he stands awkward among 20-something kids, singing in a group. ke


He’s the man of the house. What’s in his mind doing this nonsense..


When you don’t make it through the audition, are you going to sue them?


Whatever.. This is a free country..


Lee Seung-cheol says, ‘You are not as motivated as you were when you were suing around. You’re not going to the next round.’


Will power!


He’s going to sue them when he’s sent home.


Don’t comment on this article. You’ll get sued.

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