Korean ‘Justin Bieber’ Steals Limelight on TV Talent Show


The most talked about musicians on the most popular audition show in South Korea are also its youngest at just 13, (Bang Yedam) and a combined 29 for the two members of Akdong Musician, brother and sister, Lee Chan-hyeok and Lee Su-hyeon, who had been living in Mongolia when they joined the show:

Short-statured and long-haired Bang Yedam, has already been dubbed the Korean Justin Bieber by fans, while the first performance from Akdong Musician has attracted over 3.3 million views on Youtube, more than any other artist’s performance. Akdong Musician is also currently number 8 on Billboard’s K-Pop chart.

Bang Yedam and Akdong Musician had a popular combined performance in early January, during which Yedam practiced to sound like a young Michael Jackson:

And here is a translation of Akdong Musician’s most popular song, written and performed by themselves, ‘Don’t Cross Your Legs’:

From YouTube:

Akdong Musician – Don’t Cross Your Legs

Don’t cross your legs, don’t don’t cross them
Don’t cross your legs, don’t don’t cross them
Don’t cross your legs, don’t don’t cross them

(Lee Chan-hyeok sings)
You showed me your style and really got to me
You didn’t hide yourself, just lifted one leg and put it on the other
You crossed your legs, yes you did
Now my legs are falling asleep, feeling those pins and needles

(Lee Su-hyeon sings)
You showed me arrogance and really got to me
Made a tight fist, hit the desk with all you had
You crossed your legs, one on top the other
Now I’m losing all sensation, starting with my toes

Walking away with your nose in the air (Lee Chan-hyeok sings)
But I’m right, I can see it in your eyes(Lee Su-hyeon sings)
I know it’s useless to fight you, so I stretched out my legs but you kept yours crossed (Lee Chan-hyeok sings)

Go out in the city and you can see them
dresses and pants of every shape and color
In every one are a pair of irresistible legs
I see you sitting alone on a park bench with your legs crossed
looks like you’re waiting impatiently
But that’s not it
You’ve let your legs fall asleep

Don’t cross your legs, don’t don’t cross them
Don’t cross your legs, don’t don’t cross them
Don’t cross your legs, don’t don’t cross them

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  • monmon

    Such cute and talented kids! (´ ▽`).。o♡

  • chucky3176

    He’s no Justin Bieber. He (they) can actually sing.

    • Brett

      Beats waiting 4 days for a new story.
      Shit meant to reply to your “slow news day” post.

  • Pickyy

    you think he would look good for being a korean justin bieber. he’s more of a bruno mars, nice voice not so much appearance.

  • Wang that!

    Will give credit where it’s due…

    nicely done with some serious coaching and direction… these 3 can be something great.

  • commander

    A series of auditions in South Korea to idenify hidden talent are presumably based on the awakening within the entertainment industry that present K-pop idol groups, as if produced at identical factories, have parallel looks, group dancing, and undistinguishable genre of music.

    As a result, the public find themselves increasingly fed up with young singers predominately in their teens.

    The imperative for the industry that sees an exponential rise in profits from performnaces and sales of albums overseas is to dig out talents with fresh, spontaneous glamor with no trace of artificiality, though newly found gem might need some training to make their flairs more shining.

    This perception turns out to be right. Many TV viewsers are enthusiastic about performances by the sibling duo, lavishing praises on their musical talent that many commentators say will be more sophisticated over time.

    Psy, humorously called the most recognizable Korean celebrity around the globe, is the trailblazer for the prospect of K-pop advacing into Western music market, though skeptics say his colossal success is not from musical appreciation, but from funny and languable dancing with catchy refrains.

    But what is agreed on among praisers and skeptics is that to attracto global attention to K pop, it is inevitable to break away from monotonous manufacuring of teenage singers and into spotting talents that grow up with innate musical likings, not with desire for success on the stage.

    It remains to be seen whether the duo will open the first door for a diversified K pop and global spotlight once again.

  • chucky3176

    It must be slow news day when Kbang starts printing stories from Youtube.

  • How dare you to compare a talented person with JB? lol

  • hun

    Why do korea always compare their artists to american artists?…

    • Take that back, you motherfucker. Justin Bieber is not American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • hun

        but!! he’s won American Music Awards. Nationality isn’t American but he is an artist in America which technically means.. he still is an American artist. Like if someone from korea were to talk about Shakira US songs, they would label her as an American artist instead of a columbian-artist.

        you feel?

        • mwanafa

          Well sed!

        • No one would consider Shakira an American artist.

          Would you consider K-pop artists to be Japanese artists because they’ve released albums in Japanese and won Japanese awards?

          Because they certainly wouldn’t. And neither would their fans.

          Most British music artists would smack you if you called them “American” just because they sell albums and perform here.

          • hun

            She makes music in america, i consider her an american artist, it has >nothing to do with nationality< but the type of music and who the target audiences are.

            ..and K-pop artists who go to Japan to make Japanese songs for the Japanese audience would now be considered Japanese artists, it doesn't make them japanese nationality wise but job-wise.

            (btw.. If kpop is pop music sung in korean, then isn't kpop sung in japanese now j-pop? :o )

            There's a difference between being an American artist and becoming an American-artist.

          • holdingrabbits

            I think the difference between Korea and some other places might be the language though. English bands and American bands both speak English. If an Irish band became famous and most of their fans were in America, let’s call this band “U2,” they would still be called an Irish band. Ireland is too small though to play tons of shows and become millionaires doing it. No one calls them an American band though. Think about Radiohead who has a worldwide audience and usually go to #1 on the worldwide charts when they release an album, they’re still British.

            I see what you’re saying, but I think it’s because of a language gap that doesn’t exist in English speaking countries, of which there are many. Even if someone sings in English but isn’t from an English speaking country, we still call them by whichever country they originated from. Astrud Gilberto is from Brazil, but she sang English songs, still she’s a Brazilian artist. There’s no need to claim her as an American artist. Do you know what I mean?

          • hun

            You’re still talking about nationality of that certain band though. If an artist comes and live in america or to make music for american audiences i think that classifies them enough as an “american artist”. I don’t think any artists who has a dream to become an american artist wouldn’t want to be recognized as such. Like psy for ex. hes a korean artist but now that he’s in america hes making an english songs for american audiences in america which puts him as an “american artist”. I’m not saying they’re “American” but more in the sense of music.

          • holdingrabbits

            Oh, I’m not disagreeing that you think that. I’m just pointing out that no one else thinks that.

      • SWalkerTTU

        Well, Canada is part of North America, so in some sense he is American. I mean, he’s certainly not European or African or Asian, is he?

        • If I had a dime for every time someone brought up that silly semantic argument, I’d have a lot of dimes.

        • Just had to Say..

          By that logic, couldn’t we deem Ronald Reagan a Mexican..?

      • khat311

        what the person said isn’t wrong. Amber,Nichkhun,Victoria,Fei,jia,etc,etc.
        technically aren’t korean idols but they are kpop idols because they stabely promote and sing in Korea and it is there main indsutry.
        Justin isn’t an American artist, but he is a US pop star, since his music is based,made,promoted and released primarily promoted in america.
        music wise justin does nothing in Canada but release songs and tour.
        The US is in the industry he promotes in not Canada so that is the place he can be categorized in.

    • dk2020

      because thats whats globally pop and who anybody can identify with .. you know who the bieber is ..

      • hun

        That’s my point. They’re comparing their talent to already well known people and that’s weird. Isn’t it better to let an artist manifest into something unique and showcase/becoming something else besides comparing them to a generic and alrdy placed pop star? Comparing musician artists just makes their talents feel unappreciated and pretty much makes an americanized person like me think “ugh another one?”(you can see from this comment section already) or something along those lines. This “korean justin bieber” thing explains that perfectly, much more where that came from too.

        • dk2020

          No, even in American pop they always compare .. Usher is the new Michael Jackson .. Macklemore is the new Eminem .. Kobe is the new Jordan etc .. you’re reading too much into it .. if they wrote this kid was the new Kim Gun Mo would you know who that was? and it’s only the opinion of the person that wrote this article ..

          • hun

            Yeah.. they compare artists in america to other american artists. Things like this article compares two different countries talents and puts them on the same scale, don’t you find that weird at all?

            “Short-statured and long-haired Bang Yedam, has already been dubbed the Korean Justin Bieber by fans,”

            This is from the article. Forgive me, it’s not even comparing anymore, it’s placing a famous american pop star name on a korean kid to garner attention.

          • Stop calling him American, goddammit.

          • hun

            he’s technically an american artist, not nationality but job-wise how can you not see that?

          • Brett

            So, were the Beatles American artists as well?

          • dk2020

            smh .. do you even listen to kpop or you just want to ridicule? just don’t mind it if you don’t like it dude .. how come theres no vpop comin out of them paris by night shows .. if its a viet show how come they use paris in the name? same thing with justin bieber .. its no big deal, get over it ..

          • hun

            I listen to korean music but not kpop if that’s what you want to know although knowing what i do and dont listen to has no relevance to this subject at all.

            “just don’t mind it if you don’t like it dude”

            That’s a pretty tough mindset for me to uphold because i like to talk about things that dissatisfies me. Same can be applied to a lot of people.

            its equivalent to: “well i don’t like it but oh well not gonna voice my opinion on it.”

            see how this wouldn’t work out for me?

            There’s a difference between a country comparing and your own country being compared to. Paris by night refers to foreigners who labeled vietnam as well.. “paris by night” completely different than korean fans who label their own artists/talents such as “korean version justin bieber”. It’s also made particularly for the south vietnamese who fled vietnam which means.. it’s for the old people with a ton of folk music and traditional performances. It isn’t even legally purchasable in Vietnam.

            “how come theres no vpop comin out of them paris by night shows”
            um they do? Where’d you get this information from? It’s just not like korea where kpop usually refers to boybands and girl groups.

            I’m criticizing these korean fan labels because i like korea and i want them to nurture their own artists into something of their own and not compare them to overseas not because i want to ridicule them. Don’t you know, people make criticisms because they want improvement?

    • Craig

      Net reporters want to compare to somebody famous to make many people to click their articles and they’re usually don’t know foreigner artists except american’s famous artists. Most Koreans have no interest in other countries.

  • dk2020

    This French group Phoenix made a MV that looks like a bunch of scenes of Kdramas which makes no sense lols .. but cool song nonetheless ..

  • Cyberia

    “Korean Justin Bieber”

    …and this is a good thing because…?

  • Elf Queen

    These are the first teenagers I saw for the longest who dont make duckmouths and take a self picture in the bathroom.So way to go!

  • Elf Queen

    They actually look 13 and up and not 23. Most teenagers now look like adults.

  • Japanese media is saying. He is Japanese ;o)

  • dk2020

    half korean filipino rapper makin some noise in kpop .. i can tell he’s gyopo too with the konglish flow lol .. sounds like tyga .. i can dig it ..

  • elizabeth

    I am not saying the kid doesn’t have talent but I think the Koreans should encourage potential talents like these to walk their own original paths rather than glorify imitations and promote Justin Bieber’s of the east. The Koreans are some of the most talented Asians, and love or hate him/his style, PSY has got the world imitating him. That’s the way to go.

  • The Enlightened One

    LMAO they remind me of that group… Hansen or whatever… you know?

    They two guys with the long hair and the one guy with the short hair and all three look weird. God I hated that group!


  • Jang

    Big dorky fake glasses might be cool in school but they ain’t cool on stage, does Justin Bieber where them?

  • MeCampbell30

    Why no comments on abortion article?

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