Feminist Feels Pity For Men in Continued Online Misogyny Debate


The ‘battleground,’ according to some

As the online misogyny trend continues to spread on the Korean Internet, the battle of the sexes reaches new heights, with the following article by popular culture critic Eri Kim becoming one of the most commented articles of the week on web portal Nate. 

From NEWSis:

‘What Boseulachi, You Pitiable Men’

The online debate over the Boseulachi continues unabated. This week saw the Twitter war between Chin Jung-kwon, the ‘prince of tongue-lashing’ and Sung Jae-gi, the representative of the Man of Korea.

Boseulachi is a neologism that combines the derogatory term for vagina boji and the Chosun period term for state official ‘Byeoseul-achi’, meaning a sense of entitlement for having a vagina. Examples include the gold-digging beanpaste girl, demanding men to incur the cost of dating, or asking their boyfriends to buy them luxury goods or clear personal debts; worse yet, they would easily spread their legs to men with expensive import cars.

On the surface of it, this debate seems to have been sparked by a sexual double standard widespread in South Korea. In return for sexual favours, or ‘services’, women could demand financial remuneration. Brutally put, sex is not something to be enjoyed or cherished between two loving people but something to be exchanged by the medium of money – virginity for money, which men liken to prostitute mentality.

In a patriarchal society, female sexuality free of male control is seen as essentially that of prostitution. So, these women are the most well-adjusted ones in this market place of sexual economy.

Women defend their practice of off-loading the cost of dating onto men on the ground that they have to spend money to make themselves look good. Dieting to the point of injuring health, widespread plastic surgery, expensive handbags likewise all fall under this light.

Underlying this gender inequity is the structural inequality prevalent in our society. Ironically, Korean men almost exclusively value women on their looks, thereby fuelling the demand for boseulachis.

The global gender gap study released by the World Economic Forum in 2011 places South Korea in 107th place out of 135, hitting the floor real hard. [Errata: South Korea was ranked 99 out of 135] To this cold fact, there are men in South Korea who believe this is just a manipulation. At the same time, the Male of Korea group encourages the sexual fantasy of marrying statue-like white women towering over them. However, in western societies Asian men are seen as sexually and physically inferior and handicapped by the perception of pre-modern patriarchal behaviours  making them deficient and unattractive. Their only viable market for white bride is places like Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Armenia, where the Korean Won has some purchasing power over the local economy.


Looking at it deeper still, one finds the deep structure of ‘winner-takes-it-all’, hyper-competitive society in which male losers increasingly resort to sexual violence to vent their fallen status, all too well shown by the number of high-profile rape cases. Rape is an unforgivable crime perpetrated as the last means by which to assert masculinity and phallic potency. The effort to recover the voice of the socially marginalized men is undoubtedly a good thing. But the nadir of the discussion is off by several miles. Unloading ‘masculinity’ or ‘crushing psychological burden’ which is the purported objective of the Korean Masculinist Association by professor Jung Chae-gi is a welcome occasion. His research conceives gender relations not in terms of antagonism but as cooperation.

Missing the big picture of the flawed social structure and popular perception and instead highlighting the idea of ‘reverse discrimination’ is quite lamentable, especially given the extremely limited number of successful women in our society.

One Twitter comment is dead-on in this regard. ‘Not good enough to be a prince and not diligent enough to be a butler, these men hate women because no woman finds them desirable, well DUH.’

Gender equality is the final phase of the human liberation, together with the complete abolition of discrimination against sexual minorities. Liberation of women is a proud chapter on the book of human liberation.

Not appreciating the difference between sexual discrimination and sexual difference is yet another issue. What gets said at the end of nearly all debates is ‘well, women should do military service as well’. Well, tough luck chums. Only other countries that maintain male-only conscription service are the gender equality top-ranker such as Norway, Denmark and Finland, and even in Norway, the top country for gender equality in the world there is no public outcry about women missing out on military service.

‘Crying wolf over time in the country with the lowest birth rate in the world? Shut your mouth, period without maternity is just a physical disability.’ This tweet by Sung Jae-gi indicates that he does not understand the structural reality underpinning the reasons as to why women are not getting pregnant in the first place, only venting his misogynistic sentiments publicly. I ought to not dignify this sickening comment with an answer but one ought to point out the ‘menstruation holiday’ in South Korea. This was legislated as a protective barrier for maternity but in an extremely competitive and pressurized Korean corporate environment I never heard of anyone actually taking advantage of this holiday.

In principle I agree with the idea of giving some benefit to those who served in the military. However, men do not actually need the institutionalized additional point system in the job market because they are a privileged group in employment and earning. Women are currently outperforming men in the corporate job market and other than civil servant entrance exams. However, it is well-known that women are discriminated against in the interview process for a number of pre-conceived notions such as lack of loyalty and physical endurance. Unemployment rate is a structural issue that we all face and women did not steal those jobs. This unfounded fear drives me to express excessive hostility and hate toward women.

Rape also permissible

If one were to search for boseulachi on Twitter, there is a comment ‘what is the standard for sexual equality? Can one nullify unique sexual difference into sexual sameness? If that is the case, create a shared public bath and make all bathrooms uni-sex, you boseulachis.’ But I did visit Scandinavia and co-ed bathrooms and shower facilities are common there. So are co-ed residents. If this were to be the case, there would be a rape-palooza in South Korea. Bigger Northern European men suffering from lack of sexual appetite compared to Korean men perhaps?

During Chuseok, there was a story of rape of woman which profoundly disturbed me. According to the report she was raped by a divorced man in his 40s who dragged her into his house while she passed out from alcohol. The comment that received the most thump-up was ‘Can’t blame a cat for not passing on his meal, can we?’ Sexual violence destroys one’s person-hood and does irreparable damage and yet no country in the world would think so lightly of rape as in South Korea. Men’s sexual desire is uncontrollable, that seems to be the popular consensus in South Korea. If a man passed out from binge drinking were robbed and his organ harvested, would we likely to blame him or the robber? A flicker of conscience was hardly there.

Korean men tend to perceive woman not as a full-person but a sexual object. Physical molestation or inappropriate physical contacts on busy public transit is on its way out due to enforcement but men still openly stare at female body parts. In places where women are respected, that would simply not fly. The correct way of going about it is, should a man find woman attractive, he ought to smile while making eye-contact instead. Through social reform and education this may be possible, and to this prospect I hang my hope.

Of course there are people with narrow views and petty-mindedness. Even in place like Norway there are psychopaths like Breivik. He even had plastic surgery to be more attractive to women and yet ended up murdering 77 people. During his trial he praised countries like South Korea and Japan as a model to aspire to, which is quite telling.

As Sung Jae-gi suggested in one interview, on the Internet even losers and outcasts could voice their ideas. I want them to know that this was realized without any historic effort. Other advanced countries with equal gender rights and equality, to which we all ought to aspire are alive and well in this world and yet they only blame feminism as the source of all evils for their personal difficulties. They make mockery out of to the world at large and erode our national competitiveness. To those who try to reverse the flow of progress and history, I sincerely hope they would stop.

Comments from Nate:


I hope people would not badmouth each other so harshly like this, but treat each other with respect. Women should learn to appreciate the favours they receive from men and men should stop feeling so victimized. Let’s have a win-win situation instead….


It starts off promisingly but by the half-way through she writes as if all men are rapists, mysoginists and internet haters. So she will get some kudos from her female base but it ended up becoming rubbish nonetheless. If she wants to pull out extreme cases, she should do the same for women as well. The rate of Korean women in prostitution, abortion rate, economic dependence, not a word is mentioned on any of these subjects. She is prime example of a boseulachi as such. If she were not so hypocritical, I would have appreciated her candour more. With a few fake anecdotes, this is packaged as an objective article.


Normal people with normal mindset always find normal opposite sex. Idiots always find like-minded equivalents in the opposite sex as well. To each to his and her own. If you don’t want to be badmouthed, don’t fight online, it is so pitiful.


Boji is a title? ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke, bozi title ke ke ke ke bozi bozi bozi bozi, what is so special about your boji you bozi-nazis.


I hate succubuses as well. Going dutch is only a right thing to do. And I too support additional points for men for their military service. Women get head-start in society while men squander their youth in barracks. I do understand that there are some brainless women out there as well. But that few does not represent the entire women folks. Let’s have some mutual respect.


A common thought among kimchi-bitches according to a wedding consulting company survey based on 649 seniors in university. 41% (instead of working, I would rather marry) Reasons for opting for marriage: 52% (easy life preferred) Ice-age in job market: ‘No need to work if married to a rich man’. Reasons for pursuing postgrad studies, joining gym, having plastic surgery: ‘to meet man with huge income’ Main criteria for desirable man: ‘income – education level – personality – look (in that order)’. The most preferred partner ‘1. Legal profession 2. Medical profession 3. Public Servant profession’


Northern Europe – Norway is her only example, ke ke ke. Why don’t you say anything about Japanese women or German men?


It saddens my heart to think of this writer. She starts off condemning boseulachis but at the end comes out as one.


Some Korean women go nuts over independent Western women yet have no intention at all to follow their independent thought process or attitude or career. All they want is more money, more luxury bags, more pretty clothes, more cutesy looks and expect some prince to come and rescue them out their ruts. That they take for granted. They have no intention to do what it takes to achieve the equal rights like in other countries.


Chin Jung-kwon got raped by Sung Jae-gi, ke ke.


Korean women gets irrationally bitchy if they lose a debate, and nit-pick like crazy. Japanese women on the other hand are very logical and if they are at fault, and graciously accepts.


… It starts off neutral but veers into the typical man-hating rhetoric. It made me uncomfortable at the end…. Women who hate men calling them boseulachi will be also man-haters. Reading extreme responses to this phenomena only perpetuates the vicious circle. If you really want us to reach concord and harmony, you really should not have written this kind of article. This kind of emotional article only throw more fuel to the fire.


So Korean men are all potential rapists. Boji is not a swear-word so I will just say it. You fucking bozi-nazi, you have any clue that Korea has far lower sexual violence rate than any white countries?


I am 29… I will marry any boseulachi.


I learned that boji is not a derogatory term but our own unique word for female genital?


The few brainless bitches cause all this havoc, please install the latest gae-nyeom software in your life.


In a way, Korean men have it hard… Military service, job market, they are full of rage now and they are taking it out on women now…


If you have a proper job and common sense, who would call them boseulachi? If you don’t like being called one, act right. You think all men equate women with boseulachi.


Why so mean toward each other in Korea? Badmouthing each other does not get us anywhere, and if you are unhappy with the Korean female stock why not go and get some Vietnamese women? You should be ashamed. If you got time to coin neologism, bring your Viet wife and teach them some Korean.


That fucking period magically happens only on Friday or Monday or days following the long weekends always.


In all honesty, Korean men only care about looks, am I not correct…..? Maybe not in his 30s, but throughout teen and 20s, that is all they care about. In that kind of environment no wonder women spend disproportionate amount in their looks, and try to get the most bang for the buck, so they need men who will provide that buck.


If a woman kills a man, oh how bad he must have been. If a man hits a woman, he is beyond incorrigible. If a man cheats, his penis should be cut off. If a wife had an affair, oh how terrible her husband must have been. Prostitutes are all victims and her customers are potential sexual predators.


I expected this to be the level I’d find on Nate. tsk tsk. Are there only psychopath woman-hating men here? Can they talk to women without keyboard? This society got some serious sex issue, take that as given and accept it as fact.


It is good, no? A few losers having yeolpok. Counter-factuals? She GAVE you counter-factuals, and now you are bitching..


This is all because of the Ministry of Gender and a few women who think personal favour is an entitlement.

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  • sofffaaaaaa up on a gorgeous woman tits! aye

  • soffffaaaaa up on a gorgeous woman tits! aye

  • Kate

    “korean men stare relentlessly at female body parts, in places where women are respected that simply would not fly”……Im just sayin’ I would like to know of a place where men respect women so much that they dont stare at their bodies? Anyone know where these places exist? Anyone? Also, just sayin’ Korean women wear REALLY short, tight skirts and shorts and high heels all the time that shows a substantial amount of their bodies to everyone and thats totally their right but they shouldnt be upset when men ogle them, they have everything on display. If they dont want that kind.of attention, they can always wear frumpy sweat pants and hoodies.

    Im not even gonna start with this article….seems like a headache. Also. Why is the 2nd half complaining about men seeing women as sex objects, while the photo is of a.korean woman in a bra, displaying her breasts? Kinda goes against the “respect us as people and not sex objects”.

    • Ruaraidh

      Apparently men tend to spend relatively more time looking at womens faces than bodies, whilst women tend to look at bodies more than faces. That’s not to say men don’t spend more time overall oogling the opposite sex than vice versa, I don’t remember if the study indicated whether that was the case or not.

      There are plenty of shallow men to go with the shallow women, if only people were more realistic about themselves, they might spend less time whinging about how everything is against them.

    • I was def thinking the same thing..Although I have had guys oggle while in sweats and a sweatshirt..>.<

    • ShawnaKM

      I disagree with the end of your first paragraph. If a woman is getting unwanted attention, why is there no fault to the guy? Boys will be boys? Why can’t girls be girls? I shouldn’t have to force myself to wear something that is supposedly considered unattractive by men (the “frumpy” clothes) because I might like to wear something that is supposedly considered “asking for it”. I hear girls talk like this a lot, and I don’t understand it. Also, disheartened.

      • Kate

        You can be as PC about it as you want, of course women can wear whatever they want, provided they dont live in the middle east and are meeting public decency laws. Sure, go out, wear a mini skirt that shows your butt cheeks, hooker heels, and breasts showing tops. Totally your right in a free society as a woman, but what Im saying is women who wear those clothes shouldnt be mad/offended when men stare at their breasts/ass/legs etc. You shove your ass and breasts in people’s facez, of course they will look.

        Now let me make this clear, I never once suggested plthose clothes “justify men raping women”, nor did I say they justify sexual assault, al I said was that the woman in the article accused Korean men of being disrespectful for staring at them relentlessly, but yet, most young korean women wear clothing that shows a substantial amount of their body (I saw plenty of korean ass cheeks.in korea due to.crotch skirts) all Im saying is of course men will look, they are men, they will stare if a woman is showing off. So if a woman.is.offended by that then I suggest for.them not to show off their ass cheeks in public. Its called modesty.

        I kept my statement to oggling only, I never said men had the right to.toucb/grope/rape a woman who wears those clothes. I think that is absolutely no excuse for those crimes and if a man cant control himself better then he needs to be in prison, locked away from society. Staring is not a crime and men will stare if a woman puts it out there, she cant blame men for looking if her ass/breasts are hanging out. If it bothers her then she should cover up.

        • ShawnaKM

          I still feel that it’s wrong to have the “Don’t like, don’t wear it” mentality. I feel like politically correct means accepting things will never evolve and just trying to force it instead. Partly because clothing style can be quite objective. I also want to note that I certainly don’t think you feel that rape is the victims fault. I’m sorry if it seemed that way. My opinion is mainly about judging appearances. When it comes to these types of issues, it seems that women can have what is considered inappropriate dress styles (“hooker heels”, ect), but no one seems to consider what is inappropriate for men. I know people could start creating some ideas after having said this, but there seems to be no existing stereotype. I feel that it comes assuming women are sexual objects.

          (Edit: I just wanted to touch on the part about the decency laws in the Middle East, which is a good point about my last sentence. I believe that that is why they have those types of laws. The idea that women are always tempting men or something of the sort, which is why some laws require them to be completely covered and even accompanied by a male relative when going out. Clearly that is an extreme version of what I was talking about, but I hope you understand why I feel the way I do.)

          • Kate

            Sure men can wear certain clothes. Men who wear pants that sag below their butts, showing their underwear are seen as gang banging punks. Men who wear women’s clothing is considered a freak, a sick trannie by many people, men who wear “white tank tops” are seen as white trash cause those are considered wife beaters, if anything women are given more freedom with clothes. A woman can walk.down a street, bottom of her ass cheeks showing, but no one will say anything. What if a man walked around in shorts with part of his testies showing? He would probably be arrested.

            The reason certain clothes have a negative rep (hooker heels) is because women in those kinds of jobs wear those clothes. Hookers wear hooker heels, so do strippers, so they are associated with those low moral trades and also because they do promote a sexualized look, Thats just a fact of life. Doesnt mean the woman wearing.is such but that is how.she is presenting herself.

            And thank u for being nice, i appreciate civil discussion :)

          • ShawnaKM

            You’re welcome ^^

          • One for all

            Countless times at the subway station I see girls/women with mini-mini skirts covering their asses when they walk up the stairs. These skirts are so short the girls can barely sit without exposing some form of underwear or genitalia. Am I supposed to feel sorry for them when they try to cover themselves? HELL NO!

            Like the above poster said…..the outfits are designed to make people stare (especially men). If the girls choose to wear them, then they should accept the consequences of people oogling/staring/watching/drooling at them. However, like other people have said, the outfits DO NOT warrant rape, anyone that does that shit deserves to have the same action bestowed upon them.

        • But many times, you don’t have to look like a hooker to get groped or unwanted attention. I’m not the type to get dressed up all the time, but a specific time when I decided to wear a dress, my then-boyfriend had the nerve to grope all over me. I shouldn’t have to cover up, or feel like I can’t wear it without not just him getting turned on, but doing an action and then actually getting pissed off when I told him to stop. Nothing was popping out or overexposed.. but it would be nice to have the freedom to wear what you want without people thinking it gives them the right to touch someone because they assume she’s ‘obviously asking for it since she’s wearing such clothing.’ People may associate specific styles with specific ideas (stereotypes) but I wear what I want to wear because I want to.. not for anyone else or asking for a guy’s attention non-verbally. A woman can go walking down the street in a business suit and already getting whistles and crap. Modesty isn’t really just the issue, it’s people who can’t just be considerate and stop being horny all the time (or keep their inner desires/needs to themselves) They can certainly control themselves and are still responsible for what their hands & words do.

          It’s no different than just the average person shouldn’t have to feel scared to walk down the street at night because crazy people might shoot. Of course, I’m still conscious with a lot of things but why can’t people just simply respect someone?

          • Kate

            Oh I agree and know exactly what you are saying. When Ibwas in Korea, I couldnt go out, dressed pretty, without being groped/grabbed 20-30 times a night by men and not just Korean, foreign expats as well. Tho Koreans were the worse for it…..I was never groped and grabbed in US clubs but in Korea, I couldnt keep men’s hands off of me. I would have men, as I was walking back from.the loo, grab me, press against their.chest, hold me there, and wouldnt let me go…..I had one german man grab me by a tie I wearing as I was walking to my seat and would not let go of me until his.friend intervened. Ive rarely, rarely ever had such things.happen in the usa but in Korea, it was ridiculously common for men to grab/feel me up as I was passing.by.

            I wish women werent treated like that too. Men who complain about how.easy it is to be a woman, wouldnt last a week as one. Men really dont realize how much they have with.male privilage…..I read once that one of.the biggest transitions/shocks for men who under go sex change ops is the loss of male privilage.

          • vincent

            Korea needs to revamp its laws regarding sexual harassment, it’s insane that in this day and age any woman would have to go through such a situation.

          • Kate

            Whoa Vincent! Let’s slow down, going a bit too fast there! Korea should first start seriously prosecuting/punishing men who actually rape women and girls and treating rape victims as victims and not as “women who deserved/asked for it” or letting guys off the hook for “being drunk”. Too often I read about police not caring/dismissing rape claims and holding the rape victim accountable instead of the rapist.

          • Kate

            Granted, I do believe sexual violence is much more prevalent in the USA. I do believe the US has more rapes (far, far bigger population size in comparison to Korea) and I do believe women are in more danger of being a victim of serious sexual violence in the USA. However, I do think sexual harassment/ groping is much more accepted/frequent in Korea then in the USA.

            American men will rarely grope/grab a woman and I think mostly due to fear of having the cops called on them and the cops actually arresting them. Women are much more empowered in the USA to fight to sexual harrasment/groping and when a woman says “This man grabbed me and groped me against my will” the cops take it very seriously and will arrest the guy.
            I think Korean women are less empowered to stand up against this treatment and so it is much more prevalent and accepted in their society. If a Korean woman goes to the cops and says “this man grabbed me inappropriately”, they would probably just laugh at her/tell her to get over it and move on. They don’t take it as seriously buttttt I think that is starting to change some. Especially after the high profile rape cases of those little girls.

          • vincent

            What would make it easier than a change in the laws, look I was brought up in the Middle East (dubai to be specific) and you would be hard pressed to find guys so flagrantly disturbing women, well some of them do but that’s another matter.
            I don’t think slowing down is an option, if the laws are changed then there would be a reason the ‘gropers’ to be afraid, it would seem the mentality of the so called ‘law enforcement’ in Korea leaves much to be desired that’s where the problem is.
            Obviously there should be due process so that some ‘victims’ don’t use twist the laws to benefit themselves, it is completely ridiculous and unreasonable that a woman should have to worry about dressing pretty (not slutty) in the event that they get groped as many times as you have.
            Sometimes a rude awakening is what guys like that deserve. I mean c’mon getting groped 20-30 times a night by strangers? I find that highly disturbing. See o.0

          • Well I’ve only been to Korea once and the only ‘groping’ I got was from a creepy old man who was giving my change back & rubbed the palm of my hand with his finger for like… a few seconds (not sure if that has the same meaning like it does in the US) but in the US, plenty of guys grope girls and act like the girl really wants it. I had my butt pinched in 7th grade and because I didn’t wanna cause a scene with one of the popular guys from school… I just… kept quiet. I regret so much for not saying anything. Seems more in Korea a guy can get away with it because laws are more relaxed while in the US, guys seem to have that mindset ‘she want it anyway,’ (but laws are a lot more stricter so…) nor seem to understand that many things can turn out to be sexual harassment so what they see as something ‘not a big deal’ can surely get them in trouble.

            But still, anyone should just have their personal space respected.. both male and females. Doesn’t matter what kinda outfit they wear which brings up stereotypes (even if a girl is wearing a short-skirts and boobs popping out… how does it make her a slut? Her physical actions would determine that, not her attire) or is wearing an office-lady outfit (still a turn on to many guys) just keep your hands to yourself and watch your words. Now I can’t say anything about people looking because.. people stare at someone who doesn’t wear those so-called ‘attention-whoring clothes’ (heck people stare hard at those who are handicapped or have visible conditions/diseases… I actually do the opposite and not stare because they’re people like anyone else and I’m sure the stares are annoying anyway) but just don’t invade privacy.

      • Miguel Lozano

        It doesnt mean that boys will rape you for the way you are dressed, but if you can wear what you want, they can see where they want. Besides is of common sense choose the clothes in funtion of where are you going.

        • scuttlepants

          I think you’ve missed the point. Rape isn’t about attraction, it’s about power. Clothes are largely irrelevant, because the majority of rapists are known to their victim.
          People are raped and assaulted wearing incredibly conservative clothes.

          I’ve had men leering at me when I’ve been dressed in a way my grandmother would have approved of. It’s not the clothes, it’s the sense of entitlement to a woman’s body. I have the right to do this. Nope, you don’t. Only the owner of said body, male or female, gets to choose what is acceptable to them.

  • dk2020

    Good article but she lost me at rape is acceptable ..

    • She didn’t say rape is acceptable..she said that the most common reaction among the people in Korea would be that it was the girls fault she got raped…that is what I got out of it when I read it

    • Miguel Lozano

      its less bad, but not good… great difference.

  • Is there anyway I can respond to the Korean posts?? I really would like to respond to some of their posts

    • Snazzy_Brett

      Click the link to Nate (above the comments) and have at it.

  • Gabrielle

    *sigh* Can someone tell those idiots that if gender issues are not about who’s having it best in society, it’s not either about who’s having it worse?

  • holdingrabbits

    The comments on this one are phenomenal! Most of them manage to say really sexist things while trying to appear as gender doesn’t matter to them personally. “I’m no sexist, but women wearing short skirts makes me pretty rapey.” (No one said that, it’s a joke). Sure, men do their military service and women get a “head start” in society, but that’s the equivalent of someone saying to you “you’re in a race against Usain Bolt, but don’t worry, we’re giving you a head start.” Men have 2 years out of the rat race and then their entire lives to beat women at everything! They get better jobs, they get way more money, and way more freedom. I wonder why it is that I don’t see roving groups of drunk women just chilling out after work…oh, it’s probably because irresponsibility is only expected of men. The diversion tactics of prostitution and abortion are also pretty great straw man arguments.

    It would seem the reality of gender roles in Korea has produced a disproportionate amount of infantile women. The “bean paste” girls do exist, but only because men want them to. If you told a woman that she actually had equal opportunities with men and that she wouldn’t be passed up for a promotion just because she had a vagina, I wonder if the bean paste girl phenomenon would be so present. As any feminist worth their salt will tell you: it doesn’t matter if a woman goes out in her birthday suit, it isn’t an invitation for rape. Korea has a higher rate of rape than even the United States does (5.1 per thousand vs. .4 per thousand, that’s 4 with a point in front of it) even though it’s speculated that most rapes go unreported. The last time Korea released its sexual crime statistics was 2009, probably because they were so embarrassing. I think the statistics alone are a pretty good indicator of where women stand in the society.

    • Kate

      Is that really true about rape in Korea? I was always under the impression it was safer there then in the USA but I couldn’t find any recent rape stats from Korea……I know when I was there I had a young drunk Korean man try to rape me while I was walking home. I got away, but that was the first time I ever had a man stalk me then try to force me into a dark area and rape me.

      • holdingrabbits

        I got the numbers from a Korean article, so who knows. Most of what I’ve seen seems to indicate it is much more dangerous for a woman to live in Korea than in the States.

        • dk2020

          Here’s some statistics from the US, seems pretty dangerous here too. Women keep the pepper spray handy..

        • chucky3176

          Here are the real rape statistics.


          United States (5.0 per 100,000) ranks ahead of Korea (2.9 per 100,000) in number of rape cases.

          And it’s also utter nonsense that Korea wouldn’t report sexual crime stats because it’s embarrassed. holdingrabbits is getting his impressions that Korea is the rape capital of the world from reading Korean newspapers which typically sensationalizes every story. If Korea’s embarrassed about the high rape stats, then first of all, the media wouldn’t be screaming headlines about sex crimes everyday, and second, the government would be parading out phony rape and violent crime statistics like Japan does, where some murders are not even counted as murders, and where vast majority of rapes are not even reported.

          In Korea, the crime is not increasing, as it looks on the surface. It’s the reporting of crime that has increased.

          • Kate

            No one is saying Korea is rape capital of the world, that honor goes to Eastern Congo.

          • Snazzy_Brett

            CNN ran an article about a year back called something like: “East Congo, the New Rape Capital of the World”.

            @chucky3176:disqus everyone knows that rapes are grossly underreported (by the victim to authorities) in Korea, so any statistics that the government does have and report are inaccurate at best. Your last sentence makes sense, but without proof, I dont know how much it would hold up under scrutiny.

          • dk2020

            Not just Korea but in the US too .. 54% reported, 97% of rapists go free that’s ridiculous .. don’t act like women are more likely to get raped in Korea than the US that’s bullshit it could happen anywhere by anybody usually by someone familiar though .. apparently rape happens alot in the US military, didn’t some little girls in Okinawa get raped by some marines recently? I’m not making no excuses for scumbags whether they’re Korean or whatever .. I think all rapists and pedos need to be physically castrated ..

          • dk2020

            really good documentary on rape in the US military ..

          • Snazzy_Brett

            I dont know where its more likely or less likely to happen… I dont really think that argument matters at all. 1 rape is too many for me, no matter in which country it occurs.

            Obviously, we can both agree that Korea needs to step it up when it comes to prosecuting someone accused of rape. It is still impossible for a man to be raped under Korean law… men get off easier if they were “drunk” at the time of the attack. Still a ways to go.

          • dk2020

            Honestly how many Korean women that you personally know that’s been raped? All I hear on these boards are generalizations, not really based on experience but hearsay and news articles .. I’ve never lived in Korea only visited so i don’t really know what it’s like, but I can imagine.

          • Snazzy_Brett

            Why would it matter at all as to how many rape victims I know? I said that people accused of rape often get off because the system isn’t thorough and is unfair. Would my knowing or not knowing a rape victim invalidate those claims?

          • dk2020

            I see, just wondering..I agree the system is unfair in rape cases

          • holdingrabbits

            It would be disingenuous of me to not reply. I don’t think that it’s the rape capitol of the world, nor did I imply it. I’m simply regurgitating the results that the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family reported in 2010. I’ve known 3 teachers who had strangers try to rape them while in Korea. It’s not to say that all Korean men are rapists, but when they went to the police it was always the same answer “You didn’t get raped. You got away. I don’t see the problem” or “Well look at how you’re dressing. You were asking for it.” Perhaps there is truth in your statement though that crime is not increasing, but that the reporting of crime has increased as certain trends have risen astronomically in recent years. I

            In fact, Korea is very soft on its own news. Take for instance how none of the media outlets really addressed the fact that the UN just accepted a case to bar the racist policy of HIV testing foreigners. How many murders happen in Korea? Apparently none because they just don’t write about it. I read about a boy in Busan who killed his mom because she wouldn’t let him play video games…well, I read it on CNN, because it didn’t really make waves here. Also, while foreign English teachers in Korea have a much lower crime rate than Koreans themselves (Americans here have a 1.6% rate while Koreans enjoy a 3.8% rate, WSJ 2010) , any time a foreigner does commit a crime it’s national news. The media here very rarely looks inward as they tend to exhibit xenophobic tendencies.

          • Kate

            Well if you aren’t including me in the “3 teachers” that you know then go ahead, cause I was a victim of attempted rape in Korea by a Korean man as well when I was there.

            I Actually didn’t have to have the HIV test done while there because I was married to a Korean man, so I guess they assume Korean men don’t marry HIV positive women. I should read up on the news around the law, it is a totally stupid law on the sheer fact that ESL teachers are required to test for HIV (I guess they are afraid of us dirty disease ridden foreigners raping korean children and sp reading disease) BUT Russian and eastern europe women who come to Korea on an entertainment visa/hooker visa are not required to take a. HIV test…….even though they are the ones who are prostituting. Makes total sense to require college educated teachers to take a HIV test but not the foreign prostitutes who are actually the ones out every night engaging in sex. Yup, total logic there.

          • dk2020

            I don’t agree with HIV testing for teachers either but hey it’s only a shot in the arm.. I wouldn’t really bother me ..

          • Kate

            Its not the procedure itself Dk, its the logic behind it and also the racist undertones of it. The tests are used to stigmatize foreigners.as a group with “high HIV risk” while Koreans, in the same jobs or similar, are not required to under go such scrutiny. This type of racism against foreigners also causes locals to falsely believe foreigners are much more likely to be HIV carriers, when that isnt true, and in return can and.does.cause unwarrented hostility towards good people whose only crime is that they arent korean. Why is it fair to.require mandatory HIV tests for foreign teachers but not Korean teachers? Are Koreans immune to HIV? Do they not also have sex with people who could be carriers (all the korean men visiting prostitutes for example)? Its the double standard of it that puts foreigners second class.diease carriers while Koreans are painted above that.

          • holdingrabbits


          • dk2020

            Again it’s the ROK government, the minister of education, who’s pushing for mandatory HIV testing for teachers. Why blame and be mad at the whole country rather than the few people that are truly responsible for how it is.

          • dk2020

            That’s the culture of saving face in Korea. For generations Koreans have been taught to blame outsiders for the country’s woes, the Japanese, Soviets, Americans etc. so I do agree with you on that one. I blame the government because they do control the media. But until foreigners become empowered and the old conservative politicians are out of office change will be very slow as it has been. I don’t think Americans can change Korean society either.

          • holdingrabbits

            Yeah, I don’t see society changing for a couple of generations. It’s frustrating for Koreans as well.

      • jon775

        It obviously depends on where you are in the US. The more minorities the more rape basically.

        • dk2020

          yeah, that’s really ignorant and racist ..

          • jon775

            Also true.

          • dk2020

            @jon775:disqus Based on what? Just like the majority of folks on welfare in the US is white people huh, but blame the illegals.

          • Guest
          • jon775

            Based on statistics. The whiter the state, the less overall crime, including rape. It’s not my fault. This usually applies to blacks and hispanics. Not east asians.

          • dk2020
          • jon775

            How does that prove the opposite? Take a look at this table and compare it to those statistics:


            Maine, whitest state in the US. Also the one with the least crime.
            Vermont, the second whitest state. Also the state with the second least amount of crime.
            New hampshire: The third whitest state… Guess what? Yea, you guessed it.

            If you do this for all states it’s pretty much the same.

          • dk2020

            Dude, look at the forcible rape stats, just like why are most pedophiles in the US, white guys because it correlates with the white population.

          • jon775

            Forcible rape is a little bit more spread out. But the trend is still pretty clear. That whites are overrepresented when it comes to pedophilia is a myth. The statistics that exists on the matter considers hispanics to be white.

          • Kate

            Actally @dk2020:disqus Blacks DO recieve the most welfare out of all the other races in the USA. According to the CDC, 70% of black mothers are single and father figures that are present in the home are usually gone within 5 years after the child is born. They are the highest group to receive welfare, because of single motherhood behind the normal in their culture.

            Welfare stats by race:


            Whites are pretty close, but take it into consideration that according to the 2010 census, whites comprised 72% of America’s population. Blacks comprised only 13%, yet have more welfare recipients. That’s not being racist, that’s a fact.

        • Snazzy_Brett

          Wow, the comments on this story were pretty cool until this thread came about.

          • jon775

            Yeah, some people just don’t like the truth, but it has to be said.

          • Snazzy_Brett

            I wasn’t supporting you.

          • jon775

            So you like lies.

          • Snazzy_Brett

            I like rationality and reason. This whole thread is just a shitstorm full of intolerance and hate.

          • jon775

            I’m not intolerant against anyone.

          • Snazzy_Brett

            I wasn’t singling you out, but you haven’t done this thread any good yourself.

          • dk2020

            C’est la vie Brett .. just because I don’t believe in racism, ain’t even about race anymore, it’s more like class warfare nowadays,

          • Snazzy_Brett

            I can agree with class warfare. You shouldn’t let someone get you so passionate about this, as it was clearly the original poster’s goal.

          • dk2020

            I grew up with a couple good black homeboys and my cousin is half black. My girlfriend is Mexican so I do take offense when somebody tries to put us dark skinned minorities down. Keep it hood doggy.. all this superficial materialistic whitewashed bullshit is what’s wrong with Korea ..

          • Kate

            Well I for one love brown skin guys!

          • dk2020

            What truth is that? Maybe for you, where you from? I’m from Los Angeles, CA where it’s pretty multicultural and I’ve rolled through some states where it’s really white and got into some funk with skinheads and KKK .. so i can’t say i agree with you on that one.

    • Miguel Lozano

      I think that if korean men are complaining of korean women is not just because they have to pay for everything or because girls would like marry a rich man; it have been the reality for ages and it never have been a problem until now. The heart problem is what feminism have brought to Korea; for one side it have been trying to make men not willing to pay for women, and for the other side it have made women spoiled and excessively demanding, which makes them or either willing to do less for her boyfriend and being less tolerant, or expecting to get an elite boyfriend. It is the problem of empowering women and forget traditional culture, it spoil women.

  • dk2020

    I think Koreans are burnt out from over stress, work, and schooling, it’s too highly competitive and the chaebols still run everything .. what happened to the love? Really sad, I think it has to do more with the older generation that hold on to the traditional values. I hope things will get better only time will tell.

    • Kate


      Let’s move to Norway. Norway is ranked the happiest country in the world, 3rd time in a row. With a per capita GPD of $54,000, it is among the richest countries in the world and ranks first in social capital and second in safety and security.

      I once had a Norwegian boyfriend in college, pretty happy guy!

  • I’m the original writer of this article in Korean.I respect your effort for translation and introducing this column, but you should define the name of critic and news agency when you public post it.

    • Commander-in-chief

      When you click on the article’s source name, located above the title, you are transferred to your orginial article in Korean.

      Plus, When you read a translated article by your PC or laptop, you will find out that parts of the original text corresponding to those in translation pop up in separate frames. Hence no mistakes in finding who is the author and where/when it was published if readers can read the Korean language.

  • Commander-in-chief

    A vicious circle continues…
    hurtful words to the opposit sex which fire back with more acerbic words not to be outdone.

    And a paradox that men and women are both hungry for romantic lovers which may be in the people who they attack as misogynist and hypocritical.

  • Guest
  • ggoma

    Maybe if Korea actually let women grow up not under the shadow of their daddy and then husband and actually paid them some decent wages, they wouldn’t ask a man to pay for everything or want to stay at home. I can assure you, being a stay at home mom is not easy – raising children and taking care of a house is similar in the hours of work to an actual job even if it’s not paper pushing. I’m sure most of those men would be complaining on the internet just as much if their wives were out working and were too tired to put a dish on the table.

    Double standards.

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  • oh wow somebody on twitter was having a debate about feminism. This is not even news in Korea and nobody talks about it because Koreans already know feminism leads to the deterioration of society. All we have to do is look at the western civilization. No brainer.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    … I feel like women are justified for wanting men to financially balance out all the shit they have to go through as women (makeup, acting cute around boys, etc etc.), but they’re certainly not arguing about this the right way.

    I probably would’ve tackled this argument with a different way. Any other way besides the one they used would be more effective -_-

    • Miguel Lozano

      I think it is not the heart problem, many years ago all men around the world were happy to support their girlfriends and wifes without any problem. The problem, if there is a problem, is feminism. Feminism for one side have been trying to make men less dispossed to pay for women, and for the other side it have made women more demanding and spoiled, which makes them or either willing to do less for her boyfriend and being less tolerant, or expecting to get a elite boyfriend.

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  • dim mak

    Good to see your feminist scum aren’t as retarded as the ones in the West
    Still, fight that shit.

  • expatrick

    I like that Asian women aren’t as aggressive, domineering, or plain b i tchy as Western women. Hopefully that never changes because White women have become uncontrollable monsters.

    • scuttlepants

      Considering how much you hate women, it shouldn’t be a surprise if they aren’t all that keen to spend time with you.

  • holdingrabbits I would just like to say, “thank you!” for that insight which I think so many people seemed to have missed… that men DO have an entire lifetime, basically, to get ahead of the game and secure better-paying jobs where they command more respect, than women.

    As well, the whole phenomenon of the “bean-paste” girls obsessed with acquiring trivial and shallow status-symbols (purses, shoes, etc.) and getting plastic surgery IS due to the way Korean society is generally structured… How many times have you seen a K-drama or a TV ad or a popular girl-group where the women hadn’t had ANY plastic surgery performed on them, were shown sweaty and w/ messed-up hair or in any way that connoted strength, ‘realness’ of action and presentation (that is, not being fakely sweet and cute, which I think happens much too often in real life) or simply ‘humanity’? That is, how often are the “bean-paste girls” that everyone seems to despise so much actually shown in a positive or fawning light on TV and on other media? Pretty often, I would say! So I definitely think that in order for some major progress on the gender-equality and general human-development front to happen, an actual re-structuring/overhaul of modern-day Korean society is necessary…

    And finally, I would also like to agree with the author’s (in the article) point that those Korean men who think that in order for women’s calls for gender-equality to be taken seriously they need to also enlist in the army, is a misrepresentation of “sexual ability” vs. “sexual equality.” Just because two things are equal does not necessarily mean that they are the same. Men are naturally physically stronger and more agile than women, as a general rule, and I don’t think that forcing all these unathletic young Korean women into the army is the answer… If they wish to join the army, then that’s great, but also the whole issue of men’s conscription and it’s supposed “need” due to the danger of North Korea, needs to be re-visited. Is it really that necessary for all Korean men to serve in the army?
    I’m not so sure.

    • Miguel Lozano

      The problem of “bean-paste” girls is not that they would like marry a rich man, neither that they want that men pay for everything or they doen want to work. The problem is that these girls think that they deserve more than they really worth, and it could come to the extreme of think of herself as a deity superior to any man.

  • Andy C

    You can’t have mutual respect whilst asking men to not respond, but permitting those other women to keep taking shots at them. If that is all you do about this, then you are supporting what they are doing to those men and you are apart of their side. You are drawing lines in the sand and daring men to cross it.

    • scuttlepants

      So… basically if a woman feels like she is treated unfairly by a man, she should shut up or fear the consequences?

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