Kim Jong Un’s Nephew in Rare TV Interview, Netizens Grow Fond

The following two-part video is an interview with Kim Jong Un’s nephew, Kim Han Sol, for a Finnish TV program. The comments are netizens’ reactions of a related article on web portal Nate, entitled with his bold statement ‘My Uncle is a Dictator.’

Comments from Nate:


There’s actually a human being in that piggy family.


He looks regal.. huh huh Being a North Korean, he’s worried about those people in his hometown. Yeah.. When a race is divided, it’s right to be reunited. It’s a sad reality. I feel sorry for those North Koreans.


He is an actual human being, unlike other descendants of Kim Il Sung. Anyways, the end is near for North Korea. We’ll see a different phase of the nation in the near future.


The credit should go to Kim Jong Nam, his father. Studying abroad, this kid could get away from the brain-washing education, under the influence of his father. On the other hand, Kim Jong Nam enlightened himself and escaped from the nation, criticising the regime; even though he had all the privileges as the eldest son of Kim Jong Il.


I’m worried this kid might get abducted and disappear. He has some balls to make such a bold statement.


Kiddo, don’t say such things out loud.. I heard your uncle is so cruel. I’m worried that they might go and hunt you down..


Is his father Kim Jong Nam? He seems enlightened, too.


What Lim Soo-kyung would say: You traitor saekki!


It’s refreshing. When North Koreans realise the reality of South Korea, the number of people like Kim Han Sol will snowball and bring about significant changes in the Korean Peninsula.


This shows how important it is to educate your child at home. I see the necessity to teach children what is right and wrong from the early stage of life.


The Kims are like a royal family. And as a ‘royal blood’ and competitor of the ‘King’ of North Korea, it must have taken a lot of courage to say such things. Saekki [it means more like dude, mate. Not this saekki], I’d like you to lead your life in your own way.


Be careful. You might get killed.. ;;


What’s the Democratic United Party’s position on the Kim Han Sol’s remarks?


Kim Jong Nam was the only Kim family member who explicitly criticised the regime as a dictatorship and its third generation succession. Kim Han Sol is rather sensible due to his father’s influence. But only South Korean leftists claim that ‘the North’s third generation succession is not our business.’ They ignore the North’s human rights issues and only assert to give away a fortune to the regime. ke ke ke ke Even North Korean defectors call them commies. ke ke ke ke ke ke ke I heard those defectors were stunned to find that there are much more Kim Jong Il worshippers in the South than the North. ke ke ke


‘Kim Han Sol: I honestly don’t know how my uncle ended up becoming a dictator,’ ‘Park Geun-hye: My father’s dictatorship was inevitable.’


He also has the most normal looking face.


This is why you should study abroad. He wouldn’t have become like that if he was educated in Kim Il Sung University. Kim Jong Nam seems broad-minded, too. Watch out, kid. I heard the regime tried and failed to murder your dad, disguising it as a car accident.


I’m worried about this saekki [dude]’s safety..


With the constant genetic improvement of the piggy Kims, at last a human being came out.


Hey, Han Sol! You and your dad did a wonderful job on a team-play. ke ke ke Hey, do the horse dance! huh huh

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  • Kate

    Very interesting :) What a cutie too :)

    • MeiDaxia

      Always count on Kate for the hot-or-not evaluation! :P :D

      • Kate

        Well you know me, always keeping the conversation relevant and highlighting the important parts! I try :)

  • chucky3176

    Korean newspapers reported few days ago that his father Kim Jeong Nam is missing and nobody knows where he is. Last time he was seen in Ma Cao where he had stayed in a hotel for number of years. Since his father’s been actively anti-state against North Korea, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was kidnapped back to North Korea. As for this kid, I don’t think he’ll be going back to North Korea any time soon, after what he’s been saying on TV. Unless his uncle mellows out. But one thing Kim Han Sol got wrong is, nobody prevents him from visiting South Korea other than the North Korean regime. Since he’s already put himself in a bad situation with North Korea and his family out of favor with North Korea, I think the entire family should just defect to the South.

    • Commander-in-chief

      If his defection to Seoul is made, he could make a superstar here.

      What is clear after his brave remarks is that North Korean attempts to take his life will be increasingly inconceivable as killing the guy, treated as disillusioned with his homeland’s dictatorship, would spark huge international criticism, which I think of as costly for a retaliation for his slander for Pyongyang’s new leader.

      • Kate

        When I read your first sentence, I read it as ”his defecation on Seoul”…..totally changed the meaning….

        • Commander-in-chief

          which would also question my sanity…

    • holdingrabbits

      Briefly before comments were shut down on the last post, didn’t you say something about Korean media being sensational? Maybe he’s watching “The Wire.”

      • chucky3176

        For someone who laughably claims Korean media never reports any crimes unless it’s done by foreigners (this is what happens when you can’t help but strictly rely on English translated news, English language blogs and ESL Cafe posts for Korea related news), I suggest you read this English translated article.

        It merely says he’s missing from being seen in public. He being kidnapped by North Korea was merely my own assertions. Who really knows, he may just be laying quiet not to piss off his brother.

        • holdingrabbits

          Whoa, Tojo, I never said that the Korean media “never” reports any crimes by Koreans, but I do think there is a disproportionate focus on foreigners. You are right though, I am not fluent. My parents didn’t decide to put me into Korean language school from the time that I was 4 (partly because neither of us had any desire for me to learn Korean at that age, and partly because no such thing existed) and I haven’t lived in Korea but for a few years. You show me a Korean who became fluent in English in 3 years and I’ll go down on you.

  • dk2020

    You might not care, but I pray that I see reunification in my lifetime .. for my grandpops that passed away last year ..

    • Commander-in-chief

      That hope should be shared among much more South Koreans, as a younger generation is believed to grow apathetic or hesitant about with the unification, citing economic turmoil it could bring to the South.

  • Gabrielle

    장민아:It’s refreshing. When North Koreans realise the reality of South Korea, the number of people like Kim Han Sol will snowball and bring about significant changes in the Korean Peninsula.
    It’s refreshing. When South Koreans realise that bad governance doesn’t necessarily equate 23 millions bad people, it will bring about significant changes in the Korean Peninsula.

    • Commander-in-chief

      You’re right. North Korean defectors came eo Seoul for freedom and more comfortable lives, only to find themselves trapped in another misery: deep prejudices and cutthroat competition that push them to the fringes of the society.

  • Would be better if the interviewer spoke understandable english

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