Election Candidate Offends the Elderly, Parents Protest

Kim Yong Min

Kim Yong-min, current Democratic United Party candidate and former podcaster with  “Naggomsu“, a popular Korean podcast with over 10 million listeners, has been all over the headlines this week because of his trademark colourful language.

Amongst other things, Kim had previously said in a 2005 show that Condoleeza Rice should be raped, U.S. troops in Korea should be rounded up and shot and the way to increase South Korea’s birthrate would be to allow the three main Korean broadcasters to show pornographic films after midnight on Korean television. Whilst his comments were mainly in jest, they’ve been getting him into quite a lot of trouble.

Kim is popular amongst younger voters and has since become Democratic United Party candidate for the Nowon-A district of Seoul, replacing Jong Bong-ju, another Naggomsu podcaster that koreaBANG featured as a part of the Bikini Girl protests and Male Nudity protests earlier this year.

But whilst Kim publicly apologised for the above comments, he’s come under fresh fire for remarks in another 2005 podcast whereupon he suggested that the best way of dealing with “overreacting and insane elderly people” [referring to conservative old people protesting in front of City Hall Station] on the Seoul Metro was to remove the lifts between the streets and the platforms so that old people couldn’t get down there. Deciding that might not be enough, he added that a better solution might be to build a hideout for Al-Qaeda in the Seoul City Hall Plaza. The resurfacing of these comments has provoked protests outside his office from the “League of Concerned Parents” yesterday (see article extract below).

In his public apology in the below YouTube video (in Korean) he says his remarks were “inappropriate” yet he has nevertheless already been labelled a “mentally ill sexual deviant” by the Saenuri Party (the ruling conservative party of current president Lee Myung-bak) home to the Angry Bird politician koreaBANG featured earlier this week.

UPDATE: In a bizzarre twist of fate, both this story and an unrelated feature about koreaBANG made the front page of the Korea Times this morning. You can see a picture of the paper and read the article on our Facebook page.

From YouTube:

Comments from Naver


Al-Qaeda are blocking the elderly? Honestly. I’ve been around a while and it’s the first time I’ve seen bastards like this. Tut tut tut


Chung Dong-young [a politician who had come under fire in a similar light previously] ‘It’s alright even if elderly people in their 60s and 70s rest at home.’ Homeland ‘You who don’t let your old folks vote and send them on a hot springs break are really filial children.’ Kim Young-min ‘Let’s get rid of the elevators to prevent the elderly from using the subway. Triple combo tut tut tut


And bastards like that are candidates for the national assembly…If they’re elected, looks like they’ll give Yoo Young-chul [serial killer and canibal] a special pardon tut tut tut tut


The most insulting remark to the elderly since Chung Dong-young.


That dirty fat bastard Kim Young-min. Just by looking at his supporters, the fat bastard-nominated Democratic party. What these guys have in common is that they’re all sickos.


This is the democracy… of which progress speaks…


I mean, out of all countries, where is the one that tells its old people not to rest? They went out quicker than Chung Dong-young. Will it be possible to shield them with Naggomsu supporters? They’ll get rid of them together with the Naggom supporters I guess..


To all you Naggoms [people who listen to Naggomsu podcasts]…~~ Is this also part of the joke? If not, is this satire towards the elderly? This really pisses me off….if we didn’t have any elderly like the ones you’re insulting now…would South Korea exist? You must be deaf…What the hell…


Dear rape-pig candidate, sir, thank you for your wonderful [election] pledge ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Crazy fucker ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke


Chung Dong-young: ‘Elders, please do not come out to vote’ Kim Young-min: ‘We must stop the old people who are protesting with Al Qaeda’ Rhyu Si-min: ‘When you reach your sixties, your brain rotss’ Homeland: ‘On election day as a good child you must send your parents on a hot-springs sight-seeing tour’


The second Chung Dong-young ke ke ke ke ke


To the Democratic United Party: The evil spirit of Chung Do-Ryoung is floating around! Looks like you’ll be defeated in this election too..


Kim Young-min, the king of the never-drying springs ke ke ke ke ke ke ke  Yoo Young-chul released by the US Secretary of State so he rapes and kills ke ke ke ke ke Women’s genitals are pussies ke ke ke ke The elderly are being put down by Al-Qaeda ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke

Kim Yong-min, popular podcaster and politician
The below article is about the protests taking place outside Kim Yong-min’s office.

From TodayHumor:

No official response to the attempted assault by the League of Concerned Parents to the candidate office

The officials at Nowon [district of Seoul where Kim Yong-min is standing for election] Police Station did not act pursuant to the Public Offices Election Law Article 237 Clause 1 that specifies “punishable offences against electoral campaign includes making threats verbal, physical or otherwise, illegally detention or arrest, all of which are punishable by 10 years or less prison sentences or fines ranging from $5,000 to $30,000” despite the violent protestors, it was revealed.

A member of the League of the Concerned Parents (LCP): “He does not know a fucking thing about the Korean War… if that pig gets elected we will all have to flee the country, we ought to feed him to dogs.” In spite of barrage of verbal abuses and insulting picket protest against the candidate Kim Yongmin the Nowon Police Station released the following statement.

Elderly People Protest Kim Yong-min

[A Nowom Police official] “We did not arrest the protestors at the scene because the officers present there judged the situation to be not particularly disruptive or meant to interfere with the election campaign. That is why we did not detain the protestors.”

So, they did not detain them because they were not sure about the intention to interfere with the election campaign. Are they serious?

Should we physically assault a candidate to “interfere” with the election?

Are the police following the suit of the Central Election Committee by applying blatant double-standards?

Note, the blogger adds a link to a video of the incident to the end of the original post. Click here to watch the video (in Korean).

Comments from TodayHumor:


It was not deemed ‘disruptive’……. Truly a fuckery if ever saw one.


Central Election Committee OUT! Police OUT! This is really disappointing.


What would happen if other groups did to Saenuri the same things this League has done…


Ah ke ke ke Fuck ke ke ke Why do we have laws? ke ke ke Some have to obey and not others ke ke ke It’s completely up to arbitrary whims of judge ke ke ke All the works by legal philosophers were just wankery ke ke ke Law students, equality before law only exists in book ke ke ke 


During the French Revolution even king was considered equal and had their monarch’s head cut off, but ROK still exists in pre-Revolutionary era. Retro is a helluva trend.


When the power changes someone better make a kill list for police, public prosecutors and central election committee.


“Nomination withdraw” So fucking election-neutral there, right?


If there are top 1% wealthy AND support the Saenuri Party, I wouldn’t even complain, but people gathered there are not, so why are they supporting the policies for the top 1%? And they make crazy comments about left-wing communists…


They say it’s no problem, should we do it too?


There’s no other solution, just wait for the election day. I don’t ask for much. Just do exactly what the Rat has done for exactly a year and we will have a true Liberation Day.

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