Anti Chinese-Korean Sentiment on Rise in Wake of Fresh Attack

A Seoul Convenience Store

In the wake of the Suwon Torso Murder, that saw a Chinese-Korean immigrant brutally murder a girl in Seoul earlier this month, fresh allegations are emerging of another attempted murder by a ‘Joseonjok‘ [조선족/朝鮮族] (ethnic Korean Chinese person).

In a short article posted on Nate that attracted over 2000 comments just hours after being posted, a story is emerging that suggests a 31 year old intoxicated male of Chinese-Korean origin stabbed a 19 year old female employee of a Seoul convenience store 6-7 times, allegedly until his knife eventually snapped. Early news suggests that the man had got into an argument with the convenience store employee after she refused to open his bottle of alcohol and asked him not to drink on the premises.

Since the Suwon case, anti-Joseonjok sentiment has been on the rise in South Korea with more nuanced voices doing their best to offer restraint. Whilst details of this new event are still sketchy, it comes at a time that sees Chinese-Koreans already catapulted to the heart of the Korean media and is thus a story that provokes largely negative responses from netizens. In addition, the debate on multiculturalism in South Korea is still at its height following the election of Jasmine Lee, a Korean citizen of Filipino descent, to congress earlier this month.

The article has been re-posted on most major South Korean media outlets. Below is a selection of the most “liked” of the 2000+ comments the story has attracted so far.

Comments from Nate:


He was stabbing so furiously he didn’t even notice the weapon had broken…Chinese-Koreans are scary. They’re really giving me chills down my spine this morning…


AGAIN?????? We need to take better steps to prevent this sort of thing. Will people who work at night just have to live in fear from now on?


For god’s sake, we should just call Joseonjok North Koreans since they both seem to running around with weapons all the time.


Wow, there are actually people who just carry knives around with them.


Let’s please deport these illegal immigrants. They’ll be killing all the Korean people if things go on like this.


Let’s not use the word Joseonjok. They’re just illegal Chinese immigrants.


We really urgently need to put into practice some measures against crimes committed by the Joseonjok. I hope those kinds of heavy crimes are very seriously dealt with.


Ah really, these frickin’ Joseonjoks!!! Just look at how many incidents involving Joseonjok have happened in this year alone. And these incidents are all murders… Please be done with multiculturalism, which doesn’t work anyway, and expel all the illegal immigrants!!


So Joseonjoks tend to carry around a knife by default? You would be a saint if you didn’t feel hostility against them, with all these incidents happening so frequently.


There is a Joseonjok at my hagwon who works in Dongdae-mun at night and comes to the hagwon during the day. I was curious how they came to Korea even though they didn’t have a working permit, so asked them. They said that from several years ago, they’ve been giving out work permits with no conditions to some Joseonjok by balloting from those who applied ;;; It gave me a chill down the spine to think that all kinds of weird people with unknown identities can enter our country.


There is another article for April 24th, today, on a Joseonjok person who killed yet another person. He killed the female victim while he was let out free, after the judge dismissed the arrest warrant regarding no possibility of him running away…. This article is the main news on Naver, but Nate doesn’t show this on its main page. Nate has the most number of clicks out of all portal sites in terms of news articles, so why hasn’t this news come up on Nate yet?

Joseonjok are really scary.

I really hate our laws too.  Judges and legislators, your families can become victims too. We need to strengthen the punishment and reinstate the death penalty. Rights of the inflicter?? Hell with it.

Should we protect the human rights of those who violate others’?

This makes no sense, why do we protect Joseonjok??

Aren’t they really just Chinese after all???

They are just one of many ethnic minorities in China, just like the Han or Zhuang Chinese.

Don’t take the Joseonjok’s side.  Since when has Korea, world famous for its great society, become like this?  I don’t want to generalise about Joseonjok but this is serious. How can the rate of 1 in 100 000 (that is a criminal) and the rate 1 in two be regarded equal?

It’s only now that this is revealed, but it was a known fact for almost everyone that Joseonjoks carry knives in areas like Ansan, with a lot of foreign workers. Guess what the Joseonjok say about this atmosphere around Koreans now?

They say we won’t even breathe a word if we saw them in the flesh. It’s not only Joseonjok, but foreign workers from South Asia, like the Pakistanis and Bangladeshis who stare at Korean girls who pass by, continually without taking their eyes off. Why do WE have to live shut up and quiet in OUR land??? To hell with nonsense like multiculturalism ㅠㅠ


Let’s prevent the immigration of Joseonjoks from now on. They are merely Chinese people who can speak good Korean. Really disgusting, so disgusting.


There are loads of Chinese people in Shin-gil dong, Daerim-dong and around Yeongdeungpo-gu [area of Seoul where the incident is said to have taken place]. Even I get scared while walking on dimly-lite streets at night. Their basic idea of human life seems to be different from that of ours… Please establish some measures… How can we live with this fear!


What is the government doing? The people are dying out there beause of the Chinks but this state is out of government sight apparently? Tsk, we’re approaching doomsday with this… They should really prepare some measures.


The word Joseonjok disgusts me… Replace that with Murder-jok [‘jok’ means race]…They deserve beating to death. They should shut up and live quietly while they are in someone else’s country, but they are going around murdering people…Tut tut, I really wonder if the Korean government actually does something called thinking .


If it happened in some other country, they would have expelled the Joseonjok and banned their immigration… Please, fucking government, make some efforts for the people…


Dare you still discuss multiculturalism? I wish the Joseonjok people could be sent back to their own country if we didn’t need them desperately…


Well, let alone what’s mentioned in the article, [there are] guys who come to convenience stores at night…really, please don’t try to drink alcohol inside the convenience store. It’s not a pub nor it is your house.


Send back those Joseonjok sons of bitches to their motherland China. Don’t let them earn money in our country. The previous government has done a shitty thing… They don’t even check their fingerprints. The crime rate increases. And we came to hate the foreigners… I don’t like the Westerners but these days I hate foreigners because of social crimes. Although, our own people still do many disgusting things and cause us a lot of headaches.


Such a waste of the word Joseonjok. Get lost, you Chinks.


We’ve let them ride as long as we could. Please prepare special laws regarding the Joseonjok, only allow immigration and work of people with specific minimum education and property, make measures such as expelling all the illegal immigrants and arresting all those with weapons as potential murders, with no exceptions. I will only vote for a candidate with such points in their pledge at the Presidential election.


We should eliminate working visa for the Joseonjok. And drive all the illegal immigrants out .


I never used to understand those skinheads and people like that from the West, but now I understand them a little.


I know how scary the Joseonjok is, from my experience as a conscripted policeman… Joseonjok people allegedly satisfy their anger only by killing someone they have started fighting with… Really.


He stabbed a girl with a knife who was working in a convenience store, at a young age, and not even earning much per hour? And he even stabbed her several times. I’m worried how much pain she would go through from now on, with the trauma about part-time jobs now that she has suffered an incident like that.


There are articles on Joseonjok’s crime every day… It really scares me. I shall vote for the candidate who puts forward a pledge about driving out Joseonjok and illegal immigrants, at the coming Presidential election.


I want to rip to death all the trashes who left the country complaining of their suffering after we gained liberty, and now make a fucking show presenting themselves as descendents of patriots who fought for liberty. Expel all the trash Chinky bastards, who have established the platform for a takeover of Seoul during the Korean War, acting as cat’s-paw for the Chinese Communist army. They are now acting as informants at the frontline of China’s Northeast project.


As long as Jasmine Lee is in Congress, we will not be able to drive Joseonjok out and soon the sons and daughters of the Joseonjok will also immigrate ^^


The sense of inferiority of Joseonjok people beats all others. In fact we should see Chinese and Joseonjok as separate. Joseonjok people are not treated properly even in China. All kinds of things happen in China but these things can be just laughed at. They are just trash Joseonjok, rather than Chinese.


Vote ‘up’ for my comments if you think ‘Joseonjoks are Chinese’ and ‘down’ if you think ‘Joseonjoks are our compatriots’.

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