North Korean ‘Girls Generation’ Used as Army Morale Booster

Those from the privileged class are selected to join the overseas propaganda troupe.

Those from the privileged class are selected to join the overseas propaganda troupe.

A Korean newspaper has likened an all singing all dancing North Korean girl troupe with pop sensation Girls Generation – claiming the troupe’s role is to uplift the moral of soldiers just like GG did last Christmas. Netizens were quick to go on the defensive to criticise what they claimed was a pro-North Korean article for publishing pictures of the girl troupe of girlie troops.

The below image is of the ‘regular troupe’ [i.e. not the sexy ones, in case you were wondering], the rest are from the ‘special troupe’.

A 'regular troupe' are mobilised to boost the moral of soldiers.

From Chosun Ilbo:

North Korean Version of Girls Generation? Take a Look at this ‘Special Moral Boosting Girls Troupe’…

Girls Generation’ are the so-called ‘Goddesses’ of the ROK Army. In North Korea however, they have not a ‘girl group’ but a ‘girl troupe’ of the same level as ‘Girls Generation’.

North Korea news specialist New Focus introduced on the 25th of this month the morale-boosting beauty troop for the [North Korean] army.

New Focus said that while in South Korea celebrities visit military troops to boost their morale, in North Korea the ‘People’s Army Troupe’ lend their hand in uplifting the soldiers’ spirits. The troupe, mainly composed of women, is divided into two parts, one for ordinary soldiers, and another ‘special’ one for international propaganda.

The ‘regular troupe’ only possess costumes, with pleasantly simple outward appearances wearing no make-up and with moderately titillating roles, while on the other hand the ‘special troupe’, which is specifically selected for international propaganda, is equipped with outstanding beauty queens, colourful costumes and make-up mastery. The ‘special troupe’ belongs to a privileged class of different social status from regular soldiers.

The ‘special troupe’ has been assigned to provide entertainment not only for soldiers but also the privileged class, and even been mobilised on the international stage such as at the Busan Asian Games.

However, New Focus also noted that North Korean soliders actually get a lot more pleasure out of meat and alcohol rations that can appease their hunger rather than through the entertainment provided by this kind of troupe.

North Korean morale boosting 'girl troupe'

North Korea's 'Girl Troupe' performing in front of China's People's Liberation Army.

North Korean morale boosting 'girl troupe'

North Korean morale boosting 'girl troupe'

North Korean morale boosting 'girl troupe'

North Korea's 'Girl Troupe' performing in front of China's People's Liberation Army.

North Korean morale boosting 'girl troupe'

Comments from Daum:


Is it not simply that reporters of the Bicycle Daily [nickname for the Chosun Ilbo newspaper meaning ‘cheap quality newspaper’ – legend has it that the newspaper ran a promotion giving our free bicycles to draw readers – just like those cheap newspapers that are handed out in the subway do] simply have high standards??? Will they not be accused of defamation????? ke


It was expected of the the Chosun Ilbo to compliment North Korean ladies ke ke ke ke


Of course the Chosun Ilbo which uses the word ‘Chosun’ in its title [North Korean word for ‘Korea’] would compliment the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea


Isn’t this article leftist of the North Korean puppet army?

민심은 천심:

As the saying goes ‘Southern Men, Northern Women‘… they REALLY are pretty!


Compared to Girls Generation they are 10000000000000000000000000000 times prettier ke ke ke you wanted this kinda response right? You fucking northern commie bastard journalist~ ke ke ke


Just like an article from the Chosun Ilbo


A typical article demonstrating the standards of the Chosun Ilbo


Looks like Bang family [owners of the Chosun Ilbo] got sexually aroused


This article is EXACTLY like those of the Chosun Ilbo…..


I’d say they are way prettier than Girls Generation, no?


Commies? What commies? You retards you guys are just like those pro fucking Japanese who sold out your own country,,, ke ke ke


Ah, a perverted journalist who is of North Korean tendency isn’t he? Has no grounds or proof whatsoever..through those two [we at koreaBANG scoured the internet to find you more!] photos, he’s written a novel. Well at least it’s fortunate that it’s not the words from an industry official.


We must therefore unify…at least they don’t have children (that is, sluts with worn out pussies) in tatters like those of our country, ain’t that right? In any case, even if we marry them, I think the divorce rate would still be low~~


How typical it is of the North Korean Chosun Ilbo to compliment the looks of North Korean woman.


They are covered in flour, so…

Comments from Nate:


Some of those girls are pretty


The girl in the first photo, second row on the right is pretty


Fuck! I’ve gone blind by looking at them!


Shut the fuck up ‘Southern Men, Northern Girls’ is so passé


They are all stumpy probably cos they can’t eat…


Looks like the bastard journalist is a commie.


Are you fucking crazy? ㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗㅗ


How dare you compare to Girls Generation…


Northern women are natural beauties, and Southern men are plastic beauties. I’m confused which is better. Am I the only one?! ^———–^


Eum, yeah they are pretty but… to say they are like Girls Generation?..


Oh…. To liken them our Girls Generation is a no no…


In the first photo a couple of them are..well if you send them to Diamond Girl [before and after makeover show] with Hong Seok-cheon [Korea’s first openly gay actor/TV personality] then they have potential..but those in the second photo, they are just a group of parent mother association mothers in their 40’s


Ok it’s understandable [to say they are pretty] in the first photo, but in the second photo what the hell they look like their mothers no?? They are really……. genuine female soldiers..

North Korea's 'Girl Troupe' performing in front of China's People's Liberation Army.

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