North Korean Girls: South Korean Netizens Debate Their Beauty

From Ilbe:

A candid look at North Korean women by a Westerner

A while back in South Korea the news of ‘beauty supporters from North Korea’ stirred up quite a reaction in the media, causing division amongst us men. you Ilbe gays would well remember the demagoguery over peace, unification and all that bullshit that all the jwa-jom spewed. Below are some photos of some genuine North Korean bitches. Taken by some yanks who traveled in North Korea.



Surprised? Me too.







Wearing Prada that I cannot even afford?

Thought it was a ghost movie



Having a sun shade up in a theme park ride? Retarded?










In North Korea there is no traffic signal and female officers are quite popular no?







Having a rough time, it says it all over your face.




Are all the pretty women dead? Why do reporters keep calling her the national assembly belle? [Kim Jae-yeon, an allegedly pro-North Korean politician who was removed from parliament for vote rigging].


A familiar face [Lee Jung-hee, presidential candidate for the United Progressive Party, often referred to as being pro-North Korean].

Comments from Ilbe:


Southern Men, Northern Women! [an old saying that says the men from the South and women from the North are the best looking Koreans – 南男北女]



They look Chinese but speak Korean. We should keep a separate race category called ‘Book-khan-in’ [North Korean].


I like their idea of maintaining tradition, but I couldn’t do it with them after unification.


Kimchi girls pre-surgery with no make up and real faces here ke ke ke After I look at them I realise how prevalent plastic surgery is amongst South Korean girls. It’s like a different race fuckke ke


Fucktards, if they are done up, they will rape those South Korean kimchi bitches


We feel more westernised and North Korea is definitely more Chinese. Less westernised? Eat more meat and dairy products.


Their white faces are seriously freaky….ㅠ_ㅠ


Fugly, don’t unify.


You turds, input malnutrition into your equation! They are shorter than us, right. Their nutritional state is fucked, and that’s reflected in their faces.


Fuck Jong Un took all the pretty ones? Fucking sick.


Their faces are so flat, I see this often in the Jeolla females. Gigantic jaws and slitty eyes, fuck there’s definitely some connection between them and Jeolla province.


Where did that MSWN saying come from? North Korean women are fugly and when they come here they all go apeshit with plastic surgery


PRADA ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke 


This is the real face of Koreans without plastic surgery. Have a real good look. Why so surprised? They look exactly like we did twenty years ago.


Why do they look so Chinese? Mixed so much with China cuz it’s closer?


Fuck, North and South Korean faces are all pretty much the same. Why get angry at them. Put some makeup on and they will look like your average South Korean women and if they get plastic surgery they will belong to our class of fake beauties.


‘Southern Men, Northern Women’ probably actually meant Russian women… We may have been mistaken about this….

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  • TrickyNishidake

    And that sir, is how the average Asian girl looks like.

    • dk2020

      Some of them are cute to me, I’d rather have real then plastic beauty ..

      • TrickyNishidake

        Some of them are (more like 1 or 2). I’m just pointing out that what most North Americans see in Korean/Japanese music videos are not the norm.

        • dk2020

          Can you tell me any country where their celebs in the media look like the norm? There are exceptions too .. look at Psy he is the norm right? lol.

          • TrickyNishidake

            No, but there’s a lot of people who think that the exotic “hot” Asian girl is the norm. That’s all.

          • Thuan Bui

            And a lot of Asian girls think ginger guys are exotic and “hot” :P

          • dk2020

            gingers have no soul ..

          • Thuan Bui

            I can do no soul if it attracts a load of East Asian ladies :P

          • dk2020

            I have yet to see a ginger with an Asian woman in the States .. probably all in Boston ..

          • Lovely

            hot ginger dude i can think of is Ewan Mcgregor (yummy)… he has an asian daughter (adopted). So that’s one you’ll see with an asian female. :)

          • Thuan Bui

            Probably cos all the gingers are in Asia. Only continent in the world they can get decently attractive women i.e. women way out of their league :P

          • TrickyNishidake

            Red haired guys?

        • Sillian

          Those pop singers are not even all beauty queens in bare body. They are professionally styled up. The average North Korean girls have no access to fancy fashion and cosmetics.

          • Thuan Bui

            and plastic surgery ;)

        • NingyoHime

          Japanese woman are prettier than korean ones.. Naturally they have different looks

          • dk2020

            thats subjective .. japanese girls are kawaii .. but they got some really jacked up grills ..

          • Thuan Bui

            Korean girls are cuter :P…..its all in the language keke :P 애교짱!

    • gestur

      “And that sir, is how the average Asian girl looks like.”

      Nah, I live in the West and the Asian girls here are way prettier than that.

      • TrickyNishidake

        Yeah I know, that’s why Westerners have an askew of what an average Asian looks like.

        • dk2020

          Do you live in Korea?

          Well, actually I’ve heard the opposite because it’s so superficial in South Korea that Koreans take better care of themselves then gyopos do, hence the fat American stereotype, but I think it’s all subjective .. if you go into the trendy rich areas there will be more beautiful people then folks in the ghetto because they have the money to take better care of themselves ..

          About the plastic surgery craze I’ve only known a handful of Koreans in the states that got the double eyelid surgery done, my aunt got her eyebrows tattooed, a couple girls I know got boob jobs but that’s about it. All that face/nose/jaw surgery is too much and it must be expensive. I would think most people can’t afford it. But I don’t knock it though, it’s their bodies and their money. They have to live with the consequences like Michael Jackson did if the surgery comes out bad.

          • Thuan Bui

            Plastic surgery industry in South Korea is very unregulated because there is such a high demand (domestically and internationally [China etc]) so anyone can set up shop. There is a lot of back street plastic surgeries and rogue plastic surgeons.

            Plus East Asian girls when they go under the knife its generally the eyes, nose, lips and jaws rarely the breasts though I believe this is on the rise. At least (from what I’ve heard) when they do have boob jobs, they don’t go OTT like the western girls, they generally increase where its noticeable but not in your face noticeable and out of portion vs. their bodies size/frame.

          • dk2020

            LOL yeah .. if there were more horror stories about PS in South Korea I think we would hear about it .. ain’t like you gonna get PS ..with your generalizations about gingers makes me think you’re not really an expert.

            Link the statistics and demographics instead of your guessing .. what about the vaginal plastic surgery in the UK, that’s acceptable compared to face surgery or what?

          • Thuan Bui

            Please read the conclusion on this:

            LOL I am generalizing and being sarcastic about gingers for fun. I live in UK plenty of ginger people :P What I was indirectly saying with my sarcasm is this:

            Please read the four short manga strips from the above link. You’ll get my point. Its happening still and that’s why so many white guys are staying in Asia for long term basis. What started out as a gap year or year for experience has become a way of life they can’t give up :P

            LOL don’t get me started on the UK, all this vajazzling to the vaginal area is nothing short of crazy!

            There are more issues in the UK that are more important than a few stupid girls who think they need vaginal plastic surgery E.g. UK has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in Europe! Now that is a more serious matter than affects society and the population as whole than a few girls with issues about how their vagina looks :P

          • Thuan Bui

            About South Korea’s plastic surgery tourism boom! And oh look, the example they use is a student from Beijing, China!


          • chucky3176

            How do you know so much about plastic surgery in South Korea?
            You ever lived in South Korea? Or you’re just going by hearsays as usual? Anyone can setup shop? Uh.. right…

          • Thuan Bui

            LOL! Yes I studied in Korea for a year i.e. I actually learnt Korean rather than went around teaching English like a boss-wannabe. I also majored in Korean Studies and Business at university. Want a photocopy of my degree as proof? Didn’t spent the years doing research for my essay papers just for the fun of it! There is a good documentary on plastic surgery in South Korea. Why don’t you have a search and watch it. 18

          • Thuan Bui

            Please read the conclusion on this:

            Clearly states the South Korean plastic surgery market is unregulated! It’s written by Korean authors too :P Not written out of magic ink, western ideas/influences and not to forget voodoo spells :P

            You lot need to chill the fuck out! Its a discussion thread, need to take shit a little more lightly and chill the fuck out.

          • Thuan Bui

            About South Korea’s plastic surgery tourism boom! And oh look, the example they use is a student from Beijing, China!


          • Kate

            Face surgery isn’t nearly as expensive in Korea as it is in the USA. Like I saw an ads for nose jobs starting at 900 bucks where as in the usa they start around 2000. Jaw shaving starts are 2000. Eyelid surgery is only a few hundred. Plus Koreans in Korea see Plasticizing themselves as an investment for their future, as they are so critically judged on appearance for jobs and mates.

          • dk2020

            Kate, personally do you have any Korean girlfriends that had plastic surgery? What’s their opinion on it and do they have a nonchalant attitude about it? Do they do know about how Westerners feel about PS? I think it’s fine, if that what makes them happy and more confident about themselves thats cool, as long as they are not hurting anyone else.

          • Kate

            Yes, most of the Korean women I had worked with had eyelid surgery with the exception of 2. My brother dated a korean woman from korea who had eyelid and nose surgery and was actually the first korean woman I had ever met and she was just……the most horrible person I had ever met, she was incredibly vain and superficial and frankly an alcoholic chain smoking trollop who was a problem maker. Thankfully she was deported this year. And my SIL who has no plastic surgery and refuses to because she is happy with her natural looks. The koreans I knew seemed to not really see PS as a big deal and in fact saw it positively as a career/husband booster. One thing that always stuck out to me about Korean women is so often they seem so insecure about their looks. Like I once had a korean girl go on about how she wished the back of her skull was like a white persob because apparently koreans have a flat base at the back where as whites are rounded and this apparently was something that really concerned her…..anyway women are insecure everywhere, myself included, but I would see beautiful koreans go on and on about fat or ugly they are and never understood it. My SIL was recently told by a doc that she going to die early and her body was of that of a 80 yr old…and she needed to lose a lot of weight because she was obese. My SIL is 5″4 and 135 lbs. Now because she was convinced she was dieing and morbidly obsse she now looks like skeletor and really unhealthy as she probably closer to 105 lbs right now. Blah.

          • dk2020

            *Sigh* Asians are the hardest workers but have the lowest self confidence, thats why some are so nationalistic, believing in the group instead of self. Korean society’s high expectations and demand for perfection is unreasonable to both Korean men and women. Some Koreans that don’t get plastic surgery see all the superficiality and materialism as a sign of Westernization ..

          • Kate

            That’s funny, because in a lotta places in the USA, I would say most rural and small town areas, plastic surgery and high end fashion are almost non existant. I could walk into Emart in Seoul and see loads of obvious plastic surgery but I couldn’t do that in Wal Mart in LaGrange, GA. I’m sure NYC is different though but still MOST americans are not getting plastic surgery or buying high end things. In fact, you rarely even see ads for PS unless you’re looking, where as on the Korean interwebs, they are poppin up everywhere. I’m sure big cities are different in the USA and I know Seoul is a big city, and I know outside of Seoul, Koreans probably aren’t getting to much PS or Prada. It’s just funny that it’s associated with “western” when most westerners don’t even get PS or buy high end stuff.

          • dk2020

            yeah .. in the korean groups on facebook, there is korean ps accounts advertising free ps to foreigners, I troll at them too but they just ignore me lols .. bad way to represent ..

          • Jahah Hahfd

            What does low confidence have anything to do with nationalism? If society is not a collective force and everything relies on the self “individualism” you will have a society based on selfish greed. This is the plague destroying the western world. Idiot.

          • TrickyNishidake

            I live a portion of my year in China annually.

            That’s why I said “Asians” instead of Koreans, Japanese, or Chinese.

            I’m pretty sure everyone has taken my original point, run with it can made me imply far more than I ever said.

          • Dawa Tsering

            koreans, japanese n chinese make up east asia. d word asians refers to all of asia.

          • TrickyNishidake

            Yes, I’m sorry I left out South Asians and South East Asians on a blog roll about Korea…..really….

            Couldn’t put 2 and 2 together? Really?

          • NingyoHime

            I had a korean friend grew up in the states.. totally american.. she went to visit korea for the first time and came back with plastic surgery.. no joke. she had a horrible time while visiting and she felt very uncomfortable

          • dk2020

            ? felt uncomfortable in the US or SoKo? So all plastic surgery ends up horrible and people with PS live in shame the rest of their lives SMH ..

          • NingyoHime

            she felt uncomfortable when she visited korea for the first time. her family members kept pressuring her about her looks. she did not even need any surgery at all.
            but while visiting in south korea she got surgery on her eyes and nose :(

          • dk2020

            damn she must’ve been really weak minded to get PS if she didn’t want it .. I have never heard of family forcing somebody to get PS .. overdramatize much?

          • Kate

            That’s sad….but I totally understand her feeling. The bar is set unrealistically for people’s appearance. Its a big diff between the usa and korea culture. Americans are much much much more laid back about apearances and really domt care how others look. Americans also understand that the avg person does not look like Megan Fox and shouldn’t try to look like her but embrace their own looks where as I find many Koreans try really hard to look like their celeb idols and get PS to mimic them and so wha. t happens is you have a large number of regular people who have raised the beauty bar for everyone else cause they are going to a surgeon.

          • dk2020

            Well it makes no sense to me if they are going to get plastic surgery and then get ridiculed for it even worse in ROK. That’s why I think she meant the US.. looking at the comments it seems like other Asians and Westerners do far more ridiculing than Koreans do about PS. live and let live!~

          • Kate

            I think westeners tend to see plastic surgery as a sign of insecurity and vanity and most westeners, if they do get PS, are not getting a lot of it and not to the point where it totally transforms their faces into a different person like say, Kim Ah Joong. But then again, i don’t think most avg. koreans who get PS do what Kim Ah Joong did to her face by any means. That would require a lot of money.

            I don’t think it’s the PS itself, I think it’s the type of people that do get it that bother me sometimes. Almost all the Korean women I knew who had PS were incredibly looks obsessed and just vain and very insecure, which is probably why they had work done to begin with. Those types of personality traits are not good. I know my brother’s ex thought that she was the hottest thing to come to earth since Jesus Christ and frequently bragged about how gorgeous she was……but the thing is, she wasn’t as pretty as she is before the surgeries she had. Without her surgeries, she honestly was very plain jane.

            I think some people just want a more harmonious face and get one thing done, like a nose job. Sometimes features are very out of proportion to the rest of the face and it does look better. I understand that too.

            I don’t know, i’m mostly happy with my face and other people’s faces aren’t really my business. Blah blah blah.

          • Kate

            Hey I meant to ask you, do you live in Koreatown LA? If so, have you seen Ktown on Youtube ^_^ ????

          • dk2020

            yeah .. I know some the people on the show -_-;; ktown is a really small community ..


          • Andrea

            “Americans are much much much more laid back about appearances
            and really don’t care how others look”
            “Americans also understand that the avg person does not look like Megan Fox and shouldn’t try to look like her but embrace their own looks”

            sometimes I troll some murricans and tell them they are the ugliest country and you know what the answer is?
            “Americans are not ugly, just look at Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie”
            “we have the best looking celebrities”
            The obsession white murrican women have with tan skin. big boobs and full lips is as pathetic as the obsession Koreans have with double eyelids.
            Korea is number 1 in plastic surgery, the U.S is 6th
            I don’t know you but I wouldn’t call a country “laid back” when it’s number 6 in plastic surgery among 196 countries.

            you really like sounding like a hypocrite do you?
            I know they are only 4 pictures but if you do some research you will find millions of murricans who wish they look like celebrities, who are being bullied for being ugly, etc

            oh and btw, you should watch this documentary, you nasty hypocrite


          • dk2020

            Good post .. thanks for the stats .. kick back on Kate though thats just her opinion ..

        • gestur

          I dont get it, is it only the pretty ones that move over here? Seems unlikely,

          • Jennster

            i don’t know about koreans, but for chinese only the poor ones move to usa. the rich ones move to australia/canada.

            most chinese think overseas asians are uglier than the ones home.

          • dk2020

            If they are 100% Chinese how do they really look different? -_-;; Most Chinese fobs I’ve seen look like straight nerds. It’s the Taiwanese kids that are rich and superficial .. and I’m talking about the biggest Chinese population in SoCal .. San Gabriel, Alhambra, and Monterey Park ..

          • Jennster

            Exactly go to USA Chinatowns and compare it to Australia’s and England’s the USA one is filthy

          • dk2020

            Chinese do have a reputation for being dirty ie. Shanghai or any other major Chinese city, the big cloud of nasty pollution from the factories etc .. Austrailia, Canada and the UK tend to be cleaner countries on the whole then the US .. *shrugs* it’s cleaner because of better public sanitation ..

          • Chell-bell

            I was about to say that the China-Town in the U.k is alright, it was noticeably dirty or anything but I’m not sure if its because of public sanitation, or just the people looking after their community

          • Chell-bell

            to hell with my spelling…

          • dk2020

            You gotta look at it in historical content too .. the biggest chinatown is in san francisco that’s been there for 100 years and most ethnic encaves in America are in the ghetto to separate the whites from the minorties.

          • Chell-bell

            Yeah I guess so but I still think the Chinatown in London is relatively clean and I honestly think its cause of the community despite placement and sanitation comity. It’s better then Peckam that’s all I can say.

          • Jennster

            No the Chinatowns in uk and Australia aren’t dirty at all compared to usas. The Chinese that migrate to USA go for money due to poverty while those moving to Australia uk Canada are there for the standard of living and air quality

          • Zappa Frank

            really? i was told that ABC were considered more attractive in china and use to have more girls than native chinese.. was just an ABC bullshit than?

          • Kai

            Eh, depends. Ugly is ugly and attractive is attractive, plus different girls have different preferences. Often, ABCs benefit from the American passport and the perception of them being “somewhat exotic but still having some common cultural background” with the girl. Therefore, ABCs can be seen as a potential “step up” on the social ladder of life without being too culturally different that the girl might fear that she or her family might will have too hard of a time forming a relationship with him.

          • Jennster

            They are only good if they speak considerable good mandarin. Most prefer migrants not abc which I think u are mistaken. The ones making the most money in china from overseas are sea turtle Chinese aka migrant kids

          • TrickyNishidake

            No, of course not. Probably just a higher ratio. I’m sure you ignore the uglies or just flat out try to forget them.

    • vanyuelding


    • Andrea

      Typical generalization from a dumb westerner …sigh …
      the average south east Asian girl is far from looking like that, south east Asian girls have different eye shape and face shape.
      Let’s generalize and say the average Western white murrican is obese and know nothing about Geography.

      • TrickyNishidake

        Except I’m not a Westerner, nor am I White. I’m Chinese, and I work in China six months of the year. I’ve been through, China, Korea, and Japan, though not particularly extensively, and most Asian girls are simply not the 15/10 knockouts that Westerners think they are. Most of them do look like the girls in the above pictures.

  • Webster

    How is this even news worthy? Just a bunch of douches on the internet…being douchey.

    • dk2020

      damn dude just don’t click on the article sheesh ..

    • Sillian

      kBang is not a ‘news’ site. This site shows diverse aspects of the Korean internet world including sheer douchebaggery. Ilbe is like 4chan.

      On topic, they look like country bumpkins but some of them would actually look good if they are dolled up.

  • dk2020

    Great pictures, they look Korean .. very natural looking except they got some jacked up grills haha .. please post more of these articles thanks KB. gomawo ..

  • Your Sexy Cousin Rex

    The 9th picture, the one above the pharmacist
    She’s aight <3


    I can find beauty in everyone.

  • One for all

    Actually, I find a good number of them to be beautiful!

    • Ralph

      Me too!

    • Callum

      a lot of them look like natural beauties!

      • Ralph

        The woman in the black and white picture (where she is wearing an army uniform and has a flower in her hair), actually looks very similar to a South Korean friend of mine. Very pretty smile.

  • Yu Bum Suk

    Not many stunners but few I’d call ugly.

  • Quentin

    They don’t look Chinese at all, lol. They actually look very Korean. I guess after so much plastic surgery the southerners don’t even know how they naturally look like.

    • Jennster

      Some do. Go check northern Chinese areas. It’s the eye shape and eyelid.

    • dk2020

      Hrmmmm, isn’t there plastic surgery beauty contests in China? Also, there is plenty rich Chinese that go to South Korea to get plastic surgery done so much so the surgeons also speak Mandarin, I think plastic surgery might be becoming the new status symbol in East Asia for rich folks, as it is in Beverly Hills.

      I wish there were demographics of the people who get plastic surgery .. I’m guessing it’s mostly middle aged rich folks who get face-lifts trying to stay looking young. It’s popular for British women getting vaginal plastic surgery which i think is weird .. everybody seems so judgmental against people with plastic surgery, who really cares? It’s their life, its not like you’re going to ridicule anyone IRL that has PS.. oh just because South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world doesn’t mean everybody is fake, I’ve never got any work done except tattoos so it doesn’t really bother me ..

      • yeh

        wow a new status symbol in east asia? how’d you come to that ground breaking conclusion? everyone loves your insightful comments about “k-town” im sure

        • dk2020

          well shit mang .. whats your opinion and experience with it? I might just be talking out my ass for conversation’s sake I’m not saying I’m right just a couple observations .;

          • yeh

            yeah, thats the idea. its obviously a status symbol for anyone who’s lived here a few weeks. also nice nearly incomprehensible reply there w/ typical “youre not asian so you can’t have an opinion”

          • dk2020

            well the world doesn’t revolve around you now does it? you’re angry that kpop is played in korea? lmao srsly SMFH, you sound like a douchebag tourist, mad because no one knows english huh? LOL… you’re an asssshole!

    • jon776

      Northern Chinese and Koreans look the same. Only southern Chinese look different. But yeah, South Koreans seems a little bit deluded. Give those girls some BB-cream, makeup, eyelid surgery and some modern clothes and they look exactly the same.

      • dk2020

        Eh,I would say Koreans look the closest to Mongolians. Mongols don’t consider themselves Chinese ..I think thats where the colorful hanboks came from .. There’s been a few Mongolians that lived in Ktown that everybody thought was Korean, but that’s easy to assume because they lived in Ktown ..

        • jon776

          Yeah, all northern mongoloids have overlapping features. Japanese, Koreans, Mongols, northern chinese. Some features are more common in certain places, but since they are overlapping it’s impossible to say for sure. Same with germanic people and northern slavs. Sometimes it’s obvious but sometimes you really don’t know.

          • dk2020

            right, i see your point ..

      • jimmy piplup

        I think it’s a lot of denial on the South’s side, I don’t think a lot of them WANT to think they look the same as the North

    • min-ah

      you’re right some south Korean woman think too much of them self because they look beautiful? yuck there beauty is just fake so why argue some of them even have the same face, i mean there nothing without there surgery.

      • takasar1

        i share your feelings. i have so many friends who say that all east asian girls are so pretty and ‘western’ girls can’t really compare on average. these dumbasses (i dont even know whether they’re joking or not) completely forget that the ratio of beautiful-to-normal is pretty much the same with all ethnicities. china has a billion + people, so chances are they will have more ‘pretty’ women but they have even more fugly ones as wel. natural korean beauties are outnumbered by plastic surgery monsters 2:1 and japan… (i know too little about)

  • Kate

    I think every place in the world has its share of beautiful women, why is it a surprise that north korea has beautiful women? There are natural beautiful women everywhere in every country. I mean have you seen Afgan women? They have beautiful, striking eyes.

    It is nice to see so many Korean women without nose jobs. They look better with their natural noses.

    • Ruaraidh

      Have you seen Afghan women, besides that one photo of course? Pale eyes are far beyond the norm even among the Nuristani and Kalash.

      • Kate

        Oh I know but I mean like their eye shape, they have pretty eye shapes.

        • Ruaraidh

          I probably wouldn’t be saying this if I wasn’t full of ale, but you live in a crazy world, I wish I could see it through your eyes for just one day.

          • Kate

            That would require some brain trauma and alotta pot my frind ^_^♥♥♥♥♥

  • Paul M

    Thank you Korea Bang for a great end to the working week. Girls in uniform are freaking hot. Especially no.7 and her stern expression.

  • Gerhana

    I thought you cant take picture inside north Korea and when you entered someone will always unknowingly follow you. This kind of article is great, the one that explored the forbidden/unknown place and offer a glimpse of the inhabitants. Can you Google Earth North Korea or its forbidden? ke ke ke…. ^_-

    one of the picture looks like a colleague when shes angry, the brown jacket one. Oh the last picture, the guy in blue must be thinking that shes a crazy girl that unbelievable expression he wore.

  • Jahah Hahfd

    it doesnt have to be south korean beauty vs north korean beauty because we’re all the same race

  • Josh Igoe

    Plastic surgery and cosmetics in the South.. North Koreans are the same as South Koreans minus the above factors…

  • Jennster

    the best of the best north korean women are indeed better than the best south korean women (type in north korean women in youtube). just my opinion. nkorea can get to 9/10 with the natural best.

    • Sillian

      Although that’s your subject opinion, I gotta say there is no such thing. If you are talking about the ‘best of the best’, any country has loads of natural stunners unless the country has like a hundred people. xD

  • vanyuelding

    thank lord for all the surgery ! damn thoses women look fugly

    • dk2020

      your mama is fugly ikea boy .. stop being such a negative nancy ..

      • Yaminah Jamison

        Well he’s actually saying that based on what he saw… you’re saying that based on what you haven’t seen and you not liking his comment… in the end, it’s his opinion, even if it more than blunt .

        • dk2020

          Lols you got all that from his weak one liner? Obviously he’s just talking shit and I can talk shit right back no biggie.. damn Swedes ..

          • Yaminah Jamison

            And you got all of that from his line about his mom? Seriously… why resort to name calling on someone else who has nothing to do with anything just because you didn’t like his opinion? “Bleh… she’s ugly.” “Well, YOUR mom is ugly!!!! Harhar douche!!!!” I just never knew why people gotta go all ad hominem when they can’t think of anything else to counter with…

            And yeah, being Swedish has everything to do with it too, huh…..? /sarcasm.

          • dk2020

            Look lady, u don’t get where I’m coming from or my sense of humor .. we always retort with your mama jokes without meaning it .. if you don’t know he responded with he wanted to gangrape my whole family, yeah thats real mature lols. I dont even know why I’m explaining it to you.. SMH, you didn’t have butt in judging me tho cos I don’t know you and you don’t know a damn thing about me,

          • Yaminah Jamison

            You didn’t have to repsond to him at all in the first place.. but you were obviously bothered by his comment and felt as though you should have the right to express your opinion just like I’m doing here. The reply button exists for a reason.

            So you’re getting all mad because someone called you out, and then getting mad because you feel like you’re being judged while you did it in the first place? Lol hypocrite much? Yeah I don’t know you nor anyone else here but you don’t see me acting like I do, nor act like I know their family and how they look just because I didn’t like their comment.

          • dk2020

            Eh? there are u happy? I deleted all my replies and its still over ya head, your’e puttin hella extras on it. Forget it though, ignore me and I’ll ignore you .. Kbang should come up with a block button ..

          • Yaminah Jamison

            Wasn’t a matter of me being happy or not and i never understood why you gotta censor yourself.

      • dk2020

        LMAO yeah right Frenchie Swede, both countries known for being cowards, you talkin about my family? You have no class trollin ass chump LOL .. you wouldn’t last one day in the hood, come to Washington and Vermont in LA and walk around and try to start some shit .. ahahahahaha internet tough guy ..

    • Zappa Frank

      i like most of them..

  • chucky3176

    Different standard of beauty, as North Koreans prize round faces. North Koreans do not trust nor think slim faces are appealing. Also to put down the myth of the natural looking North Korean women, everyone here will be shocked to hear this, but it is very common in North Korea to have cosmetic surgery. Although most of those surgeries are done in homes by shady people who are not properly trained.

    Studies have always concluded that better nutrition, less physical stress, and better healthcare always produces more attractive people. The richer a country becomes, the more attractive people there are.

    • Kate

      You know I read an article that was saying the north korean women who are from the elite class in north korea do get plastic surgery too and that north korean women who represent north korea to the outside media get plasticized too.

      The women the photographer took pics of, except for a few, look like upper class north koreans who would have access to doctors to do work. But whether they have or haven’t, the women are pretty. Koreans look better with their naturally round wide faces and their flatter noses. I wish my nosewas flatter, frankly I hate having a “scottish nose”. Its the first thing I see in pics…..:(.

      • chucky3176

        These women are the upper class. Only the North Korean elites are allowed to live in the capital city of Pyongyang. Most of these pictures were taken in Pyongyang.

        An average North Korean girl in Hamkyung province would probably not look like these women who look well fed and who smile.

    • Zappa Frank

      there are exceptions, rich countries may be without rotten teeth and white hair, but tend to be fat or obese..

      • chucky3176

        I’m talking in general trends. It’s undoubtedly those North Korean women in the picture look very rough around the edges, compared to the South Korean women. Even if these North Korean women are the elites, they still go through much deprivations. Many suffer from stunted growth, half growth, with shorter limbs. North Koreans seem to grow old before they’re suppose to age. Many who look like in their 40′s are really in their 20′s, etc. Look at the pictures of faces of North Korean children versus the faces of the South Korean children, the differences are also stunning. Sometimes it’s hard to believe, we’re from the same genes. It’s everything to do with how China controls North Korea, as an out of control dog that’s leashed and chained up to the post.

  • chucky3176

    After a complete makeover, these North Korean women will not look too different from average South Korean women, with their hair, fashion, makeups, clothes.

    Here, the North Korean defector women who live in South Korea.

  • Carlos Santos

    They look exactly like Koreans in South Korea. It’s ironic, but many South Koreans are so used to looking at women on TV they don’t realize what Koreans in their own country look like. I’ve traveled from corner to corner and once you leave the cities you see women rarely with plastic surgery and “traditional faces”, if you can call them.

  • chucky3176

    The differences in facial appearance shows up early, as you can see from the pictures of the children in the two countries.

    Pictures of North Korean children

    Pictures of South Korean children

    It really an interesting case of what happens when you take the
    same people, divide them into two groups and separate them from each other for 70
    years. What happens in 70 years? In 100 years? Not only that, North and South Koreans are having difficulties understanding each other’s spoken language. South Koreans have adopted English vocabulary into Korean, while the North, has tried its best to eliminate all foreign loan words. Not only that, South Koreans are increasingly mixing with immigrants like the Chinese, Japanese, South East Asians, Indians, and Whites, while North Korea remains genetically isolated. By 2050, if the current immigration trends continue unchecked, 30% of South Korea’s population is expected to be made up of South East Asians and their offsprings. If North Korea still survives by then, we could theoretically see two different genetic springboards in the Korean peninsula. A homogenious North Korea facing off, a South and South East Asian mixed race South Korea.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      I’ll be honest, they all look the same to me. I only commented since I saw you had an account. Don’t you usually post as a guest?

    • Zarri

      Haha South East Asian South Korea?.. Yeah No. South Korean children and North Korean children look the same.

  • PixelPulse

    A lot of them are actually very pretty, maybe not drop dead super model/actress gorgeous, but still very pretty. But those two girls with paper white faces are scary looking. EE-Krypt comment is the most funny/ironic/sad?? to me.

  • Augis Barkov

    No surgery – treat for eyes.

  • gumiho

    My wife went to school in S.Korea waaaay back in the ’50s and ’60s-she has all these old photos of her and her classmates in those black uniforms with the big white collars. Makeup wasn’t allowed, and of course, no PS either-so they all look like these N.Koreans. Real, original Korean faces.

  • ChuckRamone

    I would like to have sex with all of them. But then again I sometimes think i would sleep with any woman.

  • NingyoHime

    Lol they don’t even know what their people look like.

    • dk2020

      I know right? Koreans after PS are totally unrecognizable and look like white people .. Japanese or Chinese folks don’t get plastic surgery at all, they are so superior to Koreans .. bakayarooo ..

      • NingyoHime

        my korean friend was discussing this the other day.. how all of her people are starting to look the same. everyone keeps getting the same plastic surgery and aiming for the same look..

        • dk2020

          ah yes your korean friend .. can you tell her to post on here her own experiences, so she regrets her PS right away huh? .. nihon jin desu ka? sorry but koreans will look the same with or without PS just like the japanese, it has to do with being homogeneous countries not plastic surgery..

        • Sillian

          Aside from the usual media hyperbole that Koreans themselves also buy into, most ppl who get ps don’t change that much and there are much more young ppl who haven’t got any ‘real’ ps unless you count skin and dental treatment too. Most ps stats I’ve seen include all. There are some areas in Seoul where you can notice ‘ps lovers’ with high frequency but nationwide, it is still not that common.

  • Pingback: Korean Gender Reader, November 24-30 | The Grand Narrative

  • dim mak

    >Fugly, don’t unify.

    I lol’d

    Seriously though, they don’t look that different
    And what’s this about looking “chinese”? I’m Chinese and I can rarely say with certainty whether an Asian is one of us or Korea/Japanese. Most Asians look the same people, it’s all in your heads

    • Sillian

      Lol. Some Asians seem to think they look distinctively different from other Asian neighbors. It has much more to do with what they wear and how they do hair and makeup. Even for this, there are many overlaps between young Asians living in big cities today.

  • dk2020

    anderson cooper is going to have an interview with a north korean defector that was born in a labor camp on 60 minutes tomorrow .. I hope the NK regime will crumble soon .. smh.

  • Lillee

    I really like their natural beauty ^^


    North or South? Who cares. Same DNA. Korean women all look homogeneous. And the cross breeds look funny

  • Sean Cauffiel

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned that these could only be publicity photos approved by the government, and not just snapshots by some tourist. You think North Koreans really smile that much?

    • James Pearson

      Take a trip through the countryside there and you’d be surprised how many people do smile – can’t speak for everywhere obviously. It’s also perfectly possible for tourists to snap photos like this – have a look on Flickr for more of the same. A lot of these, if not most of them, were also taken in Pyongyang, where things are better (not good, but better).

  • Lovely

    asian people are obsessed with “beauty”. I don’t understand why. Beauty is so subjective. You don’t have to have a certain feature to be considered beautiful in the U.S

  • Henry

    They look exactly like South Koreans – don’t see any difference. Still grappling with this Korean girl fetish that some men seem to have. Most Koreans look like those in the pictures above. Some are decent (meaning not ugly but not pretty either) but almost 99% are average or below average. But I’ve people telling me they are the “most gorgeous Asian race” and “very beautiful” – are you kidding me? Most look so average to me and the rest are just too plastic to deal. Weird taste some people have.

  • Guest

    Whoever posted this site is a complete ignorant dolt who is a narcissistic ass! Who only cares about appearance seriously this web blog is a joke who really gives a fuck
    about looks! The person who created this article in the first place is too dumb
    to notice how this is causing more hate then proving to justify an unreasonable
    statement. To be honest in my opinion the person who created this whole shit
    about looks on society has no logic to what they are saying and trying to prove
    it makes me laugh at how a whole lot of comments from rude ignorant bastards in
    this page makes people look so stupid on how they think now that’s proof!

  • Guest

    Whoever posted
    this ridiculous activity is a complete ignorant dolt who is a narcissistic ass!
    Who only cares about appearance seriously this weblog is a joke who really
    gives a fuck about looks! The only people who would have the audacity to write
    something about this just prove to me how an ungrateful insecure trash you are.
    The person who created this article in the first place is too dumb to notice
    how this is causing more hate then proving to justify an unreasonable
    statement. To be honest in my opinion the person who created this whole shit
    about looks on society has no logic to what they are saying and trying to prove
    it makes me laugh at how a whole lot of comments from rude ignorant bastards in
    this page makes people look so stupid on how they think now that’s proof!

    • dk2020

      *eats popcorn* you tell ‘em whats up girl! asa!

  • Maja

    It’s just that all South Korean women are plastic. Take off the makeup and South Korean women will look exactly the same

    • khat311

      the girls here have had work done too

  • Joe Bee

    Korean girls look much prettier and more beautiful WITHOUT MAKEUP and COSMETIC SURGERIES. I think they have been brainwashed into believing that if you have big eyes (bi-lids) and look like anime characters, you are pretty, when in fact, you aren’t…that’s just DISGUSTING. But the small eyes (monolids) and naturally higher cheek bones and so-called “flat faces” is actually BEAUTIFUL and research has shown amongst men of non-westernized countries, the majority find natural korean beauty to be more attractive than the plastic surgery korean faces.

  • Eidolon

    All of this started with the Japanese, didn’t it? The beauty standards in East Asia remind me of anime aesthetics.

  • Guest

    If these girls are all considered ‘ugly’, South Koreans must have the highest beauty standards in the world. Number 1 in particular I thought was quite pretty! If I ever visit the country, I’d better do so with a bag over my head…

  • khat311

    allot of the girls here had double eyelid surgery,plastic surgery is actually quite common in north korea

  • Jim McBride

    I was married to a Korean girl and with out make up and she looked much like one of them and I thought she was gorgeous.

  • Ekaterina Trofimova

    Some of them are very pretty, some are just cute, but I must say ALL of them look natural. And each girl here has something unique.

  • bultak23

    Could you imagine such a huge paradox. I’m a white american man and I love North Korean women. 북한여자분뜨거워요. Could you, i’m 26 see um and so confused. Wow, ah they are hot!! 세명주세요!

  • Pickle

    Some are quite pretty. This isn’t the first time I looked at this article. But this is the first time I paid attention. The preview photo made me look at it.

  • Rita Kim

    I think these women are so beautiful and more unique looking compared to South Korean women (no thanks to the Plastic Surgery craze).

  • jianfei

    They need a better Dentist for tooth alignment and cavity repairs

  • Hana

    they actually look good! they are beautiful. ^_^ don’t south koreans realize that they are the ones who are freaky? they all look the same! that’s like having a factory making these doll-like people in south korea. why can’t they just accept the way they are made. thank God that our country’s plastic surgeries are expensive. beautiful people can still be beautiful…

  • annabella

    Not one person here has mentioned about the difference in living standards. North koreans are suffering from malnutrition and on average are several inches shorter in height than their southern counter parts. Its about their diet and their health, surgery is just an extra. South koreans can spend more on their health and beauty so there is no surprise here. Of course they look different and its very saddening.

  • Harry_Hogfart

    It is obvious they are suffering from a lack of life, liberty the pursuit of sexual happiness and bug fat cocks , the UN should save from the tiny asian penis shame

  • Xylon Trinidad III

    The only comment i will wrote down here is -Korean women are simple and beautiful just any other asian women looks like.

  • Rick Diloretto

    North or South… Korean women are beautiful with sex appeal. Treat them with kind loving respect and they will do the same… at least the S. Korean, they will 80%. I don’t know about N. Korean communist, since they a brain washed all the days of there lives. But they are still human and should at least have some good hearted spirit towards anyone else as humans… I hope so. I enjoyed Korea and the people and foods/history. I call Korea a nation of smiles… when they get to love and accept you. They have been to hell and back over many centuries. A tough bunch of people. I love Korean foods and a good Korean smile. God Bless them even the North… may freedom ring.

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