Korean Test Now Required for Marriage Immigrants

Article from SBS:

Foreign spouses are denied entry to Korea if unable to speak Korean.


Last year, a law was revised in order to require all foreign spouses [of Korean nationals] to have a basic level of Korean as a condition of entry. Many have complained, saying their foreign spouses often are not allowed to enter Korea.

Reporter Yoon Nara has more on the story.


On March 27th, a man in his 60s started a fire at a marriage agency, killing one of the company’s representatives.

He had married a Vietnamese woman [in Vietnam], and when she failed to get permission to enter Korea, he started the fire in a fit of rage.

A farmer in his 40s from Sanju, Gyeongbuk married a Cambodian woman [in Cambodia] last August. She was however denied entry to Korea since she failed the Korean language proficiency test.

Han Soonchul from Sangju, Gyeongbuk [said] “It’s difficult knowing that she can only come with me [in Korea] once she passes the test. My wife in Cambodia feels the same way and I miss her a lot.”

As of April last year, marriage immigrants must pass the beginner level of the Korean language proficiency test, or take a certain course to study the Korean language.

The government has revised the law due to high rates of domestic violence in multicultural families due to communication failures, as well as the high number of divorces, which are now over 10 thousand annually.

It has been estimated that there are about 1,000 foreign spouses who failed to enter Korea on account of not knowing the Korean language.

Representatives of international marriage agencies protested against this revised law in front of the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family.

Lee Jongchul, spokesman for the international marriage agency emergency planning committee said, “If we make it so a Korean must give up after going through the wedding ceremony and wedding registration, he ends up being a married man without a wife.”

Korean government announced that it is not planning to revise the law since a basic level of Korean proficiency is essential for raising a family.

Comments from Naver:


I agree with this because a marriage isn’t a product to buy and sell. If foreign spouses enter Korea not having a basic level of Korean language, it would be slow for them to adapt to Korea. It would be good if Korean citizenship is given to them if they’ve lived in Korea for over five years.


Is it possible to marry someone without being able to communicate? When you think about what caused the amendment to the law, I admit the revised law is certainly necessary.


Since a lot of fake marriages were really prostitution, I agree with this.


Those multicultural marriages are based on a money transaction so I think this measure is fair. To tell the truth, those Koreans basically just buy their spouses from Southeast Asia. What would people in there think about when they think about Korea?


A marriage isn’t a business. Human right activists will be against this. If somebody can’t speak Korean, it’s right to deny them entry to Korea, like other countries do. Do those people know that?


It’s good for that Vietnamese woman who couldn’t get into Korea, married to the man in his 60s. He set something on fire in a fit of rage, so that explains why he couldn’t get a woman even at over 60 years old.


Well done! Never amend that law again. It is impossible for Korean men in the countryside to be able to speak Southeast Asian languages fluently. Therefore to bring brides who don’t speak Korean means to buy them for sex and labor, and not consider issues of communication. A damn love without communication? And a man who set fire is over 60 years old. It makes me speechless.


The TV program ‘Love in Asia’ shows only the good side of international marriage. I hope [the government] makes it harder to become a Korean citizen.


In America, foreign spouses must meet language proficiency requirements, and also understand basic American laws and history. Needless to say, this is the right policy.


Unless foreign spouses have another purpose for marrying, they should be able to speak their spouses’ language.


A man in his 60s.. He has no conscience. If he is setting fires now, I assume he will get violent when he can’t communicate with someone.


Insane old people, why do you want foreign spouses? I know you want to buy foreign women and treat them as your slaves. I completely agree with this policy. If you aren’t good enough, just live your life alone. Don’t make lovely young girls from foreign countries sacrifice their lives.


It’s fun to see men in their 40s and 50s from the countryside who want an international marriage. Do they really need foreign brides? Young guys in their 20s and 30 scan’t marry because they don’t have any money or good jobs. They can’t see those people? If they are really in love with someone in a foreign country, this is acceptable. However, they shouldn’t do something so shitty like spending money on an arranged marriage. The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family did well this time. Do not change this law. Don’t give attention to people who want to buy a bride. Multicultural society? I understand a multicultural society that consists of love between couples. A multicultural society where people are bought and sold? Piss off.


It is absurd to marry someone a few days after the arranged meeting and to bring her to Korea. You can adopt your pet but not your wife.


This is a really good law. Members of the National Assembly did their jobs. I respect lawmakers who did a brilliant job.


If someone’s wife can’t speak Korean, let her husband take the test in her language to pass. Make bride-buying illegal. I don’t really feel bad for those brides who willingly come to Korea after getting married in Southeast Asia. But I feel sorry for the men and women from developed countries like Europe, Canada, and the United States who come to Korea to get married. I can imagine what they will face in the future, ke ke.


Wow, a man in his 60s?


Abolish multiculturalism! It’s sad to see Korea going the way of a failed state.


Isn’t it supposed to be like this? In other countries, if you want to obtain their citizenship, unless you were born in that country and have their nationality, there is a test you have to take on their language and culture.

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  • Bill

    I’m an 29 year old American man who lives in Korea and I’m married to a Korean woman. We have a 7 month old son. We own two English hagwons. I study the Korean language and I’ve read thousands of pages of Korean history and culture books out of sincere interest but I know that I’m too busy working to pass a Korean language test. I have to renew my visa each year. If this law effects me the next time I go to renew my visa I’ll take my wife and son to America where we own a couple apartment buildings. If you want to over regulate peoples’ lives the country loses. Lastly I suspect the reason for this law is to stop Southeast Asian women from entering Korea. Many, but not all, Koreans look down on Southeast Asians and don’t want them in Korea. But most Korean women don’t want to marry farmers.. and many of those guys will go without wives if they can’t bring a foreign woman home. It’s very emotional for them to be rejected by Korean women who demand an office man and then to be told by office men they can’t marry nonkorean women unless they learn Korean.
    These women learn Korean AFTER coming to Korea. If they divorce let them divorce. If the foreign women feel overworked… let them decide if it’s worth it. Don’t many Korean women complain of being overworked? Should all Korean marriages be thwarted by these stunt regulations. Why does anybody from the government have to bother?
    I hope for many families that their peace isn’t disturbed by this.

    • Realist

      “We own two English hagwons… we own a couple apartment buildings.” Exactly what insecurities are you trying to compensate for by providing this kind of irrelevant, unsubstantiated information? LOL

      • czarita

        He has all the time to study the language and history but not the
        time to pass a Korean language test. LOL.

        • Bill

          I read Korean history and do some Korean language textbooks at midnight or after, or while I’m at work. I don’t have time for Korean language classes.

          • bigmamat

            Have you seen a sample of the test? Is it difficult? It may not be as difficult as you suspect but if it’s designed to keep out poorer SEA brides it wouldn’t surprise me if it’s designed to be more difficult.

          • Chucky3176

            Are you kidding? They require TOPIK Level 1. This is the lowest minimum of Korean there is. Now if you can’t even say the absolute minimum like ….

            “My name is ___”,
            “How are you?”,
            “I ate lunch”,
            “I will go to work”,
            “One, two, three, four…”,
            “I am happy”
            “I am sick”
            “Help me”
            “Sky is blue”

            … then you shouldn’t even bother. Any half intelligent person can pick up a book on basic Korean and learn level one in matter of months. If they can’t bother to put up that kind of effort, then they’re not being serious about marriage. Otherwise the complaining hubbies should learn to speak Vietnamese. Either way, couples should be able to communicate at a basic level.

          • bigmamat

            Well I can do all that. So TOPIK level one if fairly rudimentary. That’s not so bad. You can learn that much watching television with subtitles. Besides, there’s always an app for it. Where’s the bathroom is pretty important too. Funny you would use “I” so often when Koreans don’t.

          • Chucky3176

            The new law also says either the Korean husband or the combined income for both husband and wife need to add up to at least $13,000 a year. That’s less than minimum wage. If the man can’t earn basic living wages, then he has no ability to sponsor someone. There have been so many cases where husbands were unemployed bums who couldn’t support their new wives.

            Also the men have to have a clean criminal record, and has to have a clean medical record as well as mentally stable. This is to protect the women, who were in the past, victims of mentally sick husbands who had no business sponsoring someone.

            Needless to say, all these restrictions have reduced the mail order marriages by almost half. That tells you how many of those marriages were problematic. Only couple of years ago, up to 20% of all marriages in Korea, and up to 60% of all marriages in rural areas, were mail order arranged marriages between Korean husbands and wives from SEA and Central Asian former Soviet Republics.

          • bigmamat

            So it is really is designed for a certain type of immigrant, mail order SEA brides.

          • Chucky3176

            Not necessarily. Five Pakistan men caught, who paid for fake marriages with hired Korean women, divorces them after getting citizenship, then tries to bring their family members into Korea, to do the same thing, but gets caught when one of the men tried to sexually molest a desperately broke young 21 year old Korean woman who was hired to be his pretend wife.


          • bigmamat

            There’s always some creep.

      • Bill

        I’m saying it doesn’t hit me like it would hit a Southeast Asian woman married to a Korean farmer. I’m also saying that we’d have to close a couple hagwons, which offer low prices and great lessons… which would be a loss for Koreans here. How is that irrelevant? You’re insecure to be touched off by that. Did I trigger you?

        • Realist

          Nah, brah. I’m just saying’ I own a couple city blocks in Manhattan and LA and a couple Hawaiian Islands as well as a few airports here and there, nothing too crazy. You know, so it’d be a HUGE loss for any country to lose me and they should start making laws based on what I like and don’t like LOL

          • bigmamat

            What he’s saying is that money talks. He’s suggesting that these laws are designed to actually hinder the entry of SEA women into Korea. He’s very likely right. They aren’t designed to keep out foreign investors or business people.

          • cantonizi

            Man why are all the English teachers in China and Korea rich millionaires with homes in the US and smart like Obama, and marrying Chinese and Korean English students that don’t like farmers.
            I am pissed that I didn’t study harder in English class.

        • Realist

          “…which would be a loss for Koreans here…” LOL Funniest part here. What happens if you go back to the states? How will they ever replace you? I mean, your job skills are so unique and require such sophisticated education. Where would they ever go to find a guy from an English-speaking nation whose fluent in his native language? They need you, Bill LOL Write to the President; I’m sure she’ll change things up to avoid losing such an irreplaceable person LOL

          • Bill

            I’ve greatly improved many students’ English scores and so has my wife. Our students and their parents would replace us by returning to the hagwons they left and don’t like.
            More people lose than the people directly impacted by over intrusive policies.

            You have an attitude problem. Be polite.

          • fu

            bumfromkorea, grow up you little penis, no one believes you are a doctor, you’re just another boss eyed nerd who could never fit in. We are the same big guys laughing at you who did so all though high school. Go back to the fat mans freakshow blog that rodents hole or whatever and partake in your circle jerk of how Korea is not a shit covered hole of a country but a place of wonder which coincidently you’ve never been to.

          • Realist

            I’m a bumfromkorea who, as you surmise in your last sentence, has never been to his place of origin? LOL Well, this is the internet. Some people claim to be doctors, others claim to own several apartment buildings in the US while still needing to work as an ESL teacher in another country, and yet others claim to be big LOL. So, doesn’t matter what you believe; it’s truly hard to filter. But… I’m not Korean. I simply have many friends and coworkers who are, and they tell me of the human slime that makes it to their country cus they have no capability other than speaking their own language. To be honest, I don’t have it in me to tell them, that there was 1 time in my life when everything felt like it wouldn’t come together, that I even considered taking the easy way out by going somewhere to teach English… but then I couldn’t stand the thought of being someone so looked-down upon by people with ability.

          • krybabysentry

            You did get awfully angry about just a throwaway comment, having dealt wiht a certain type of krybaby before I wonder if it was being married to a Korean woman was the hate crime that enraged you far more than his job (which whilst not impressive it does presumably contribute tax won towards ROK PLC and maybe employs a couple of locals if its sucesful).

          • Realist

            Oh, man you don’t read very well, bud. I’m NOT Korean, and I’m not saying that in a I’m-not-Korean-cus-I-have-an-American-passport kinda way. There is not a drop of Korean blood in me. With this kinda reading comprehension, you should sign up to be an ESL teacher LOL

          • Bill

            I don’t need to work as an ESL teacher… I work as a director because the business is good and I enjoy Korea.
            You didn’t take work to help yourself out because you feared how others would look down on you? That’s the definition of insecurity.

          • Realist

            Wouldn’t have helped me out, Bill; turning a professional doctor career into an ESL teacher job is NOT helping anyone out. It’s just the easy way out. All the pressure, gone. No more molecular pathways, genetics, epi-genetics, people who expect you to be top notch, all gone. I just need to know English; probably a fun gig for ages 19-23, but then, I’d either have to come back and reface the things I ran away from when I’m older and slower, or end up a grown man in his 30’s, 40’s, 50’s who only knew how to speak his own language. Other people don’t need to look down on me; I’d look down on myself. Grandparents were doctors, parents were doctors, and I turn out an ESL teacher??? LOL That’s not my definition of helping myself out.

          • Bill

            In any case, you admit that you made a decision worried how others would look down on you. It’s a poor motive and it is indicative of a character flaw.

            It’s your call if it would have helped you. It helped me, I certainly didn’t remain “just” an ESL teacher. I’m my own boss now, own a couple businesses and I’m a landlord. I did that within two years of arriving in Korea. Not to brag (as I’ve been accused), just to shoot down your notion that TESL is a dead end.

          • Realist

            Oh yeah, that’s right. You’re the “director” of an after school program with no accreditation or ability to confer any degree. You know, I’m also a director, the director of the department of materials and resource acquisition. In other words, I go grocery shopping every weekend LOL

            Well, you know, Bill, the only reason I still bother to put on a t-shirt and shorts in 90 degree weather when I outta just go outside naked is cus I don’t want the neighbors to think I’m insane. The reason why cars aren’t all just a box with seats on 4 wheels for $2k (maybe AC for another $2.5k) is because people do care what others think. So you might think you caught a smidgen of weakness in me when you heard that I don’t like to be looked down on, but it’s just you grasping at straws. Realistically, no one likes to be looked down on.

          • Bill

            My hagwons give Koreans English fluency and enable them to score much higher on government and school tests.. which then enable them to enter better schools or classes or to get better jobs.
            They don’t pay me for nothing. Just like the people who live in my apartments don’t pay me for nothing.

            You made a decision about the course of your life because you feared others would look down on you… as you said. It’s different from becoming a doctor because helping patients is your passion or you’re fascinated by the work.
            Of course people care what others think… but right minded men and women don’t decide their career on what mom and dad or the ‘people with ability’ might think of them.
            BTW, I buy a car on how it’ll save my wife and son in an accident and how well it’ll hold up over time.

          • Realist

            Oh, man, you don’t know doctors. All you hear in the media is, “I’ve always had a passion for helping people” but if they gave a lie detector test and fired all the doctors who went for money and respect, you could schedule a visit now and be set up for August 2017 LOL You just gotta be bar-buddy level before they’ll admit it. So careful when you see a doctor, Bill; he’s probably not “right minded” LOL

          • Bill

            I’ve taught a few doctors in the US and Korea. I have one doctor for a close friend. Actually, my home in the US belonged to a doctor before I moved in. Each of them have told me how they became doctors because they wanted to help suffering people and that they could have gotten more respect, gratitude, and money in other fields.
            None of them did it because they worried somebody would look down on them if they didn’t become a doctor.
            You feared disappointing people if you didn’t become at least a doctor because your parents and grandparents were doctors.
            I became a business owner and a landlord because I like the money and freedom. I like improving my students and I like improving my buildings. I never once worried what another man would think of me for any of it.
            You might be less hostile if you cared less about being disrespected and looked down on. That it’s so important to you it decided your career is a psychological vulnerability, a crack in your foundation. It would be to me anyhow.

          • Realist

            Well, I guess that settles it; you know more doctors than me, right? I mean, a doctor moved out and handed you the keys as you moved in? You guys must be kissin’ buddies. You must know all his intimate secrets LOL. Just so you know, if we met on the street or you came to me for a test, I’d tell you my passion was to help people and see the emotion on their faces when they learn that they are finally free from their ailments LOL Wouldn’t be a big lie, but I wouldn’t do it either without the benefits. You’re still hung up on that one thing like someone drowning clinging to driftwood. I’m tellin’ you, Bub, it’s empty. I like respect; everyone likes respect, and I didn’t pick I job I hated for respect.

          • Bill

            None of these doctors were treating me. They told me many private details of their lives and their minds. They had no reason to lie to me about their motive for becoming a doctor.
            Nobody would do their job without the money or benefits unless they’re just charitable. But… you’re confusing doing something for respect with doing something out fear of being disrespected. Far fewer doctors would become doctors if it carried the prestige of a cashier. But if you’re living in a world of young men and women becoming doctors because they’re terrified of being shit on then you have a warped vision. That’d be you projecting your poor motives on those around you. Or maybe you keep bad company.

        • Sid Driver

          Don’t worry about Realist… he probably is just disappointed because someone else is more successful than him and is looking to take you down a notch. He wouldn’t have complained if he didn’t have a problem. The fact that he did complain means he has a problem. Now that’s some real(ist) talk for you!

          • Realist

            So what’s your problem, Sid? I’m real disappointed; I could have went on to teach English while snaking about in a foreign country, living as someone whose primary job skill is nothing but speaking his own native language, but instead, I went to school to become a lowly doctor LOL. If only I could trade my years in higher education for a 1-month course in common sense resulting in a language-teaching certificate…

          • Proper Realist

            Don’t worry guys I’m fluent in gyopoese so the above gibberish roughly translates to: “waaaahhhh, waaaaahhh, me want nookie!, mommy said I’m special! Sent me away so no army but American ladies no like me waaah, Korean ladies like American guys waaaaahhhh, me want nookie”

          • Realist

            Maybe your fluency level’s not as good as you think since you misidentified a language. I’ve never even heard of it and I’m not Korean. That’s ok, though. Not really fluent? Have no idea what you’re doing but wanna talk anyway? Be an English teacher! No no, not a college level English professor in America or the UK; that requires an education. Go to a foreign country where they wouldn’t know to call you out evin iff yu rite lyk dis.

          • Guest

            Realist, I’ve admired some of your posts here and on CS, but good lord was this thread a dumpster fire. Look, I get it, being a doctor is prestigious. But there’s also plenty to be said for the people who build your roads, keep your lights on, make your internet work, allow you to flush your poop which obviously doesn’t stink, and yes, teach foreign languages. I suspect you’ll regret the attitude you’ve displayed here once you get older and more comfortable and confident in your profession.

          • shellfishbisque

            Please enlighten us on the following: what voiced and voiceless consonants do Koreans have the most trouble producing and how, precisely, should the teaching of such sounds be integrated into a lesson? Tell us why minimal pairs should be practiced frequently and how to include them in a communicative task. Also tell us what consonant clusters should be emphasized and what activities work best in getting Korean students to successfully produce these sounds. Furthermore, explain what relationship realia has to activating students’ schema, specifically in the pre-listening phase, and, finally, explain how the organization of the Korean education system puts new Korean teachers at a disadvantage and how this may affect the quality of education in public elementary schools.

            Answer all these questions without consulting any reference material (these are merely common sense skills after all) and I’ll concede that teaching English takes as much brainpower as pretending to be a doctor.

          • Realist

            Allllright!! Mr.ESL wants to play Stump-the-doctor with shit he learned in a class where you’d have to be mentally retarded to fail. And the last question sounds like he wants me to regurgitate an article that he read LOL The prize, is that he will concede something, such as “The world is round” because that needs his concession to be true LOL. Ah, ESL, you crack me up.

            The answer is that unicorns and fairies come together in order for Santa clause to have a smooth trip around Mordor. Don’t get it? I’m saying it’s all garbage and doesn’t matter. In college, I had a friend struggling in a class that was my native language, so I tutored him, just for fun. The professor personally told me I shouldn’t bother teaching him cus she doesn’t think he can learn. She said this, with him standing right next to her, confident that he wouldn’t understand and sue her, even though he’d been studying that language for 3 semesters. I raised his score from a 40 to an 85 with no need for anything that you mentioned.

            Want something back that’s as fun as your offer? I’ll concede that being an ESL teacher is (slightly) more challenging than being a janitor if you can tell me the perfect ratio of detergent:bleach:water and optimal pH of said concoction for use in cleaning day-old vomit from carpet. Extra credit: What material should the bristle of a brush be made of in order to complete this job with to the highest efficiency? LOL Please don’t bother; I normally wouldn’t have to say this, but I’m talking to ESL so I’ve gotta be clear.

          • shellfishbisque

            Didn’t think so.

          • Realist

            Take out the “so” and that’s your job LOL.

          • shellfishbisque

            Actually in this case it would technically be “don’t” (that’s 현재 시제 in your native language), and we would need a subject. Get to a hakwon, man. I’m sure there are plenty in Koreatown. Don’t worry; if you start now, you’ll have plenty of time to learn to communicate in English intelligently. I believe in you!

          • Realist

            So it’s not just one; it’s several ESL teachers who can’t read English. I thought if we kept it simple, used sentences with 3 words, “I’m not Korean,” they would get it. But this level of comprehension is simply below par for even ESL teachers. I mean, I can tell the janitor, “Don’t touch this,” and he gets it even though he’s Mexican and communicates with a combination of simple English, Spanish, and hand gestures. I never thought highly of ESL teachers, but I didn’t know it was quite this bad. Bill, do you hire people like this for your hackwan?

          • shellfishbisque

            Yes, yes. We all believe you are definitely, certainly a doctor (who allegedly bases his opinions on hearsay, and not direct observation; I see a bright future) who is not Korean and who absolutely does not have an inferiority complex.

          • Realist

            Yes, correct. Hearsay and video evidence are enough. Otherwise, you wouldn’t believe tigers can kill people until you saw someone mauled to death in person. Finally got something right, Hackwan, though I’d leave the inferiority complex part out cus it just sounds like you’re trying to flatter yourself. Might sound plausible if you were a CEO or a lawyer or someone who couldn’t be replaced in 15 minutes, but.. you know… LOL

          • shellfishbisque
          • Realist

            No, Hackwan, that’s not me. Because nowhere in that rant did he mention being hung like an African, as a very nice gentleman pointed out to me, though inadvertently, earlier in the thread. Now, that being said, I would prefer to be him rather than an ESL teacher, because the person in the clip at least indicated that he thought he was smart and deserved respect, while an ESL teacher would have no reason to think the same.

          • shellfishbisque

            Meh. Boring; more of the same. Have a nice life Fredo. I’m out.

          • Notaneslteacher

            Aren’t doctors supposed to good under pressure? Throwing a tantrum on the internet just because some dude does a job you don’t like and married a local chick doesn’t bode well for your future.

          • Realist

            Ummm, where’s the pressure? Came here, saw some trash posing as professionals with careers, told them the truth. By the way, nice handle. Next time, you can use totallynotanidiot, imseriouslynotgay or idefinitelyhavebothballs.

          • krybabyklown

            Really? The comments were pretty bland, maybe you could argue the guy with a hagwon was bragging a little but nothing special or particularlly offensive to anyone and you lanched into a crybaby trantrum of which Chucky would be proud of….still mentally ill, obese gyopos living in their parents basement well into their 30s pretending to be doctors or lawyers or businessmen is par for the course around here.
            BTW when you return to the motherland you might be expecting to be entitled to a good job but your broken and accented Korean and the massive gap on your resume where your military service record should be means you might have to teach esl to get by. Maybe the hagwon dude who made you cry could give you a job?

          • Realist

            Maybe you should take Bill’s class; your reading comprehension level’s about right. I mean, I’ve only said about 8 times that I’m not Korean. English only, brochacho. I don’t know what a gyopo or a hagwon is and only by context did I probably figure it out. Speak English, loser. Inserting bits of foreign languages here and there doesn’t make you more cultured; it makes you creepy and annoying. Maybe you just can’t figure it out, but sometimes in life, people better than you just look down on you. You didn’t do nothin’ to me at all. I’m not Korean and haven’t ever crossed paths with a worthless ESL teacher, but I’ve heard stories and seen videos from my Korean friends. I’m a doctor (just became one) and a weightlifter; I have a house; my girlfriend’s smokin’ hot (and way out of the league of anyone who doesn’t even have a real job skill); I’m hung like an African (as I apparently learned earlier from this thread LOL), and I look down on slime like you. No use guessing here and there what kinda flaws I have; if you could deduce things accurately, you’d count as a person with real skills and people with real skills don’t defend garbage ESL teachers.

          • Bill

            That’s impressive actually. Seeing as your grandparents and parents were/are doctors, have you improved on where they started you? Unless your grandmothers and mother were unattractive, your grandfathers and fathers poorly endowed, or they didn’t have a house between them.. have you gone beyond the spot you were born on, or have you surpassed them in any way. Maybe you have some weightlifting trophies they don’t.
            And to be clear, I don’t doubt a word you’ve said regarding yourself.

          • Realist

            Well, Bill, that is almost a good point. But I wasn’t born a doctor; my father’s not Kim Jong Il LOL. And if I fail the exams, I’m gone. My father won’t open a back door for me just to see my career end when I actually kill someone. Also, Science, gets increasingly challenging through time, as we need to master more known information. 100 years ago, if you graduated 2-year college a biology major, you basically knew everything there was to treating people. Now, there is so much technology, you could spend nearly half your life learning it before you were qualified, so staying in the game as new discoveries arise is quite the feat itself.

            But the entire argument is flawed; it’s like saying you didn’t accomplish anything cus you’re 6′ tall and your whole family is 6′ tall while a person who’s 5’5″ gets slack cus his parents were 5’2.”

          • Bill

            You said it yourself that it’d be laughable if a guy with doctor parents and grandparents didn’t become at least a doctor. That you became a doctor is impressive, even if it’s a family craft. It’s not as impressive as the first doctor in your family though. It’s not as impressive as the son of a family with no doctors becoming a doctor.
            Now, if your family had become a clan of doctors by the time you were born, then what would really make you a man of ability is if you had your own hospital.
            As a 3rd generation doctor, have you kept your family on the same level it arrived before even your father was born? Is that right?
            Do you have a boss? Does somebody else touch your money before deciding to pay you? Does somebody else decide when you must work?
            If your answer to any of these questions is yes (I’m not saying so, but if) then I can applaud you for making it through medical school but I’m not sure you’ve come too far.
            I hope you don’t mind if you’re looked down on for that.

          • Realist

            Well, Bill, I’m freshly into my career. I’m not 30 yet, and having my own hospital wouldn’t really surpass my father anyway. You’d have to know medical history to know this, but it was way easier becoming a doctor, say, 100 years ago than it is now. Back then, they had medical college, so doctors were basically specialized bachelors. So you can say people would look down on me for not beating out my dad, but that’s pretty darn funny to me.

          • Bill

            Cutting into your own father’s accomplishment to bolster yourself. And I’m sure you owe him very much, he raised a doctor you know. This is what I mean that it’s a character flaw to be so concerned what others think of you… you forget yourself.
            I’m aware that becoming a doctor in 1800 was mostly about guessing the meaning of someone’s urine color and then bleeding them to balance their fluids. But all other things considered, it’s very likely your grandfather and father had a more difficult time becoming doctors than a third generation doctor in the modern world. It was also much more difficult being a doctor, as they didn’t have all the insights and technology you have.
            You’re not yet 30? There are men out there with great ability making fortunes working for themselves before 30, men born to high school dropouts even. Perhaps you might treat one of them under the crushing fear he’s looking down on you. I wouldn’t open my mouth to him though, I’d just keep it inside.

          • Realist

            Well, you’re the one who told me I needed to surpass him so I gave you lil’ background info. Yeah, it was harder back then to treat someone well but they also didn’t blame you much when your patients died either unless you accidentally dropped your watch into his guts and stitched him back up. Still clinging to that one sentence, Bill, like an ESL teacher clinging to calling his job a career. Well, I guess you wouldn’t let it go even if you knew it didn’t hold ground, cus, if you did, what else could you say?

          • Bill

            I didn’t say you needed to surpass anybody.
            I said it’s not as impressive a 3rd generation doctor who hasn’t become more than his doctor father and doctor grandfather.
            You keep shitting on your father and grandfather’s generation of doctors just to raise your accomplishment. You’re now on a line of they were doctors but you’re a modern doctor, and that takes more ability. They didn’t prove as much ability as you have because it was easier to become a doctor and easier to be a doctor (which isn’t true but I’ll allow it).

            I’ll skip to the end. You’re biting into ESL teachers for not having ability, and that you look down on it. Never mind that not everybody enters their career under the crushing fear that they must demonstrate their ability or be disrespected. You’re not considering where they started. Granted it’d be odd if the son and grandson of 6 doctors became an ESL teacher, but not everyone was so fortunate to be born in such circumstances. A person who comes from a family of high school dropouts and is the first to even attend a university, let alone graduate a university, who becomes an ESL teacher abroad is not somebody to look down on or somebody without ability.

            It’s out of your fear of being disrespected that you disrespect others. You have even thrown your own father and grandfather under the bus to maintain your prestige. This is a shame.

          • Realist

            Wow wow wow wow, I have never disrespected my father, but what I told you is the truth of modern science. My father was the absolute top of his class, and I’m not. But he personally told me that when he was my age, he didn’t know half the stuff I do, and that’s because science advances so quickly, not because I’m better. Let me be clear; there is no one I respect more than him, and I do not expect to surpass him. But it is fact that it was less demanding to become the average doctor back then and it will continue to become more difficult in the future. At a certain level, you need everything you’ve got just to maintain or not lose too much. And I’m not scared to be looked down upon by more successful doctors or whatnot because that’s like being 6’3″ and called short by someone who’s 6’9″. How much would that hurt? LOL

            And I do not disrespect others (ESL teachers) because I fear to be disrespected; as a matter of fact, disrespecting others is one of the top ways to be disrespected back. I disrespect ESL teachers because I’ve heard of all the creepy, sketchy shit they do and I’ve even seen a video of them slapping a drunk Korean woman around in a club, throwing racial profanities as her, and shoving her boogers in her mouth. All of the Korean people I know, male or female, view them as cockroaches scurrying about in their country. Now I do realize this isn’t everybody, but stereotypes exist for a reason.

          • Bill

            I’m pleased you respect your father. You almost had me looking down on him for becoming a doctor when it was easy.

            Until you surpass him you haven’t moved very far from where he started you. Even if a man were 2 miles behind you, he’s shown more ability if he’s advanced 1 mile from where he started and you’ve yet to move.

            As for your second paragraph. The crime rate, according to the Korean government, for ESL teachers in Korea is lower than the for the Koreans themselves (and Korea is a low crime country).

            Disrespecting ESL teachers because you’ve seen or heard of some doing terrible things is about like me saying doctors are trash because of those horrible doctors who intentionally murder their patients or the doctor I read about not long ago who decapitated a newborn in the birth canal and tried to hide his fault.

            Some Koreans don’t like ESL teachers, but most trust their children with them everyday. They actually pay to put their kids in a room with them, each day.

            Excuse me, I’ve got to make some tests. It’s Friday morning and my kids need to demonstrate their ability today.

          • Realist

            Let’s not get carried away with that first paragraph now. It was easier on average to be a doctor back then than it is now, but the last time being a doctor was as easy as being an ESL teacher today, the Greeks were still in power.

            You clearly don’t understand what being a high-performing professional means if you judge people by how far they’ve moved. If your father was a homeless drunk, how hard to you have to work to upgrade from that and get a job a MacDonald’s? If your father was the US president, how hard would you have to work to become a president as well just to maintain?

            Yeah, doctors have butchered people, but very, very rarely, certainly not enough to form a stereotype like the one that ESL teachers have got. You’re lucky Asians would sell their souls to the devil if it meant giving their kids a 2-second head start in a 10-mile race or they wouldn’t let a tenth the number of ESL teachers into the country that they do now.

          • Realist

            And Bill, this is what the scantron would look like if my after school teacher tried to give me an exam LOL


          • Bill

            I don’t have to work with people I don’t want to… like you have to.

            What do you have to do to get a raise? I just make a 30 second phone call.

          • Realist

            Oh, you’ll give yourself a raise with your own? That’s so impressive. You know what I need to do to get money? I don’t even make a call; I just have to go online and transfer money from myself to myself LOL

            Bill, Bill, Bill, this is futile. I know what it means to own a lil’ business, Bill. You don’t have to tell me things like you get to wake up late or you can pick who you work with; those are such small things, it’s pathetic you’re mentioning them at all. It actually shows how empty your job really is for you to cling to scraps like that. Are you still trying to convince me that an ESL teacher’s job is awesome and a doctor’s job sucks? We both know that’s not happening, Bill. Society knows where doctors place and where ESL teachers place and you’re gonna have to be a lot smarter than an ESL teacher to convince even a fool. Anyway, you can keep writing this kinda random stuff all you want, like you get to decide the flavor of the coffee in the office, etc… but at this point, it’s obvious you’re writing to convince yourself, not me.

          • Bill

            Raising tuition and rent at will isn’t taking my own money, it’s taking other people’s money… just because I feel like it and there are still people who’ll pay.

            I’m so useless to my renters that they fear I’ll evict them if they don’t put the trash lid down. I’m so useless to my students that their parents cry in my office to accept them.

            I’ve made my students the top in their schools in English test scores, it’s enabled them to enter the top high schools in town, to get better jobs, to enter the best universities in their country, to gain admission to medical schools in the US.

            Calling me an ESL teacher is about like calling me a janitor because I sweep my own office or change a light bulb in the hallways of one of my buildings.

            I’ll continue owning (literally) and doing all of the little things you can’t, despite all of your ability, like taking a bathroom break without permission.

            You’re a highly trained employee who can kill a person if he’s no good, like a stunt double or a skydiving instructor. I respect that. Not as much as I respect your parents and grandparents though.

          • Realist

            LOL Now you’re saying you’re not really an ESL teacher (even though your job is to teach English to kids for whom it is a second language)? OK, Bill, then I ain’t talking about you, am I? Why’d you get so worked up and pathetic if it’s not you? It’s like someone said, “Ugly people are such losers” and you went, “Shut up!! I’m not ugly!! You’re ugly. Abercromie and Fitch only hires ugly people like you! My nub nose and lazy eye are traits of beauty!” LOL If it ain’t you, relax, Bill LOL

            Bill, now you’re just getting really sad. Come on, at the beginning, at least you were making sense on the silly perks and now you’re just BSing. Crying because you “accepted” them? LOL You think you run Harvard or something? I believe Asian parents will cry from joy if you raise their kids scores but Bill, your job is so easy and those kids are so smart, anybody can do it. Your tenants FEAR you will EVICT them over a trashcan lid? LOLOL What are you, the soup nazi from Seinfeld? You can make 30 second calls to raise your prices? Yeah, you can do it about once if you’re under-priced but we all know your prices are what they are to be competitive and if you raised them, you’ll lose customers to competitors. I know basic economics, Bill, and I actually rent out 2 places myself, so don’t say stupid stuff like that. At least you were honest before. Come on, this is getting really sad; stop embarrassing yourself, Bill.

          • Realist

            “I’m so useless to my renters that they fear I’ll evict them if they don’t put the trash lid down.”

            Seriously, Bill, stop. This is the most pathetic attempt I have ever seen of someone trying to look powerful. OK, Bill. You’re not an ESL teacher; you’re an extremely feared and powerful being. Let’s stop.

          • Bill

            That you think I’m presenting myself as feared or powerful is your misinterpretation.
            That they fear being evicted is evidence they’d be hard pressed to find another apartment like I offer. Which flattens your assertion of uselessness. Do you think?

            I don’t think too many patients are afraid you’ll be displeased with them and tell them to find another doctor.

          • Anti-Realist

            Bill. Dont take it serious and leave him. This guy is just a troll piling up lies. Anytime you see HNs like Realist, Back to Reality, Reality Check, bumfromkorea. Its him.

          • Bill

            If you don’t know how to continue to raise rents and still have applicants crawling to get in then you wouldn’t be a very good landlord.

            If anybody can raise my students scores as much as I do, then they wouldn’t be paying me what they pay. I’ve got a line of children and adults who’d like in, and most people who walk in the door I send back out.

          • Bill

            “The overall physician suicide rate cited by most studies has been between 28 and 40 per 100,000, compared with the overall rate in the general population of 12.3 per 100,000.
            Overall, then, physicians are more than twice as likely as the general population to kill themselves. Each year, it would take the equivalent of 1 to 2 average-sized graduating classes of medical school to replace the number of physicians who kill themselves.

            This rate appears higher than among other professionals.
            It has been estimated that 40% of physician suicides are associated with alcoholism, and 20% with drug abuse.
            Divorce rates among physicians have been reported to be 10% to 20% higher than those in the general population.
            Furthermore, those couples that include a physician who remain married reported marriages that are more unhappy.”

            “A 2012 survey of 5,000 physicians by the nation’s largest insurer of physician and surgeon medical liability found that 9 in 10 wouldn’t recommend medicine as a profession. For those already in the profession, the stress can be unbearable. On average, the U.S. loses as many as 400 physicians to suicide every year.”

            “Nearly 60% of physicians wouldn’t recommend the profession to young people, a survey shows.

            The various sources of the doctors’ discontent include decreased autonomy, lower reimbursements, administrative and regulatory hassles, corporate medicine, litigation fears, and longer work hours, much of which has meant that they’re spending too much time away from patients.”

            “Doctors Are Sick of Their Profession
            American physicians are increasingly unhappy with their once-vaunted profession, and that malaise is bad for their patients”

            “Being a Doctor Has Become the Most Miserable Profession”


          • Realist

            Don’t post this near the med school, Bill, you’d get a landslide of people quitting and nobody enrolling; you’d destroy the next generation of doctors! Who would ever wanna be a doctor now? (Maybe the kids who wanna use your prep school as a stepping stone to get into med school? LOL) They’d all rush to become ESL teachers now instead! You’ve gotta hide this, for the good of humanity, Bill. LOL

            This is getting really sad; you can post all the news articles out there, but all your lil’ brats wanna be doctors, lawyers or engineers, nobody wants to teach English. You can post all the stuff you want; heck I can find articles on why being the president sucks, but we all know that being a doctor is a highly sought-after position, and being an ESL teacher (which you claim you’r not LOL) is not. Post these articles till the cows come home, Bill, wouldn’t convince a soul… except you. If you’re convinced, that’s a win LOL.

            PS, I’m not even that type of doctor; I work in clinical genetics diagnostics, otherwise I wouldn’t have so much time to chat with you, Bill. Go find some articles on why that sucks LOLOL

          • Bill

            Law school applications have a hit a 15-year low.

            As for medical school applicants, there’s a shortage. After all, most doctors don’t recommend becoming a doctor.

            My brother-in-law is a bridge engineer. Good guy. Doesn’t look down on people.

            However much time you’re allowed by your superior, I’ve got more whenever I want it. I don’t even need to go into work to get paid.

            How long until you’ve got to get back to the job, employee?

            When you said doctor I thought we were talking about a guy who busts ass all day in an emergency room, in surgery, or who battles cancer as his patients die before him.
            But you’re “not even that type of doctor”?

          • Bill

            “I work in clinical genetics diagnostics”

            “the median expected annual pay for a typical Genetics Counselor in the United States is $67,181 so 50% of the people who perform the job of Genetics Counselor in the United Sates are expected to make less than $67,181.”

            Is that what you do?

            My dad was making more than that as a semi-truck driver when I was born 29 years ago.

            I was much more interested in our conversation when i thought you were a doctor-doctor.

            I have more in common with your boss than you do with either of us. So I sympathize with him. If you’re pissing away the time on the internet on your own dime like I can do, then that’s swell. But if you’re shit posting on your superior’s dime then shame on you.
            If you’re off the clock I just hope you don’t stay up past your bedtime talking to me. One thing I hate is if my employees show up sleepy.

            If you think landlords compete to keep rents low you really are a home owner. I would congratulate you for that 60 years ago but these days the manager of a Burger King can have a drug habit and be a home owner.

            This guy… I tell you.

          • Bill

            You were born to a family of doctors who became doctors when it was harder to become and remain doctors. You haven’t surpassed them and said you doubt you will. Then to bolster your own accomplishment you belittled their accomplishment… though it’s doubtful you would have been a doctor without them.

            Doc I look down on you. Where’s your ability?

            You made it through med school. Now if you can make it to work in time so that you don’t have to explain to your boss how there was a traffic jam you’re really going places. In the meantime I’m going to collect rent and tuition and decide just whatever I want to do with my day.

          • Realist

            You know, when I said it wasn’t a big deal if someone 6’3″ was called short by someone who was 6’9″, that goes double if the person talking was 5’2″ and a cripple. So the I-look-down-on-you bit is a bit obvious. You could probably get away using that on another ESL teacher or someone of comparable intellect, but you’re outta your league here. Ain’t gonna work except get a chuckle LOL

            First paragraph, I hardly expect an ESL teacher to be able to learn even medical history, so yeah, I guess that’s what you can take away from it.

            Oooh, you’re free to decide what to do with your day? Aren’t you special! I could do that too if I quit my job and started knitting quilts to sell from my house. I’m my own boss now! LOL Yeah, so is the guy who runs a fruit stand on the street and all the welfare recipients here. Free all day, and they’re their own bosses, just less creepy than ESL teachers.

            You know it, and I know it: if I wanted to be an ESL teacher, it’d take me about 2 weeks in a course designed to weed out rapists and drug addicts to get a certificate, but if you wanted my job, you’d probably need to be reincarnated to try it in your next lifetime. No need to play around with words trying to make the situation equal; if I fell for that, I couldn’t have graduated high school… and I might have ended up an ESL teacher LOLOL

          • Bill

            That a circus acrobat has the ability to do what you couldn’t step into doesn’t allow him to look down on anybody.
            You stand on your father’s shoulders and manage to be shorter than him.
            Collecting tuition and rent isn’t quite as taxing on me as running a fruit stand but it sure does pay better.
            There’s a reason why Marxists kill and abolish the land owners and business owners but spare the doctors and other workers. It’s not because they have no ability.

            Get to work Doctor. You don’t want to get fired.

          • Realist

            LOL Is it working, Bill? Are you starting to feel better after trying so hard to convince yourself that an ESL teacher can stand level with a doctor? If you’re feeling convinced, that’s a victory cus it’s certainly not spreading farther than that. If not, keep writing about how doctors have to actually contribute to society while you can be a useless cockroach in a foreign country or bring up your perks like getting to pick the wall colors in your hackwan, etc… Or how about because doctors have to be competent and not accidentally kill people or they would get their licences revoked while nobody gives a shit how well ESL teachers do as long as they don’t end up on the evening news? That’s a perk too, right, Bill? You’ve got so many meaningful perks; keep listing them here to try to make it look like being an ESL teacher is preferable to being a doctor LOL List them and feel better, Bill.

          • Realist

            Got something better for ya: A pregnant woman orders a genetics test to determine the health of her fetus. DNA-sequencing of the amniotic aspirant reveals a mutation an exon of a crucial gene for proper transport of copper. You immediately attempt to reference the mutation, however, you find that it is undocumented and novel. Given that many mutations are harmless, but some are not, what steps would you take to ascertain the likelihood of the new mutation resulting in a disease phenotype? Wikipedia, Google, take a class, ask a doctor, knock yourself out LOLOL

      • Jahar

        I’m a billionaire and I speak fluent Korean. I also have a 10″ cock. I’m trying to spend all my money in Korea with my Korean supermodel wife. I could pass the test, but I’m too busy buying things. If they don’t renew my visa, I’m gonna just buy the country and burn it down.

        • itissaid

          Dream on.

          • Jahar

            not too good with sarcasm eh? You must be Korean.

          • itissaid

            You are a troll.

          • Jahar

            There’s no way anyone thought I was doing anything other than mocking someone with that post, is there?

          • itissaid

            Only in your mind.

          • Jahar

            so then you’re just an idiot.

          • itissaid

            Your sarcasm fails.

        • Kongo-Otto

          Well, 1 billion rupiah isn’t that much! And 10 centimetres are NOT 10 inch, dude!

      • cantonizi

        And they all have a nice Chinese or Korean wife with a house and loving family in their new country.
        Only a dream to most Chinese and Korean suckers.

    • Balkan

      Can you imagine a Korean in the US saying “I’m too busy to take TOEFL”?
      Btw, you’re 29 and you own two hagwons in Korea and a couple of apartment buildings in the US?

      I’m impressed.

      • Bill

        Yes I can imagine it. I know many immigrants in the US who are too busy to study English much. I taught many of them, but they had to cancel because they couldn’t pay or they didn’t have the time (working).

        • redwhitedude

          TOEFL is a requirement for certain types of employment in the US.

    • Chucky3176

      Relax man, this law wasn’t meant for you.

      • Bill

        I thought so, but worried about falling under it anyhow. Thank You.

      • redwhitedude

        Sort of like when in the US when politicians talk about immigration they are thinking of people sneaking through the US-Mexican border.

    • Sillian

      The news is about marriage immigration visa (F-6). You don’t even need that visa, do you? If you take a look at the regulations in details, there are many conditions for exception, too. For example, it is not applied if you can prove that you can communicate with your spouse in any other language or if you already have a child. It is clearly to prevent ‘mail order brides’ from moving to Korea without any preparation.


      • Bill

        Yes that’s right. My wife looked it up and found that it doesn’t apply to us because she’s English fluent. Thank You! :)
        I still fear for families that this might damage, but it’s more sensible in the details than on first glance isn’t it…

    • bigmamat

      All immigration law is actually designed to restrict entry. If you look at the history of immigration law in the US it always coincides with the dominant culture trying to curtail entry.

      • redwhitedude

        Not ‘restrict’ but ‘manage’ immigration and control it depending on the demographics of the country.

    • Sid Driver

      The problem lies with divorced foreign spouses who still live in Korea and have some rights but can not communicate in Korean. I was reading another article on Naver talking about how the government is having trouble handling this and I think this law is a step in the right direction. I don’t agree that they should be banned from entering Korea. Rather, I think that they should be granted a conditional stay providing that they are able to attend courses and learn basic Korean.

      As for yourself I wouldn’t worry about the government kicking you out. Based on your business experience and education, if you divorced and decided to stay in Korea, I don’t think you would have a problem surviving.

      Unfortunately, some of the foreign spouses are not as well educated and will be a burden on society if something happens to their marriage. Two years ago I took a higher level Korean class and was surprised to be the only male and westerner in the class. The other students were foreign wives. Very wonderful women and it was nice to see them working hard and studying to communicate better with their husbands and in-laws.

    • Mythologies

      If this law effects me >> If this law *affects me

      Yeah I think English education can only improve with your absence

      Also, nice humblebrag. Clearly it’s not going to matter much to you as you own several buildings in the US, but it’s going to affect (yes, with an “a”) other families.

      • Bill

        Ah ha, thank you for catching my mistake. Sometimes I type e instead of a using my phone or I didn’t know the difference…? What do you think?

        If it takes the edge off my humble brag… I got a parking ticket a while ago. I have to pay to throw away food now. It’s rainy where I am.
        Does that help?

        The point of my first post is that such laws might force some families to close their shops or even move. It’s not good for Korea if that happens. I’d be fine, but for some it could be a life ruining event.

        I wasn’t out to offend your ego. Try not to let it show in the future.

        • Mythologies

          Given that your “point” was preceded by a tedious account of the details of your own life, I think I can be excused for highlighting that self-indulgent preface. Don’t worry about my ego—fortunately for you, I did not regale the comments section with my autobiographical details, so you really have nothing on me!
          But hey, plot twist: I never cared about your point, or even your silly “typo.” I just found you amusingly self-important. Your leaving isn’t as great a loss as you imagine it is. And people are laughing at you not because they’re insecure and want to be you, but because for some people, owning a cram school is not exactly a major life goal! It’s like some billionaire seeing someone brag about having the biggest house in town, ya dig kid?

          • Bill

            You’re so worked up over a guy explaining why he’s worried about a new law.
            You have a problem.

    • MeiDaxia

      Why are you renewing your visa each year? I renewed mine after 1 year, and don’t have to renew it again for 3 years. Sensing either some BS or you’re getting hosed by immigration.

      • Chucky3176

        Obviously you guys are on F6 Spousal Visa.

        It maybe that he’s either married or been in Korea (or both), for less than 2 years. If that’s the case, they will only give him one year, until he stays in country and stay married for at least 2 years. After that, when he renews, he would qualify for 3 years (which is the maximum until you apply again for extension).

        If you don’t want to do this, and you’re planning to stay long time in Korea, then the answer is to apply for F5 permanent resident visa, in which you would qualify, if you have been on F6 Spousal Visa for at least 2 years. F5 permanent visa would also be one step towards permanent dual citizenship as well.

        • MeiDaxia

          Given his “every year” remark, it seems he’s been there longer than 2 years, perhaps married longer, but who knows. I had to make assumptions in my post… :P

          If I were staying in Korea longer, I’d probably go the F5 route, though.

      • Bill

        The last time I was at the immigration office they told me to come back next year to renew, apologized, and said after that I might not need to return so often. I didn’t bother asking.

    • FYIADragoon

      If you studied the language as you state you have, you should be able to pass the test. Otherwise, If you’ve married a Korean woman without any real ability in the language, leaning on her English ability instead, and you’re expecting sympathy, you should probably re-examine yourself first.

      • Bill

        It depends on the difficulty of the test.
        I’m not expecting sympathy either. It’s odd how I can be accused of bragging and sympathy fishing off the same post.
        I married a Korean woman with almost no ability in Korean. What’s to examine? Her English is great.
        I study Korean as much as I can, but there are no Korean language classes available in the hours I work. I did study with a private tutor, but he wasn’t a very skilled teacher (a college kid doing his best but falling short of providing quality lessons).
        If the Korean government considers a law that says marriage immigrants can’t stay in the country unless they learn Korean first they are telling many people to either cut work or get out. I doubt the Korean government wants people to cut work or get out. So it didn’t make much sense to me, the surface details of the article “Korean Test Now Required for Marriage Immigrants”.
        Anyway, it appears I’m fine. The only problem, for now, will be for Korean men who want to marry foreign women and bring them to Korea. They’ll have this test to get through.

    • killcracker

      Fuck off honky. Go back to your own country.

  • Deshaffer

    This is a ridiculous policy! It flies in the face of human rights — and
    it is by far not the first Korean law pertaining to foreigners to do
    so. Why should it be required that the non-Korean spouse know the Korean
    spouse’s language. What is wrong with the Korean spouse instead being fluent in
    the non-Korean spouse’s. Illogical policy. Why is it perfectly all right for a married couple in which both spouses speak NO Korean to enter Korea and not all right when one spouse does speak Korean. Utterly illogical. Short-sighted. Dim-witted.

    • Sillian

      What is wrong with the Korean spouse instead being fluent in the non-Korean spouse’s.

      No worries. See my other comment.

    • Chucky3176

      The new law says either the hubby know the language of his wife, or the wife knows how to speak the language of her hubby – it goes both ways, and it doesn’t matter what the language is, as long as the couple can communicate.

      • Nat

        The article above doesn’t specify this. In fact, it specifically says that the foreign spouse must pass a Korean proficiency test. I’m confused.

    • redwhitedude

      We are talking immigration into Korea so in that way makes sense just like having to pick up English if you are in the US. But as chucky said as long as they communicate.

  • miss dillydally

    This definitely feels directed towards spouses from other Asian countries and of certain economic background. Restrictions could be viewed negatively.
    But at the same time, I’m thinking in terms of protection. If a person wanted to seek help in some form, even divorce, wouldn’t an understanding of Korean be better? I know there social workers or others that are multilingual but I can see how knowing the language would be an advantage. Especially in cases of marriages where there was inequality to begin with.

  • firebert5

    “In America, foreign spouses must meet language proficiency requirements, and also understand basic American laws and history. Needless to say, this is the right policy.”

    From experience I can tell you this is not true. I not only got my spouse’s greencard without ever having to prove her English proficiency (the final interview was conducted in her native language even though she was prepared for an English interview), but I know of several in the US who had the same experience and whose spouses cannot speak English at all. Whether that is a good thing is a separate issue, but this netizen’s statement about US policy is patently false.

    • bigmamat

      We allow entire families to immigrate without knowing English. Half the people here right now wouldn’t be here if we had ever imposed such a restriction. I haven’t looked but I’m sure it’s been tried. Knowing how immigration law has always been designed to restrict entry.

      • redwhitedude

        Well in the US because there are so many immigrants there is a support network that includes fellow immigrants who lack English proficiency. In a way that is their saving grace. However Korea has none of that immigration of non Koreans in substantial numbers is new.

      • Jahar

        Sure, but English isn’t the official language of the US, so why would it be required?

        • bigmamat

          Not because people haven’t proposed we make official because they have. Silly really.

      • Aussie

        Oh come on. They’re not exactly demanding that you speak fluently like you’re native. They just want basic 101 Korean, enough to barely get by. I don’t want Korea to become like Australia where any illegals can enter.

        How come Russian women (pass rate for this test is the highest amongst all international brides) don’t have any problems passing the “ABC’s” of Korean?


        Even if the Russians can pass this test in record numbers, then other Asians can too. It’s not that hard. I’m guessing it’s because lot of these women who can’t pass the easy tests don’t want to do the tests (because they’re not really interested in marriage, but an easy passage into the country).

    • guest

      I wish Canada would adopt similar laws – I bet it’ll have the side effect of reducing forced marriage too.

      • Jahar

        I just wish there was a per non-developed country quota. Now with the stupid 10 year tourist visa for Chinese, Vancouver might as well join the PRC.

    • Adam

      The question whether the language proficiency requirements exist in the US immigration law is irrelevant. This is South Korea and it’s a sovereign nation and they have the right to pass any law they think will preserve the integrity of the South Korean citizenship.

      • guest

        I think he was more or less calling BS on the poster in question rather than questioning South Korea’s right to do so.

      • ParkJeongher

        There’s a clear distinction between foreign resident and citizenship. They should just test everyone’s blood to determine citizenship and visas…oh wait, they already do that.

        I also find it laughable that countries and governments try to define what is marriage and what isn’t.

        • Jahar

          To create laws relating to marriage they have to.

    • ParkJeongher

      Yup, my wife didn’t have any interview, language test, or any of these things that they spelled out. Got her a green card and went through a standard US embassy process. Obviously they are confusing the requirements for citizenship with the requirements for permanent residency. Not only that, if you are over a certain age (I think 60?) you can take the citizenship interview and test in your language (I believe).

  • Chucky3176

    This is a step in the right direction. But it doesn’t go far enough. They should also completely ban arranged marriage agencies, who have been the main force victimizing SouthEast and Central Asian women, as well as Korean men. Nobody should have the right to buy women in their 20’s, off of catalogues, certainly not 50 and 60 years old shameless grandpas old enough to be their fathers and grandfathers. There’s a good reason why these losers couldn’t marry in the first place. Many of them are economically challenged, drunks, socially unstable, mentally disturbed, and want women as house slaves for himself and his mother. No Korean women would want to marry someone like that. So why should women from SEA be subjected to this abuse? This law is designed to protect the women from SEA, as well as protect the men too. Because at least 50% of the marriages are sham marriages, where women disappear within days of arrival in country with their boyfriends from back home. Also there are fake marriages where women pay any Korean men from the gutters, to marry them, then they get divorced as soon as they get their citizenship. On the average, the mail order marriages only last about 5 years, compared to native on native marriages that lasts over 20 years.
    All sides have been hurt in this, not just the foreign women and Korean men, but also the Korean tax payers who have the burden of providing social programs to the foreign women and their children when the marriages fall apart due to whatever reasons.

    • Art Vandalay

      50% are a sham? Have you got a source for that mate?
      Becuase whenever someone brings up studies that say Korea has the highest plastic surgery rates, or terrible domestic violence stats, or 1/4 Korean females between the ages of 18-40 have engaged in some form of sex work, or Korean men are the highest users of underage prostitutes in SE Asia, you get on your high horse and say that the studies are biased, or paid for by the Japanese.
      So I’d love you to post a citation for the 50% stat you mentioned so I can discredit it.

      • Chucky3176

        Because if they can pull their numbers out of their ass, then I can do as well.

        But seriously speaking do you deny that many of these marriages are either fake or frauds?

        • art vandalay

          Well most of the stats i quoted are given by NGOs, many Korean based, which come from research. And you basically admitted you lied and made yours up. Which isnt really a surprise to anyone here.

          • Chucky3176

            You’re going to take Korean NGO’s numbers when it supports your case? Then you should have no problems taking Korean NGO’s numbers when it goes against your case.

            According to a Korean NGO, over 100,000 Korean men are victims of sham marriages, where ‘wives’ coordinate with marriage agencies in their own countries to scam money and VISA’s out of their husbands.


            Pakistanis caught by police for sham marriages.


          • Art Vandalay

            No where is a statistic of 50% mentioned. You lied. Stop lying.

          • Chucky3176

            There are between 200,000 to 300,000 foreign brides in the country. 100,000 Korean men divided by 200,000 = 50%.

            Statistics speak for themselves. Where’s the lie?

          • Art Vandalay

            Oh Chucky. Desperetely scrambling for numbers to prove your lie. It’s over man. We saw the lie. One of many. You are just pulling numbers out of thin air. Your anger and bitterness about foreigners in Korea is causing you to lie. SMDH.

            Now please, return to your anti-jew/anti-chinese/anti-japanese/anti-immigrant/anti-black/anti-white website for Korean nationalists who dont live in Korea. There is a new thread about the Jewish world conspiracy that needs your comment.

          • Guest

            Japanese nationalist troll who keeps changing your user ID, return to your anti-Korean rants on 2ch and Yahoo Japan. Shouldn’t you be marching, cataloging every bad thing a Korean or Chinese person has done, making Youtube videos and spamming Twitter/Facebook/social media with them, and marching in favor of genocide like your people do?

          • Klown men are very insecure

            Grow up Chucky.

          • corea no1!!!!

            Sentry reporting!

          • Guest

            Japanese nationalist, please return to your anti-Korean/anti-Chinese/anti-jew/anti-immigrant/anti-black/anti-white websites and message boards for Japanese nationalists. After all, your countrywoman Ayako Sono said that South Africa’s racial apartheid policies are good for separating the pure Japanese from all other immigrants. http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/13/us-japan-apartheid-idUSKBN0LH0M420150213

          • Art Vandalay

            Only Japanese nationalists can call out idiocy and lies? You are delusional and i’ll also assume you’re one of the Koreansentry spazzes.

            Here’s some info for you. Japanese nationalists and Korean nationalists have a lot in common. Both groups are deluded. Both groups have a core of bitter virgins as their most vocal supporters. Both groups are absolute fucking idiots. Both groups have no connection to reality.

            Something that Korean nationalists have as a unique aspect of their character, is that many of these nationalists don’t actually, and never have, lived in Korea. And for some reason, despite their passionate love of their country, dont move back to Korea, and most puzzling, they do all they can to avoid enlisting in the Korean army and serving their time of conscription. I’m not sure why, but from extensive research and study I have found that it’s because they are a bunch of pussies and are scared to leave their parents. Kind of sad.
            Maybe, you can fill me in with some more info? Thanks buddy.

    • phullerton

      Chucky, I really hope Korea also starts to institute the same Korean test on all Gyopo’s that want a visa. Cause lord knows (speaking from one gyopo to another) that almost all Gyopo males that go to Korea are NOT making Korea a better place. I’d also say that almost all drug related issues in Korea are from gyopo males. We could also speculate on how Gyopo males are also a serious clear and present danger to the local Korean female population.

    • Insomnicide

      I think this is the first time I agree with Chucky’s views, what is this world coming to…

    • koreans are retarded

      Genralisation and unsubstantiated claimed made by a guy whos not even from the country.

    • Jahar

      They should just ban marriage between Koreans and non-Koreans. If you marry a foreigner, revoke your citizenship.

  • joe

    they should expand the law include these esl trash

    • Realist

      I’m pretty sure it includes everyone unless there are some extremely racist exclusions. I’m actually willing to bet the Southeast Asian women are a cover up. It’s actually more aimed at these guys who are eating dirt in their own country cus they have absolutely no job skills (except speaking their own native language if that qualifies as a job skill), come to Korea to “teach English”, hang out in clubs, sell drugs, rape girls, though they’re often creepy enough to learn Korean, which actually makes them creepier. I mean, why would you wanna make a law that messes with some quiet Vietnamese chick who wants to come to Korea to marry a farmer and cause zero trouble through the day she dies?

      • K-girls like size.
        • Realist

          What, don’t like my post so try to take some stabs in the dark? If these things aren’t the exact image of you, don’t get all set off then LOL

          • Realist

            Holy smokes, thanks for that chart. I did not see that when writing the prior comment, just assumed it was something stupid, but now, I see. I actually did not know that I was hung like an African until today. An average African, but an African nonetheless. I guess it’s true what they say; diet really helps. I just liked to chug whole milk like it was water since I was a baby.

      • Art Vandalay

        Realist’s online girlfirend was stolen by an ESL teacher.

  • redwhitedude

    Linguistic proficiency isn’t a good measure for adapting to host country nor sincerely of marriage. A big contributing factor is socio economic background which a lot of people who resort to may not have a good one.

    • Chucky3176

      Thus the minimum income rule. You have to earn at least $13000 a year to sponsor your spouse, which I think is pretty low minimum standard for anyone to meet. You’d have to be pretty bad, for not to make that much in a year.

      • redwhitedude

        Since we are dealing with marriage I’m not quite sure if language proficiency and income is an accurate measure of people having successful marriages.

        • Chucky3176

          Really? Let’s see. They’re not marrying out of love. If they don’t have money and if they can’t even communicate, then what else do they have that would hold the marriage together?

          • redwhitedude

            They should be marrying out of love that is beyond money and language considerations. That’s what contributes to problems of broken marriages if its just about putting up with money and language just to go to a country with better prospects.

          • Yaminah Jamison

            Well the reality is that’s what they are doing and there’s no law saying you have to marry out of love.

          • redwhitedude

            It’s impossible to legislate such a law. People should have other considerations beside money and language.

  • Meow

    I am a foreigner married to a korean and I didnt have to pass this exam because my husband and I speaks english to communicate. This is the other option for those foreign wives who have difficulty with the korean language.The government’s intention is for the couple to be able to communicate the same language. It could be english or the foreign spouse’ language etc.

  • Nat

    “Is it possible to marry someone without being able to communicate?
    When you think about what caused the amendment to the law, I admit the
    revised law is certainly necessary.”

    So, the possibility of the Korean spouse being able to speak the foreign spouse’s language is automatically excluded? I guess it must be unthinkable for Koreans to learn other languages. Completely beneath them!

    • Xman2014


      Please read and understand what this law says before going into an unwarranted rant:

      “A couple can opt out of the language requirement if they show they communicate in a different tongue or if they have any children, the ministry said. They are also exempt if either partner or family members can show the couple can live without monetary trouble. The ministry said it enacted the measure to reduce “abnormal” marriages arranged on the fly with foreign spouses, where it said a man and woman are paired in five days or less.”

      It is stated right here.


      • Nat

        I wasn’t ranting. Do you know what a rant means? Apparently not.

        You’re linking to an external article which I have not known the existence of before making my comment. Also, my criticism is of the commenter, who presumably made his comment after reading the same article as I did (the one above) and no other — or so I’m led to believe. If that’s indeed the case, then my criticism of him stands; namely that he did not even consider the possibility of Koreans learning their foreign spouses’ language — essentially being chauvinistic.

        • Xman2014

          I don’t see how that can be chauvinistic. The wives are coming to a new country in which they must adjust. Without communication ability, how are they going to make their life in S.Korea successful? Is it up to immigrants to learn the new language, or is it up to the natives to learn the language of the immigrants? Which makes more sense to you? Why is it unreasonable to expect the immigrants to learn the language?

  • John Snow

    Passing the language test in order to be illegible for a permanent visa/citizenship I agree. I think language is an important part of citizenship it brings with it culture and understanding. For most countries this is a basic requirement. One example that I know is New Zealand.

    However, denying ENTRY to the country solely on their language capabilities? That is out right wrong. The spouses who do are able to speak Korean just need to renew their visa every year right?

    Imagine you live in the US but your spouse does not speak English and is flying across the ocean to come see/live with you but is then denied entry on the count that your spouse can not speak English.

    How absurd is that?

    Edit: Ok my understanding of the law was wrong. They just need to prove that they can communicate with one another in any given language. Ignore my rant.

  • Jeff

    What happens in a generation when all these SE Asian countries have stronger and bigger economies than Korea? Will the women return home?

    • guest

      That’s like wondering if Mexicans will return home when Mexico becomes stronger and bigger economy than US.

      • Jeff

        It’ll take a few decades for Cambodia to catch up but most ecomonists expect Thailand and Vietnam to overtake Korea within a decade.

        • guest

          Vietnam per capita income, $1200. Thailand per capita income $5000. They first need to concentrate on catching up with China who’s at $6500 before they can get richer than Korea. “Catch up” in ten years? Mathematically impossible. China’s been catching up to Korea for decades now. Yet they still send the largest number of brides and immigrants to S.Korea.

          • Jeff

            You’ll be suprized with what the future will bring, Korea peaked a while back, sadly they didn’t use the good times to build an infrastructure. Thailand is already more advanced than Korea on issues such as public sanitation and workplace safety, Vietnam will overtake very soon in these and other factors. There’s more to nation building than per capita income which will readjust itself naturally in a couple of years when Korea’s begins to contract.

          • Sillian

            Your interesting claims here are all new to me. Can you provide any legitimate sources? Especially this part, “most economists expect Thailand and Vietnam to overtake Korea within a decade.” In what indices? GDP per capita? It is physically impossible within 10 years as far as I can tell even with the best possible scenario. Who are those ‘most economists’?

            Korea peaked a while back, sadly they didn’t use the good times to build an infrastructure.

            What infrastructure are you referring to?

          • itissaid

            He’s trolling.

          • Robz Sarmy

            Vietnam have to overtake The Philippines first before even thinking of matching korea lmao .

  • jianfei

    It should also include English if Korean is not known. This is not the 1800’s. many Korean’s can also speak English! I can say ‘Soju’ thats the only Korean word I should need to know! =)

    • itissaid

      Most Koreans can’t speak English fluently. To get around in Korea, you need to speak Korean.

  • commander

    The failure of female immigrants, coming to this nation for marriage, to understand basics of the Korean language poses a grave challenge to their assilimilation into local communities they belong to.

    It also hamper the emtional connection between a child who is born here and pick up the Korean language quickly, and his or her mother having trouble speaking Korean.

    Setting the Korean test as a requirement for marriage to a South Korean is understandable as it is expected to encourage immigrants to learn the Korean.

    But without policy support, such as teaching them in the Korean language for, say, three months in government-run or government-assisted language institutes, it is extremely hard for immigrants to have Korean skills high enough to pass the test.

    I think the policy change should be accomapnied by governmental support for them to learn the Korean language here.

    • itissaid

      There is government support for free language classes and has been for some time.

  • CCCP

    I’d say the Korean law is pretty soft and allows for plenty of exceptions. This year my country enacted a similar law, except that it doesn’t target foreign spouses particularly, but all foreigners (except for “highly skilled professionals” and foreign students). Now for my wife to get a residence permit she’d have to pass a language, history, and law test, which is impossible at this point since she only knows a couple of words in the language. The fact that I am fluent in her native language and that we have a baby son isn’t any grounds for an exception (like it would be in case of Korea), so our only option if we were to move there would be for her to fly back to her country every three months to get a new “visiting relatives” visa (which has a maximum stay of 90 days and isn’t renewable) or for her to sign up for language courses and get a student visa (and havng to pay for tuition and for a nanny to look after our son when she goes to class, since it is mandatory and the student visa will be revoked if she skips the classes). So basically they made it impossible for us to move back to my country, cause if we have to pay for roundtrip plane tickets every three months or tuition+nanny it would leave us with nothing to live on.

  • Goldie Wan Kenobi

    This definitely hurts a person like myself who can speak Chinese and English, my spouse is a Korean who speaks English, Chinese and Korean. I became proficient in Chinese after coming to China and picking up the language from locals. Even married people who speak the same language don’t communicate well.

  • FYIADragoon

    Sounds like only mail order brides are having difficulties.

  • vane

    Rassit. ..that is true

  • V.Ngyun

    Only United States and UK passports have more entry access to other countries than South Korean passports, which is rated second in the world.


    It’s not surprising that immigration to South Korea is very attractive to people in underdeveloped countries in South East Asia. They can obtain South Korean citizenship and passports which would give them compete freedom of movement that they never had before. They now can use those papers to gain easy entry into United States, Canada, and Australia.

    • itissaid

      That’s not a reason for why they immigrate, but you aren’t willing to acknowledge that. Most of the women are too poor travel.

  • Xio Gen

    That idiot is wrong. You can become an American citizen without knowing a word of English even if you’re not married. Not saying this is good or bad, but English is a hell of a lot easier to learn than Korean.

  • hello123

    some people just aren’t very good at learning foreign languages.

    • itissaid

      They should learn. That’s not an excuse.


    The world has now given a law. You don’t pass this language, you cannot enter the country, you cannot be married with this Korean nationality. Because they think you are stupid, user, or you dont love the man enough.
    Apparently my friend was told that, and he committed to kill himself. because His wife couldn’t enter Korea at all. They told her that she failed to take the test, because she ‘doesn’t love him that much’ if you love the person much you need to pass. She became depressed. Its stupid. what if the girl was really slow or stupid in the exam? These laws are really stupid.

    • itissaid

      Yes, it’s stupid for a government to expects spouses to know how to communicate with eachother as well as for a resident to know how to speak the language.

  • Guy Forget

    These stupid old korean ajusshis who are too inept to marry a korean woman go over to a poor country where they can cherry pick any 3rd world girl to marry since all they want is to get out of their crap country and come live in korea like it was a kdrama life they are adopting. Then 10,000 of them each year get divorced and now all you have is 10,000 viet, filipino, indonesia, cambodian women running around free in korea with all the rights and benefits of being a FULL KOREAN. But these women end up re-marrying with other migrant workers, especially from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Africa since those men are desperate to get FULL KOREAN citizenship and they get get easy women in those viet/filipino/cambodian/indonesian women since they are full koreans. Do you see the cycle? Do you see the problem here? It all stems from those stupid ajusshis destroying their own country by bringing in these desperate women. I say there should be a COMPLETE BAN on mail order brides, and IF they divorce within say 5 years, that spouse SHOULD BE DEPORTED back to their original country. This loophole is so easily abused by the foreigner women who know all they have to do is marry any ugly old korean ajusshi 50 years old virgin, then live here with full korean citizenship, divorce his ugly stupid ass, then be scot free with all the benefits of a korean living in korea. Then they can marry a pakistani or bangladeshi young workers (usually in their 20s or 30s) and start a real family here. Meanwhile, the korean women are not helping as they are becoming more and more materialistic and shallow, that they only want to marry a korean guy that looks like a model or one of those actors in kdramas. It pretty much eliminates about 70% of all korean men from getting married to a korean girl since normal korean men can’t look like the plastic surgery kdrama men on tv and in the pop culture. This is where foreigner men who have a fetish for korea like those UK guys who speak fluent korean, the ghanians, the turks, the chinese who are all made into celebrities in korea can swoop up all the fame and attention of shallow korean girls. A match made in heaven, a total recipe for disaster and the destruction of South Korea in 50 years! I’m starting to like North Korea a lot more now.

    • itissaid

      Most Korean men are able to marry Korean women.

  • Smith_90125

    In 2014, five percent of babies born in Korea were of mixed ethnicity. That “policy” isn’t about protecting the language, it’s about keeping non-Koreans out.

    In any other country, that language test would be labelled a racist policy.

    • itissaid

      It’s about making sure children have mothers who can take care of them.

  • Culturist John

    This is a wonderful culturist policy. Immigration and multiculturalism have greatly hurt (perhaps fatally) the West. Korea must maintain her minjok via such culturist policies. Here is my long speech on the subject: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B98ihe9mbAEsQ0ZxLXdMRzdsNjA/edit

  • Chucky4176

    As long as you’re Vietnamese or Chinese women, you are welcome to apply for South Korean citizenship, as you will be showered with social benefits programs including Korean language lessons and even separate schools for multicultural kids.


    But if you’re ethnic Koreans from former Soviet Republics, you get nothing, as you have to strictly rely on private charity. Also you can’t apply for South Korean citizenship, since ethnic Koreans from Soviet Republics can only stay in country between 3 and 4.9 years. Many of them brought their children who look just like any other South Korean kids.


    Why the discrimination against ethnic Koreans?

    Reasonable thinking here would be that it’s no brainer to make it far easier for immigration of ethnic Koreans from Russia and China when there are worries that South Korean birth rate is too low to stem the population decline. Yet that’s not the case.

    Instead, South Korea prefers to traffic in uneducated poor women from South East Asia who could barely read and write in their own languages, never mind be able to read and write in Korean.

    This is what we call dumbing down of South Korea. Why do South Korean politicians reject ethnic Korean immigration, but so eager and ready to embrace totally alien cultures to create separate ethnic ghetto’s, is my question.

  • Heliph Giva

    This law is exempted for those couple who are considered to be having normal, consensual marriage (so between two actually loving persons, not husbands buying wives off from their parents) or if the couple can communicate in any other language than Korean. This is not to force them to be able to speak Korean, it is to prevent them from being treated unfairly by their husbands due to language barrier, as it happens quite often. I think we need this law to protect those wives.

  • ultimategore

    yes typical story 50years old korean farmer buying 20old veitnamese virgin. now they are overflowing. lot of them beaten or slayin by the korean husband cause of not speaking korean well. korea want to avoid such happen

  • jjj

    I’m a korean wife (Filipino)
    I think this law is a bit strickly but it will do good .. because many who got married from wedding agencies failed their marriage
    I have a friend she is also a korean wife .. she did pass the school’s exam to get visa..but when she arrived here in Korea.. on her 10th day here.. his hudband wants to divorce her..the main reason is lack of korean language communication.. my friend can speak small korean language .. but his husbands mom demands more
    This is very sad situation. . That even his husband depends on his mom on his decisions.

  • south east european

    Really South Korea ? This is the real solution for your illegal marriages and divorces ? You put that number of divorces on the lack of communication between multicultural families, really? My country was a communist one until 1989 and my parents are married from 87 the point is the rate of divorce was so low until now because people in South Korea, like in my country, felt that getting a divorce is a shame/”sin” for the families and the pour women and children had to suffer in silence. Now in 2016 i think people (women and some men) are not so afraid to speak up and leave a dysfunctional marriage for the best of both partners and children, and yes I know how a society like that is because i live in it. And hello people of South Korea some things like illegal marriages, drugs, prostitution, black markets of all kinds will not stop or decrease because of some language barrier, WAKE UP and don’t make laws for problems that belong to other department of the government and to the international forces that control trafficking of all kinds from people and destructive objects.

  • 김오워리

    Does anybody from here knows if we’re possible to get married in Korea if I will take tourist visa I meet my future husband overseas neither in Philippines nor in Korea we just wanted to do marriage in his country hoping there’s easy way so we can live outside our countries as married couple we’ve been together in overseas country for almost 2 years now and getting married in the country we’re staying now is quite impossible.Thanks in advance

  • Aaron Acharya

    Idiots Korean mind . You cannot separate your soul/ spouse on the basis of language or any other issues . It’s a state crime to force restrictions on marriage. It is against the human rights

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