TOEIC Test Cheaters Busted For Using Concealed Cameras

More TOEIC Cheating Exposed…This Time Using Wireless Image Transmitters

The hidden camera apparatus and set up are revealed.

Hidden inside clothing and transmitting in real time…Police fear widespread use on other tests.

(Busan — Yonhap News) Chang-su Park, reporter = Cheating on the TOEIC exam has again surfaced, this time using an image transmitting device that shows how such methods have evolved.

The Busan International Crime Investigations Unit arrested a 33-year-old with the last name of Jeong on January 7th under suspicion of illegal obstruction for using an image transmittet during the TOEIC exam. Jeong’s 31 year-old partner, Lee, was booked without detention.

A 25-year-old test taker, surnamed Kim, as well as 6 others, were indicted without being detained for paying the two men at the center of the cheating ring.

Jeong, ringmaster of the cheating scheme, arranged online for test applicants to pay 3 million KRW ($2,800) per head.

Jeong, who studied electronics in high school, built a small device using parts found at an electronics store. The device was capable of transmitting in real-time during the test.

TOEIC high-scorer Lee hid the device inside the padding of his jacket, went to the testing hall, and proceeded to answer the test questions while sending out images of his answers.

The jacket of the TOEIC test-taker who cheated using a hidden camera transmitter

Outside the testing hall, Jeong received Lee’s answers by wireless transmitter and cheated by passing the answers to the other participants in the scam.

All tests submitted by the participants, which were from the 262nd TOEIC test taken on December 29th of last year, have been nullified and disposed of. New job seekers and those changing jobs were among those involved in the cheating.

In the past, forms of cheating for the TOEIC have involved smart phones and related apps, but this is the first instance of wireless transmitters/receivers being used.

Jeong confessed: “I made small receivers and transmitters which didn’t require the use of smartphones and could draw from the answers on a skilled test taker’s answer sheet. I made this device.”

Jung-Hyuk Jo, Chief of the International Crime Investigation Unit, said: “The revelation of this kind of device, which unlike a smartphone cannot be detected easily and can transmit test answers outside the test hall, raises concerns about further test abuses on national standardized tests.”

On October 27th of 2013, police rounded up and arrested an additional group of eight test takers who illicitly used smartphones, automatic photo-transmitting apps, and mini transmitting devices during their TOEIC test.

In that case, they concealed smartphones under fake arm casts and leaked the test answers. Their cheating involved using wireless receivers to get the test answers from a high-scoring test-taker.

Comments from Naver:


ke ke ke The fact that they even got caught is amazing.


These days, even with a good TOEIC score, getting a job is difficult.


If you lack the skills, don’t take the test.


Wow; awesome that he did it like that…


Study harder and live harder!


Why is the TOEIC so important for getting employment? Is this the US? Or are there more Americans here than Koreans? We always think “English English!” here. Try learning more about our own language and history.


How was he caught? Surely, I’m not the only one curious how they found out?


The criminal mind is extraordinary, what genius!


ke ke ke If he had devoted the time it took to make the device to studying, he would have passed the test. kkk


In Korea, all tests like TOEIC need to change to speaking tests. We write tests well, but can’t speak a lick.


Next, implant the camera in your eye. ke ke ke


In this world, if you live life by the rules, you fail.


I don’t know about the TOEIC, but the Sunung supervisors are fucking lax;; They don’t even check to make sure the names and test-takers match every time.


How did they catch him? Props to the dude who caught him, even more than the guy who made it.


This kind of thing is fundamentally due to the unemployment crisis.


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  • asian don draper

    how did he get caught!

    • catmando1980

      There are all sorts of scanners that can detect wireless camera signals.

  • A Pinky Promise

    Dear Koreabang

    Here’s some interesting news

    Please translate this

    • David

      When it is a top trender, you will get your wish.

    • Harald Olsen

      We take our shred of credibility from only translating the top-viewed and top-commented articles, which this article doesn’t seem to have yet. But I would be happy to summarize:

      Someone records a woman having sex with her husband’s friend, husband breaks in while they are getting busy and starts attacking the two verbally. Whoever recorded the scene uploaded the video online without any edits, leading the police to try to track down the violation of privacy.

  • David

    Two words for next year, ‘Google Glass’

    • kissja74

      one word for next year: “learn”

  • gravity

    ke ke ke.
    what brand of jacket is that?

  • bigmamat

    Perhaps the need for this kind of academic competition will no longer be necessary after this new law goes into effect.

    • Courtland Miles

      interesting. as an outside observer, i must say regionalism, partisan politics, and school ties are definitely rampant in the ROK.

  • mei mei

    English is a big challenge. used to hate english class back in highshcool

  • Rahat Bashar

    Smart bunch of kids

  • commander

    TOEIC scores are considered useless in gauging conversational English abilities.

    TOEIC scores only serve as one of required qualifications in paper for corporate employment.

    (Actually, the reason many firms– where employees rarely speak English–require high TOEIC grades is that most companies do so. This means any absence of TOEIC score requirement signals vacancies at firms are not highly sought.)

    It would be better to spend ₩3 million to get tutoring for TOEIC scoring skills.

    TOEIC supervisors need to ask examinees to take off coats to prevent sophisticated cheating tactics.

    • Jahar

      Did you just say the reason many companies require high TOEIC grades is because many companies require high TOEIC grades?

      • commander

        Well, I mean many firms require high TOEIC scores even when their work does not need English communication skills.

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