Netizens Moved By Photo of Korean Firefighter

Article from Financial News:

Netizens Moved by Photo of Firefighter Eating Ramen After Fighting Fire

firefighter eating ramen korea facebook netizens moved

A photo of a firefighter eating a meal of ramen after extinguishing a fire was shared online, moving netizens.

On April 3, through the Busan Police Department’s public Facebook page, “At the scene of the Yeonsan-dong fire, a firefighter who started fighting the fire from 1AM in the morning and just finished his work is having a meal. He worked very hard. Currently he has cleared the traffic control for this entire area’s police officers. We are also thankful for the cooperation of the citizens who were affected.

The posted photo showed a worker wearing a firefighter’s suit, perched at the end of a wall eating cup ramen.

At 1:53 AM that morning, there was a fire in a used car dealership in Busan’s Yeonjae-gu, Geochae-dong. The emergency worker extinguished the large fire, which had consumed 500 cars, and afterwards, ate his meal in a corner.

The photo in question was shared more than 240 times, and the netizens who saw the photo said it was a pity that he was only eating ramen, saying things like, “Just one cup of ramen…Don’t tell me this is something that you bought at your own expense”, “They should at least have given him a box lunch,” “I feel sad and my heart hurts for him,” “Where are all our taxes going…”

They also expressed their gratitude, saying “Thank you, I respect you,” “His face is blackened [from the fire]…I am always grateful for what you do,” “He’s so cool and great,” “I am always cheering you on, so do your best.”

Comments from Naver:


I’m moved by this beautiful image, and at the same time, I’m angry at the miserable scene…risking his life like this…on a pittance…with crappy gear…in such poor working conditions…[The government] pours hundreds of thousands of dollars in some areas…Why are they so stingy about improving working conditions for the firefighters?..Don’t tell me he even bought ramen at his own expense…


National assemblymen, reflect on your actions…


Firefighters really need better working conditions!


My heart aches for him ㅜㅜ


I’m sorry…ㅜㅜ


Even if firefighters made 100,000,000 annually, no one would complain about it.


I look at them with respect, not with pity. They work really hard. The government should improve firefighter’s welfare benefits.


Please convert them into national positions..


Firefighters are the most trustworthy public servants in our country…(Although they are called local officials ㅜㅜ)


Please…don’t waste taxes on other areas, use the taxes on these precious people who save people’s lives.


I hope we become a country that treat firefighters well instead of National Assemblymen.


My friend is a firefighter…their equipment is of really poor quality…I see the situation and feel so sorry for him…

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  • HaydenG

    ugh Koreans are such drama queens. Its just a guy eating ramen. This isn’t newsworthy

    • bumfromkorea

      Yes, people commenting about how the firefighters deserve better wages and equipment are such drama queens.

      Koreans: Thank you, firefighters!
      HaydenG: Ugh, what a bunch of drama queens…

      Someone should collect all the human interest news articles from around the world and smack you with it.

      • Lanolin

        I don’t think Drama Queens is the right word. But I know what he means. The “my heart aches” type comments are cringe worthy.

        • bumfromkorea

          “마음이 짠하네요” is not a cringe worthy response to a human interest story. It’s a perfectly natural reaction to the subject at hand. Seriously, only the most cynical bunch would look at this story/pic/comments and think “drama queen” or “cringe worthy”.

          • Lanolin

            Well I cringed so ther you go. Looking at your replies here and in the past you seem to get quite hurt by some of the comments made. Don’t worry about it man.

          • bumfromkorea

            *sigh* If you don’t have any meaningful thing to say, then just don’t write anything. What you wrote was pretty pathetic.

          • Lanolin

            My God you are a little bitch. You come here to defend Korea and get bent out of shape over any comment that you disagree with. Every story you post on it goes the same way. If this place and the comments are going to get you all huffy and hurt your feelings then don’t read it. You are like a woman. Maybe you are. Just calm down.

          • bumfromkorea

            There it is. Now the vitriol is coming out.

            My comment history is open for review. Clearly, it’s not “You come here to defend Korea and get bent out of shape over any comment that you disagree with. Every story you post on it goes the same way.” Well, it is if the observer in question is a twisted little malcontent who has allergic reactions to any comments that isn’t completely negative about Korea. For someone calling others “little bitch” and accuse them of being dramatic, you sure have quite a reaction there.


            I think Korea has a healthcare system that works overall. *jumps for cover as “Lanolin” explodes in bitter anger.*

          • Lanolin

            I really have almost no opinion on Korea. It seems like a country that is pretty successful, but I admit to knowing next nothing about the place. And caring even less. Why in God’s name would I care about your view of thehealth care system. Have you seen the fucking US health care system??

            You have some paranoid delusions that everyone is out to get you. How very Korean of you. Reading here, Chinasmack and and the Japan one, as well as other Asian news sites with comment sections, Koreans, you in particular come off as overly defensive with massive chips on their shoulders. That the whole world is against them.

            As an outsider, who doesn’t speak Korean, the comment “My heart aches” about a photo of a fireman eating noodles, seems overwrought, dramatic and sends douche chills througout my body. You disagree, in my opinion becuae you come here to try to take down anyone who says bad things.

          • bumfromkorea

            “I really have almost no opinion on Korea. It seems like a country that is pretty successful, but I admit to knowing next nothing about the place. And caring even less.”

            1 paragraph later…

            “You have some paranoid delusions that everyone is out to get you. How very Korean of you.

            It seems that all you can do is just character attacks after character attacks while making jabs about my ethnicity. Considering that I almost never comment at Chinasmack, I can confirm that you’re just flat out lying. Again, my comment record is open to the public, and clearly contrary to your hilariously ethnicity-based character attacks.

            But then again , what else can I expect from someone who gets douche chills over people sympathizing with a firefighter?

          • Lanolin

            The bitterness and anger seeps out of your writing.

          • bumfromkorea

            I really don’t want to hear that from someone who calls complete strangers “little bitch”.

          • Social Travesty

            Which you truly are! You must me 12, right? Yeah I can tell by your distorted views and blind patriotism! Go Korea!

          • CCBailey

            It’s obvious you’re an A**!

          • bumfromkorea

            Ays? No, no. I’m not a member of the Ays, a native American tribe originating from east Texas. I thought my SN was a dead giveaway.

          • social travesty

            You must be Korean. You would have to be far removed from the situation at hand to understand the reasoning behind the statements conveyed here. I agree with many of the earlier posters, the statements were cringe worthy.

          • bumfromkorea

            As the comment you replied to has already asked… if you don’t have any meaningful thing to say, just don’t write anything at all.

          • Social Travesty

            Then maybe you should’ve taken your own advice 20 comments ago??? What a joke!

          • PotLuck

            I second that! I double cringed! lol I understand what they were saying about the firefighter should have gotten a lunch box for doing a good job. That’s to be commended. But so far as to state that he needs to be ‘paid more money’, or ‘my heart aches’ based on outward appearances is really condescending. You’re basically looking down on the individual and coming off as snobbish. This is why the world feels that Koreans are basically ‘clueless’ when it comes to truly empathizing with others.

          • PotLuck

            To elaborate on the last statement..

            Sympathies have been misplaced and they’ve made the firefighter out to look like some charity case, while to him, it’s just another hard day at work! Blue collar job workers are to also be respected in their capacities and not looked upon as unambitious lazy individuals with no life purpose.

            There! That’s my 4 cents!

          • bumfromkorea

            The treatment of firefighters in South Korea is one of the more controversial policy topics in the country. This article is a good way of understanding why comments like “they need to be paid more money” or “my heart aches” aren’t ‘condescending’, ‘snobbish’, or ‘clueless.



      • HaydenG

        I saw a 한진 delivery driver eating ramen in his truck yesterday. I stopped and fell to my knees. It was so touching I couldn’t help but cry.

        • bumfromkorea

          Yeah, a firefighter just after extinguishing a fire is definitely in the same genre as a delivery truck driver you saw yesterday. Absolutely. Mhm.

          • HaydenG

            how insensitive are you. Don’t you know those delivery drivers often aren’t allowed to drive into the communities and have to carry the packages in by hand! They are heros.

          • bumfromkorea

            Yep, the drama queens, these Koreans. Isn’t it so weird, the way they support/sympathize with their firefighters?

            Seriously, just how much vitriol is required for someone to look at a bunch of people sympathizing with a firefighter and go “ugh Koreans are such drama queens. Its just a guy eating ramen. This isn’t newsworthy”?

          • guest

            God you really are a massive crybaby!

        • bumfromkorea

          Koreans can’t even sympathize with/support their firefighters without getting shit from HaydenG for being drama queens. Well, that is to be expected, I guess.

          • Jahar

            Chinese millionaires eat ramen too. maybe the guy just likes it.

  • k.ftw

    Do people even know the world outside the office ?
    This is how millions of blue collars workers in the world have lunch.

    • ShootehAnon

      What did you expect? You ain’t even considered a proper human if you’re not a white collar in South Korea. Why would they care about what blue collars go through? They lacked “determination” and couldn’t even get an office job.

      • k.ftw

        That sadness.. *sigh*

      • Small twon

        Huh ? what are you talking about ? Fireman are one of most respected job in Korea. Your statement was true about 20 years ago ( even then fireman was exception)Not anymore.

        • kangsongdaeguk

          i guess he was being sarcastic.

    • bumfromkorea

      Millions of blue collar workers in the world eat lunch covered in water and soot from a fire they just extinguished at a location that he had just saved from burning down?


    • Dark Night

      Yeah. And I know a ton of white collar workers that skip lunch because they are too busy. Big deal.

  • Ready

    It was only few months ago when they were complaining about firefighters for spreading the fire with winds from helicopters which was dispatched to save some people on the roof of a building.

    • Dark Night

      Who’s they? You shouldn’t confuse a few selfish people with the general public.

  • Nongshim ramen causes cancer what is he doing!!!!

  • bigmamat

    We were all moved to tear by this firefighter. Just not the same kind of tears.

    • Jahar

      So tough. he has to second-hand smoke weed. Fire-fighters should get paid more. They are heroes! He should be able to buy coke to get high.

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Feels a bit like #firstworldproblems to be honest, but at least it’s a good kind of sympathy. People simply want other people to eat better, I suppose there’s a lesson in there somewhere…

  • Guy Forget

    “Where are all the taxpayers money going?” someone asked. Well, even migrant workers get better treatment and enjoy better food than hard-working blue collar Koreans. That should tell you where the taxpayer’s money is going.

    • Krystal Hampton

      And if it stops going there, people will complain too. What can you do?

  • MikeinGyeonggi

    I have a great respect for firefighters and other emergency personnel, but the fuss over this photo is a bit presumptuous. How do we know this is his lunch? Maybe he’s just chowing down some quick ramen while he’s got a minute. After work maybe he’ll take a shower and then sit down to a proper meal.

    Echoing what someone wrote above, I think many people don’t understand that not everyone has the luxury of taking an hour lunch break from 12:00 – 1:00. With many jobs you just have to eat whenever you get the chance.

  • Chucky3176

    Being a firefighter in Korea sucks to balls. They are considered jobs for uneducated
    inferiors who couldn’t get office jobs.

    Being a policeman is also considered a blue collar job, good for nothing people who couldn’t pass the exams to become a somebody.

    Both jobs are low paying jobs, and they don’t get much respect. In some cases, they become punching bags for a society that’s stressed out. This story was on news today.

    A drunk young woman calls 112 and asks the cop dispatcher to take her home because she’s too scared at night. A cop car was dispatched and a policeman came to put the drunk woman in the back seat to drive her home. Few minutes into the drive, the woman was on the phone, screaming at somebody. The startled cop who was driving, looked back to ask her if she was alright. That’s when the woman kicked the cop’s face, fracturing his face and damaging his eye. The woman had a two inch high heels which spiked the cop’s face near the eye. The cop will require further surgery to restore the vision. The woman pleaded not guilty and claims that she was so drunk she couldn’t remember anything. Being a cop in Korea is not only a thankless job, but they also have to be taxi drivers and chaperones to drunk violent women. What is wrong with this picture?

    • vonskippy

      What is wrong with this picture? That Korea is too stupid to put a protective screen between the front and back of their police cars like every other civilized nation does?

  • guest

    While lesser news sites are leading with the boring story of half the government taking bribes its great to see you’ve follwed up the “woman crosses road” story with “man eats lunch”. Looking forward eagerly to the “adjoshi walks down the street without spitting or defecating in public” piece.

  • Perseus Wong

    Uh…is there some Korean cultural complex about eating “just” ramen? I eat Ramen all the time. Add an egg, throw in some spring onion and you have a very affordable and complete meal. And from the looks of the picture, he’s chowing on two jumbo size Ramen bowls.

  • daz

    Would everyone feel better if he was munching on a bento box?

  • hello123

    maybe he likes ramen. my friend works as a managing director at a bank and once i saw him eating ramen. i asked him why and he said “i like the taste, i’ts not like i eat it everyday”

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