Heavy Glass Door Falls on Two Visitors to Lotte World 2

Lotte World has been plagued with accidents and negative press over the past year. The construction of their 123 floor Lotte World Tower, caused alarm last year when residents began noticing sink holes around the area. Lotte World 2, a huge building that houses a mall, hotel, and theme park, has also been cited for safety concerns. In 2013, there were a series of accidents resulting in the death of construction workers, and the injury of passerby. Several months ago, a glass door became unhinged and fell on a visitor to the building. The same incident repeated itself recently, as a heavy door fell on two visitors to the building, who were injured and had to be taken to the hospital. This comes after the Seoul Government said earlier that it would close down the building if further incidents occurred. Video transcript below.

Video from YTN:

Lotteworld 2 Door Falls Again on Visitor’s Head…Exclusive Photo”


There has been another accident at Lotte World 2, the theme park which was plagued with safety issues last year.

Last night, the door at Lotteworld 2 fell on two pedestrians, injuring them.

Last December, a door fell and injured one person in the same place.

YTN has procured photos of the incident.

Our reporter is at the scene of the incident. Reporter Han Dong-Oh has more.

Let’s go to the scene of the incident, but first, tell us when the incident occurred.


The incident occurred last night around 10:30 PM.

A door at the Lotteworld 2 Jamshil Station Exit 11 fell on a pedestrian.

A man and woman in their 20’s opened the door, which then came unhinged and pinned them underneath.

The man and woman were rushed to the hospital, with injuries on their back, hand, and shoulders.

Examining the door, it stands at 3.5m, which is about two times the height of a person.

The door is enormous, at 3.5m tall, and about 50~80 cm wide.

When the door was opened, and the two visitors were walking through it, the door [fell and] pinned the two.

After the incident occurred, the two visitors called YTN, and denounced Lotteworld for its carelessness.

The night after the incident occurred, they asked if there was a medical room, but Lotteworld said the medical room was closed, so they had no choice but to call 119 themselves and be taken to the hospital.

Lotteworld has said that the accident occurred due to a defect in a German component that connected the door and the frame.

Let me say this again.

Last night, at 10:30 PM, a Lotteworld 2 door fell and injured two visitors.

Last December, a similar incident occurred at a Lotteworld branch close by.

It’s not the exact same branch.

The incident today occurred at gate 8 near a cafe, whereas last year, the incident happened at exit 11, in front of another gate.

You can see that there’s barely 100m between the sites of the two incidents.

In any case, it’s only been two months since the last incident in November, so there’s bound to be conflict again over the adequacy of Lotteworld’s safety precautions.

Comments from Naver:


The same way Sampoong went bankrupt after the Sampoong department store collapsed, it seems Lotte will go bankrupt when Lotteworld 2 collapses,..The company is originally corrupt, so it’s good if it’s ruined. But they should make sure people aren’t hurt or die.


What kind of person in their right mind goes there?


It’s embarrassing for Lotte to even be called a company, rather it’s just a cash-only street hawker who acts as a middleman…please disappear…


Don’t go to Lotteworld 2~~~~!!!


Please conduct a thorough safety check.


This is a message from heaven not to go to Lotteworld 2, so why are people still going there…If a big accident happens later on, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It would be better not to go anywhere near Lotteworld 2.


There are still people that go to Lotteworld 2…strong-hearted!


As I recall, they say if another accident occurs, they will close down Lotteworld 2.


I’m more curious about the mental stability of the people that go to Lotteworld 2.


Did they construct it with their feet? Even if their construction period was short, they can’t even install hinges properly.


I’m so scared, just going near Jamshil Station is scary too.


Wake up…in the past two months, there have been several accidents there…Sigh…do you want to save money that badly?

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