Heavy Glass Door Falls on Two Visitors to Lotte World 2

Lotte World has been plagued with accidents and negative press over the past year. The construction of their 123 floor Lotte World Tower, caused alarm last year when residents began noticing sink holes around the area. Lotte World 2, a huge building that houses a mall, hotel, and theme park, has also been cited for safety concerns. In 2013, there were a series of accidents resulting in the death of construction workers, and the injury of passerby. Several months ago, a glass door became unhinged and fell on a visitor to the building. The same incident repeated itself recently, as a heavy door fell on two visitors to the building, who were injured and had to be taken to the hospital. This comes after the Seoul Government said earlier that it would close down the building if further incidents occurred. Video transcript below.

Video from YTN:

Lotteworld 2 Door Falls Again on Visitor’s Head…Exclusive Photo”


There has been another accident at Lotte World 2, the theme park which was plagued with safety issues last year.

Last night, the door at Lotteworld 2 fell on two pedestrians, injuring them.

Last December, a door fell and injured one person in the same place.

YTN has procured photos of the incident.

Our reporter is at the scene of the incident. Reporter Han Dong-Oh has more.

Let’s go to the scene of the incident, but first, tell us when the incident occurred.


The incident occurred last night around 10:30 PM.

A door at the Lotteworld 2 Jamshil Station Exit 11 fell on a pedestrian.

A man and woman in their 20’s opened the door, which then came unhinged and pinned them underneath.

The man and woman were rushed to the hospital, with injuries on their back, hand, and shoulders.

Examining the door, it stands at 3.5m, which is about two times the height of a person.

The door is enormous, at 3.5m tall, and about 50~80 cm wide.

When the door was opened, and the two visitors were walking through it, the door [fell and] pinned the two.

After the incident occurred, the two visitors called YTN, and denounced Lotteworld for its carelessness.

The night after the incident occurred, they asked if there was a medical room, but Lotteworld said the medical room was closed, so they had no choice but to call 119 themselves and be taken to the hospital.

Lotteworld has said that the accident occurred due to a defect in a German component that connected the door and the frame.

Let me say this again.

Last night, at 10:30 PM, a Lotteworld 2 door fell and injured two visitors.

Last December, a similar incident occurred at a Lotteworld branch close by.

It’s not the exact same branch.

The incident today occurred at gate 8 near a cafe, whereas last year, the incident happened at exit 11, in front of another gate.

You can see that there’s barely 100m between the sites of the two incidents.

In any case, it’s only been two months since the last incident in November, so there’s bound to be conflict again over the adequacy of Lotteworld’s safety precautions.

Comments from Naver:


The same way Sampoong went bankrupt after the Sampoong department store collapsed, it seems Lotte will go bankrupt when Lotteworld 2 collapses,..The company is originally corrupt, so it’s good if it’s ruined. But they should make sure people aren’t hurt or die.


What kind of person in their right mind goes there?


It’s embarrassing for Lotte to even be called a company, rather it’s just a cash-only street hawker who acts as a middleman…please disappear…


Don’t go to Lotteworld 2~~~~!!!


Please conduct a thorough safety check.


This is a message from heaven not to go to Lotteworld 2, so why are people still going there…If a big accident happens later on, don’t say I didn’t warn you. It would be better not to go anywhere near Lotteworld 2.


There are still people that go to Lotteworld 2…strong-hearted!


As I recall, they say if another accident occurs, they will close down Lotteworld 2.


I’m more curious about the mental stability of the people that go to Lotteworld 2.


Did they construct it with their feet? Even if their construction period was short, they can’t even install hinges properly.


I’m so scared, just going near Jamshil Station is scary too.


Wake up…in the past two months, there have been several accidents there…Sigh…do you want to save money that badly?

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  • Small twon

    It happened one month ago… I dislike Lotte as much as next guy but ..why now ?

  • miss dillydally

    Is it really too much to go around and inspect the doors once in a while?

    • RegisterToPost

      Can’t be too careful about those shoddy German-made doors. In fact, pretty much all German engineering is shoddy. I had a ’91 VW Vanagon that constantly broke down. Never trust a German!

      • SMT

        Something is wrong with you huh? You’re gonna judge an entire country and it’s people just to prove that besides the obvious building issues ( which was by the way not built by Germans), the door hinges were indeed faulty? *shakes head**

  • bigmamat

    Is the building poorly designed, constructed or maintained or a little of each?

    • Chucky3176

      Nothing wrong with design or construction.
      People suspect its foundation is undermined by a nearby small lake which is leaking into the building’s foundation, causing it to shift (explains all the sinkholes appearing everywhere near the building, which could also mean all the buildings around that area are also in danger). There are charges that they took a chance and took shortcuts or cheap way out in constructing the foundation of the building, instead of doing it properly. Lotte denies that there is something wrong, saying their British hired inspectors found nothing that’s out of the ordinary. But many people don’t believe Lotte.

      From the get go, there were many who were against this building going up, who warned them about all the dangers. But greed over rid caution, as the owner of Lotte was determined to raise this building up. This was before Sewol disaster. I doubt anyone would have approved of this building after Sewol. I hope Lotte get what they deserve, and nobody visit this building. Let it be an empty white elephant, a reminder to Lotte how greed can sometimes bite back.

      • Mighty曹

        Didn’t they do any kind of geo study of the ground before deeming it fit for raising structures?

        • Chucky3176

          You would think. But when you want to do it with shortcut….

          I have to say the inside of the building is absolutely insane. It’s literally glittering with gold and imported artifacts… I’m talking literally here. They could have took some of that money and put it into properly doing the foundation, and we wouldn’t have this issue. It’s not like they were short of money. Lotte has operations all over S.Korea and Japan. They are multinational global entity, not some fly by night enterprise.

          • Mighty曹

            Chinese are notorious for cutting corners on shoddy construction. I’m just surprised this would be the case in Korea.
            Ultra-luxury mindedness are only concerned with appearance and not so much for safety.
            *I tried to Google the interior of the building but only the amusement park portion comes up.
            Yeah, I know how big Lotte is, that’s why I’m doubly surprised.

          • Chucky3176

            The amusement park is the old Lotte Mall. This is the new 100+ story tower with multi level shopping, entertainment, and business. The tower is also designed to disappear from view with special lighting. It’s a big problem when local airport complains that the tall building obstructs the view of aircrafts that are landing.

            As you can see from here, in the beginning of the clip, the top part is still under construction.

            This was right after the opening. Some of what you see here, are real gold and imported artwork from Europe worth millions.

            I don’t mean to bad mouth this shopping mall. It may very well be that there’s nothing wrong with the building, and everyone is just jumpy because what happened with Sewol ship sinking. But a lot of the workers in there are foreigners and there are many foreign tourists. If something happens to this building, it won’t be just Koreans who will get hurt.

          • bigmamat

            It’s beautiful and tacky at the same time. A cathedral to conspicuous consumption it seems. Much like Vegas is a shrine to debauchery of every kind. Oh well, I don’t blame Koreans for worshiping money. Americans aren’t much different and certainly they’ve modeled a lot of their current ideas after ours.

          • Mighty曹

            !!!!!! That’s so Dubai! So over the top. I guess that’s the ultimate symbol of capitalism to flaunt at the North.

          • Anon

            If anything happens, everyone’s a goner anyway. The fire escapes are self locking.

      • Dark Night

        Well for one I surely don’t want Lotte to get what they deserve because that would be there building collapsing on numerous citizens.

      • commander

        Given any errors in constructing such a massive complex tower could do irreparable damage, meticulous attention should be paid unsparingly to every detail when the project was set in motion.

        So, my question is: are a flurry of safety incidents and the discovery of sinkholes in the vincinity of the tower completely unexpected, leaving Lotte officials caught off guard?

        From your comment, I can tell you speculate that the Lotte may have bent some construction buildings, the result of which are appearing as safety incidents.

        I wonder whether Lotter is clearly aware that any excessuve cost-cutting methods would be backfire like penny wise and pound foolish when they think of long-term business prospect.

  • vonskippy

    Two people and they can’t dodge/fight off a falling door – poor little snowflakes.

    • Dark Night

      Read the article before posting remarks. Its an 11ft X 3ft door, and it fell off its hinges and pinned the people while they were entering the building. Also these doors are at least 3 inches thick and made pretty much all out of metal and reinforced glass.

      • Chucky3176

        They’re blaming it on imported German part in the door. But if they installed it improperly then that’s not the German company’s fault. Other problems include, sea aquarium display glass leaking water (but I understand this is routine problem with new installations it also and happened in UAE as well), cracks on the floor (Lotte explained it as that it’s not a real crack, it was purposely done as an artistic display), cracks on the ceilings (Lotte explained as the concrete walls settling in), cracks in the underground concrete parking ground (disputed by Lotte as usual cracks of concrete settling, but others charging that this is because the flooded foundation is shifting due to the water seepage from the nearby lake). The lake by the way, has water that’s losing water level, the question is where is all that water going?

        • vincent_t

          Oh my. Guess PR of Lotte just won the title of “Worse job of the year”

      • MikeinGyeonggi

        Pinned the people? They took a picture with it.

  • Mighty曹

    Isn’t Lotte conglomerate also in the insurance business? One would think they’d be more cautious with public safety.

    • Balkan

      Is there a business Lotte is not into?

      • Mighty曹

        Do they build ships, produce automobiles, manufacture weapons, and consumer products like Samsung?

        • Xman2014

          No. They are into retail stores, snacks, and construction. They are also not 100% Korean, as they have their headquarters in Japan and Korea. They are more like a hybrid Japanese-Korean multinational company that operate without borders.

          • Mighty曹

            I rest my case.

    • Xman2014

      This article says most of the ‘problems’ are routine minor problems for projects of this scale, that are considered usual elsewhere in the world. It’s just that the Korean public is becoming anti-big business and they’re paranoid about safety after the Sewol ship disaster.


      I think it’s just paranoia and fear, because of what happened in the recent past, in terms of safety. However, that’s perfectly understandable.

  • commander

    The building project for the 123 story skyscraper Lotte World Tower got approval during the Lee Myung-bak administration whose catchphrase for its governance is “business-friendly,” an odd insinuation given that this nation has built its prosperity on lavishing priviledges on big firms.

    Although the enterprise had been reportedly on the drawing board long before it was authorized, it wasn’t endorsed until the problem with the Air Force–the envisoned tower’s blockade of a flight trajectory of airforce planes was resolved by an abrupt change in the stance of the defense ministy, which had been persistently against the project, citing the peril of national securty.

    Apparently as an expression of the aspiration of the company’s owner to have a Lotter landmark in the heart of Seoul, and get closer to the Heaven for emblematic immortalization, the project, with the backing of business friendly government, kicked off, and took off its wraps in front to the public.

    But much to the chargrin of the project’s initiator, the tower has apparently cracks in its genesis, metaphorically and practically.

    Can those safety incidents be simply dismissed as a negligible, claiming that this kind of colossal project always entails some trivial problems?

    Or are those episodes an ominous sign of cracks that will keep opening, bringing out devastating effects on the Lotter empire?

  • korbag

    there is an overall lack of good craftsmanship here, that while understand able in the wake of rapid growth, is pretty hard to miss. these days construction/skilled labor type jobs are looked down in a lot of places, but i wonder is they ever held much esteem in korea. certainly in today’s environment here I don’t think that any of these workers would be looked at as other than a failure. Although there is a ton of good infrastructure here, this definitely shows through in building, streets, ect.

    • Chucky3176

      The construction industry is probably the most corrupt industry in South Korea. The severe competitive nature of the industry is so great that they have to bid on constructions for absolutely the lowest bid. So now with cost cutting measures in place to compensate for those low bids, they’ll do anything to cut costs down. This is ironic because South Korean construction companies practically built the Middle East and South East Asia, with their decades of sturdy reputation overseas markets, showing that if they put their minds to it, they can easily build quality constructions. But the construction companies operating in domestic market has failed the Korean consumers, when all they did was to build ugly things as cheaply as possible. The old saying “you get what you paid for” also applies here.

      • ParkJeongher

        No, the most corrupt industry in Korea is headquartered in that building with the roundish looking teal-green half globe on the top in Yeouido.

  • Bob

    I used to live pretty close to Jamsil and this whole Lotte Tower business is complete crap. They got approval from the government (RE: bribes) to MOVE AN AIRBASE RUNWAY just so they could build the damn thing. Building this monstrosity completely mucked up the traffic around Jamsil for months and months. The thing is ugly as hell and sort of looks like a huge penis (compensation for Lotte’s chairman?). There have been numerous structural and foundation problems. Plus, it’s STILL not done.

  • Anonymous

    So did anybody else got the bad luck of Friday the 13th?

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