Google’s Project Glass Concept Parodied in Korea

Google's Project Glass Concept Parodied in Korea

Lately, a humorous parody of the Google Glasses concept video has been doing the rounds on the Korean internet. Closely mirroring the original video, the sketch instead makes fun of the frustrations many Korean computer users have with the over-reliance on Active X which, in some cases, doesn’t display at all on Apple Macs (and can make having one in South Korea a bit of a nightmare sometimes!). The video also makes fun of the fact that pop-ups regularly feature as an annoyance on many videos and get in the way.

At the start of the video, the person wearing the “glasses” wakes up and puts on the glasses in much the same as in the original. He then tries to respond to a text message using voice-activated technology but needs three attempts and walks the streets running into Active X problems.

Of the two videos below, the first is the original video from Google, the second is the parody which has been online for a few days but has already attracted over 200,000 hits.

From YouTube:

From YouTube:

Google's Project Glass Concept Parodied in Korea

Google's Project Glass Concept Parodied in Korea

Google's Project Glass Concept Parodied in Korea

Google's Project Glass Concept Parodied in Korea

Comments from TodayHumor:


ke ke ke ke ke, Korean men cannot say a word without saying ‘ssh’…… ke


if it smells there ke ke ke ke ke


Adverts paradise ke ke


South Korea as Active X paradise. That trashy Active X… Yes they deservedly get shat on.


I like how it’s shitting on Active X but from an Android handset? ke ke ke


When he takes a picture, a pop-up advert ke ke ke


Why is Active X popping up? ke ke ke ke ke ke


That awkward exclamation like as if a Westerner, it’s making my limbs go boom…


Adverts ke ke ke, I’m sure there is no one who has not seen that advert


Very dead-on satire, dead-on humor, quite well-made ke ke ke ke ke ke


Huh, if you can take pictures directly by wearing glasses… that may cause a bit of problem..


If that gets popularized, there would be so many people on the street mumbling to themselves..-_-;

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  • Seoul less

    that would be awesome. just like those eye glasses those super saiyans used to wear in dragon ball ~

    • achan

      lol yah, that’s what i thought as well :p

      imagine real-time FB stalking tech…. probably coming soon (‘hey who’s that girl? -> take pix with Google Glasses -> tineye image search -> FB account -> Friend request’)

      i think i just hatched a creepy biz idea here….

    • James
  • Brett Sanbon

    Yea pretty funny. I have a Mac though so my wife gets angry because she cant use many of the sites she wants to.

    Seriously though, is there no law against bringing in human body parts into Korea? Why hasnt anyone been arrested over these pills? If the capsules were filled with heroine or meth and the carriers truthfully said they thought it was for “endurance” they wouldnt be lying either….. would they also not be arrested?

    • Brett Sanbon

      Sorry Mr. Choi to rain on your story, but seriously no one is being detained?

      • achan

        the fetus capsule thing?

        it is seriously outrageously gross, but unfortunately a bit of old story…… (i know… wtf)

        the ground reaction in South Korea seems rather muted. this has been a bit of underworld story everywhere, even in Europe and USA…. aborted fetuses have been used for cosmetics since 2007 or something……

        Apparently plenty of abortions + loose regulations on “medical trash” + demand for stem cell for beauty and health product ==> EWWWWW
        thankfully the US just tabled a bill as well………

        • Brett Sanbon

          I didnt know it was old, but I guess it was brought up because more capsules were just found being smuggled into Korea?… Stem cell skin cream and ground up fetus powder food supplements sounds insane to me.

          Cant China and Korea detain the smugglers until they give up from whom they bought them from?

          Idiots in this world who still believe in magic medicines like this should be lined up and shot.

          • Chucky3176

            The people who were caught bringing them in were the Joseonjok Chinese (ethnic Koreans in China who have been living in China for centuries, who consider themselves China as their mother country). The customers are also Joseonjoks living in Korea who believe in the practice which has long been in place in Chinese underground market. This was on an SBS TV documentary recently.

          • Dan

            Chucky: Not all Joseonjoks have lived in China for centuries. A significant number of them have only lived in China for 2 generations. If Joseonjoks are considered ONLY Chinese simply because they identify as Chinese despite their Korean blood, then does this mean that ethnic Koreans who were born and raised in America (and identify as American) should be considered ONLY American?

            I know plenty of Korean Americans who only identify as Americans and resent that Koreans are all too happy to embrace them as Koreans and not “real” Americans. It sounds like Joseonjoks used to be in that boat.

            Koreans are upset that Joseonjoks prefer a Chinese identity to that of a Korean identity–particularly when Korea is more developed than China right now. Koreans also sense a disconnect with Joseonjoks because Joseonjoks are poor (no suprise, since China is poor) and thus act in a “low-class” manner and work in “low-class” jobs.

            With Korean Americans, Koreans can at least rationalize it by telling themselves, “Well, America is more advanced than Korea, so we can’t really hate them for wanting to associate themselves with America more.” Plus Korean Americans don’t really draw the ire that Joseonjoks get, because Korean Americans tend to be middle-class and work in middle-class jobs.

            I sense a double standard in your posts Chucky. You, like many Koreans, want to distance yourself from the “bad” and bring yourself closer to the “good.” This is why Koreans try so hard to distance themselves from Joseonjoks, even when it makes no logical sense given their embrace of Korean Americans.

          • chucky3176

            Dan, most Joseonjoks say they are “Chinese”, and all I’m going by, is what they call themselves to be. It’s obvious that culturally they are also close to China, as they have picked up many of their cultural habits. As for your claim that many are only second generation.. I don’t think so. Significant number of them are 3 generations. There are serious questions as to how many of them are really ethnic Koreans, especially since it’s so easy and so popular to claim ethnic minority status in China to get PRC government benefits for ethnic minorities (like being able to have more than one children and so on).

          • chucky3176

            Research paper which examined the census and polls found that 92 percent of ethnic Koreans living in Yanbian, China, consider themselves Chinese, not Korean.


            What’s left of Koreans in China, like the numerous number of ethnic minorities that used to dot China, they are all being absorbed and have been absorbed. I’m sure they will get offended if you tell them they are Koreans.

        • Chucky3176

          The reaction in South Korea is not “muted”. What gives you that ideal?
          Everyone thinks it’s groce. The local press are also reporting that the capsules have so far found to contain 8 different deadly viruses and super bacterias that will make antibiotics or other disease fighting drugs useless. This is a serious WTH moment. But nothing surprises anymore about anything that comes out of China.

          • achan

            come come now, chucky-san. I do admire your valiant effort to prop up Koreans, which I do appreciate, but let blames and faults lie where they are properly due. Otherwise, people never learn, right?

            I would very much like to believe you – but knowing a thing or two about the infamous Boshin culture in Korea, I am sure it’s not just Korean-Chinese folks that are looking for this miracle cure.

            Incredibly high rate of abortion + very loose regulations on “medical trash” + weird ideas about stem cell as cure for aging ==> insane medical procedure for azumma and azushi.

            this has been uncovered a number of times already, I remember as far back as 2007, if not earlier. Joseonjoks probably do play a role as carriers and consumers, but there’s local demands as well. I am slightly surprised that they are going through the trouble of importing it from China – probably cuz it’s cheaper there.

            But let’s talk about this Google Glasses. It looks properly cool….

          • Chucky3176

            You come on achan. The news clearly stated the smugglers where Joseonjoks from China, meant for other Chinese people in Korea. The disgusting things were made in China. And this is one of the positive effects of multiculturalism.


          • acorn


            줄기세포이식 성형(얼굴) 추천병원,해 보신분들 꼭 추천부탁드려요… 2009-12-26 14:10

            illegal cosmetic clinics search engine, lol… another good idea….. ok bad joke

          • Brett Sanbon

            Chucky, 1 thing I hate about you is that you always assume the news is always 100% right. Seriously, you dont think the news has an agenda? You dont think sometimes they stop investigating when they get an answer that will lead to controversy? You dont think they sometimes purposefully leave out information? You dont think there is even 1 native Korean taking those pills?

          • chucky3176

            Brett, nobody has ever heard of this until the Joseonjoks started immigrating in mass. There were rumors started going around the Joseonjok communities last year. I thought they were just rumors, but it turns out it’s true. The Joseonjok people who were caught with them probably didn’t know what the ingredients were, other then that they’re some kind of wonder pills that magically cures all disease. You can’t really say they were smuggling them. They testified to the immigration that they weren’t going to sell them, they were just going to give them out to their friends and family. The quantity being brought in, weren’t great to think that they were going to sell them. Unless you guys can come up with non-circumstantial evidences, you can’t prove there’s a big market where human babies are killed and eaten in South Korea. And no, Koreans indiscriminately aborting babies is not a proof that they are being turned into pills.

          • chucky3176

            acorn, do you even know what 줄기세포 is?

            Umbilical cord in medicine is a perfectly acceptable medical field in science, and there’s some serious research going on with this, around the world.

            It has nothing to do with eating baby pills. Umbilical cords don’t involve dead babies, but they do offer tons of potential in cures and genetic research. Why not? Instead of throwing them away like waste, use them for good.

          • chucky3176

            Oops.. I accidentally got mixed up stem cells with umbilical cords.

            My bad.

          • Brett Sanbon

            I guarantee those pills carry a huge black market value considering they are filled with dead baby powder and I seriously doubt these pills are not intended for sale. I read all that in the news and it is too simple of a story for me to believe.

            Chucky try asking questions. Try doubting authority and challenging the media. Its the only way you will learn something worthwhile as opposed to regurgitating other people’s work.

          • Dan

            Chucky, you can defend Koreans without having to bash the Japanese or the Chinese (or “foreigners” in general) all the time. Koreans have their faults. Not all Koreans are the same. Obviously there is a subset of people in Korea (and not just the Joseonjoks) who think eating fetus powder supplements is OK. The vast majority of Koreans might be grossed out, but they do not speak for the small backwards minority of Koreans who still buy into these supplements.

            Obviously, it’s also a small minority of Chinese (and not the majority of Chinese) who think that creating these fetus powder supplements is OK. Otherwise, why would these factories/distribution lines be driven underground?

            As much as you would like to chalk this up to “Koreans good, Chinese bad,” that’s simply not convincing. At the end of the day, no matter how much a country “develops,” you will still get pockets of people clinging on to non-mainstream ideas.

          • bigwin80

            The medicine was made in China by Chinese people and smuggled into Korea ILLEGALLY to be sold to Chinese people living in Korea.

          • bigwin80

            One thing that really pisses me off is the fact that according to some estimates, half of the Joseonjok in the country don’t even have Korean ancestry. In other words, they are frauds. Its pitifully easy to enter Korea by forging your ancestry or stealing someone elses identity.

          • chucky3176

            “I guarantee those pills carry a huge black market value considering they are filled with dead baby powder”

            Brett, you’re seriously disturbed if you think that after all the big news in Korea about how the pills are laced with deadly germs, is anyone going to buy those pills which aren’t even labeled. I’m sorry, but you have not given me one single proof that there’s a “huge market”.

            Your false assertions are based on stereotypes of Koreans, nothing more and nothing less.

          • Brett Sanbon

            Chucky its responses like that when I want to come back with ad hominem because it seems like you didnt even read what I wrote. I have to remind myself that English, although you write very well, isnt your first language.

            Black Market means “illegal trade”. So we can rephrase what I wrote to say “huge illegal trade value”.

            The report came out 2 days ago, whereas these pills have been smuggled in for some time. However, I am disturbed?

            In a place with almost 50 million people, you still dont think even 1 Korean person is providing the demand for the supply? Really?

            I am not stereotyping anyone. I am making assumptions based on statistical chance.

            Also, nowhere did anyone say that abortions are proof enough to say Koreans are eationg baby powder pills…. Why do you feel the need to preemptively defend Korea, anticipating specific attacks?

      • achan

        not to let Koreans off the hook so easily…. but this is really gross

        • Chucky3176
          • Dan

            Again, this doesn’t say anything about whether the majority of Chinese, themselves, condone this behavior. Is it just a minority of backwards, unscrupulous people who are able to get away with this behavior because of a lack of enforcement of the law?

            Russia has a persistent string of cases involving cannibalism. Does that mean that cannibalism is acceptable in Russia if I post a few links from a biased reporting agency claiming it to be so?

            Trying to dehumanize whole groups of people for the actions of a few is really stupid. It’s this kind of stupidity that leads to war atrocities and the like. Chucky, I really hope you can change your approach.

          • acorn

            yeah let’s turn chucky around – that will be my cause on KB from now on :D

          • chucky3176

            Dan, I didn’t say this was condoned by majority of Chinese. But it’s obvious there’s enough demand in China that Chinese pharmaceutical companies are collaborating with abortion clinics. The Joseonjoks are just unsuspecting mules, thinking they are miracle cures. But in truth, the Chinese who are selling the pills are pushing them as sexual enhancement pills. The pills are being found in suitcases of Chinese tourists and Joseonjok immigrants.

            Read the Wall Street Journal article. Brett, are these lies too?


          • James

            Chucky your arguments are unsophisticated and sound like nothing more than the ramblings of an angry nationalist. You don’t do yourself any favours by being so black and white like this.

            One of the great things that both koreaBANG and chinaSMACK does by translating netizen comments is show that, in translation, netizens everywhere have the same tendency to display misguided, irrational and prejudiced sentiment.

            In a sense, by doing the same thing, you’re helping us prove the point that, really, we’re all the same. Everywhere has its idiots, everywhere has its saints.

            As a wise Chinese man once said: “什么国家都有傻逼”.

            You write well and you’re clearly passionate about all these topics. But your constant unwillingness to be impartial or balanced is, frankly, tiring.

          • chucky3176

            I don’t pretend to be impartial or balanced, nor have I claimed to be so. But you will notice, I don’t interject in every Korean topic here that looks bad on Korea, to defend South Korea. I only interject on the ones which I feel disagreement with the overall tone of everyone’s opinion.

          • Kai

            There’s a lot of hearsay and misinformation involved in the reporting of the “baby fetus capsules” and very little actual information. What is likely is that the pills contain dried and ground up human placenta, not dead babies or dead fetuses. It has nothing to do with the Chinese abortion industry or pharmaceutical industry.

            Placenta is known to be used in some traditional Chinese medicine and for many of the effects mentioned in relation to this story like sexual impotence. Of course, its not very common and even the average TCM user or advocate doesn’t typically know about it much less use it. As with a lot of TCM, the efficacy of such concoctions is easily debatable.

            It isn’t difficult to determine if the ground up powder contains human remains. It’s incredibly difficult to determine that they are from babies and specifically dead babies or aborted fetuses. This is forensic science, guys. Human placenta is also human flesh and thus would definitely test to be human remains but taking such adulterated grains and being able to conclusively determine something as specific as age of victim (fetus, baby, child, adult, etc.) and is not currently possible with today’s technology.

            So they’re probably pills mixed with placenta and somewhere along the line, something that clearly has something to do with babies like a placenta became known as baby flesh. Think of it is a game of telephone, with people who are probably not the most educated when it comes to physiology and medicine. The sad thing is that so many legit news agencies and journalists are reporting this story based upon other faulty reporting without actually doing any research or using any critical thinking skills.

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