Park, Abe: “Let Bygones be Bygones” on Anniversary of Ties

Article from Edaily: [June 22, 2015]

Park: “Let Bygones be Bygones”, Abe: “Let’s Begin a New Era Together”

In a statement on June 22nd, President Park Geun-hye said, “It’s important that we put the heavy burdens of our past to rest with an attitude of reconciliation and mutual collaboration.” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe responded with a statement on the same day, saying, “Let’s look back at the development of positive relations over the past 50 years as a prediction of the next 50 years and step forth into this new era together.”

President Park and Prime Minister Abe each attended events hosted by the embassies of the their respective nations at the Seoul Westin Chosun Hotel and the Tokyo Sheraton Miyako Hotel, respectively, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries, and express their intent to further develop their relationship.

President Park stressed that, “It is our responsibility to future generations that we make this year, the 50th anniversary of normalization of diplomatic relations, a turning point towards a future of new collaboration. Our governments must combine the hearts of both nations into one and work together on those issues requiring attention.’

Prime Minister Abe concurred, stating that, “Stronger collaboration between Korea and Japan, as well as between Korea, the United States, and Japan, is crucial for the peace and stability of the Asia-Pacific region. Korea and Japan are the most important neighboring countries. Responding jointly to regional and world issues and collaborating internationally will lead to the fortification of our new relationship.”

President Abe was the first to declare his intent to attend the embassy event on June 21, causing Park to respond at light speed. Analysts claim that if Abe were to unilaterally commemorate the day, Korea could be branded domestically and abroad as disinterested in the development of Japan-Korea relations. Those in the diplomatic realm predict that there is a good chance of a Japan-Korea summit unfolding within the year as a result.

However, many predict that without top-level discussion of the ongoing comfort women issue or a mention by Abe of past offenses at the 70th anniversary of National Liberation Day, organizing a Japan-Korea summit or even a Japan-China-Korea summit may be difficult.

Fukushiro Nukaga, Head of the Japan-Korea Parliamentarians’ Union, was granted audience at the Blue House by President Park on June 22, where he pressed that “Through trust-building diplomacy, I hope that we can heal the wounds of the past and give new energy to our relationship. In his remarks for the upcoming National Liberation Day, I look forward to Prime Minister Abe continuing the tradition of recognizing history that previous Japanese cabinets have held fast to since 1965 so that we can progress towards resolution and cooperation.”

Comments from Naver:


With whose permission do you let the past go? Our president is a lowly traitor. Is she a president or a chicken? So she’s gonna just kill our country with her lack of responsibility and her big mouth, huh


What’s up with that speech, trying to smooth everything over without a proper apology???


She’s running a dictatorship, just like her father


Madame President, you’ve gone too far.


for goodness sake…


Is this your country? You’re just gonna fuck everything up, huh


What on earth is she saying? Has she completely lost her senses?


Fixing the economy is important, but not with this kind of degrading diplomacy… and honestly you haven’t done much good for the economy. This is an embarrassing and humiliating day. Are you not at all sorry towards the victims of Japanese rule? Did your family eat well back then by sympathizing with the Japanese? You don’t have the right to make a resolution with Japan.


Not an apology but a resolution?


The really fascinating thing is that the person who first normalized relations with Japan despite public protest was her father President Park Jung-hee…


Do you not have any pride damn seriously


You really shouldn’t speak so carelessly, I beg you


Park can’t do anything right at home, how could we expect her to do a good job abroad? Ugh


Are we really going to be so subservient? “Let bygones be bygones”? This is too much…


Is this a joke??? This situation is serious, damn

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