Former PM Nominee Wants S. Korea To Acquire Nuclear Technology

Article from Daum:

Former Prime Minister appointee Moon Chang-geuk was forced to withdraw his nomination on June 14th amid scathing public criticism after he said in a church lecture that the colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula by Japan was God’s will. President Park Geun-hye made his appointment on June 4th after the Prime Minister offered to resign over the the government’s lax response to the Sewol ferry incident, which resulted in more than 300 lives lost and several still missing.

Former Premier Nominee Said, “South Korea should Possess Nuclear Arms Technology.”

He claimed, “The issue of whether to pursue the reunification of two Koreas needs to be put to a referendum, bearing in mind the possible conflicts within South Korea.”

Moon Chang-geuk, a former prime minister appointee, said in Washington on Oct. 20th (local time), “Though South Korea needs to adhere to its international pledge not to possess any nuclear weapons, it should not renounce the attempts to seek the acquisition of technology to produce nuclear arms.

The former journalist made his remarks when he attended a seminar titled “President Park Geun-hye’s Case for Reunification and South Korea-United States Relations.” He added, “North Korea won’t relinquish its nuclear arms, and South Korea is placed just under Pyongyang’s nuclear paws.” The seminar was hosted by Washington-based thinktank Korea Economic Institute (KEI).

The former journalist, Moon Chang-geuk was tapped for prime minister by President Park Geun-hye.

The former journalist, Moon Chang-geuk was tapped for prime minister by President Park Geun-hye on June 10th, 2014. But the nominee was known to have said in a 2011 church lecture something to the effect that Japan’s colonial rule of the Korean Peninsula was the will of God–a comment that drew extensive public criticism and resulted in the withdrawal of his nomination 14 days after Park made the appointment.

North Korea will not be able to pose nuclear threats to us if we are capable of making nuclear arms in a matter of several months in the event of an emergency situation, as Japan now can,” He added, “South Korea should become a “technological nuclear power.”

“In pushing for reunification, the government needs to put it to a national vote. To capture an opportune moment for the reunification of two Korean, they should keep in mind the need to avoid any South-South discord in the nation,” Mr. Moon noted.

The divided Korean Peninsula is a destabilizing factor for South Korea, China and Japann, while a reunified Korea will make it possible for us to overcome limitations imposed by geopolitical economic dynamics in the region and establish peace among the three neighboring countries,” He added.

Comments from Daum:


Even though the man who lost public trust says something right, it sounds like bullshit after all.


Doesn’t his claim that the nation should become technically capable of developing nuclear arms sound right?


He goes before the god you like, and spits out your nuclear claim.


He should have said so before.


His remark is a rarity. He would have become prime minister without a hitch if he had made his remark before.


Pro-Japanese guy makes his comeback. He seems like he’s begging for a penny. [The commentator appears to see his remarks as a bid for renomination to the prime minister.]


I think Mr. Moon souds insensible. He claims South Korea needs to possess the technology to develop nuclear arms in several months time in the event of an emergency. His claim is only feasible in a fairytale. First, if there is ever a war on the Korean Peninsula, we will all be dead shortly, and it won’t take months for it to happen. And, how we could make nuclear weapons on this small territory?


This is the idea he has come up with after several months of racking his head? Hey, Octopus head, you first need to show whether this idea is from God or him.


Now this guy seems to crawl into the world again.

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  • takasar1

    let’s put things this way, if the two most powerful countries in the world don’t want south korea to possess nukes, then south korea, most likely, will not. this ‘technological nuclear power’ bullsh*t is quite useless and unnecessary, seeing as if the north ever was to attack, it would likely do it with conventional warheads. why go nuclear when your target is a few hundred miles away?? nukes are simply the pig dynasty’s way of barging in onto the negotiating table, at this rate, they likely won’t even be able to develop a missile before 2030. even if they did attack with nukes, what do you think ‘the ability to rapidly develop nuclear weapons in a matter of months’ would amount too? wouldn’t seoul already be a burning pile of rubble by then?

    • commander

      First of all I am not in favor of Mr. Moon’s case for acquisition of nuclear technology.

      But if I play the devil’s advocate, what he tried to say is that if South Korea is nuclear capable in technology, it could pressure North Korea to abandon its nuclear program. If the North made a refusal, then South Korea could threaten to use its nuclear technology to develop nuclear weapons in a deterrence against North Korea.

      Even if North Korea fire nuclear and chemical missiles from about 600 mobile launchers it has, those missiles would land in any targeted region of the South in a matter of few minutes. In that case, South Korea could fire its missiles to the North in an act of mutual extermination by pressing press buttons on remotes right after detecting the firing by the North.

      All this worst case scenario would push the North Korea to come to the negotiating table for disarmament.

      Well, I have no idea this scenario is in Mr. Moon’s mind when he made the statement.

      Another possibility is that if South Korea has nuclear technology in possession, it could use it as a bargaining chip against China, demanding China should be more active in dissuading the North to walk on a denuclearization path. If China were reluctant to take up that demand, then South Korea could declare it would the start of the development of nuclear weapons in self defense amid growing nuclear threat from the North.

      Well, I don’t know this idea is what he had in mind when he made the remark.

      The final possibility is to view his comment as just a publicity stunt to repair his tarnished image and use nationalism to get himself into premiership again.

      His bold statement is a reminder of former President Park Chung-hee, the father of the sitting President Park Geun-hye because Mr. Park sought unsuccessfully to develop nuclear weapons when US-Sino detente made him think that the United States may not be available as an ally in deterring North Korea aggression.

      His suspicion was reinforced when former US President Jimmy Carter withdrew some of the US troops stationed in South Korea.

      This notion may not be his idea behind his comment.

      After all, he remains a mystery.

      • takasar1

        1) you make the mistake of thinking this is a contest between two rational actors where MAD is a viable detterent which leads to good behaviour on all sides. you forget a) the north is simply one family that prioritizes its own survival over that of the millions of peasants they command, a factor that can simply lead to them ‘hiding’ themselves in underground bunkers when attacked. a factor that is common knowledge in the south, where policy analysts are aware that they are pitted against a family controlling a powerbase and therefore are willing to take much more damage in return. the north koreans are aware that their nuclear arsenal will take time to be operational, even then, they can kill far more opponents by urtilising conventional warheads, a form of attack which south korea cannot respond to via a nuclear assault (unless they want to provoke international condemnation). under such a scenario, nuclear weapons are ineffective because they do not solve this problem, yet provide an incentive/excuse for other nations; japan, indonesia, singapore etc, to develop their own. besides, does anyone honestly believe that simply possessing ‘nuclear technology’ will not lead to nuclear weapons in the long run? simply put, ‘nuclear technology’ is not a detterent because it takes time to translate into missiles. such a move, however, would simply pour gasoline onto the fire, it would be seen as an escalatory manouever and the north would respond likewise. not de-escalate.

        2) as for china, the south is no military threat to china. in fact, the only reason it appears on the radar is because of 28000 US troops garrisoned there. nukes would simply anger them, like they would the americans and russians, not provide them with a reason to curtail north korean ambitions. what can south korea do with the weapons? bomb shanghai? maybe such thoughts would appear on the minds of the ccp if they saw south korea as a potential threat. but they don’t. they already have nuclear powered neighbors on their doorsteps. yet another, wouldnt exactly matter too much i’d imagine.

        i don’t care about carter or chung-hee……….

  • Small twon

    Guy finally lost it. I knew he is mad christian,princess knew it (bit late usual) everyone knew it but nobody knew how seriously mad he is. I have to admit he got shiny cast iron ball up and down (mad or not) but that doesn’t change he is insane.


    • seno

      u r from hiroshima?

      • Guest1

        nope, he is from a society called humanity.

      • Boris

        I don’t think he is Japanese at all.

    • sgthappyg

      “Ideals are peaceful. History is violent.” Korea enjoys peace because there are those ready to do violence on Korea’s behalf and that includes using nuclear weapons. 28,000 American soldiers stationed in Korea also ensures this countries safety.

  • KCdude

    Let’s put it this way in one sentence: if there would ever become a nuclear attack in Seoul, then half of Pyongyang’s population would die instantly and the North Korean city of Kaesong would become a ghost town.

    This is why I should never trust a South Korean because we get to see a lot of people like the former Premier Nominee, Moon Chang-geuk, everywhere in South Korea.

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