Korea’s “Eagle-Eye” Buses Put An End to Illegal Parking

eagle-eye bus korea

Eagle Eye City Buses Solution to Illegal Parking

Article from MBC


City buses outfitted with cameras have been dubbed “Eagle Eyes”. These buses are meant to solve the problem of illegal parking.

Choi Ji-ho, reporting.


The cameras attached to these city buses capture images of cars parked on the side of the road.

A few minutes later, the same car is filmed again by another bus running on the same route.


If the same illegally parked or idling vehicle is captured on camera twice in 5 minutes, the vehicles information is automatically sent [to the police] and [the car’s owner] is subsequently fined.

Back in 2012, Ulsan started this campaign with only 6 buses, but now has expanded its force to 15 buses outfitted with high-tech cameras.

Capturing an average of 80 vehicles a day, the [amount of illegally parked vehicles] has decreased around 20% , and [buses are able] to travel through their routes more quickly.

Kim Hae-kwon, head of Ulsan transportation policy, “The average speed of our buses has increased 30% since before doing surveillance, now averaging 35 kph. As this helps public transit to improve, we expect use of public transit to increase.”

Ulsan is not the only city to utilize top-mounted surveillance cameras on its buses. 7 cities are currently using them, including Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon.

The effect of saving manpower and government funds for surveillance is while also creating conditions for better traffic flow has caused other local governments to rush to [get their own bus rooftop surveillance cameras,] too

Comments from Naver:


Put one up on the National Assembly, it will be the eyes of the people.


Seems alright. It can help them catch illegally parked cars, while also functioning as a black box… and make it so the drivers can’t drive like maniacs…


Now THIS is how you use tax funds!!!!


Good! Get more of these buses. Catch all of those piece of trash parking illegally!


The taxis at bus stops … are so annoying!!!


This idea is great. Put those cameras on every bus and let’s get all of those illegally parked cars. I really welcome this use of our tax money! It not only helps to prevent illegal parking to a certain degree, but it also helps prevent traffic jams..


Catch all of those kids who park on curved roads…


Bus drivers, when you stop at the bus stop, don’t block the car behind you – just please go all the way into the bus stop!


But mostly it’s the buses that are always breaking traffic laws keke


Why aren’t the buses being watched? They’re the most dangerous since they are always flying down the road. Really, how many times have I almost gotten into an accident because of some bus driver driving like a maniac, changing lanes too fast, going through red lights..


Everyone.. Let’s start using [our cars’] black boxes to report bus traffic violations.


When city buses zig-zag through cars, who would catch them?


Reduce the number of surveillance cars for the district office and put the cameras on buses instead… the original surveillance cars were a good example of wasted tax money… those Hyundai Santa Fe, Sorrento, Starex vans used for surveillance cost around mid 20 to 30 million won, right? Use a Damas … or a Kia Morning


Buses aren’t anything special though. Buses force their way into other lanes and make regular drivers frustrated. I guess it’s something we can’t help.


Buses then should drive properly. Stop driving like maniacs.


This seems good, but shouldn’t we start with telling bus drivers to obey traffic lights?


The buses will have to start [following the laws] first. Even if they’re behind schedule, it’s still not okay to use their hazard lights, move into a lane really fast, go through red lights… whenever I see a stupid thoughtless driver like this, I get so fed up.


Eagle-eye city buses going through red lights…


Bus drivers should also drive properly.


Illegally parked cars are a problem but buses and taxis are scary! I don’t know why they drive so crazy. I understand the need to stick to bus schedules but let’s think of the safety of bus riders first and foremost.

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