10,000 Korean Children Born to Filipina Prostitutes

A campaign to help Korean-Filipinos find the Korean fathers who abandoned them in the Philippines has grabbed headlines and led to condemnation online. Kopinos, the term for Korean-Filipinos whose mothers are often prostitutes and whose father is a visiting Korean, now number 10,000 in the Philippines. Adding to the furor, coverage about Kopinos has revealed how Koreans have become known for pursuing child prostitutes in the Philippines.

Netizens roundly condemned the behavior of men who look for child prostitutes and abandon their children in the Philippines. Castration and public execution were popular answers to the issue.

The Kopino phenomenon bears similarity to the Japino community in the Philippines, as well as Amerasians, the offspring of American soldiers and Korean mothers.

Article from No Cut News:

Korean men seek prostitutes in the Philippines ‘Looking for an 11-year-old, will not use contraception’

[Interviewer] ‘South Korean men continue to seek out child prostitutes in Southeast Asia,’ these are the words of a United States State Department report. Embarrassing, no? I wish it weren’t true, but it has come out that there are a significant number of children living in the Philippines right now who were born of prostitution between Korean men and Filipina prostitutes. These children are called Korean-Filipino, or Kopino for short. We are becoming aware of a new movement among Kopinos to find their fathers in South Korea. We are speaking today with Lee Hyeon Sook, a spokesperson for Tacteen Tomorrow, a civic group working with this issue.

So, the children of Korean men and Filipina women are now looking for their fathers, how did this happen?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Our organization had been contacted repeatedly by an international group called Eta Philippines. They were saying that the Kopino problem had become very serious and asked us to come to the Philippines to report on the situation. So we went and saw that the situation is indeed serious. It looked like no one was working on this problem, so we decided to kind of ring an alarm bell and try to get Koreans to take responsibility. We thought that we could at least help these children find their parents, so we started to help them in their search.

[Interviewer]About how many children would you say there are who were born from Korean men and Filipina prostitutes?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] There is no exact figure, but typically the number of children is estimated to be about 10,000.

[Interviewer] Is there a particular kind of man who would do such an act: father a child, then leave without taking any responsibility?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] There is a wide variety in the kind of men who do this. The most common situation is where the man went to the Philippines for tourism, slept with a prostitute, and then fathered the child. Another common scenario is where the men visit the Philippines on business, have a woman there as a kind of mistress, then father a child with her. Unfortunately, there are also situations where Koreans studying abroad in the Philippines have a relationship that leads to a child.

"Husband, don't forget your children."

“Husband, don’t forget your children.”

[Interviewer] They were studying abroad there?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes. They meet a girl and begin what seems like a romantic relationship, but it can be unclear if it is prostitution or dating. Anyway, they have a relationship, father a child, and then either leave knowing they are abandoning the child or leave without ever knowing the woman was pregnant.

[Interviewer] Whether they were ignorant and just left or knowingly abandoned the children, in any case, now there are 10,000 children from these kind of relationships. You mentioned that there were many cases where the men went to the Philippines as tourists.

[Lee Hyeon Sook] There are many men who go on golf trips or package tours and then end up visiting prostitutes.

[Interviewer] Do you mean that prostitution can be part of the golf package tour?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes, it seems that men hear about these tours through the internet or word of mouth and then find the girls through their guides once they arrive in the country.

[Interviewer] So for them it’s golf during the day and then prostitutes at night?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] That can be the case, there are also situations where the men bring the women along as escorts during the day, visiting Korean restaurants and shopping malls. I have even been hearing that there are so many of these couples in Korean restaurants that Koreans who live permanently in the Philippines avoid bringing their children to such places during the day.

[Interviewer] You’re saying it’s too obvious during the day?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes, parents of children stay away from the restaurants since you can often see men bringing in two or three girls at a time and buying meals for them.

[Interviewer] Girls you say? How young are they?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Girls around the age of 15 or 16.

[Interviewer] So you are saying that the Korean men look in particular for young girls among the prostitutes in the Philippines?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes, that’s correct.

[Interviewer] So there is evidence of that now, hmm. But then how did it happen that they are fathering children there?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] They don’t really use contraception there. That was the situation when I visited the Philippines for a report about six years ago. I hear that the same situation exists today and the Korean men prefer not to use contraception.

[Interviewer] Do they demand that the prostitutes do that?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes, so these days when advocates for Kopinos come and talk to me, they say that it may be hard to tell Korean men to stop visiting prostitutes in the Philippines, but please if you could educate them before they arrive that they should use contraception.

[Interviewer] Who was the youngest prostitute you have seen in the Philippines?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Among the prostitutes I have met, the youngest was 11.

[Interviewer] 11? That makes her the same age as a student in the fifth grade, 11?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes, she was about the age of sixth grade, maybe 12 years old. And what really shocked us was that she said she didn’t use contraception. But the situation is such that most prostitutes get health problems after working for some time, so customers seek out younger girls with little sexual experience also as a way to have safer sex.

[Interviewer] Otherwise they might have sexually transmitted diseases, you mean?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes, that would be the reason.

[Interviewer] So they would ask for a younger girl.

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Or they may also offer more money for a woman with less sexual experience. There was one time when we met with a female victim who had been recommended by one of her friends to a Korean man. The man ended up not paying her the originally agreed amount. Later, when I visited this woman, she said that she had negative feelings about all Koreans and didn’t want to meet with me, saying she hated Koreans.

[Interviewer] And the Philippines is a Catholic country, so that it strictly forbids abortions. That must also be a reason why there are more and more Kopinos.

"He said he would pay for the abortion if I wanted it. He also said that he didn't want there to be any problems in the future."

“He said he would pay for the abortion if I wanted it. He also said that he didn’t want there to be any problems in the future.”

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes.

[Interviewer] So then these children are victims, suffering through no fault of their own. How do most of them live?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Most of the children who are involved in prostitution live in slums. When we went to visit the Kopinos, we saw that they were living in very difficult situations, where all of their sisters were also involved in prostitution. The father would work as a cleaner in the brothel where his daughters also worked, there were many people like that who lived and worked near nightclubs.

When these girls became pregnant, it was not possible for them to continue working as prostitutes. Their children, born into a world where it was normal, would also grow up to be prostitutes.

[Interviewer] Is there anything we can do to stop this problem? There must be something we can do here in South Korea. Telling men, well not all men, just the small fraction who do these things…

[Lee Hyeon Sook] It is important to keep in mind that our country is unusual in that it is an exporter of prostitutes, transit country for trafficking in women, and a destination for trafficked women, it’s a very complicated situation. Most countries that are destinations for trafficked women, which are typically developed countries, will send members of their police force to the country of origin to investigate the source and then give any relevant information to the local authorities for prosecution.

There is also a movement to coordinate investigations of these crimes through international organizations such as Interpol. Of course, it is up to the Philippine government to take the first steps in this process.

[Interviewer] But we also should do something.

[Lee Hyeon Sook] We should add our voice as well. We also need to make some serious changes in our culture’s view of this issue.

[Interviewer] So you are saying that you began to help Kopinos find their Korean fathers as a kind of wake up call to the nation. But when it comes to men who commit such an act and then abandon the mother, are you able to ever find them?

[Lee Hyeon Sook] It’s very difficult. There are some Filipina women who register their marriage officially, but the process of registration in the Philippines is very different from here. But when a woman has an idea of where the father is, we use the services of a law firm to start looking them up.

[Interviewer] So they might have a picture of the man or some idea of what company they were working for when they came to the Philippines.

[Lee Hyeon Sook] Yes, there are cases like that.

[Interviewer] I hope they are able to find some of the fathers.

[Lee Hyeon Sook] They’ve got to.

[Interviewer] During our broadcast, we’ve received many messages (from our audience) that say it’s very shameful. Even as we have been conducting this interview I have felt my face flush with embarrassment.

[Lee Hyeon Sook] And what hurts me the most is the knowledge that these kind of abandonments go on in our own country as well. This is a problem with our culture that we need to change.

[Interviewer] Good luck with your work. That brings us to the end of our interview.

Comments from Daum:


These men are absolute garbage, they are bringing shame to our country


absolutely disgusted


oh, how embarrassing


12 years old? And they don’t use contraceptives? Put the names and faces of these saekki on buses and in subway stations. It would be a public service to let us point out these perverts


What is Yoon Chang-jung up to these days? Remembering his good times in America with a trip to the Philippines?


They are worried about STDs and don’t like use contraception so they use children??? what insanity. This country is just crazy when it comes to sex, I really hate it.


these bastards..the only way they are going to come to their senses is if a gang in the Philippines kidnaps them and sells their organs


As a Korean man, I believe that we should publicly execute these filthy bastards


just thinking about those beasts in human form returning to Korea and then pretending to be loyal to their families…


we should cut their dicks off


they may think that they can simply put the tears behind them and live in peace, but heaven remembers everything…


You have to go overseas to spread your seed? absolute filth

사노라면 언젠가는:

Kopinos must be inheriting the bloodline of the New Frontier Party, what an embarrassing situation


looks like the spirit of those who collaborated with Japan is still alive within our people


11-year-old girls…the mens’ brains must be located below their waistlines


there are a lot of men in my neighborhood who go on golf vacations in southeast Asia. Their wives should start being suspicious


When I went to the Philippines for my honeymoon I saw a lot of middle aged Korean men who were there for sex tourism. They must have told their family back home they were going on a business trip. It was shocking


going overseas to have sex with foreign prostitutes is really shameful, what do you think you’re doing? And you don’t let them use contraception? these disgusting bastards~ these children you’re fathering, aren’t they your children? does it mean anything to you that these children will live their entire sad lives not knowing who their father is? cross the hallway and take a look at your children asleep in their beds. Imagine that they had a terrible childhood. if you’re going to do such things overseas, at least use contraception. This is really shameful for our nation…


It seems it is mainly the men who spread STDs in our country. What are they doing to pitiful children in a poor country?! I’m enraged.”


reveal their identities, if you aren’t going to take responsiblity then you shouldn’t spread your seed.

To donate to Kopino child support programs, contact the Eastern Social Welfare Society.
For further information about helping Kopino children find their fathers, please visit the website of Tacteen, the civic group profiled in this article which is dedicated to outreach and education related to sexual health and the exploitation of children.

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  • jmbb

    LOOOOOOL Japan was dragged into it yet again.
    This is pure Korean sexuality, as usual they can’t accept it without blaming Japan.
    Funny how many koreafags on this site [email protected] dragging Koreans into things but any time Koreans drag Japan into it, it’s overlooked.

    • misdreavus

      There are roughly 100,000 “Japinos” in the Philippines, the great majority of whom were abandoned by their Japanese fathers. This time they have a point.

      • jmbb

        In 50 years that point wont matter. Japanese have been developed and first world for longer so horny uncles have been doing this for longer, plus Imperial Japan in the Philippines was another reason.
        If Korea can have success for half as long as Japan did, I would wager they’d have more Kopinos than Japinos.

        Lastly I was referring to the Korean netizens comments, with their government sanctioned opinions and perspectives.

        • f5e529f f592f

          die painfully shithead

    • mimo

      “This is pure Korean sexuality”

    • wut
      • jmbb

        oh you liked that movie too huh? Cool.

    • fe52 feaw5892

      i’d gladly fucking slit your windpipe in two….

  • sniffmybutthole

    hmmm..kopino must be handsome and pretty then LOL

  • namepen

    Thousands of Korean men are going over to SE Asia having unprotected sex with prostitutes, yet it is the E2 English Teacher that gets tested for HIV.

    • hh

      you mad bro?

      ’cause you guys are dirty that’s why

      • chad

        The Korean government is probably baffled by this issue. They’re scratching their heads thinking, “Man, we’ve tested all the foreign english teachers, why are people still getting std’s here…”.

        • gangnamstyke

          because the white devils werent check thoroughly

        • yoop

          They know why, they are just too slimy to admit it. Saving face and all.

      • WellWellWell

        We’re mad about the fact that you creepy-ass Korean men, while you are bitching like bratty, whiny little schoolgirls all the time to your family and friends about how “dirty” white men are, and Korean men are the best, the whole time you sick pedophile bastards are sneaking down to the Philippines to defile children. It’s fucking crazy. Sorry you creepy fuck, you and your little twirpy Korean friends — both male and female — are cold-busted. The whole world knows the truth about Korean hypocrisy, and it’s not going to get any better.

        The only good part of this is that, OF COURSE, all Koreans are not creepy little fucks like you. I know lots of guys who actually do not live their life in order to make white men look like shit. And they are the ones who actually make Korea great.

        You are not one of them.

        • john freyan

          Well, this English teacher didn’t have a good day today.

          • chucky3176

            His name is Jang.

        • Isaac

          There’s nothing more laughable than a self-righteous ESL teacher like yourself.

          • mr.wiener

            …Except maybe a Korean guy deflecting.

          • Isaac

            lol? Who ever said I live in a Western country?

            I speak English better than most whiteys can speak my native language. Truth hurts. I know, amigo. Ahahaha!

          • mr.wiener

            Actually I was suggesting you are a Korean guy deflecting so hard you looked like a kitty cat in a litter tray covering up cat crap.
            Congrats on your multi-linguality, I’m as jealous as all hell.
            P.S lol stands for “lucifer our lord”

          • Zappa Frank

            no one really want to speak korean..

          • Isaac

            Yes, majority of students in Korea don’t really want to learn English. The government force-feeds the curriculum in our schools.

          • Zappa Frank

            i doubt is true, however if that’s the case they are just cornering themselves, as the world speaks english and not korean. korean is just spoken by 50milions, is a language of no importance. Oddly enough if koreans do not want study english why do they need so many ESL? expecially girls seem appreciate the study

    • Isaac

      Whitey is the root of all evil.

      Colonialism, slavery, racism, KKK, nazis etc

      The list goes on and on….

      • jon776

        But those are good things.

      • The Enlightened One

        You are being sarcastic right?

        Every country and race on this planet has gone around and messed shit up. I think this article proves it.

        Every race has tried to expand and rule the world. Don’t be mad because some were more successful than others. In fact, you could say Genghis Khan was the most successful in his reign of terror.

        Too bad all he wanted to do was rape, pillage and not actually setup posts for long-term expansion. But hey, he wasn’t white! We can’t hate on him!

        If you are looking for someone to hate, then you will live with tunnel vision your entire life. Looking for someone to blame is like an endless loop. We are all to blame.

      • Zappa Frank

        except KKK nothing has been invented by whites.. we simply did it better

      • Sillian

        That’s uncalled for and irrelevant init? No people have a monopoly on social ills.

      • OpparDoesntLoveYou

        Kkk claim it’s in the name of god. So Christianity is a fucked religion right?

        • mr.wiener

          Only in as much as Islam is a fucked up religion because some fanatics think they’ll get to paradise by blowing themselves and others up, or Hinduism is a fucked up religion because some fudermentalists attack and kill people of other religions or castes etc.

          • OpparDoesntLoveYou

            I was being sarcastic. My point was that we shouldn’t generalize just because of what a few from a group of people do. The person I was replying to was using groups like the kkk to generalize that all white people are evil.

          • mr.wiener

            Sorry, I should have read the rest of the thread to put your comment in context.

      • Patrick

        isaac ur a retard! Like I hv any thing to do with slavery/kkk/nazi’s/ colonialism and ur ever going on list, ya duechbag! Absolute power corrupts absolutely and stupidity like u isaac never changes u stay stupid…………………

    • Mai

      Those “teachers” are the foreigners in korea. Any country that bitches about foreigners taking sex tourism should blame their government for not being strict enough on foreigners. Sounds like korea is doing the right thing testing foreign teachers for HIV, i hear tons of stories about how they go back to their own country after they impregnate couple girls.

    • The Enlightened One

      No offense but being an English Teacher these days is like being a prostitute. In most cases, you get no respect. Your thoughts and opinions don’t matter, they just want you for your skin. After you are finished class, you feel unsatisfied and used. There is no chance for promotion really. (Director of Studies is just a higher class whore).

      See what I mean?

      • Kate

        Speak for yourself. I don’t feel like that at all. I have my own private tutor business and get great satisfaction out of helping the kids I teach and have a great bond with all of them. I’m also teaching corporate employees and get a lot of satisfaction out of that job as well, because me helping them better their English means they can move up in the company and that’s important for me to help them reach their goal.

        • JJJ

          yeah, because you are probably on an F visa. Right? E2 visa holders, in general, are treated terribly by their bosses.

        • The Enlightened One

          Well you said the magic words Kate “my own tutor business” that means you are the boss so you are no longer really an English Teacher and more like self-employed. There is a difference… it means you aren’t making somebody else a ton of money. Plus you can select your students and they aren’t thrown on you.

          • Kate

            Yeah I learned my lesson the first time in Korea. Hagwons are the 10th circle of hell and should be banned. Business men who’s ultimately goal is the bottom line profit have no business teaching small, developing children. They don’t give to squirrel butts about real education, always lie to the parents, have no idea what they’re doing (they’re just great liars), treat their employees like shit because they only care about their own pocket book, and frankly Korea should ban hagwons for the collective good of the country and it’s children. I’m an excellent teacher, I have excellent teaching credentials, hagwons do not want to pay what I deserve to be paid and they go against everything I ever learned about education and my own personal teaching philosophy. So this time around, after a hard first lesson, I ain’t falling in that massive circlejerk from hell. The pay sucks, how you’re treated is horrible, what they do to the kids is horrible, they’re nothing but a bunch of greedy liars.

            So being on a spousal visa (F6), I don’t have to put up that shit and I don’t. In 2 years I can even apply for permanent residency and eventually citizenship if I want. Anyway I do agree that in most cases, hagwon teachers are just pretty white faced monkeys used to sell glorified daycare to a bunch of korean parents who are severely misguided.

            Warning; Totally off topic post that has nothing to do with hookers and johns and bastard children.

          • dk2020

            I thought lots of hagwons and colleges are closing down and becoming bankrupt because not enough students ..

          • The Enlightened One

            Probably, I think they (the students) are starting to catch on.

          • dk2020

            You’re an ESL teacher in China? It’s not different than Korea or Japan? Teachers get crapped on in the US public school system too depending on where they teach ..

          • The Enlightened One

            Nope, would have to take a drastic pay cut to do that now (I make 10x what foregin English teachers do in this city).

            Although, I did do it when I came to China. It is fun at first but once the novelty factor wears off… it feels like working at a factory assembly line… unless you are lucky. It is still a good job to have to live an easy life if you don’t mind the downsides.

            Now I run my own business.

        • chris

          you completely missed the point what TEO said!

      • kyuhyun lover

        actually a lot of Koreans are jealous of English teachers. It’s one of the easiest and best paying jobs you could have in Korea.
        You do get respect by students and facality but you’re just not considered to be on the same level as normal teachers cause like i said the job is very easy. Hogwans on the other hand I could agree on that.

        • Animal

          Western english teachers are rightly seen as scum. Usually poorly educated or unemployable americans or brits who get paid a paltry wage of 20k USD per year (before taxes).

      • Animal

        Don’t like it? Get the fuck out you western dog.

    • Animal

      Why do you western english teachers, basically the scum of your country, keep whining about HIV tests?
      Those are the conditions for admission to the country, if you have such a problem with it, kindly fuck off and go to some other country.

  • namepen

    Though on the Philippine side, with prostitution so rife throughout the country you could at least make abortion legal and make contraceptives freely available.

    Those poor women don’t stand a chance.

    • Jang

      As the interviewee noted at the end this happens in S. Korea as well where abortion is also illegal.

      • namepen

        Illegal yes, but there is thankfully a lax enforcement of the law. It has been reported that around 80% of hospitals do abortions. Although it is relatively expensive and you have to put up with a lecture from misogynist doctors.

        • David Harmon

          Your study likely ignored that they use the day after pill there more often than abortions. It also likely ignored that the vast majority of the prostitutes in S. Korea are Filipinas as well I’m sure.

          S. Korea can go kick rocks, It’s their fucked up culture that is creating this problem, they took over where the Japanese left off on abusing other countries and essentially invading them. The Koreans have been buying up the Philippines like crazy, and a lot of the money comes from the flesh trade.

          If you are Korean, you should be ashamed of the image your country portrays to the rest of the world. I only spent one year there, and some of the things I saw were absolutely disgusting.

          • Unacceptable Lemongrab

            Have you ever thought about why YOU saw those images while you stayed? Normally people don’t even get a chance to be involved with what you said. I wonder what your purpose was in korea.

            And I am not defending those sons of bitc*s They are shame to humanity. However, I can say not all of Koreans are like this. You must not be so black-and-white when viewing this thing.

            I really really think the Korean government should be much more active to prevent this.

            By the way don’t you dare bring up the past history with japan you fucking moron. There are still people out there mourning about their dead families because of the colonisation. And this and that is totally different issue.

          • David Harmon

            I will be however I chose to be.

    • The Philippines are extremely Catholic. I went to see a re-enactment of the crucifixion that was pretty violent.

      • AuroraB

        Being Catholic means not having sex before marriage, these women get that mixed up with having sex with men that are married to other women. Filipino’s need to learn morals and ethics before they can be called anything close to Catholic.

        • Zappa Frank

          means that?… so strange because in the home country of Catholicism no one do that and still are happily catholic.. maybe this ultra-conservative vision of Catholicism that you have to be updated..

    • AuroraB

      Even when Filipinos have birth control available they don’t use it. Many think getting pregnant by westerners is their ticket to easy $. Doesn’t always work like that.

      • Lee Yejin

        Well some of them just wants to have prettier and more handsome children. Some mixed kids here are like a higher class than the usual Filipinos.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    So this is how Koreans and Japanese remain so ‘clean’ at home. When they go abroad, they always make a detour to the Philippines for some ‘release’.

    I need to take notes…

    • seekjho

      Well the Japanese started this during their imperialist regime… “comfort women” in China, Korea and even in the Philippines..

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        I don’t think anyone started this. I think it was just one guy who was married, wasn’t getting any at home, and let his penis do the thinking.

  • chucky3176

    LOL, how did they come up with that 10,000 number? Did they go door to door and counted them one by one. Even the Philippines government has said there are at most, only about thousand, or at most, two thousand “Kopino” kids. That’s not too bad considering that half a million Koreans visit the Philippines as tourists, students, and businessmen – representing number one or number two in arrivals for the Philippines. The number of Filipinos who claim their fathers are Americans and Japanese, are far more numerous than any claims of Korean genes. Come on. These do-gooder Korean civic groups are an embarrassment to the country – they have a very bad habit of exaggerating the numbers for the absolute worst and making far too many noises. You don’t seen Americans or Japanese boo hooing all over the media over this.

    • namepen

      According to the Korean Institute of Criminology Koreans are the “Biggest clients of Prostitutes in South East Asia”.

      This is an issue that requires careful reflection, not blind nationalism. Koreans are not the only ones guilty, but that does not absolve them of guilt.

      Below are links to the Chosun ilbo report and the KIC



      • chucky3176

        That’s right, the media likes to site the civic advocate groups. Like I said, how do they come up with 10,000, 30,000, 100,000 and I’m sure, we will soon see 1,000,000 number in no time. What are the methodology of coming up with these wildly swinging figures, and other details? And why hasn’t this been a huge issue within the Philippines other then their media, reporting on the claims made in the Korean media?

        • Sillian

          Civic groups tend to go with the worst possible figures when estimation is difficult. Whether it is 1000 or 10000, a problem is a problem. It’s better to take it seriously and start working on it as early as possible.

        • namepen

          According to the research done by the KIC, they looked through work done by the UN’s “Project Childhood” and ECPAT as well as that of other researchers. They also conducted interviews with Korean police in both Korea and throughout SE Asia in order to better understand the process.

          Although they do refer to their figures concerning ‘Kophinos’ as being an approximation, they are basing this figure on a significant amount of data.

          Also ECPAT regularly criticizes other countries as well, the UK for example.


          • chucky3176

            “according to the research done by the KIC”… is all I need to know where the numbers come from. Could you please cite figures that don’t come from Korean civic/special interest groups who usually expand their numbers to further their causes? This is the same group as the Korea’s women’s ministry that claimed that South Korea leads the world in child sex prostitution. They claimed that Korea was worse than Thailand, India, and Africa. This lead to a UN report that erroneously labeled South Korea as a child prostitution human rights nightmare. When pressed to cite their sources for their claims, and how they got their numbers, they buckled and took back their figures.

          • Say what

            Oh wow…you want to provide a credible source, with link, for you r claims here, buddy?

            So fucking creepy, my god. I love how something that everybody already knows about Korea is just dismissed simply because it makes you uncomfortable. This is the problem with Korea. You are obsessed with yourselves. You think everybody else is obsessed with you.

            And when the truth comes out, you just tell yourselves that the information is false.

            But guess what? The world knows the truth. And we also know how you treat the truth in order to make yourselves look good.

          • Sillian

            You are overreacting. There are many cases of inaccurate estimations with intrinsic limitations. You are encouraged to check anything if it doesn’t sound realistic to you. Because of chucky’s extended inquiry, you are going on with the trite ‘Koreans are yada yada’ nonsense while it is Koreans who are doing all the work to deal with the problem. I mean….care to read the article actually?

        • twelve44

          You sickos are actually questioning the FACT that Korean men flock to SEA to find kids to have sex with? Hate to say it mate, but that’s common knowledge…and the Koreans are the ones who want young virgins and all kinds of messed up shite….

          Jeez mate, you’re creepier than those pedos if you try to deny the problem…

    • chucky3176

      It’s funny but, that number 10,000 used to be 30,000, up to couple of years ago. And recently I even read the number 100,000. It’s like these numbers just randomly and wildly pop out of nowhere and many action groups are pulling these numbers without thinking about the source of these numbers. Unless they can magically come up with some kind of a genetic test that can reliably determine the nationality of the fathers (and I don’t see how that can be done), and then count them into Philippine’s census somehow, there is no way in hell to know the true numbers.

    • Jang

      The age of consent in S. Korea is 13 so Korean men go to the Philippines to get 11 and 12 year old girls and can be seen at restaurants with them. Nice! Keep deflecting to Americans. Hehehe. Why doesn’t someone go there and take pictures of these Korean Uncles with multiple teeny bops at their side?

      • chucky3176

        According to the same UN reports, it’s the White European and American men who are the child sex lovers in S.E.Asia, Jang. So who to believe, huh?

      • helldweller

        Racist bullshit. I live in the Philippines and I see far more whiteys with child girlfriend than any other race. I’ve started taking pictures of these creeps and reporting them to the police but of course our stupid incompetent police never do anything about the problem so it’s gonna continue and we have to see it rubbed in our faces every day. I blame our horrible, third-world country that tolerates these things, at least the Koreans have no responsibilities to our country but what would excuse our own society tolerating these things in our own country. Gates of Hell indeed…

    • gangnamstyke

      u missing the point son,, 1000 10000. they having unprotected sex with whores and a lot of them r hiv positive. why would neone do that, what a bunch of sick fucks

  • I hate Pinoys

    It is not the Korea men problem. the fucking pinoys are the root cause as they whore themselves everywhere in the world. From Singapore to US, pinoys are invading us!

  • chucky3176

    Those two women in the picture, I first saw them in a documentary couple of years ago. Why do they continue to parade out the same women over and over? They can’t find new ones?

    The US State Department states there are one thousand “Kopinos” in Philippines, same as the Philippine government, while stating 10,000 “Japinos” in Philippines. The Amerasians are counted to be 3700. Again, I don’t know their methodology of coming up with their numbers, but I find it strange that their numbers are nowhere near what Koreans claim about the number of Kopinos. Shouldn’t it at least match what others are saying?

    Here’s another interesting number. The number of foreign nationals arrested and expelled for buying sex by ranking for 2012:

    1. Japanese: 472
    2. Chinese : 169

    You would think that Koreans should be first in that ranking, but all indications coming out Philippines is different. And this is also strange. According to one of the Philippine media:

    The IOM said there are an estimated 100,000 to 200,000 children born to
    Japanese fathers and Filipino mothers around the years of rapid economic
    growth in Japan in the 1980s up to the present.


    The number of 10,000 “Kopinos” have no basis or source, other then

    I did some quick research on googles, and it seems to me, the Filipinos
    think the problem of Japino kids is a far more serious society issue with many
    articles put out by Philippines media. But the only people who are
    talking about Kopino kids are the Koreans themselves and a smattering of Philippines articles about the reported Kopinio problems coming out of Korea. Again, all the noise is coming out of Korea, but not much from Philippines. This is very odd, if the problem is that bad.

    • namepen

      According to the KIC research social workers in SE Asia Koreans frequent brothels in significant numbers. They are also by far the largest visitors to the Philippines.

      Both the UN (Project Childhood 2011) and the US State Department (2010) have stated that Koreans are a major cause of the demand for child sex tourism.

      Considering the large body of evidence that Koreans are the largest group of sex tourists in the Philippines, is it really so difficult to imagine that the Kopino population could be somewhere in the region of 10,000? In fact it seems to be a very conservative figure in light of the figures for ‘Japinos’.


      • chucky3176

        Then why stop at 10,000? Why not 50,000, 100,000, or 100 million?

        Both the UN report and the US State Department report in 2010 cite Korean civic groups as their sources for their reports, while the same reports make no mention of Japinos (this clearly shows us that the reports are effected by news medias from each countries or the flavor of the moment). However the US State Department puts South Korea as tier 1 level for human rights. Look it up yourself.

        Furthermore I really see no relevance between Kopinos and prostitution/sex tourism, unless you think these women who are giving birth are all prostitutes. That’s insulting the Filipinas, as most of the women who claim they have had Korean mixed children were girlfriends and wives of men they claimed they had deep relations (not sex for money). The odds favor that these women are telling the truth because the odds are much greater that repeated sex with same man/woman are what that leads to births, far more than one time sex for money.

        • namepen

          The odds? You do realise friend that you can get a girl pregnant even if you only have sex once.

          In any case you are right not all kopinos result from the liaisons between prostitutes and johns, but a fairly significant number do.

          • chucky3176

            what is the fairly significant numbers? 12? 100? 1000? 100000? What? Without real significant proven numbers, all these are conjectures and hearsays.

          • Jang

            The Korean numbers work best when Koreans reveal them themselves. When foreigners report the numbers Koreans don’t believe them. You sound ridiculous, especially on this issue.

          • chucky3176

            Yet you will jump and up and down with anger when the same “Korean numbers” reveal increasing sex crimes by ESL teachers in Korea. The same civic groups that accuse Korean males of irresponsible behavior in Philippines, also say not so kind things about the white ESL teachers who have sex with their students in South Korea. But of course, you will say those numbers are lies.

          • Jang

            Instead of Lee Hyeon Sook being the interviewee, if there was a white man named Smith or Jones as the interviewee the Korean responses would’ve been different. They would’ve attacked the messenger. A courtroom non-witness but Korean mother who shouts out from the Korean courtroom audience can have more weight than a foreigner witnesses statement.

          • lol2

            My God – you are the creepy one. Keep trying to just dismiss this whole thing just because you’re uncomfortable that Korean men are the champion child-sex predators of the world. It’s unfortunate and disgusting. But it’s true.

            I mean, what do you think is going on here? All humanitarian aid organizations, the UN, the United States, the governments of the Philippines, Cambodia, and others–even your own fucking government–is trying to make Korea look bad?!

            Not only are you an idiot who makes your country look terrible, You are completely fucking creepy. Just admit this as an atrosity and help your country change. Fucks sake, man. You give me the creeps. ++/

          • chucky3176

            The only humanitarian organizations speaking of “Kopinos” are from South Korea. The UN’s report cite Korean humanitarian groups. The government of United States and Philippines says there are only 1000 “Kopinos” in Phillippines – a far cry from what Korean organizations claim. The Cambodian government has spoken out often about child sex – and they mostly complained about northern European and North Americans – namely white men. There are no Korean-SEA mixed children problem in Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, or any other South East Asian countries other than Philippines. These all suggests the seriousness of the problem has been exaggerated by Korean NGO’s who wanted attention. I am not saying there are no prostitution trips by South Korean men to SEA. And I’m not saying there are no problems of abandoned children. What I’m saying is that the magnitude of the abandoned children problem is exaggerated, especially compared to other nationalities who don’t seem to make a big deal out of this.

          • Confused ASEAN

            Hey chuck is this the same guy from KSentry? I think most things about Koreans are truly a exaggeration for a fact. In fact when I went back to Cambodia, guess who been chatting up all the prostiz, It was Westerners that I saw, old men. Khmer that I’ve talked don’t really like the attitudes and traits of certain Westerners. We have more problems with White-folk pedos, and the same ESL dirt-trash, there are bars that employ underprivileged Khmer people women mostly, some even discourage these girls to have relationships with other Khmers so the girls can FUCKIN sell their bodies for CHEAP SHIT SEX to whitey-trash, I’ve talked to these girls AND HELL THEY ARE ASHAMED, ebing labelled whore is worst of worse in our hierarchical system, foreigners especially barang asshole should learn that you can’t do as you please, but there will always be dumb people who think you are so privilege and join in like some idiots in my country, we don’t really have situation involving other Asians. Cambodia NEVER HAD HIV/STD problems until some stupid UNITAC Blue-shit who haven’t been tested being deployed during 1990’s peace process. I have Khmer friends in Korea, to them Koreans are nice people. Conservative. GIVE KOREANS a BREAK they been through shit too.

          • ofick

            It’s deflection. Koreans and their diaspora as well as Chinese and their diaspora do it like masters.

          • Confused ASEAN


    • louis_v1234

      Chucky are you a kopino?

    • Zappa Frank

      good excuse.. there’s someone worst. ok, than no problem..

    • chris

      chucky just frequents these sites just to spew his skewed views and bigotry about the Japanese people. what does Japanese people have to do with Korean Filipinos? why even

      “I did some quick research on googles, and it seems to me, the Filipinos
      think the problem of Japino kids is a far more serious society issue with many articles put out by Philippines media.” – well it seems like youre full of shit!

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Condoms. Seriously. Just condoms.

    • YourSupremeCommander

      It has zero feel. Seriously. Zero feel.
      Oh well, I forgot that virgins would not know the difference.

      • lonetrey / Dan

        -__- I love how you focus on the sensation rather than the STDs.

        You completely missed my point. I mean, you would actually risk getting diseases from a prostitute?

        Please don’t admit you think with your dick. -__-

    • lonefap / Fan

      Condoms? Y u no fun?

      • lonetrey / Dan

        Ahahaha, nice name :P

        I’m all ok with fun. I wouldn’t use a condom with a girl on birth control, but these are prostitutes we’re talking about here.

        It’s hardly reasonable to ask these women/girls to take the pill or whatever other form of contraception they have there, so naturally men should protect themselves with their own initiative.

        I’d have thought preventing a child without his Korean father would be a big factor too. Apparently some KoreaBang commentors don’t care about the child’s sufferings and are ok with it as long as their penis feels good.

    • gangnamstyke

      you look like u havnt had a chance to use a condom in years if ever

      • lonetrey / Dan

        You look like you have no idea what you’re talking about if ever

        • gangnamstyke

          did i hit a nerve, sorry bro i can be a dick sometimes

          • lonetrey / Dan

            Nah, you’re fine lol. It’s the internet, and I’m surprised that you’re at least honest enough to admit to not knowing what you’re talking about

      • YourSupremeCommander

        damn, thats …….. LOL!

  • wafflestomp

    First thing that comes to mind is bitches want to somehow entrap the man, fiancially.

    Just abort the fucking things

    • namepen

      If only your mother could have gotten the same advice.

      • lol

        Haha. so true namepen. It’s some creepy Korean guy.

    • mimo

      Yes, 11 year old sex slaves are interested in robbing a man of his money.
      Please get off the internet.

      • chucky3176

        You’re confusing two issues, one is child prostitution in Philippines, and the other is Filipinas getting pregnant with foreign men.

        • mimo

          Oh, but still, what kind of idiot says that?

    • SorayaVonDerAlm

      You disgust me how can you talk about a human being like that!!

  • Jang

    Almost the first bar I went to in Seoul about 10 years ago the bartender told me not to sleep with a Korean woman a leave. I thought it was very weird for him to say that, the hypocrisy!

    • Jung

      Why is that a hypocrisy? Did he go somewhere outside country and had sex with foreign women?

  • YourSupremeCommander

    Sadly these kids will be VERY easy to spot, darkie dark!

  • Isaac

    10,000 Kopinos

    100,000 Japinos

    1,000,000 Ameripinos

    • weiyuan

      [citation needed]

    • TheDon

      U killed me with this one, Ameripinos lmao

      • Thor

        Or Pinoricans.

    • Zappa Frank

      well that’s true, and we do not talk about south america.. because if rich asians use to go to Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand to have cheap sex.. is true as well that a lot of americans and europeans use to go in south america, africa, east europe and asia..

    • Smith_90125

      If this were about mass murders, would killing 10,000 people be “more ethical” than murdering a million?

      Just because there are fewer Korean/Filipino children doesn’t make it any less unethical.

  • zezil

    “They meet a girl and begin what seems like a romantic relationship, but it can be unclear if it is prostitution or dating.”

    As the interviewee mentioned, it is indeed UNCLEAR if it is prostitution or dating; however, the article, with its title, concludes that all, if not most, Kopinos are from a Korean and a prostitute. The article must be very careful with its wording since there are a lot, (1M Koreans arrived in PH last year, 2012) of them come to the country for education and business. In fact, the top reason why Koreans go to PH is for English Education. This article may give a dangerous impression that they go to PH for “that” and could seriously jeopardise international relations.

    And I agree wit previous comments, where did the 10k figure comes from???

    • chucky3176

      Finally a sane comment. They keep pushing the ideal that all the Filipinas who have relationships with Korean men are whores. And that all the children born to the Filipinas are a result of child sex prostitution. It’s everything to do with how the media keep portraying this, and giving people wrong stereotypes.

      • Sillian

        Ideal or idea?

  • Rich

    do these idiot white boys who are bitching about Kopinos even realize that white men pretty much invented the prostitution industry in Asia? Just check the history of US military forces stationed in Asia. Whities have no fucking right to bitch about this shit when they have ignored the plight of millions of mostly half white bastard children that were fathered and abandoned by filthy irresponsible white men throughout Asia. If you care to check out how these people are living just go to any ghettos near former US military bases in countries like Korea, Japan, Vietnam, and Phillipines. If you idiots didn’t know there are ten times the number of children born between white men and Southeast Asian women (mostly out of wedlock and abandoned) than the number of Kopinos. What do you think about that? its actually quite nauseating to see all these positive portrayals of foreigners on network TV in Korea.

    • Isaac

      You’re absolutely right.

      You and I have seen whiteys with SEA women all the damn time! Whether it be in Bangkok, Manila or Ho Chi Minh City. Atleast the Koreans are finally out to aid these Kopinos and provide food and shelter for them.

      • rich

        exactly. I hate the fact that some Korean men are starting to act like the dirty white men that we have condemned in the past but I am proud that we are addressing this issue head on unlike the white men who took decades to address this issue and still feel like they have some sort of moral authority on us.

    • holdingrabbits

      Prostitution didn’t exist in Asia before the white man invented it? Interesting theory.

      • rich

        i’m talking about the modernized form of prostitution that started out near US military bases which played a huge part in shaping the entire sex industry in Asia and creating millions of bastard half white children in that region. That is why I said t check the US military’s history of creating a market for it in Asia.

        • holdingrabbits

          I’m assuming that your upvotes are the product of other racists like yourself…point is, prostitution (also known as “the world’s oldest profession”) existed before the military presence in Asia. I’m sorry you feel as though this “new” prostitution is somehow far different from the wholesome sort of prostitution Asia had in the olden days, but for as long as prostitution has existed so have bastard children. I think the irony of the situation for many people is that Korean society is very conservative and critiques others for their supposed moral failings while having a thriving sex industry, impregnating prostitutes and molesting children abroad, and supporting thousands of love motels across the country, though obviously only married couples go there and all Korean women are virgins until their wedding nights.

          Also, “all these positive portrayals of foreigners on network TV in Korea?” We live in a different Korea apparently. You might recall every story ever about foreigners ever as my example. Anyway, what’s so bad about calling out the men of the country for diluting the purity of the Korean race?

          • rich

            no. the irony of the situation is that white men, who are responsible for creating problems that are infinitely bigger, messier, and uglier for centuries than the problems that Korean men have caused for maybe a decade in this article think that they have some sort of moral superiority to criticize them. Even if we were to buy the number of Kopinos that these organizations claim that is basically noting compared to the number of children fathered by white men. We are more than willing to criticize deadbeat fathers and pedophiles. There is no shortage of people in Korea who condemns what some Korean men do in these poor developing nations. Can you say the same about whities? How many Americans and Europeans have par taken in prostitution and pedophilia in Asia? I am willing to bet that it is more than 100 times that of Koreans since they have been at it for centuries. How long did it take for the whities to address this issue? Koreans don’t need whities who participate in more debauchery throughout Asia then we do getting in chirping in our ears. that is worse than pot calling the kettle black. You also don’t seem to understand that there is an active movement from government and the media to glamorize multiculturalism in Korea. It’s the same thing as western society promoting multiculturalism and gay marriage in their society. Many koreans are simply tired of the brainwashing being committed by the government and the media. other than the MBC piece that foreigners complained about I can’t think of one negative news in the media about foreigners.

          • holdingrabbits

            I’m pretty sure that this site is based on articles written by Koreans, not white men. I’m also pretty sure that the criticisms above are from Korean netizens. Don’t you think it’s hypocritical to say that white people have no right to criticize Koreans, but obviously anyone can criticize white people? Forget the fact that it’s current and obviously fucked up, because it’s only been going on for 10 years. Good argument. Personally, I have never visited a prostitute, nor have I impregnated a girl and left her behind in another country, nor did I go to the international white guy convention to plan how we would bring a stronger better prostitution to Asia (a prostitution that actually always existed but merely catered to the presence of a bunch of single military dudes who didn’t have any women around).

            So even though I’m white, yes, I am morally in a place to cast judgment against these individuals who did this. Not every Korean man goes to the Philippines and impregnates a prostitute, but it’s not cool when someone does…but I’m white, so fuck me, right? Is there any issue a white person can criticize Korea on? As far as I know, the only whities addressing this issue happen to be in Korea. The sad truth is that apart from North Korea, most whities don’t care about what’s happening here. Korea’s taking baby steps to become multicultural because it’s been thrust upon them. It’s hard to be an international player while not being international. Sorry, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too. In any case, consider checking out some of your more conservative newspapers if you don’t believe me about race-baiting against foreigners in Korea. Often times it’s implied that we commit tons of crimes while our actual crime statistics are several times lower than that of Korea’s own. For all the people who do want an international Korea, there are 10 more people like you.

          • Confused ASEAN

            Funny thing is other Asian countries have a similar mindset.

    • 1010

      Who cares? They’ll just be used as cannon fodder and cheap labour like most people on this planet.

    • Mike

      Prostitution has been going on in Asia long before white people came here. The reason why prostitution was so prevelant during times when the US military was there is because Asians were so poor due to the conflicts that were destroying their countries, the Americans had money and wanted sex so they Asians started selling sex to the Americans. Its not like they were forced into it. By only accusing white people of prostitution you begin to ignore the fact that ALL countries particpate in the sex trade. No matter what country you are in you can get a prostitute. The only difference is how you coordinate for a prostitutes services.
      I currently live in Korea and other than Japan, this is one of the easiest places to get a prostitute that I have ever lived. It really bothers me that no matter where I am in Busan or in Seoul that I can walk less than five minutes and buy a prostitute. I have know people who get a prostitute in the US but it was not nearly as accepted as it is in Korea.

    • mike

      Prostitution has been going on in Asia long before white people came here. The reason why prostitution was so prevelant during times when the US military was there is because Asians were so poor due to the conflicts that were destroying their countries, the Americans had money and wanted sex so they Asians started selling sex to the Americans. Its not like they were forced into it. By only accusing white people of prostitution you begin to ignore the fact that ALL countries particpate in the sex trade. No matter what country you are in you can get a prostitute. The only difference is how you coordinate for a prostitutes services.

      I currently live in Korea and other than Japan, this is one of the easiest places to get a prostitute that I have ever lived. It really bothers me that no matter where I am in Busan or in Seoul that I can walk less than five minutes and buy a prostitute. I have know people who get a prostitute in the US but it was not nearly as accepted as it is in Korea.

      ⬇ Drag and drop your images here to upload them.


  • commander

    The so-called sex tour to Southeast Asian countries is a real shame for South Korea whose diplomatic friction with Japan over wartime women sex enslavement need to be reminded.

    Since the blanket ban on money for sex, the sex industry not only has gone undergound but also gone global, especially to Southeast Asian counyries where darker skinned locals with much lower standards of living are often looked down upon by some South Koreans who see those countries as great place to take a broker-arranged sex tour, an increasingly luratice business.

    The stricter prohibition against buying sex should bring sex buyers to light, punishing them over illegalities.

    In addition to tougher penalties, including disclosure of sex tourists, a campaign to bring unwed single Southeast Asian mothers to Seoul shiuld be mounted, with the aim to confront them with their onenight stand fathers.

    Shame accompanying such an encounter might be an effective deterrent against potential sex tourists.

  • kangsongdaeguk

    “And the Philippines is a Catholic country, so that it strictly forbids abortions. That must also be a reason why there are more and more Kopinos.”

    We are NOT “a Catholic country” but “predominantly” catholic.

    • tonkotsu

      interesting how sex is ok but abortions aren’t.. shouldn’t they not do both….?

      • kangsongdaeguk

        well, it’s their oh so conservative mentality. Just like Republicans in US.

  • weiyuan

    Why are the Filipinos such cum dumpsters? Doesn’t their countrymen have any nationalism?

    Either way, don’t bring the mixed kids back to Northeast Asia and it’s all good.

    • socali

      I don’t know, why don’t you ask your grandmother why she was a cum dumpster for the Japanese.

    • HanGookMonkey

      Koreans are already a mixed people, most of their DNA is from Southeast Asia, that’s why they look so much browner than other East Asians, and skin whitening cream is so popular. Koreans are “negritos” from Southeast Asia, mixed. Without plastic surgeries, Sandra Oh is the best look you can get, without Chinese script, you had no culture, without masters you don’t know how to live.

      • Isaac

        “most of their DNA is from Southeast Asia” Bwahahaha!

        >Korean males display a high frequency of Haplogroup O2b* (P49), a subclade of possibly Manchurian origin.

        > Among the East Asians, Koreans share the least DNA with the Austronesians, while the Han Chinese have the most DNA in common with Austronesians, indicating some interaction between Austronesians and Han Chinese.

        You are mistaken the Koreans with the actual ‘negrito’ Han Chinese.

        • HanGookMonkey

          You are wrong, negrito or not, Koreans are very mixed. Paternal Y DNA are 35% O3, 35% O2b, 10% C & Others!

          Koreans are Southeast Asian people.

          • Isaac

            You must be below the down syndrome level.

            I suggest you open up a world map and see which country is connected to Southeast Asia. lol

          • HanGookMonkey

            It’s simple common sense, as you can see from haplogroup markings, Koreans have mixed lineages from Southeast Asia, because that’s where they came from. Korea has the highest use of skin whitening cream amongst developed Asian countries.

          • fe52 fewa52

            i’d gladly splatter your brains out with a nice .50 CAL

          • Sillian

            You are definitely an Asian troll to be interested in all these weird things at all. What are you?

          • Mao Tse Tung

            Chinese troll.

  • Josh Chung

    10,000 half-blood children with no one to call father… That is just inconscient and cruel

  • KyopoGoHome

    Koreans have got to be the most hypocritical motherfuckers on the planet.

    Such a perverse farce of Confucian ethics, they’ve twisted it to the point they’ve actually managed to create something original, imagine that!

    • KCdude

      Pride kills us faster than poison.

  • socali

    I am Filipino and I lived in Manila for a while. I am not exactly poor so I don’t witness this type of crap on a daily basis but from my experience I noticed that Koreans are everywhere here now and they have created quite a niche for themselves in owning computer cafes. I have no problem with that because they are nice people. What I have a problem with is some Koreans bringing BS over here. Some Koreans prey on other Koreans and try to extort them, and we have to clean their shit up. Some Koreans come here just to be perverts and we have to clean their shit up. Most of these families we have to pay through government subsidies. I am not saying this is all Koreans, but there is just a 1% minority that we seriously wish would go elsewhere. Aside from that I love Koreans. 99% that come here are welcome to stay in our country. We are a welcoming people and we aren’t racist the way some Northeast Asians are.

    • dk2020

      kamusta ka pare? the red light districts in the phils are becoming infamous like thailand and tijuana .. but what can you do about it? the filipino govt is just like korean politics, corrupt with bribes and scandal ..

      • kangsongdaeguk

        Yay!!! Fellow Filipinos on the house! :D

  • HanGookMonkey

    >News post about Korean sex tourists in SEA
    >Korean-American lunatics manage to turn it into an excuse to rant and rave about white males, and white males fucking asian females before retreating back to KoreaSentry, AsiaFinest and Eastbound88 and jerking off to the thought of a white girl noticing them

    This is getting predictable. Hangooks are a slave race after all, they were slaves of the Chinese for a millenium, then they were the slaves of the Russians, then the Japanese. Amusingly, the Russians and the Japanese treated them better than their own Yangbans they idolize in K-Drama did. Now Koreans are back to being slaves, one part is slave of the Americans, the other part is slave of the Chinese, it seems fitting in a way. That’s in the Korean’s nature.

    Additionally, it is important to note that out of all East Asian countries, Koreans has the least reason to hate Whites/Americans, yet they hate Whites/Americans the most. The Korean inferiority complex is scary.

    • Isaac

      Your name screams inferiority complex. Bwahahaha!

      • HanGookMonkey

        …Do Hangooks honestly believe anyone has an inferiority complex towards them? Who, or what would compel such a thing?

        Even the Vietnamese, who Hangooks mock all the time managed to create an original culture. Korea should bow low before America and China. There is no future for Korean people other than as the slaves of other Asians and White people.

        • Isaac

          The fact that you are trolling is a sign of an inferiority complex. Agree?

          Are you kidding? Viets, just like the Koreans and Japanese all derived from ancient Chinese culture. Just like how the Romans got influenced from the Greeks.

          • HanGookMonkey

            That is a false gooky premise.

            All those countries were derived from Chinese Culture, that’s true. But only Korea has such petit sinocentrism, because it never developed anything even slightly original. After 9th century Japan moved away from Chinese tributary system and developed more independently, Vietnam had independence movements, and independent national character, but Koreans are a slave race who bowed to their masters, just as they do now. There’s no hope for Hangook people in the future. Their plastic women will belong to Chinese, Japanese and White men. Even Korean National Flag resembles old Chinese flag. lol.

            And are you seriously comparing hangook to Roman and Greek? No one cares about hangook at all, lol.

          • Isaac

            You are right.

            I’ve been told Chinese can read Japanese characters but not Korean characters. They invented Hangul but can’t read an ounce of character. Is this what you’re trying to tell me?

            But don’t stop there. Such a glorious country, China. Your Great comrade leader, Mao killed million of Chinese farmers during the cultural revolution. I wish he was alive again.

          • HanGookMonkey

            “Korean characters”? Are you hwabyung? Korean character is just a phoenetic way of spelling, not ideogram, not difficult to learn.

          • han js5

            go die a painful death

          • han js5

            Die painfully okay? Prefearbly by getting crushed to death in a

            garbage compactor, by getting your face cut to ribbons with a

            pocketknife, your head cracked open with a baseball bat, your stomach

            sliced open and your entrails spilled out, and your eyeballs ripped

            out of their sockets. Fucking bitch

            I would love to kick you hard in the face, breaking it. Then I’d cut

            your stomach open with a chainsaw, exposing your intestines. Then I’d

            cut your windpipe in two with a boxcutter.

            Hopefully you’ll get what’s coming to you. Fucking bitch

            I really hope that you get curb-stomped. It’d be hilarious to see you

            begging for help, and then someone stomps on the back of your head,

            leaving you to die in horrible, agonizing pain. Faggot

            Shut the fuck up f aggot, before you get your face bashed in and cut

            to ribbons, and your throat slit.

          • Sillian

            Why do you assume the troll is Chinese? You are a troll yourself, aren’t you?

        • Sillian

          The fact that you think Koreans mock Vietnamese all the time when Koreans hardly ever talk about them and all your weird obsessions and rhetoric tell me you might be an Asian troll who are just using the ‘white male’ facade.

        • fe5 5feiaa

          I’d gladly fucking cut your stomach open and let your guts fall out.

    • KCdude

      I cannot disagree with this. Our ethnic Korean pride is a bigger threat to the world than North Korean nukes.

      • Sillian

        Your shtick is creepy.

        • UnderPo

          It’s hardly creepy when a very aggressive form of nationalism is the source of misery for Koreans and for the people around the world. North and South Koreas are fully devoted to nationalism which can be extremely bad in the long run.

          Hell. I’m sick of living with prideful people too. Doesn’t everybody? You do not see them that often,

          • Sillian

            Lol now I know! So what misery around the world are we talking about again?

          • UnderPo

            It’s called harsh reality with so many dumb people, dude.

          • Isaac

            Hey KCdude,

            You made a new account to spread your insecurity, I see.

          • KCdude

            You mean I have a stalker? Should I feel happy about this? Or maybe people understand Confucian culture doesn’t work well with the whole idea of pride. Like said before, it’s a good thing China is doing something about the whole mess in the Korean Peninsula.

          • Sillian

            You can’t even give me an example of ethnic Korean nationalism creating ‘misery around the world’ today. Thank you very much.

  • Yaminah Jamison

    “And the Philippines is a Catholic country, so that it strictly forbids abortions. That must also be a reason why there are more and more Kopinos.”

    Yet the bible kinda frowns upon fornication….. Hate when people pick and choose what things they should follow/applies to them in situation such as these.

  • Mighty曹

    Seeking younger girls to avoid STD’s is just bull crap. These men are, plain and simple, pedophiles.

  • commander

    The bigger problem with a staggering number of Kopinos is that they are highly likely to be left out regular eudcation in consideration of financial harship their Vietnamese mothers are in.

    Chances are high that they will be engaged in crimes, while they will continue to be tormented over who they are and who are their fathers.

    The frustrarion they find in the fact that they borned of a money for sex deal and that they might be not wanted to be born may be haunting them over the whole life.

    South Korean fathers should know the grave consequences for their children from momentary pleasure.

    In what might be a dramatic scene of a movie, an irresponsible Korean father might pay dearly for having sex with prostitutes or local women when a child seeks to get even with him for pain his family have gone under.

  • UnderPo

    a sexually frustrated country + a foreign country that one thinks that someone can do sketchy things in the country + an evil plan = a very bad result

    (sarcastic laugh)

    • fe5 5feia

      i hope you get dismembered

  • chucky3176

    Look at the picture of those Korean volunteers in white hats, in this article. They look really silly to me, and they are the real cause of these problems because I’ll tell you why. They, like many South Koreans, suffer from what I call “good doer’s disease”. They, and many of the civic action groups in South Korea, are not bad people, they are just naive and idealistic people who turn a mole hill into a mountain. They grew up during the South Korea’s early democracy, and the ones who are older then 40, grew up in a protest culture. They want to badly make somekind of a societal revolution. And one of their many issues that they rally around (now that the dictatorship that they fought against in the past has disappeared) is the cause for the poor kids in the Philippines left behind by the bad evil Korea men who rape pure innocent Philipina women, forcing them to get pregnant against their will. Just look at that picture above, aren’t they so noble and brave to help these poor suffering third world children? (yeah right). They are part of the problem, not the solution.

    But you know what? The more self-immolation and exaggeration of this problem that South Korean NGO’s and media commit, there will be more hatred and contempt towards all South Koreans, not just against the guilty ones, but also against the same Koreans who are trying to do good. This is not going to bring good reputation to South Korea, nor will those children be helped anyway. For instance, what do Filipinos who read this story think? They think Korean men are bad murdering irresponsible criminals now. If those NGO’s really want to help those one thousand or so abandoned Kopinos, they should be helping the children and their poor Filipina mothers, quietly. The condemning and stereotyping, and portraying the majority of Korean men as evil child sex abusers going over to Philippines to rape these women, is not the answer. Stereotyping Filipina women with Korean men as some kind of an abnormal sexual prostitution between a sex perverted Korean man and 12 year old Filipina girl who gets pregnant, is also not the answer. Stop exaggerating the problems, blowing up the unsubstantiated numbers and figures, and stop portraying all these women as whores and these men as sex buyers and rapists. What’s really needed is calm analysis, followed by rational long term remedies that will help those who are really effected. We don’t need sensationalized media’s boiling pot full of self degradations that boils over one minute, then cools down and nobody remembers what happened.

    • Paul M

      Yes Chucky, it’s not nice being stereotyped by an irresponsible sensationalist media who blow the statistics all out of proportion isn’t it?

      • chucky3176

        Yes Paul M. I’m not sure why you’re taking that tone with me. I’ve always taken a consistent stance.

        • Paul M

          Yes, we can rely on you to be consistent. If this were an article on Japancrush about Japanese men we all know you’d leap to their defence by saying that the statistics are screwed and the media is creating hype.

          • chucky3176

            Can you tell me what statistics about Japanese men you are talking about?

          • Paul M

            Are you being dumb or are you deliberately trying to confuse the issue? I’m not talking about any statistics at all. I’m talking about your posts appearing to make the story of Korean male sex tourism in the Philippines to be a non-issue yet at the same time condemning the actions of non-Korean nationals for doing exactly the same thing.

          • chucky3176

            Where did I ever condemn non-Korean nationals for doing sex tourism and impregnating Korean women in South Korea than abandoning them? I think you have mistaken me with someone else.

          • chucky3176

            I think you’re the hypocritical one Paul M. When these Korean civic groups say no good white guys in Korea are going around treating Korean women as sex things to play with, then cheating on them, I’m sure you’d be one of the first ones to jump up and down hopping mad and asking for concrete proof. All the while, I never bought into that propaganda by the Korean media. But it seems to me, “critical thinking” that’s often lauded as in shortage in Korea by Western critics, don’t really apply when the stories by the Korean media reflect negatively on Koreans. Of course, I understand, each groups being accused of guilty actions, have their own responsibility to defend themselves, but at least a little acknowledgement is in order here.

          • Paul M

            Where did you condemn non-Koreans for engaging in sex tourism (in general and not in South Korea – please stop putting words into my mouth)? Just scroll up and read your own posts where you show that the statistics for Japanese and Chinese nationals being arrested for prostitution is apparently higher than that for Koreans (although you don’t cite the number of Korean nationals arrested).

            Do you want to know what pisses me off. When stories about foreign sex crimes in Korea circulate in the media, it causes such a moral outrage which in turn puts pressure on the government to enact new laws and regulations (such as HIV testing for only E2 visas). Whereas this story will, at the same time, draw condemnation it will not lead to anything other than people shaking their heads and thinking “how awful”.

          • chucky3176

            Like I said Paul, each group has their own jobs to defend themselves. I used the Japanese and Chinese national statistics as an example of the inconsistency of the statistics, but I never condemned them for anything. You missed the entire point because you have a grudge in your mind that prevents you from having an open mind.

          • chucky3176

            Re-edit, lest you twist my words again. Correction to “I never condemned the Chinese and Japanese for the sex statistics by the Philippines police”.

          • Paul M

            Oh is that so? In order to show inconsistencies in statistics you quote very precise numbers from a well respected source. To me your post looked more like the time old tactic of deflecting the blame onto someone else in order to avoid responsibility. Who cares if there are 1,000 10,000 or 100,000 Kopino children without a father, the numbers are irrelevant. The fact is that dirty old men are going to the Philippines to pay for sex without using precautions and reneging on their responsibilities as a father, and that Koreans are among those men.

            But look on the bright side. At least there won’t be a huge nationwide public outcry about this story prompting the Philippine government to take measures such as, oh I don’t know, say… requiring all Koreans to have an HIV test before being allowed into the country.

          • chucky3176

            So typical of bitter ESL’er to deflect this topic onto your own bitterness, little man. So how does the HIV test in Korea relate to this topic? It must be that Koreans are so damn mean and racist!

          • Paul M

            Ah, so now we’ve degraded to petty insults since you’re unable to counter my arguments. Which is all fine and well considering I think of you as nothing more than a wretched little fascist with a mind numbing inferiority complex who has nothing better to do than to take out his frustrations on expat forums.

          • chucky3176

            I’m sorry, but did you make any argument other then trumpeting out HIV tests for ESL’ers in Korea? Oh yeas that’s so relevant to this topic. Shrug.

          • chucky3176

            Koreabang is an expat forum? Since when? lol.

          • Paul M

            forums – “s” – plural – more than one – not specifically referring to this website. And you accuse me of twisting your words?

            Okay, here’s the relevance… Back in 2005 there was a slew of articles and news reports in the media making a big issue out of the sexual deviancy of esl teachers in Korea. The only concrete thing they had was some Canadian guy who had taught in Korea for a couple of years being arrested in Thailand for being a paedophile. This lead to a moral panic amongst the pure, innocent and wholesome Korean public who never engage in deviant sexual acts (note the sarcasm here). This put pressure on the government and so changed the visa laws in order to make it look like it was doing something – hence the HIV testing for E2 visas ONLY, no other visas require this not even the visa for “entertainers” (*cough* prostitutes *cough*). And if you still think that this is just a bunch of white guys whining then your opinion is different from that of Ban Ki Moon and the United Nations committee ICERD who have urged the South Korean government to drop mandatory HIV testing.

            Now we have a story highlighting the sexual deviancy of Korean men in the Philippines and you’re getting all butt hurt and outraged about how the statistics are skewed etc. etc. Yet is this going to create a moral panic pressuring governments to pass discriminatory laws?

            Oh and can you just keep to single replies, or is this just another one of your tactics to confuse the argument?

          • chucky3176

            Precisely my point. White guys whine whenever the targets are on them, claiming discrimination. But now that the target is on Korean men, what happened to all the critical thinking that white guys claim that Koreans were missing during the ESL hype? This only proves that the Korean media is an equal opportunity opportunists – they over hype everyone’s faults, whether they be Korean or Western males. In that way, they’re not discriminating. And you’re wrong, it is up to the Philippines government to pass any bills that they fit, if they think this is a big problem, because the problem affects the Philippines more than Korea.

          • chucky3176

            And if the Philippines passes some kind of a law against Korean males, you won’t see Korean males whine and bitch and moan that it’s racist, like white males do in Korea or any other Asian countries. Koreans will instead say, what a shame for Koreans and move on. White guys on the other hand… you’ll never hear the end of it.

          • Paul M

            I will believe that when I see it.

          • rich

            it’s already happened. both the Cambodian and Mongolian government imposed restriction on interracial marriages between Korean men and their women because of several high profile incidents for several years but you never heard any Koreans bitching about that. Only if the Korean government would have came up with such limitations for white men in the past we wouldn’t have to deal with as many half white bastard children in Korea. frankly I don’t think there would be much complaints coming from Koreans if Phillipines imposed similar restrictions on Korean men. On the other hand whities would raise hell if similar measures were raised on them.

          • Paul M

            I almost missed this reply… Did a little checking up on that law. Didn’t find anything on Mongolia but I found news from Cambodia. They passed a law banning marriage between female Cambodians and foreign men over 50 and/or who earn under a certain amount of money per month. Please note that it is ALL FOREIGNERS, not just Koreans. This law came about in part due to mail order brides being abused in Korea. Nice try but no cigar pal.


    • Sillian

      I’m not sure if it’s more so with Korean civic groups or civic groups are generally like that all around the world…but I’ve seen a few cases where they apparently embellished the situation on purpose to draw wider attention. I don’t really know how to take it. They are trying to make things better after all…basically.

  • Chris Thurston

    My problem with this story is the same as most stories in Korea – reliable statistics anyone? “About 10,000”, just show me a source. This is the same issue with reporting on foreigners in Korea: the hate-mongers like Anti-English Spectrum are also incredibly vague and unscrupulous in their use of statistics. Are facts as a basis for reporting really so under-valued by Korean media and their consumers?

  • dk2020

    the filipino government needs to crack down on child prostitution .. this abc news report says lots of these brothels are owned by american ex-marines .. let this shit be exposed and these idiots korean,white, or whatever get thrown in jail .. it’s retarded when you try to blame a race because it’ll still be going on if all the koreans got kicked out the phils ..

    • mike

      Ex-marines and other US persons do run some of these establishments however, most of them are run by Filipinos. There are two problems here…one is the demand for these services by tourists of ALL nationalities and the second is a completely corrupt and inept government that does not really care.

  • Kate

    Everyone is blaming the men here (which is totally justified) but the women are just as responsible creating these unwanted babies. I’m sure they know by now about Korean men’s reputation and probably tell themselves “but I’m different, hell stay and support !” And of course it doesn’t work out like that. They are just as responsible for making these babies. It seems to me that their government needs yo start a big campaign discouraging these women from getting pregnant by these men. Feel bad for the children…

    • Isaac

      “I’m sure they know by now about Korean men’s reputation..”

      Yes, all of us go to the phillippines and fuck the living souls of these poor women. Har har har.

      Truthfully, I wouldn’t even visit these countries nor would I travel to any country just for sex.

      • chucky3176

        What’s the White Man’s reputation in Asia? Is it any better? How about Asian countries campaigning on their women not to fuck around with the white men and getting pregnant? Is that really a good ideal? Start with the Philippines. Weren’t there, up to 20 years ago, a slew of Amerasian kids got produced out of wedlock and the US refused to acknowledge and support them? No restrictions nor any campaigns back then. That would be racist. But it’s not racist to campaign against trouble making Korean men. You see the double standard?

      • Kate

        Isaac, I mean “korean men” within the context of the story, not all Korean men. I mean the Korean men who are visiting these women, I’m sure these women, within their circles, know these men’s reputation who visit them and know women who have had children who were abandoned by them. That is all.

  • takasar1

    cant wait to see the koreans try to claim to being a ‘clean’ race after this

    • Sillian

      Ofc you cannot wait for a strawman.

      • takasar1


        • dk2020

          koreans are as dirty dirty as any other race babo yah .. hypocrisy is projecting that everybody of that race condones shitty behavior ..

          • takasar1

            “babo”, are you a koreaboo by any chance? no, hypocrisy is when members of that race pretend that they are clean and noble all the while turning a blind eye on incidents like these.

          • dk2020

            Buhhh, I’m gyopo .. who dafuq is saying Koreans are clean? I’m only responsible for myself and what I do, not what other Korean guys do .. read the comments and article again and say Koreans aren’t embarrassed by this shit .. but collective guilt trips don’t work on me I think thats some judgmental and hypocritical bullshit ..

          • takasar1

            “but collective guilt trips don’t work on me I think thats some judgmental and hypocritical bullshit”, dont worry, i’m not trying to administer one, just tried to post a quick comment before i left for the airport. “who dafuq is saying Koreans are clean”, a lot, especially since the last time i was in busan. who knows? things may have changed since then…

    • chucky3176

      English teachers in Korea can’t read, even if the Korean article was translated word for word into English, just for them. Go right up to this page, and read the article and the responses from real Korean netizens. Where do you see them blaming outsiders and claim being a clean race? This is one of the favorite cliches used by Western expats. So tiresome.

      • takasar1

        ummm…i’m not an expat. i actually lived with koreans in busan for a couple of years and was able to see first-hand the actions and extremely nationalistic rhetoric and words of a sizeable minority claiming that they are ‘superior’ to the chinese and japanese. only koreaboos appreciate the good and defend the bad.

        • Annie

          takasar1, can you show us where their comments are saying they are superior race? I see the complete opposite.

          • takasar1

            Annie, do you really expect me to go through every single comment on the internet and record the conversations of random nationalists just to give you a comment? i won’t but if you want to read them? then go ahead and do a simple google search

          • dk2020

            Has there been any lynchings or parades against foreigners in Busan? Talk is cheap, when you talk to them were you harmed? They don’t have a right to their own opinion just because they don’t think like you? I’ve met plenty of liberal Koreans too.. conservative right wingers run politics in East Asia thats the political trend ..

          • takasar1

            calm down. i never said that they were not entitled to their opinion nor that they lynched other minorities, my point was that there are a size-able minority who believe that they are a pure race above the japanese and chinese. stop reading too much into it and assuming that i am saying things which i am not

  • MooDang

    Wow, lot of pissed of English teachers here. I think they are enjoying this…probably sat at listened one too many times to Koreans talking about how pure and conservative Korean society is (as opposed to the morally bankrupt west). I think most people would be more saddened by the article than anything, except Koreans point so many fingers (though their words/actions/media/stereotypes) that when an article like this pops up the reaction is going to be strong anger and cries of ‘hypocrisy!’. Koreans, stop blaming the outside world for your problems, it makes you look petty and aligns people against you when articles like this come up. Instead, acknowledge, contemplate, protest, and repair what plagues your (and many other) societies.

    • dk2020

      same shit different day .. korean society will implode sooner or later because they are so wicked ..

  • anon

    keyboard warriors round 1, fight! *gets popcorn*

  • Confused ASEAN

    TO CHUCK FROM KSENTRY IF YOU MISS OR TO LAZY TO SCROLL DOWN : Hey chuck is this the same guy from KSentry? I think most things about
    Koreans are truly a exaggeration for a fact. In fact when I went back to
    Cambodia, guess who been chatting up all the prostiz, It was Westerners
    that I saw, old men. Khmer that I’ve talked don’t really like the
    attitudes and traits of certain Westerners. We have more problems with
    White-folk pedos, and the same ESL dirt-trash, there are bars that
    employ underprivileged Khmer people women mostly, some even discourage
    these girls to have relationships with other Khmers so the girls can
    FUCKIN sell their bodies for CHEAP SHIT SEX to whitey-trash, I’ve talked
    to these girls AND HELL THEY ARE ASHAMED, ebing labelled whore is worst
    of worse in our hierarchical system, foreigners especially barang
    asshole should learn that you can’t do as you please, but there will
    always be dumb people who think you are so privilege and join in like
    some idiots in my country, we don’t really have situation involving
    other Asians. Cambodia NEVER HAD HIV/STD problems until some stupid
    UNITAC Blue-shit who haven’t been tested being deployed during 1990’s
    peace process, even we didn’t fall over heels for UNITAC or WESTERN dirt-trash assholes we were still conservative even now, you will not find a decent girl, only the seriously underprivileged working in bars types . I have Khmer friends in Korea, to them Koreans are nice
    people. Conservative. GIVE KOREANS a BREAK they been through shit too.

    • chucky3176

      Thanks for your support.

  • whats in a name….

    I used to think Whitey were root of all evil….but they are the ones who first brought us railway, light, telephone lines,etc…..
    What did Asians do for their people??? Its funny how we dont mind our corrupt officals to screw us around..but when it comes to a white man…
    To be honest, I realised many white people are more morally concerned then us Asians…
    Asians are even more racist than the white man….See what the Chinese think of Filipinos and what Filipinos think about Indians….And also what Japanese think of Koreans and CHinese…..
    Do you think Asia can produce another Snowden?…I have never seen an Asian whistle blower….

    • Sillian

      Its funny how we dont mind our corrupt officials to screw us around..

      I dunno what you mean by ‘we’ but many Asians or Koreans do mind. You can read more kBang for a starter…

      I have never seen an Asian whistle blower….

      It means you are just not familiar with Asian or Korean politics. Snowden is on another scale due to the international significance of the matter he could whistleblow about in the first place.

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  • David Harmon

    They are Koreans, what did you expect? Look at what they did to their female populace on their own accord. They were literally selling them into sex slavery for decades after the Korean War. They are running out of females so they are obviously going to target other countries for exploitation.

    Their culture is extremely fucked up and they live with this sense of superiority that is undeserved of their accomplishments.

    Before anyone asks, yes I have lived there before.

    • P.N.

      US military men having sex with Philippines prostitutes and abandoning them by thousands in South Korea.


      Why does South Korea has to clean this shit up? Where are the Americans and Filipinos?

      • David Harmon

        So Americans have to clean up the mess that they created by bringing those prostitutes into the country in the first place?

        Korea has been selling their own daughters into prostitution for decades, and they brought the Filipinas in because they are running out of women. Look at the demographics of the nation. The Korean farmers have to bring in Filipinas just to continue their family lines.

        Americans are not responsible for them selling their own country out.

        • Guest

          If that’s the case then Koreans are not responsible for Philippine’s Kopino children. Why should Koreans care about this, when Americans don’t care about their own mixed kids (American fathers and Filipina mothers) in South Korea and in the Philippines. It’s not Korea’s fault if Philippines is responsible for selling their own country. It seems to me, it’s silly to blame all the problems on the Koreans when neither Americans nor Philippines care about this issue.

          • David Harmon

            It’s the Koreans allowing them into the country in the first place. What is so hard to understand about this?

        • Guest

          This is about the US troops in South Korea, hooking up with Philippine women and not taking care of their children after they’re born. It has nothing to do with what you are talking about.

          • David Harmon

            It has everything to do with what I am talking about. If the Koreans would stop bringing the Filipinas into the country for prostitution then they couldn’t get pregnant in Korea in the first place….

            Forcing men to take care of children they did not chose to have in the first place is not the way to solve anything expect the shortage of people paying for porn instead of finding hookers. Perhaps you haven’t been paying attention, but marriage is dying for a very obvious reason, and it has to do with women child/divorce raping men rather than being up front an honest.

            Additionally the original article is about KOREAN MEN, not American men. Ok, Mr. GUEST?

          • David Harmon

            Yes, it does. It is your issue that you can not admit that the Korean government encourages the mob to bring in Filipinas to be prostitutes.

            I know better, because I have been stationed in Area 1 where the largest concentrations of those Filipina girls end up. The Korean government takes kick backs and “free services” from the arrangement. Koreans are just looking for a free hand out on this issue. Very typical for them to be honest.

          • David Harmon

            The Korean government is the reason those girls end up there in the first place.

  • David Harmon
  • David Harmon

    See there is an obvious trend.


  • Smith_90125

    I knew Korean males (they don’t deserve to be called men) were going in droves for prostitution, but I didn’t know many of them were pedophiles. It’s as bad as the Australians in Thailand who seek out child sex in the same numbers.

    Many western countries (e.g. Canada, England, the US) have laws to prosecute citizens who rape children while overseas, outside their home country. (Children are not adults so it’s rape, it doesn’t matter that it’s “prostitution”. A child can’t give informed consent.) Does Korea have such a law? If not, why not? There are laws that prosecute Koreans who use marijuana and other drugs outside the country, so why not prosecute those who rape children? Because they’re males, often wealthy, and so are the lawmakers?

  • BusanBen

    ESL teachers are tested for every disease and drug, but these ajusshi animals are the ones who spread AIDS and other STD’s prolifically.

  • Missy Nana

    This gives me creep!I would nt marry any korean guys that always b to and fro philippines nw…STD’s r a real no no!Not to say unfaithfulness!Sigh…I guess those men r really horny bastards that cant think that they put their lives in danger too…

  • P.N.

    Thousands of babies born between Filipina prostitutes and US Military personnel stationed in South Korea.

    By law, since the women are Philippine nationals and fathers are United States military forces, the children born in South Korea are not considered South Korean citizens. Filipina women make up the majority of women who service US troops in entertainment centers of many camp towns set up near US military bases. So far, the US and Korean governments, nor the US military, as well as the American fathers, have done anything to help. The women and children end up as illegals, moving places to places to avoid deportations, living in squalor.


  • 천사

    Why I am so naive regarding this article. I don’t have any idea about this. But thanks that I found this article. I got a lot of idea already.
    But I’m still confusing~ It might be true but I know not all of them Korean guys. But I really felt bad after I read this article. Since I really like korean people and having a good friendship with them and being so closed to someone that I considered as my best friend. I felt disappointment :(

  • 천사

    Why I am so naive regarding this article. I don’t have any idea about this. But thanks that I found this article. I got a lot of idea already.
    But I’m still confusing~ It might be true but I know not all of them Korean guys. But I really felt bad after I read this article. Since I really like korean people and having a good friendship with them and being so closed to someone that I considered as my best friend. I felt disappointment :(

  • Bankotsu

    Hope that Duterte can crack down on this disgusting filth.

  • Bankotsu

    And people like Richard Javad Heydarian shoud grow a backbone. There is a reason while Philippines doesn’t have that great an image in foreign countries.

    Stop sucking the cock of the U.S like a dog.


    Richard Javad Heydarian, why can’t you grow a spine and fight for Philippines interests?

    Why must you act like a reared dog of the Americans?

    Richard Javad Heydarian, white cock really tastes that nice to you?

    If that is so, please go back to America. Don’t disgrace yourself and Philippines here.

    Fuck off.

    Richard Javad Heydarian, the way I see it, you are nothing but sucker of American cock. Keep on suck suck suck, very shiok! You are nothing but whore of the Americans, no better than these people in the article. But they are poor, they have no choice. You have choice. You chose to be whore,.

    Fuck off lah. Disgraceful bastard.

  • Bankotsu

    Why korean men don’t like to wear condom when fucking whores? Then want to complain about STDs, find little children to fuck?

    I think cut off your cock better. Shameless.

    Want to play with whores, at least wear condom lah, fucking hell.

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