• Alex

    So long as these protests have extremely unrealistic demands such as abolishing the NIS and releasing ‘well-behaved’ convicts, they cannot be taken seriously. As if Korea’s justice system isn’t silly enough already as it is, giving pathetically lenient sentences to murderers and rapists.

    The fact that they’ve allied themselves with also very dubious/questionable organizations/people does not help either, whether willingly or unwillingly.

  • SeoulKorea

    You call them ” Communist” in South Korea. You must realize that is not political demonstration. Just Communist supporting thugs living off Korean Tax system. In the end who pays all those mess??? Them or South Koreans?????

  • NondescriptRG

    What a bunch of wussies, cursing brave protesters out of the comfort of their own homes.

    • riderofstuff

      what a bunch of wussies. Knocking teeth out of unarmed policemen with metal rods knowing they cant hit back.

  • ShootehAnon

    Yeah, good luck getting anything when the opposition party is more brain dead and divided than Daddy Park’s little mouthbreather princess and her equally retarded posse.

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