Japanese Professor Protests Ultra-Conservatism in Japan

A Japanese professor residing in Seoul has started a regular anti-anti-Korean demonstration in the center of the city. Sakurai Nobuhide has set out to raise awareness of the growing influence of the far right in Japan and urge the two countries to get along with one another.

While stories of Japanese racism frequently make headlines in Korea, netizens showed an understanding that there are many good people living in their neighboring country and that the nationalists in Japan, despite their loud protests, do not represent the entire population.

Article from Money Today:

In Downtown Seoul, Japanese Professor Protests Ultra-Nationalism Trend in Japan

Japanese professor (third from left) in Namseoul University protest in downtown Seoul against anti-Korea campaign in Japan

Japanese professor (third from left) of Namseoul University protest with his students in downtown Seoul against anti-Korea campaign in Japan.

A Japanese ultra nationalist group Zaitokukai has even threatened to kill Koreans in Japan.

A Japanese professor took to the street to protest what he sees as an alarming anti-Korea campaign in Japan.”

Sakurai Nobuhide, a professor in the Japanese language department of Namseoul University held a protest rally, joined by his students with signs reading, “Seoul Against Racism,” “Let’s get along,” “We Oppose the Anti-Korea Campaign by Zaitokukai.”

Starting in May of 2013, professor Nobuhide launched a one-man protest against racist campaigns mounted by an extreme conservative group in Japan.

Since November, he has held a five-men protest with his four students every Saturday by the Gwanghwamun in downtown Seoul.

Mr. Nobuhide gives away pamphlets and some tangerines to passers-by. The pamphlets, written in four languages, including Korean and Japanese, aim to heighten the public awareness of the extent of the increasingly inflammatory racist campaigns in Japan.”

18-year-old Cho, watching the protest, said, “After seeing a Japanese person protesting, I think there is a glimmer of hope. And I’d like to help him if there is something that I could do.”

Some passing citizens hurled insults at Mr. Nobuhide, saying, “Jjokbari, go back to your country.”

The increasingly aggressive rhetoric of an ultra-conservative group in Japan motivated the Japanese professor to take to the street. Mr. Nobuhide pointed to a Japanese group that demands the elimination of the privileges that are given to Koreans living in Japan as the culprit of the growing anti-Korea sentiment in the country.

The organization, founded in Japan in 2007, has publicly demanded the elimination of the special permanent residence right that is bestowed upon Koreans who continue to live in Japan after Japan’s defeat in World War II. Japan gave the right to Koreans, who were considered citizens of Imperial Japan.

Ultra conservative group Zaitokukai march in anti-Korea campaign in Japan.

Ultra conservative group Zaitokukai marches in anti-Korea campaign in Japan.

Professor Nobuhide said, “The far-right group wants to kill Koreans in Japan, threatening Koreans living in Japan and Korean students who go to Japan for study.”

“Three decades ago, the ultraconservatives were only a marginal group, but as the Japanese economy continues its slump, those extreme conservatives instigate jingoism among fellow Japanese in a bid to boost Japan’s pride,” he added.

Mr. Nobuhide also noted, “The group’s claim is tantamount to racism. Racism is a social malaise in Japanese society.”

Yang Hee-jin, 45, who is in a PhD program for Japanese modern literature at Namseoul University in Seoul, echoed the view, saying that anti-Korean sentiment is running high in Japan.

Yang recalled, “I still vividly remember suffering discrimination in Japan when I was studying there for 11 years. Some Japanese students giggled, calling me chousenjin. [can be a derogatory term for Koreans]”

“The conservative group has suddenly emerged in Japan, making an absurd case and launching anti-Korea protests in Tokyo’s Koreatown. That movement has spread anti-Korean sentiment through many parts of Japan.”

Lee In-kyu,a 26-year-old student majoring in tax law, joined Mr. Nobuhide’s protest after he took the professor’s class, saying, “I was surprised to know that many Koreans in Japan are going through discrimination. That’s why I came here. I will continue to join the protest until I get a job because this is a meaningful activity.

Zaitokukai members chant anti-Korea slogans in Japan.

Zaitokukai members chant anti-Korea slogans in Japan.

Comments from Naver:


It’s fortunate that there are conscientious Japanese like him.


There are a few right-minded Japanese. The professor is one of them. I hope that no Korean will find fault with him while he is in protest with a good intention of promoting good relations with Koreans.


I hope that the Korean public will recognize that there are Japanese people like him. Not all Japanese think alike. The problem is with Japanese politics.


I think those who called the protesters Jjokbari and told them to go back to their country are no better than monkeys. Please, get your act together.


Those who have been to Japan would know that there are many good-hearted Japanese people. Of course, some Japanese are not but you don’t have to bash the country. What we really loathe is the ultra right-wing politicians and some insane people there.


You may not know that there is only a small number of Jjokbari who denigrates Korea. About three to four out of ten. But the majority of Koreans tend to believe that the ultra conservates’ provocation represents that of the Japanese public, responding by calling all of them jjokbari. But there are many sensible Japanese like him in Japan, but the problem is that those people receive little media coverage.

Comments from Daum:


Don’t protest in Korea. The ruling Saenuri Party is on the side of the Japan.


The ultra conservative group’s threat to kill Koreans living in Japan is extremely dangerous. That provocation may incite some insensible Japanese to inflict great damage on Koreans living in Japan. The Korean government should take strong measures against the ultra conservative group and the Japanese government that sit back and turn a blind eye to the hate campaign.


Understandably, some people can tell the protesters to demonstrate in Japan. But that doesn’t make practical sense. Currently, the professor is living and working here in Korea. If he happens to visit Japan, he may stage a protest. I think he is one of the conscientious Japanese, and he is better than those politically polarized Koreans hurling abusive language at each other.


The protesting professor may be assassinated by the ultra nationalist group Zaitokukai. I heard that some ultra nationalists assassinated some pro-Korean politician in Japan, not to mention common people.

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  • Mighty曹

    Wow, a Japanese becoming Korea’s national hero.

    LOL. At first glance I read “In Downtown Seoul, Japanese Professor Protects Ultra-Conservatism in Japan”.

    • Doge Wallace

      Is that what you got from this? That a Japanese guy is becoming Korea’s national hero?


      • Mighty曹

        Is that what you got from my sarcasm? WOW

        • Doge Wallace

          Total sarcasm fail.

          No wow.

          • Mighty曹

            The only ‘fail’ was on your part.
            Bow wow.

          • bigmamat

            How about this….how long do you think it will take Korean conservatives to accuse him of being a North Korean mole?

          • Mighty曹

            Won’t be quicker than the Japanese ultra-conservatives accusing him of being an imposter.

          • bigmamat

            I was trying to be sarcastic…but another fail I guess…and yeah that too….

          • Mighty曹

            No fail. I was just adding to your sarcasm.

          • A Pinky Promise

            Two most popular guests on Korean variety shows right now are both Japanese. Even notorious Knetz praise these two whenever there’s an article about them.
            When there was an article about camparing Sayuri (Japanese girl) and some Korean idol most people sided with the Japanese girl, showing how popular she is. Koreans don’t hate every Japanese.

          • Butsu

            Dont know her name but I’ve seen some Korean chick on Japanese TV too, in a panel. Being neighbouring countries a lot of thing goes both ways, from TV to the political spectrum.

          • chucky3176

            Yoon Son-ha. She’s almost 40 years old, better known in Japan than in Korea.

          • Butsu

            Nah, I meant a much younger one. Think she used to don traditional Korean clothes as well.

          • chucky3176

            Yah, that’s her. Is she still active in Japan?

          • Butsu

            Back in Mars 2013 I still saw her on TV, but when I went back now during Dec/Jan I didn’t see her though.

          • chucky3176

            RIght now it’s not exactly good business to show any kind of Korean content on Japanese TV, even if it’s just one personality. The political mood, and all the protests outside TV stations and all the email bombs and death threats, made sure of that. I was reading the other day how even the Kpop group KARA who were very popular couple of years ago, no Japanese agency would touch them to promote them.

          • Butsu

            Oh, but music acts keep gettin airtime. Also some department stores are big on the kpop (esp. during new year sale, it was like a club). And in restaurant. You’re exaggerating as usual. Going back to Osaka in about 2-3 weeks and stay for 4 months this time. Gonna keep my eyes out for all the protest you keep writing about, figure I gotta see one at least once.

          • A Pinky Promise

            That’s not true. She was well known in Korea before she was active in Japan.

          • Mighty曹

            I like that FT Island did some songs in Japanese.

          • chucky3176

            The Japanese will accuse him of being a phony Japanese who is Zainichi Korean, who went “back home” to protest, before that happens. Koreans are on the whole, have pretty positive view towards individual normal Japanese people. It’s their revisionist tendencies, the Japanese right wing, their politicians, and Japan as a whole that’s in the news, which Koreans don’t like.

            I don’t understand why you have such a boner for Korean conservatives (and they have nothing to do with any of this).

          • bigmamat

            I have have the opposite of boner for most conservatives. Although I am aware that you cannot make a direct comparison of a Korean conservative with an American conservative. I do see a lot of Korean conservatives that seem to think everything the other party does is being directed by the North Korean regime. Maybe a better analogy would be that Korean conservatives are more like American Libertarians, the conspiracy theory party. It just doesn’t help their cause when they see North Korean spies hiding behind everything.

          • Rutim

            There was a Japanese guy frequently invited to Korean TV variety shows. He was working on university somewhere on Hokkaido and specialized in Korean studies so he knew Korean. He even mastered some kind of accent (Jeolla if I remember well). In the middle of the last decade he was going to Seoul few times in a month.

            Unfortunately for him it turned out that he published some books about Korea which didn’t put it in a good light. That put an immediate end to his career in Korea and became a persona non grata there.

            Do you remember that guy name?

          • chucky3176

            Nope. Never heard of him.

          • Rutim

            Never heard about Sunpei Mizuno?

          • chucky3176

            Who? Is he similar to Kim Tae Hee who was hounded out of Japan with all those death threats against her?

          • Rutim

            lol, you surely know that man. and lol, I don’t know who Kim Tae Hee is as well. Some Korean plastic surgery tarento?

          • A Pinky Promise

            She’s one of the few natural beauties in Korea, and no one says “tarento” in Korea. That’s how Japanese pronounce “talent”

    • linette lee

      China, Japan, and Korea politicians are all crazies. Instead of uniting like the Europeans these crazy a55es politicians are constantly propaganding and stirring up conflicts. Then the Chinese, Japanese, Korean netizens go on cyber war talking shxt at each other. The Non Asian countries must be laughing their a55es off at CJK. And the worst thing is Japan and Korea are hiding behind USA a55es for protection to threaten China. No wonder China must do it alone on the rise of Asian on global economy and world super power.

      • harvz

        LOL. China is going to be the a super power? The only country you mentioned that literally offers nothing to the world? That China?

        • linette lee

          Don’t be banging on that Made in China keyboard too hard now.

          • harvz

            Yes, you think that mass producing the world’s shit is offering something? What China is doing is showing the downside of capitalism by turning millions of their own citizens into indentured servants so that I can bang on my “Chinese keyboard”

            how is that something to be proud of? That’s the problem that needs to be addressed.

            and my keyboard is a Samsung btw.

          • linette lee

            Open your computer and I guarantee you you will find computer components made in China. lol.
            You so sour. lol.

            “millions of their own citizens into indentured servants” That’s definitely an issue China needs to fix. Just like the working condition of middle class Japanese and Koreans need to be fixed. You wonder why so many suicide and depression right.

            USA middle working class people are in no better condition right now with their economy.

          • harvz

            The truth is that it really doesn’t matter if any part of my computer is made in China. As I said, mass producing everyone’s shit is hardly considered a notable contribution to the world. China is one of the few countries in the world that can make America’s stench mot smell as bad.

            Also, while Americans don’t get the same protection that is awarded to their corporations, middle class… no, even those living in poverty don’t live like those in China.

            Last time I checked, Americans weren’t forced to live at factories and work god awful hours. Last time I checked, factories didn’t have to install suicide nets and people didn’t drop dead on the line from exhaustion

          • Nanomage

            Actually you’re wrong , america did go through an industrial boom similar to what china is going through right now , just on a less massive scale and different time period. Read up on history , you might actually get a clue on what’s happening.

          • harvz

            Look at this Chinese apologist.

            Are you seriously going to point at how the world was during the industrial revolution, back when people were going full on retarded and classifying women and non-white with less rights, and in sone cases less than human,, and use that to justify crimes against humanity in the information age?


          • linette lee

            “classifying women and non-white with less rights, and in sone cases less than human.”

            Sounds like Japan, Korea, China to me. lol.

          • nanomage

            What i’m saying is America , England , Japan was “producing the world’s shit” at one point , which you seem to have no understanding of.

        • ijbz

          last time i heard, china offers food to the koreans in the north, so that’s something

        • Cassius

          China offered nothing to the world?? Whoa your ignorance is astounding. Before you go learn a little bit about the contributions made by the Chinese civilization you should be stripped of your right to write on papers.

      • Mighty曹

        Hey sis, this is how I see it (I can be wrong): The biggest sticking point for China, Japan, and Korea is the atrocities committed during WWII. Europe quickly split into the West and the East and engaged in the Cold War. West Germany admitted the war crimes committed by the Nazis and made war reparations. They even outlawed Nazism. They’ve done enough to allow them to move forward. NATO was formed to counter the Warsaw Pact. The common goal in the region then was to stop the spread of communism.

        When communism fell NATO members pretty much formed the EU and even allowed some former Eastern Bloc countries to join.

        And yes, if China, Japan and Korea manage to form a Chopsticks Union (we all use chopsticks!) with a common goal it would be more powerful than the EU.

  • nqk123

    small groups are misrepresenting the view of the majority. this is the fault of media

    • A Pinky Promise

      The true question is which side is the majority?

      • nqk123

        both are equally guilty. please don’t try put blame one side. I already know your motive

      • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

        I can tell you which is the minority: the loudest and yappiest.

        Much like tiny dogs.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    See Korea? Not all the Japanese are racist dicks. Just an uncomfortably large number of them.

    • Western Sydney

      Sadly the racist dicks are the politicians. They represent Japan so therefore it is natural to see Japan as a ‘racist’ nation because of those corrupted leaders.

      If Japan’s leaders were much better, then its image will improve

      On the other hand, Skorea and China should also stop doing its antiJapan propaganda, else if Japan truly apologises like Germany, its people wont know.

      Both china japan and skorea are at fault here.

  • bigmamat

    Intellectuals are usually one of the first groups to get rounded up and summarily executed whenever oppressive regimes take power. The status of an intellectutal in this situation is only slightly less dangerous then being a member of the press.

  • Barack Obama

    why do japs even hate koreans?

    • bigmamat

      I think the Japanese hate everybody. I think they even hate each other. They have an underclass that is still discriminated against that is rooted in ancient ideas of being “unclean”.

      • Butsu

        Almost gone though, ain’t that many people who can keep track of “them” anymore.

        As an answer to Barack Obama, it probably starts at Chongryon and has grown from there.

      • bang2tang

        hate everybody, mamat, nice name for trolling.

        • bigmamat

          Why is it whenever someone makes a comment that others just don’t like they’re always accused of being a troll. Do the Japanese really “like” anyone else? Tell me. Who do they like besides themselves. We know they don’t like the Koreans. They are constantly poking at them trying to get a rise out them. They don’t like the Koreans they have living among them even though they brought them there. They don’t like the Chinese. So you tell me who do they like? They don’t like Americans they like our money but they don’t like us either. Come on who do they like?

          • Guest

            “They don’t like Americans they like our money but they don’t like us either.”

            What country actually likes Americans lol. Sorry but Japan is not the only one.

          • bigmamat

            Is that all you have to say? Nobody likes Americans. News flash Americans don’t give a fuck who if anyone likes them anymore.

          • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

            True, America doesn’t care. America (the government) only cares for itself. It will support democracy in one country and tyrants in others as long as they are in its pockets. Which makes a mockery of its claim to uphold human rights. Most people in America are ignorant of what America does in other countries or simply do not care as long as they themselves aren’t the targets of their government.

            Every time I had to deal with American officials, due to my name and colour, I was always treated as a suspect. I can, to some extent understand this, but some folks need to know how to deal with people (I have been spoken very rudely or been made to wait several hours with no one speaking to me of what is going on, leading to me missing my flights).

          • bigmamat

            Sorry about that, a lot of Americans are terrified of each other. Certainly white people are afraid of brown people and brown people are afraid of the cops.

      • jon776

        It’s pretty much the same in most east asian countries. I would say Korea is even worse than Japan when it comes to racism. I’ve lived in three asian countries for over a year each (china, SK and Japan) and Korea is the worst. In China and Japan I could at least walk around with local girls without someone coming up to them (usually middle ages / older dudes) and calling them whores or want to start a fight with me because I “steal their women”.

    • jimbo

      Terrorism, constant lobby and demonstrations, bad attitudes, frequent crimes in Japan by ethnic Koreans hiding behind Japanese names.

      Korea is a restricted, brainwashed society with a dogmatic, government sanctioned media and education propagating incorrect, fact-less views on history, westerners and especially Japanese. There’s Koreans who think Japanese started the Korean war. Koreans often accuse the Japanese and Japan of the very things Korea and Koreans are guilty of.
      Japan is responsible for today’s Korea and it is a monster that imperial Japan sadly created, as if Japan has not paid enough for it’s past imperialism, Korea and it’s citizens constantly dig up ways to slander and defame Japan on an international level, there comes a time when the Japanese society as a whole will put their foot down and start to hate back.

      Even in this article, Koreans were calling this Japanese man slanderous names.

      Speaks for itself, really.

      • Pimpo

        Nonsense. As an outsider to both countries, I don’t know much about what’s going on between Korea and Japan , Koreans although having their own bad apples, sound a lot saner than the trash slinging Japanese net users.

        • bang2tang

          please watch mao asada on youtube, you will be surprise…

          • reality check

            Please watch any video on Korea and comment on the number of hateful comments made by Japanese… you will be surprised…

      • reality check

        Please share your sources. Particularly on your points above… Nothing from Yahoo, wikipedia or 2Chan… I mean real sources…

      • reality check

        by any chance, might you be one of those who sent Sentor Tony Avella an email mentioned in the video (in this article)?


    • bang2tang

      Why koreans calling japanese monkey, I think they looks like monkey more before PS.

      • Kuio

        Bet you would sniff the chairs those girls in your avatar sat on.

        • bang2tang

          They’re natural beauties btw…

          • reality check



        Indo goblok.. ngapain dukung Jepang.. tolol lah!

        • bang2tang

          K-pop fan? LOL

          • HOLY_HOT_DICKS

            Weeaboo goblok. Umur berapa sih u?

          • bang2tang

            lee kwang soo? Am I talking to 13 years old?

          • HOLY_HOT_DICKS

            Jgn pura2 bego lah. Gw bisa liat profile u en gw tau dimana ip address u .

          • bang2tang

            so? what will happent next? Do you want to visit my house? lol. Do you need my address in real life?

      • A Pinky Promise

        In case you’re really wondering, Japanese was the only hairy Asian race in the past kinda like monkeys and that’s where the racial slur came from.

    • RothschildIsMoney

      Because racism does exist in Japan too.


  • MeiDaxia

    So those guys, zaito-something, are they not basically the equivalent of skinheads and neo-nazis?

  • bultak23

    the creator made different races so they could mingle and learn to get along. if you hate other races, you hate the creator and will go straight to hell. there is no crap you can mumble that is going to save you.

    • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger

      I am not one to preach, but generally, anything that relates to ‘religion’ or ‘faith’ will get you downvotes on here. I am sure you know what kind of people downvoted you.

      • bultak23

        i am just saying that people with extreme nationalist views are evil. it is not a philosophical or a historical problem with these people, they are just evil.

        • Boris_Da_Bengal_Tiger


  • bang2tang


    The 26-year-old confessed that he chose to abandon his Korean
    citizenship and become Japanese in 2007 after being called a racial slur
    by teammates on the U-19 Korean team.

    • reality check
      • bang2tang

        prime account, please? lol

        Desperately reply to all my posts?


        • reality check!

          prime account? care to elaborate? I cannot read minds nor your Jinglish grammar on this one…

          “Desperately reply to all my posts?” I can only assume you are making light or pointing out the obvious, that I have been responding to your post… So… if that is the case… the answer is YES! Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought this was a forum and last time I checked and this was allowed…

          Were you suggesting I was Trolling you? the response to that is rather obvious as well… YES! I have been replying to your jaded anti Korean posts with a little bit of American support for Koreans?

          What relevance did your youtube link have to the direction of our exchange? I didn’t bother to watch more than the first 20 sec.. if this is the best you can respond with… well then…


          • bang2tang

            American support? lol

          • reality check!

            ummm… yes… they were Americans… were they not?

            LOL moron… hope you enjoyed the video!

          • bang2tang

            self monologue?

          • reality check!

            Everyone… I would like to take the mic for a minute here to make an announcement.

            Lady’s and Gentlemen.. I stand before you here today on KB, as an EXTREMELY PROUD person to say.. I have successfully Rick Rolled a perfect stranger on the internet!!!!

            Folks’ this was a serious bucket list item I had that I thought would be extremely hard to accomplish… but wow… WOW! I did it!… LMAO!

            bang2tang… I’d like to thank you for being the willing victim, but seriously… you got to tone down the anti Korean Bias… its a bit embarrassing…

            On that note… happy trolling!

          • reality check!

            And Canadian support… I’m Canadian

            (ˇ_ˇ”) ƪ(˘⌣˘)┐ ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ ┌(˘⌣˘)ʃ

  • Blerb


    The Chinese have a strong card to play, which is to use their vastly superior ground military forces to force the unification of the Korean peninsula and derive the United States of its South Korean tributary vassal state.

    After the 311 attack, this writer went to South Korea at the invitation of Dr. Van de Meer. While in Korea he was told the Rothschild family had planned the attack because they wanted to force 40 million Japanese refugees to take shelter in North and South Korea. The Rothschild family intended to move the base of their Asian operations from Tokyo to a planned new special economic zone in Korea, he said. He knew in advance of the 311 attack and looked deeply ashamed when he admitted he did not warn me about it.

  • Mick

    Anti-Korean sentiment is at an all-time high in Japan as we speak. It’s not just isolated within the right-wing and ultra-nationalists anymore. Based on recent surveys over 80% of Japanese surveyed had negative feelings towards S.Korea. With all the factors, political & economical, it’s become a perfect storm for Japanese jingoism to rise again.

    • noshitbutsmile

      Today`s Japanese are gentle and some timid, totally different from wartime.We were OK but things changed a lot here. Japanese got emotionally hurt so much and yes come close to almost limit of temper due to continuous effort of trying to disgrace Japan world-wide by Korean female president and Korean-americans actively lobbying in the US, setting up memorial statues insluting Japan based on the fake stories

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