Netizens Touched by Anti-anti-Korean Protests in Japan


A series of right-wing anti-Korean protests in Japan by far-right group Zaitokukai have been met with protest by another group calling for moderation, MBC News Desk recently reported. The ‘Anti-anti-Korean’ protests impressed Korean netizens, and the following article was one of the most up-voted posts on conservative community Ilbe over the weekend.

From Ilbe:

This is why Japan is an advanced country: An anti-anti-Korean protest squad was launched


They are pissed off at netouyo bitches making trouble with anti-Korean protests in Korea Town [Shin-Okubo].


“Zaitokukai (anti-Korean group), get off.”

Giving a fuck-you right in the faces of anti-Korean protesters.


Giving the finger to the netouyo.


“We are here to protect you. We will never let the right wing protesters come here.”

Assembling at a Korean shop to protect them.


“Let’s get along.”

They pledged to chase down the anti-Korean group Zaitokukai.


“We can’t hold the Olympics with ethnic discrimination. We shouldn’t hold it with such shame.”

He knows ethnic discrimination causes isolation.


Eat this, Zaitokukai fuckers!!


Comforting frightened Koreans.

Three-line summary:
1. Mature
2. Civic
3. Awareness

Comments from Ilbe:


I heard the general public in Japan is ashamed of the netouyo’s anti-Korean protests. I thought they were just saying it but it is real;;


Koreans are interesting. Even when neighbouring monkeys have a hate fest for us, we are just like ‘fuck you Japan, ke ke‘ and that’s it. We don’t go around protesting and scaring Japanese restauranteurs and stuff like that, ke ke. When janggaes went bonkers in our Olympics Park years ago, we just let it slip, ke ke. Are we nice or dumb…


Last year, I visited Dotonbori in Osaka on a trip and after that, I stopped bashing Japan. There was no litter at all on the streets and people were actually fucking kind. Big wigs up there are the problem after all.


Fuck that. Far right-wing prime minister Abe‘s approval rating is like 70%. Those anti-anti-Korean protesters are not pro-Korean. They are lefty commies in Japan. Only an extreme minority of them do this because they like Korea. Most Japanese people support that far right-wing Abe [Japanese P.M.] bitch like mad.

알다리스 [in response to 발도파]:

It seems you are trying to claim supporting Abe means being right-wing but that only shows your ignorance. Who would support the helpless Democratic Party of Japan who ruined Japanese economy with bullshit? On the other hand, isn’t ‘Abenomics‘ enticing? Who would you have voted for? Guys like you usually can’t answer this question.


In fucking shitty Korea, we call the same Koreans in 7 o’clock [Jeolla-do] skate backstabbers and shit. In Japan, there is even a protest against other protesters for bashing a neighboring country that has nothing to do with their daily life. That’s awesome. Great civic awareness.


I hope these Japanese get less affected by Fukushima and live long with good health. Far right-wing monkeys should do forced labor in Fukushima.


I don’t understand why we argue like crazy calling each other nationalist or Japanophile. Any country, any people have both strengths and weaknesses. Why is it being nationalist if we talk about Korea’s good things or Japanophile if we talk about Japan’s good things? We just need to be aware of all.


There are a lot of fucking retards here. Both anti-Korean and anti-anti-Korean protesters are Japanese. I would understand if you just say some sensible people in Japan have mature civic awareness. But what’s with calling Japan ‘Godbon’ [God + ‘bon’ from ‘ilbon’ meaning Japan in Korean]? Crazy bastards.


Objectively speaking, Japanese right-wingers themselves are not wrong but how these anti-Korean protesters behave is wrong. Even if they are called anti-Korean or selfish, they can rightfully pursue Japan’s national interest but those anti-Korean protesters are just rotten. If they hate Korea and want to stomp on us, they are supposed to do activities that are actually beneficial for Japan. They can just work or study hard. But all they do is protesting like feces-making machines. They are not fearful but only pathetic. If I was Japanese, I would dislike the Democratic Party of Japan and brush off the ‘voice of conscience’ but I would still consider those anti-Korean protesters a bunch of retards. What is the point of those anti-Korean protests? Does it improve Japanese economy or technology? Does it make Korea die off? As time passes, Korean electronics technologies have improved and surpassed Japanese companies, which only fuelled their frustrations. What can they do besides protesting? Wouldn’t it be more sane for them to go to the contaminated areas in Fukushima and help clean and restore? If they are true right-wings who care about national interest?


Those bitches who say this is something to learn are fucking pathetic. In Korea, there is no such far right-wing protest in the first place. Even if we fucking dislike Japan, there was never a protest telling Japanese people to get off or die in a Japanese-concentrated district in our history. It is Japan where those extreme racist protests can happen and some sensible Japanese people who got tired of them are opposing them. Japanophiles are praising even this, ke ke.


They are not pro-Korean but anti-racist. There are two Korean online communities that try to understand Japan no matter what bad things they do and suck up to Japan helplessly if there is any hint of self-reflection activities in Japan. Those are DC History Gallery and Ilbe.


You bring up a fucking minority of the minority groups and praise their ‘mature civic awareness’, ke ke. ‘Japanophile Storage’ as usual, ke ke. Why don’t you just go shout ‘banzai’, you Japanophile bitches, ke ke. The social status of the anti-anti-Korean protesters? They are like less than those bitches who voted for Heo Kyung-young in the 17th presidential election, ke ke ke ke.


There is nothing good about having bad relations with Japan. Honestly, if you think about it, there’s no reason to argue emotionally too much. Since we are neighboring countries, it is only natural that conflicts of interest occur between us but we don’t have to take it too dramatically. Territorial disputes exist not just between Korea and Japan but all around the world. Japan is one of the countries where we can learn much from and the general public is friendly. We can ignore Japanese far right-wings who go apeshit and just need to promote friendship with normal people.


That’s why Japan is an advanced country? What bullshit. Completely normal fellows are just worried that Zaitokukai‘s retarded act is beyond any comprehension and it would make Japan look bad. So they are trying to catch those crazy monkeys who escaped the zoo. What’s so great about it that you guys put it on such a pedestal? Are you guys on Japanophile crack as a group?

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  • Isaac

    What the hell is an ‘anti-anti-Korean’ protest?
    They are just doing this to protect their image from outsiders.

    • Yorgos

      ha. is there a reason anyone else does anything as a nation? How can you judge them all? Do you think all Americans go to anti-KKK rally or pro-Choice rally for “protecting their image”. C’mon.

    • Tuck_Zapan

      lol, what outsiders? Koreans?

      • Isaac

        You never heard of a tourist?

        Or first-time visitors to Japan?

        These ‘anti-Korean’ protests aren’t once in every year. It happens daily.

        • dk2020

          Have you been to Japan? Get in where you fit in .. Osaka is very zainichi friendly because thats where most zainichi live in Japan ..

          • chucky3176

            Japanese are the 4th biggest liars amongst 39 countries, their own study says.


            One excuse given by Japanese on why they are so high up on the list is that Japanese accept that lying to protect the harmony and the feelings of the opposite parties is OK. Japanese are an incredibly inscrutable people. They will lie to you in front of your face to make you feel good and make sure conflicts with them don’t arise face to face. But that’s not what’s necessarily their true opinion. Even if they’re making insults to you, they do it in backhanded ways, with the pretense that they’re praising you. Only naive dummies can’t pick up their insults.

  • commander

    Japan’s growing anti-Korean sentiment reveals its deeply rooted ethnic superiority and Samurai spirit that is based on hierarchy, a mechanism to prevent the island country long ravaged by medieval-times civil wars from plunging into national suicide.

    Raising concerns over the island country’s potential bellicosity, demonstration also indicate that Japan’s premier Abe made the decision to join the negotiations for the Tran Pacific Pact on free trade because he sees opportunity in them to expand Japan’s influence and camouflage its dormant jingoistic nationalism. Washington sees Japan’s participation not only as checking a rising China by thwarting a China-centered economic bloc, but also as shackling Japan’s latent streak of expansion and conquer.

    For South Korea, the power-sharing US-Japan alliance’s expansion into thr economic field is worrying, raisiing tje prospect of Washington’s inclination to take Japan’s side in caseo of a conflict between the two old arch rivals, which means South Korea could be abandonable defense line against an armed conflict in the region. America’s ultimate maginot line is Japan for retaining the naval superiority over the Pacific Ocean.

    Korea shoild keep it tab on Japan’s unnerving moves to prevent Japan’s ulterior motives from materilaizing.

    • Joe


      • commander

        The above commentary is my thought on the fraught nationalist movements in Japan and America’s biased position in the island country’s favor, though Washington claims to be a “honeat broker.”

        The example of U.S. preference for Japan is U.S.-led international acquiescence in Tokyo’s unsettling quantitive easing at the expense of other exporting countries–a striking contrast to American accusation of China as currency manipulator.

        The recent G-20 meeting of finance ministers ended without a statement of criticizing Abe’s aggressive currency exchange policy which many Asian watchers predict is aimed at jump-starting its two decade long stagnant economy before launching his nationalistic vision, which faced premature end during his first premiership.

        Geographically flanked by great powers, South Korea have to possess a shrewd, nimble sense of what is deveolping on the increasingly complex power game in Northeast Asia where a single misstep would inflict an irrevesible setback to Seoul consumed with political division that is exhausting and fruitless.

        • chucky3176

          Not entirely true. Many US Senators are demanding they leave Japan out of the TPP trade deal because they’re sick of tired of Japan’s trade shinanigans. Read JapanToday and see how much Japanese feel the pressures from the US. They’re always complaining that the US is unfair to Japan. and unfairly picking on them

          • commander

            We should not mistake discord within the US-Japan alliance as the unbridgeable dissent.

            Japan’s post-war economic ascendancy to the world’s leading economy is possible under American strategic patronage.

            Some Japanese constituencies can voiced their concerns over what impact a comprehensive trade pact would bring onto Japanese society.

            But many Japanese recognize the island country’s bid for the TPP will serve not only as a counterbalance to an ominously growing economic muscle on Beijing’s part, but also as jolting a complacent, increasingly uninnovative economy.

            The TPP, if inked, will be an outcome of convergence of national interests of Japan and the United States for keeping the status quo in Northeast Asia from being challenged by China.

    • y.m.

      the thing is, many right wing Japanese are against joining the TPP. not all agree with shinzo abe

  • dk2020

    I love the anti anti korean protesters! lols ,, zainichi is the biggest ethnic minority in japan, they have assimilated and contributed to japanese culture. right wing nationalists can all die slow! down with racism and xenophobia in east asia!

    • Reila90

      In order to beat those westerner, we should improve stability in all Sinosphere. \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/

      • dk2020

        dafuq is a sinophere? and i’m a westerner too you dumbass .. how about I hate racism and I want peace for everybody ..

    • Not to be a hater, because I’m still grateful for you defending me from some hyper-nationalistic anti-Japanese commenter a few months back, but haven’t you been spewing a lot of anti-Chinese and anti-white rhetoric on here and j-crush? Like all the shit you said to Linette about China (like trashing the Chinese language and calling it ugly) and a number of instances (of which I’d rather not mention) of hating on white people, including white posters on these sites? It doesn’t really seem to fit with your whole “down with racism and xenophobia” vibe.

      I’ve always refrained from responding to those comments of yours in the past because, like I said, I’m grateful for you sticking up for me that one time, but it seems like your message of anti-racism and peace only applies to Japanese, blacks, Hispanics, and anyone else who isn’t white or Chinese (with a few exceptions like Kate and maybe myself).

      • dk2020

        all in response to those people individually matt .. i was trolling them and thats how to get offensive .. like I said it doesn’t apply to the few people that actually deserve respect ..

      • Lillian

        Matty-san, “hyper-nationalistic” is what you would call yourself. Don’t call me names when you are a Japanese-nationalist-in-training? Really? And what a back stabber you are, to criticize Monsieur Ghetto who defended your wannabe-netouyu self. Psstt…you are a hater (and you know what I’m talking about).

  • Hiroki Ahn

    I could be wrong, but it appears that many of the “Anti Anti-Korean” protesters are likely ethnic Koreans themselves. If so, it would make the most sense.

    • dk2020

      they mostly look japanese to me ..

      • Joe

        It’s not really important..but I agree. Look Japanese.

    • Guest

      They look like Chinese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Mongolian, etc You guys all look same anyway ke ke ke…

      • carmouflagger

        Damn right, look alike but hate the living shit outta each other :|

        • dk2020

          are you black? I can say all black people look alike also .. there’s been mass genocide in africa, and blacks killing blacks in the ghetto in the US .. asians might hate each other but we’re not killing each other off ..

          • carmouflagger

            I was referring to Asian countries hating each other. When was the last time you heard of a conflict between two African countries or read hateful comments, or saw a poster telling people of {insert nationality here} to stay off in an African country?

            “there’s been mass genocide in africa” “asians might hate each other but we’re not killing each other off” Oh really? give me a list of genocides in Africa and i’ll present you a list just as big of genocides in Asia.

            “and blacks killing blacks in the ghetto in the US” Uh sir, Black Americans aren’t exactly Africans.

          • dk2020

            Sure the Rwandan Genocide in ’94 and the Somalian famine in the 90’s .. what’s going on in South Africa right now .. and I pretty sure the African countries aren’t as wired and have internet access like Asians do or u would hear it .. when Idi Amin took control of Uganda he kicked out all the Indians from the country .. and you deny whats going on in the US? SMH, I’m just pointing out your hypocrisy .. I’m not defending racism in East Asia either but it doesn’t result in killing of foreigners or other Asians .. this is just more bullshit posturing by the right wing nationalists .. all you can think about is how it concerns you and how you’re a victim .. thats some weak ass bullshit.

          • carmouflagger

            Oh ok, i like that you aren’t try to defend the “so much nationalism/racism/xenophobia” (you actually made that quote somewhere, i don’t remember where). I thought you were gonna go ‘so what if we do it, you guys do it too’ on me.

            But wait a moment, when did i deny whats going on in the US? All i said was Black Americans are Americans.

          • dk2020

            It’s all wrong thats what I’m saying .. but if you’re gonna be condescending and ignorant about it look at your own folks its not much better ..

          • x1sfg

            Ummm… If you knew anything about Africa… People 400 paces down might hate you just for being X instead of Y. Africa is a big place, with many different ethnic groups, tribes, religious difference, and so on, just like any other place. Most people outside SA don’t have internet access with the exception of the ruling elite. But people hate each other like they do everywhere else in the world.

            Why are you even arguing which place has more genocides?

            FYI, Africa is the most fucked up continent on earth right now.

          • carmouflagger

            “If you knew anything about Africa” – lol

            “Most people outside SA don’t have internet access” – Actually Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya (and probably Algeria & Sudan) have more internet users than SA.

            “People 400 paces down might hate you just for being X instead of Y… But people hate each other like they do everywhere else in the world.” – Me thinks you solved that one yourself.

            We weren’t arguing about anywhere having more genocides. Go back and read again buddy. dk2020 said: ” asians might hate each other but we’re not killing each other off” so i said i’ll give him a list just as big of genocides in Asia just to prove his “but we’re not killing each other off” wrong, which i didn’t because i’m sure he’s smart enough to google. :)

            “FYI, Africa is the most fucked up continent on earth right now.” I never said it wasn’t + i wasn’t trying to compare Africa to Asia. whats your point?

          • One for all

            Have you EVER been to Africa?

            I love it when ‘first world’ folks become arm-chair experts on places they only see on tv (Oh, these TV adverts only show poor African children so Africa MUST be fucked up and poor!)

            Visit the continent, walk on the red soil, meet the people, breathe the air….if you still have the same dim-witted opinion about the place, I’ll buy you a $200 scotch!

          • carmouflagger

            “I can say all black people look alike also” Haaaahaha seriously dude?

          • dk2020

            you’ve never heard that before? kinda insulting huh?

          • carmouflagger

            Yeah I’ve never heard that one before. Insulting? Nope why? You find it insulting when people say Asians look alike? O.o

          • Hyunwoo

            You guys should get a room

          • Hmm

            How many “ghettos” are in Korea though? And I mean real ghettos? There aren’t ghettos like America in Korea or Japan, so that’s a stupid statement. Also asians didn’t have white men come, pull them from their country and enslave them for years before letting them “go” only to continuously limit their chances for success through Jim crow laws etc. and ghettos THEY created to keep blacks down.

            Comparing the behavior of blacks in America to asians in asia is dumb because there’s no comparison. Two different histories, ones homogeneous and ones not.

            As far as Africa goes, that’s deep rooted divide by skin color and oppression. There’s not a divide like hat in Korea is there? No. So you making these comparison to somehow make Asians look better is once again, dumb.

            They do not share the same history and same oppression. Point blank period.

            But regardless, Asian countries have invaded other Asian countries, raped and killed their people – aka killing eachother off. So your statement is invalid.

    • Chris

      so when the so-called racist monkeys of Japan show even the slightest bit of decency, respect to Koreans, and denounce their right-winged counterparts, its not because they have impartial kindness within their hearts but because they’re either Korean, or just simply anti-racist?

      makes sense….not.

  • dk2020

    some of you guys are really ignorant .. you want to believe in the hatred and intolerance .. what do you say to all the japanese/korean couples and hapas? there are plenty i know because I have a couple friends that are and they proud of their heritage, do they have to choose? byungshins, I actually believe that is the most common mix, really ironic huh? smh, zainichi are just trying to live in peace in japan and you’re the one thats embarrassing ..

    • Joe

      Who are you talking to? Srsly.

      • chucky3176

        He believes in “Asian unity”, something that doesn’t really exist, but which in itself is racist. Just look at the way he talks to white posters in the meantime.

        • dk2020

          It does exist in the US and I do believe most Asians want unity and peace, the younger generation at least, its just too bad the old right wingers are in political power and the nationalistic racists get all the attention. That’s racist? Racist against who? Them white posters I was trollin individually for the dumb shit they post I don’t mean all white people ..

          • If you want to trash talk Linette or some white racist, you should just target them as individuals instead of bringing in their race or nationality into it, because by doing that you’re also insulting everyone else who happens to share that identity. If you had a beef with some fellow Korean (say, chucky3176), would you start trolling him by badmouthing Koreans? Obviously not. I don’t believe it’s possible to talk trash about a group of people without actually harboring some level of actual resentment against that group, even if you claim you’re just “trolling” an individual.

          • dk2020

            So its okay for them to be racist and make generalizations but its not okay for me to make some generalizations in response? Yeah its hypocritical but I am just talkin on them individually, it’s just my opinion and yeah I badmouth Koreans who are racist who you think I was talking to in said post above .. sall good bro .. I appreciate your opinion although we don’t agree ..

          • Of course it’s not okay for them to be racist and make generalizations. I guess I just assumed you’re better than them and held you to a higher standard.

            You might be talking *to* them as individuals, but you’re not talking solely *about* them as individuals when you bring their race or culture into the discussion. If you make an anti-Chinese insult directed toward one person, there’s no reason why that same insult doesn’t also apply to all other Chinese people.

            Sure, you called chucky3176 out for being anti-Japanese, but you didn’t badmouth his nationality or culture as part of that. You see him as an individual rather than merely “a Korean”, which is precisely the idea.

          • dk2020

            naw next time call me out on it .. tell me if i’m trippin or i’m just responding to what somebody else posted ..

  • chucky3176

    “Japan is an advanced country because of this”?

    Jesus Christ, have a look at that supposed “anti-anti Korean protests”. It’s about couple of dozen people on the streets where the protests by hundreds go on daily. And I’m sure about at least half of them are KARA fans or fans of some other garbage pop groups.

    And the Korean media, as usual, desperate to show that there are pro-Korean elements in foreign lands, is taking this small example and blowing them up into something big – giving off the exactly the wrong impressions and once again, letting them off the hook without any question. And people fall for this.

    • jon

      so what do you propose? should Korean media report exclusively negative things about Japan, cause that’s how it fits your views? With “hundreds” of protesters going on “daily”, I’m surprised neither Japanese nor Korean media reported this, no need to add fuel to the fire.

    • Rutim

      Yeah, what about the real houndreds of thausands anti-Korean marches happenng every week on the sreets of Tokyo and Hakodate???

    • You have some extraordinary ability to scoff at anything positive and highlight anything negative concerning Japan-Korea relations. I pity someone as deluded as yourself.

  • A Gawd Dang Mongolian

    I thought you said the netizens were ‘touched’ by the anti-anti(doesn’t that mathematically make them pro?) Korean protestors.

    If anything, netizen majority seems ‘miffed off’.

    • Sillian

      Arguments between those who are labelled as ‘Japanophile’ and cynics go on as usual, which makes it interesting.

    • Korean

      Mongolian time for your ” Mongolian BBQ”.

  • ChuckRamone

    Koreans can be pretty emotional people, and that goes both ways. They’re often of the “quick to anger, quick to forgive” type. So, a story like this would probably touch a nerve with many Koreans. As you can see from the comments, there are quite a few cynics too. I don’t know what to make of the counter protest. It looks like a small number of people, but they’re there, and that’s heartening.

    Totally off subject: I’ve lived in Japan, and I have Japanese in-laws, but I still don’t get 100% the Japanese obsession with wearing face masks. It’s not just for pollution and preventing colds but also for keeping your respiratory tract moist, right? I wonder if there’s some kind of scientific basis to this.

    • dk2020

      yellow dust from china ..

      • chucky3176

        No. They do it to hide their faces. Japanese women do it because they say masks make them look good. Masks can also hide their complex towards their looks.

  • Leo

    China’s laughing in the background as Seoul and Tokyo tear each other to pieces. Cute.

  • Brett

    What is it that “anti-Korean” protesters actually protest? Is it the Korean government, Korean people, lousy KPOP…?

    • Gangnam Style…

    • Sillian

      Anything Korean in Japan. They are a hate group by any definition.

    • ChuckRamone

      The idea of Koreans. Zainichi Koreans. Korean pop culture. The Korean government. Japan vs. Korea sporting events. Korean food. It’s mostly a distraction from the real problems the country faces: declining population, aging population, economic recession, China’s ascendancy, nuclear contamination, rebuilding of Tohoku, territorial disputes with other countries, etc.

  • Isaac

    Japanese are pitiful beings.

    Please return ALL of your looted treasures.

    And let us cut ties immediately. That’s all.

    • Sillian

      Is that your schtick or sth?

  • Jang

    There is so much hate in S. Korea, they hate Japan, they hate America, they hate China, they hate themselves(7-O’clock Skaters), it’s everywhere, it’s full of it! Does it even marry for love?

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  • dk2020

    Hell yeah this movement is REAL .. much love to ordinary Japanese citizens standing up and protesting against RACISM! For peace and love thats what this world needs .. I’m with you .. Fuck you right wing idiots all over East Asia ..

    • Sillian

      Props. They seem just as many as the anti-Korean protesters now.

      • chucky3176

        Really? After a rare one off event? I hear the Olympic bid at Tokyo is still on going, and these protests make Japan look bad in front of foreigners. I just love it that they’re shooting themselves in their feet.

  • I’m neither on the side of Japs nor Koreans! But as human to human,Japanese protestors ,don’t be stupid n leave the Japanese- Koreans alone! what did these poor residents do? Sis they break the laws? They sure have their rights to stay in Japan ‘coZ they ‘re born there! If U want to fight, go bully North Korean communist !

  • John T

    someone please bomb arrogant japan, who thinks they never committed crimes during ww2

  • hmm

    in fact if u come here in mongolia many of us would say they don’t like chinese.. in addition some of them would nearly kill chinese guy if they coincidentally shoulder each other

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  • Xio Gen

    Say what you want about Zantokukai, but at least they don’t torture animals in their protests like the Korean right wingers did.

  • KoreanPeninsula

    Taiwan Chinese are ” Korean” backstabbers.

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