Are Political Scandals Being Buried By Celebrity Gossip?

When there is a piece of high-profile celebrity news, some netizens claim that it is an attempt by the government to cover up some political trouble. On the other hand, some other netizens have dismissed such claims as baseless and paranoid, as shown in the comment section of the following article from popular conservative politics blog ‘Liberalism’.

From Liberalism:

If for some reason you are unable to see captions on the slides, here is the text:
1. The timing is suspicious… The news buried by celebrity dating news?!
2. This post received 130,000 Likes on Facebook.
3. They claimed that important political news was buried by celebrity marriage and dating news on May 14th and 15th.
4. Maybe you heard the claim that the government releases celebrity dating news or scandals to keep unfavorable news from spreading. But is this really true?
5. I looked up some other “buried” news from May 14th and 15th.
6. I thought Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon’s son’s military duty evasion scandal was over. But Mayor Park needs to go to court as a witness. What’s going on??
7. A very famous doctor keeps raising suspicions! This important news wasn’t well-known because of the celebrity dating news… How spine-chilling.
8. Another one! Troubled opposition party lawmaker Moon Jae-in was set to release a ground-breaking statement, “I will not compromise with my party members who are not pro Roh Mu-hyun.” This statement was canceled over objections from leading lawmakers.
9. What can we learn from these “buried” news stories from May 14th and 15th? The fact that it was not only the news articles unfavorable to the government that were buried because of celebrity dating and marriage news.
10. In fact, no news was “buried”. Everything was in the news all day long. It’s just that those conspiracy theorists were not aware of it because they have no interest in politics.
11. “As a democratic citizen, I should let other people know about this!” They might have been thinking like that while pressing “Like” for these conspiracy posts…
12. But if you pay even a little attention, you would realize how ridiculous a claim is that political news is buried by celebrity gossip.
13. The President is not omnipotent like God. Do you believe that the govt. can schedule a Hallyu star’s marriage and tell a popular comedian to get caught drunk driving? Even when it was actually the opposition’s bad press that got buried?
14. Don’t indulge in sensational conspiracy theories. Pay attention to politics on a regular basis. What really shouldn’t be buried is complex and boring. Remember, if you don’t know the problem, you can’t prevent it.

Comments from Liberalism:
Dong Hyun Kim

There are some kids who tag their friends for those conspiracy articles, saying they “knew it.” I find them extremely annoying.

Minju Kim

They only watch TV channels like MNET. They don’t usually follow current affairs. They just find it cool to press “Like” for unfounded OhMyNews articles. They have no idea at all what both ruling and opposition party members are doing with their tax money. Even when politicians make empty statements to get more votes, those who don’t follow politics do not even recognize it ㅠㅠ


“Ah, I dunno but the government is just trying to cover up something, you knowㅠ.ㅜ”

Carl F Lee

If you read what they say, it is them who forcefully create a delusion that the government is covering up something, ke ke. They sniff around for any articles that trash talk the government. And then whenever some mundane celebrity news is up, they say, “I knew it! I found a conspiracy! These celebrity articles are covering up something for the government!” They upload posts like that on their own “enlightened citizens” internet forum. Then they all agree among each other saying they got goosebumps and the government shouldn’t try to deceive such enlightened citizens like them.

Jaeyong Lee

Little missy is playing a trick. [Pun on the conspiracy meme “The timing is suspicious”.]

キム テヨン

There is no hope for those kids who claim that we should pay attention to politics whenever there is some celebrity dating news after hearing about something somewhere.

Moohyun Jang

“Ah, I dunno but I’m just an enlightened citizenㅠ.ㅠ”


Everything is the truth in front of a bamboo spear. [Using the bamboo spear meme.]


Most kids who press “Like” for such conspiracy theories are those who don’t usually pay attention to political and social issues, ke ke. These idiots think the President can control everything, ke.

Wonjae Sin

What the hell is the government covering up? Go home and cover up yourself well with your blanket in bed.


They should blame their own level of awareness that makes it possible for such celebrity gossip to bury political news in their mind, ke ke ke ke ke ke.


Those guys must have played the “King game” a lot. “No 1 and No 3, I tell you to get married now!”

Dong Jin Kim

This reminds me of comedian Lee Gyeong-gyu’s wise remark that it gets scary when an ignorant person is armed with faith.

Harvey Kim

Ke ke ke ke, those people have no interest in politics in the first place. They just check the news only when there is some dating scandal.


They just use social media all day checking their celebrity gossip. How do they expect to be aware of current affairs if they only follow celebrity news? Fucking idiots.


Aren’t they the kids who usually don’t care about politics but pay attention to it only when there is some big celebrity news??


Because celebrity news is more fun and easy to read. So they mainly read celebrity news and it ends up looking like political news has been buried in their mind. Even if you can’t read newspapers regularly, try to pay attention to different topics at least.


It isn’t only bad that they press “Like” for conspiracy articles. If you want to sort out people on your Facebook, you can block those who press “Like” for such posts. This is such a good way [to get rid of bad Facebook friends].


Chung Mong-joon Jr. has been on a winning streak for a year.


Those who tag their friends and say they knew it are the funniest, ke ke ke.


I wholeheartedly agree. There are people who turn a blind eye to complex current affairs and economic issues and only read entertainment news. They tend to fall into conspiracy theories quickly. They just don’t like how things are in society but they don’t even know or care why. They just buy into ridiculous rumors and masturbate saying it’s not their own fault that they are ignorant about current affairs.


Huh….if they read newspapers or just open the politics section of internet news sites, they can see it all…..

What do you koreaBANG readers think?

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  • 금정산

    Political news isn’t burried by celebrity news; it’s that celebrity news is so prolific in the Korean media. Koreans love to gossip and watch the lives of celebrities – that’s all it is.

    Koreans distrust the government but should turn their attention to chaebols and their influence in government and media. Chaebols provide revenue for traditional media by placing advertisements. So when a negative story appears about a company, the media gives moderate details and cannot speak badly against the chaebol.

    • TheDickinDixie


      The Korean public themselves are to blame.

      If they find themselves distracted by celebrity nonsense, then they should take a long look at themselves before pointing the finger elsewhere.

      But really, there are almost zero consequences to the stories that do make the news anyway, so I wonder why anyone would bother with such an elaborate plan.

      Look at the Keangnam scandal, only 2 people will face charges and by the time they go to court it will be forgotten anyway.

      Or the 위메프 ‘boycott’ which lasted until customers got a 5000 won coupon a day or so later.

      Or take a look at the almost complete lack of coverage of the case between Lonestar and the Korean Govt.

      I thought it was bad enough in the UK with our freakshow of a monarchy, but Korea is on a different level.

  • Dan

    Honestly, I think it would be the media’s fault rather than government pressure. Media is focused on making money, and celebrity gossip is naturally more lucrative than anything else.

    So the news focuses on whatever makes money, leaving out more important but boring/hard-to-understand things. Happens all the time, sadly

  • LostRambler

    People generally tend to focus on what their interested in. If your more politically minded your more likely to be aware of whats going on where as if your into the arts your more likely to be in to it and thus know more about it so in that aspect it is somewhat hard to call it a conspiracy.

    However that being said the rate at which the media is controlled in Korea is honestly frightening. Especially with articles being taken down across multiple sites that if you have a busy life are honestly easy to miss. But considering koreas laws on defamation being irregardless of truth i guess it is understandable that journalists and websites are less inclined to risk lawsuits.

  • The K-media and K-public are to blame here. The media churns out fresh gossip and rumours as articles and their stalkersentertainment reporters do an excellent job of invading the privacy of these K-celebrities who for some reason deserve it because of their job status (but that’s a discussion for another time). This increases the view count of these articles, making them more popular, and soon the search engine rankings are filled with key-words associated with the celebrity scandal.

    A large number of celebrity related articles have “So-So’s Political Scandal is still going on but this has been released to cover it up” in he top 10 comments. K-public need to be more conscious of what’s going on the political front rather than devoting their attention to celebrity news.

  • x1sfg

    It’s the same at least in the US.

    Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Clinton tapes, the IRS scandal, spying on American citizens, police brutality, almost everything the GOP and the Dems do, the “free trade” bill. Nope, people are more concerned with Kanye and Kim.

  • ThinkStraight2Disqus

    Koreans do not trust Korean politicians for good reason. Majority of them are corrupt.

  • Radical Truth

    You need to study, read Chosun Dynasty and Meiji Period history to understand bigger picture.

  • fk political news
    i want to know
    is my suzy happy with lee min-ho

  • Man Bang Ho

    Well Kimchinks are dumb when it comes to politics anyway. Basically regionalism and blaming others is what Korean politics is. That they love their celebrity and brand names is just another thing that kimchinks do and show how retarded they actually are. if it wasn’t for Western Interference and support South Korea would still be a third world country and a top sex tourism destination.

  • kasey307

    I think it’s a little bit of both.

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