Viral Cartoon Asks Korea, “Are We Allowed to be Happy?”

A popular cartoonist has captured the anti-“are you okay?” movement and the voice of modern young conservatives in South Korea. In response to the popular claims that Korea has been taken over by another dictatorship that crushes dissent and threatens to destroy the country, conservatives emphasize Korea’s prosperity and historic stability.

In recent weeks, the two competing narratives about modern Korea have led to angry poster campaigns, street protests, and a suicide by immolation in the center of Seoul.

From Toonburi:
Comments from Toonburi:

This is so right. High school and college students are busy doing homework, watching TV shows, playing games and hanging out with friends. They don’t know anything. They just retweet or press the ‘Like’ button for some articles on social media and that’s how they learn politics and modern history. Although they don’t know much, they want to feel a sense of belonging and exhibit mob psychology. If they learn the truth later, they will regret their stupid life and ideas.


I didn’t like you before but your political awareness is mature. I support you. I dislike the leftists who can never be satisfied.

Jae Hwan Jung:

You are right. Nobody should impose rage on other people. If you feel happy, you should be able to say that you are happy. If you feel something is wrong, you should be able to say it, too. The people who insist on “not being okay” might feel the same discomfort you felt when they see this webtoon. That would only be natural. Let’s respect different thoughts. I respect your idea but I do not feel okay.


Voted up 50,000 times


It’s been a long time since there was such a sensible webtoon


This webtoon tells you that there are still many people who worry about safety and food in the world and since we aren’t enjoying this affluent life for free, we should be grateful for what we have. Why do some people think he’s saying we only need to care about ourselves?

Jp Koo:

I have no family, no girlfriend, no house and often skip meals but I still agree with the webtoon and I’m grateful for my life. I don’t understand why some people who enjoy good meals with good standards of living are trying to find social problems for fun. Those lefty commies who oppose this webtoon’s idea and deny the last presidential election should try living with me for just one day. They won’t endure it. Lefty commies aren’t experiencing rage, frustrations and injustice in their own life. They try to find it through the computer monitor. That’s pitiful.

Cy Lee:

Before worrying about national matters, students should study hard and think of their parents. Instead, some of them are wasting time putting up posters and protesting… I can see their future… Older people who support them are even more pitiful..

Sanghyun Park:

That’s exactly how I feel.


There are many ignorant people;; Why do you think the webtoon is promoting selfishness? It is attacking those who suffer from victim complex even though they can find happiness and truth around themselves. I just want to ask this. Those who were making a ruckus on streets because of mad cow disease, do you have even the slightest regret or shame?

The cartoonist responded to netizens with another webtoon.
From Toonburi:

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