‘Coup Was the Best of the Worst’ says Presidential Hopeful

Park Geun-hye defends her father's decision as unavoidable

From Daum:

Park Geun-hye: ‘5.16 coup d’etat was the best decision in unavoidable circumstances’

Park Geun-hye reiterated her stance regarding the May 16 Coup which she believes was ‘the best decision in an unavoidable situation’ during roundtable discussions hosted by the Korean Newspaper and Broadcasters Association.

When asked about her position on the May 16 Coup and the October Restoration, Park answered that ‘looking back, and given that our nation was the second poorest in the world and the gravity of national security situation being what it was, I believe my father had made the best decision in unavoidable circumstances.’

Park Geun-hye reiterates her father's decision to stage military coup

She further added that ‘with such things as national development and where Korea stands now, May 16 Coup consolidated that foundation,’ and ‘from that perspective, I believe the right decision was made.’ Her previous position was that the May 16 Coup was the decision that saved the nation.

She added that ‘while I believe this to be the case, knowing that there are other opinions and thoughts on this, rather than debating over who is right and wrong, we should let history and our nation be the judge of this.’ She expressed similar opinion over the October Restoration but issued regrets and condolescence for those who suffered in that period.

She also flatly denied the recent criticism that Saenuri has become her ‘private party’ after the motion to apprehend a Saenuri member of the National Assembly was blocked. She insisted that the decision was made as a group on account of the shared concern over the application of justice. On the allegation of foul play involving Park Ji-Man, her younger brother, she defended his innocence ‘because of his insistence of non-involvement, and he was not formally approached by any other judiciary.’

In order to eliminate the corruption invariably involving the relatives and associates of the president, Park called for the creation of the permanent special prosecutors office, which ought to be able to investigate anywhere and everywhere for any misconduct,’ in tandem with the limitation on amnesty so as to stop being exploited.

In answer to the charge of her plan to democratize the Korean economy, which was criticized by the UPP for lacking any substantive proposal for reforming the Chaebol, she countered that rather than dismantling Chaebol ‘we ought to absolutely discourage Chaebols engaging in anti-market activities while encouraging their competitiveness, in contrast to the UPP’s proposal which is costly and ineffective.’

Ms. Park remained firm on her stance regarding the privatization of Incheon International Airport and selling off of Woori Bank should to be dealt by the next administration which may run the risk of being badly managed at the end of the current administration.

Comments from Daum:두딸아빠:

Put it simply, 5.16 is a crime. The economic development you speak of is perhaps a mitigating circumstance.


You can’t say these things unless you are actually crazy. So then Chun Doo-hwan massacring people in Gwangju, the Japanese annexation, and Lee Wan-Yong‘s treachery are all unavoidable decisions as well? She would sell out our nation in order to grow the economy. You chicken-headed moron.


If you know history correctly, speak forth. A couple of ex-presidents who suffered under President Park did so. Still more than 50% of the nation think of Park as the best presidents we have ever had and what we can enjoy now is all thanks to him. For few he may have been dictatorial but for the 90% of the population he was the greatest president.


Sure thing, Chun Doo-hwan was the best choice and Hitler made the best choice. That’s who they were… Following the righteous way is not an option right? We do not want a president who thinks the coup was the justifiable and the best choice in the worst situation.


For those who can afford to eat meals 3 times a day yet badmouth him your mouths should be set on fire, you fucking ingrates.


Denying the very foundation of our democratic republic, this is one helluva presidential candidate. Saenuri should dissolve itself for putting forward this crazy bitch as their candidate! Your party is anti-constitutional!


Learn to be ashamed in front of history…. You crazy bitch.


Here’s an idea… Get elected and then get your ass thrown off by coup….. see if you can say the same thing


Geun-hye, listen well! Coup was unavoidable? Defending the constitution is the responsibility of the president…. isn’t that in your notepad?


So when the situation is right they can do it again. That must be a good opportunity for them.


How is this any different from Japan claiming the annexation as unavoidable??? They go batshit crazy over the dictatorship in North Korea and yet they try to paper over their own dictatorship… how is this any different from North Korea?


Kim Jaegyu killing Park Chung-hee was an unavoidable decision for the future of ROK. Thanks to that we can enjoy what we have now.


Only shit in this bitch’s head or something?


ke ke ke, so when things get tough, we can just try coup??? And that decision is based on purely personal criterion… this is why we call it shit awareness of history.

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