Hwayoung’s Nipple: Wardrobe Malfunction or Publicity Stunt?

T-ara on Inkigayo.

Inkigayo aka The Music Trend, one of Korea’s three main music shows, was at the center of much criticism recently, after broadcasting an apparent ‘wardrobe malfunction’ on live television. During a performance by popular Korean girl group T-ara, one of the group member’s (Hwayoung) see-through top revealed a left nipple.

This instantly caused a storm over Korean cyberspace, becoming one of the most read and discussed stories on all three Korean portal websites (Daum, Nate, and Naver). The broadcast, which was shown on national television, was said to be a pre-recording, thus prompting further responses of outrage. The video and screenshots of the Hwayoung’s nipple incident have gone viral.

Hwa-yong reveals a nipple in a "wardrobe malfunction" during a performance on Korea's Inkigayo.

Comments from Nate:


Oh my… I feel really sorry for her… Honestly, T-ara can’t even take a break from their everyday dance practice because of President Gwang-su [head of their record label]… I too am a woman, and when I watch it, I feel pity for her


She just turned 20… I wanna delete this article but I don’t have the power to ㅜㅡㅜ


Don’t write about this… She is too young for this. Sigh ㅠㅠ


Rather than focus on the fact that her top is loose, why did she come out on stage without wearing a bra?

Comments from Daum:


Wow! This article really shows how dirty Gwang-su’s company is by using mass media for their own benefit. And even though her nipple can be seen though her see-through top when she raises her arm, how can she come on stage to such an [active] shuffle dance without wearing a bra? As you all know, in the past this company used these dirty tricks in other similar incidents like with SeeYa [another Korean girl group], who received a large sympathy vote from the public. Ever since the Gang-ho [a member of Coed School, another band from the label, who was said to have sexually harassed someone] scandal [play on words with Gang-ho’s name, by calling him Gang-ho Soon, which sounds like Kang Ho-soon, a sex-manic mass murderer], up until this breast exposure scandal, this company always uses the media for its own benefit to make unpopular artists famous. Both the company and the unpopular Hwayoung make a big issue through this fabricated crap. Is it really good to use the mass-media in such a dirty way to make unpopular artists famous?


Why is she not wearing a bra?? Also, with that much of her breast popping out, she should have been able to feel it… a little odd…


In my opinion, with such crap of using the mass media through stunts such this one, where Hwayoung is used to promote Hyoyoung [Hwayoung’s twin sister, who is part of Coed School], and preparing for Coed School’s eventual comeback, Gwang-su is a true king. ㄷㄷ


The size [of the picture/broadcast] was too small – if you didn’t have HDTV, then you could barely see anything.


Their aim was clearly intentional…


Like with a game of Go-Stop, her agency and the media are colluding to create noise marketing… to deliberately make her famous?


They say it was exposed – I watched the broadcast, and all I saw was a dot


Wasn’t it on purpose to make her famous…?

What do you think? Simple wardrobe malfunction or calculated publicity stunt?

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  • MrT

    They should me more concerned about whats going on with her hair do.

  • Bruce Tutty

    one nipple?…that’s what this is all about?….what is this America?

  • Bo Wang

    Never mind the nip-slip, street kids in inner-city Detroit called and they want their clothes back.

    • Wang that!

      LMAO! best comment so far.

  • donscarletti

    Wow, that’s one extremely average looking young lady, even more so in the Wikipedia link. Even a pair of completely bare breasts would merely boost her looks from 6/10 to 6.5/10.

    Surely they hired some of these girls for their appearance, may I suggest in future, publicists work with these girls nipples instead.

    Thank you.

  • Engineering a “nip slip” incident makes sense.

    The music is so bland and boring that something else is required to keep one’s interest.

    • mr. wiener

      I must say I’m outraged at this provocative and unseemly publicity stunt, can we get a close up of the nipple, unpixilated so I can be outraged some more?

  • lonetrey

    I don’t think the slip was the problem at hand here…. there’s so many other faults with this situation -____-

  • Young Man

    Better than ANYTHING on Chinese TV

  • Mr V

    Yes but I want sauce! Moar! Pictures, uncensored!

  • garth

    big deal! What is it with asian guys? Are you really so insecure that any woman that gets in the news is so threatening to your frail ego, you have to revert to archaic battering? How about you all know that women are stronger than you and it pisses you off that you can never have any of them. Controlling women in todays world is not going to happen. You need to give your heads a shake. They are smart enough to realize that the old bullshit fed to you by society through your parents is long past and doesnt mean shit in todays world. A nipple! Bet you wish it was in your dirty mouth.

  • Roxy

    I think this was an accident, this can happen to everyone, so please, for what reason have you posted this article??

    • Brett Sanbon

      I will explain this website to you. This is a place where foreigners can read pop news from Korea. It doesnt matter if “it could happen to anyone” or its boring or stupid…. This is what many Korean netizens were reading and commenting on at the time. So it was all translated for us to read and enjoy.

  • Ella

    Why so many comments about her not wearing a bra? It’s not like she has that much to hold in. Bras are a stupid invention that hide the natural shape of the breast. The problem here would be the shirt. If one is going to dance, they should wear tighter fitting garments. I’m personally not afraid of a nipple showing, but I feel bad for her.

  • dark

    Barely see anything, what’s the BFD?

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