‘Les Misérables’ Korean Air Force Parody Video Goes Viral


A video entitled ‘Les Militaribles,’ a parody of Les Misérables, depicting the tragedy of a young soldier on his military conscription away from his loved one, proves a hit on the Korean Internet and goes viral. The video was produced by the South Korean Air Force.

 From Ilbe:

Air Force Does Les Misérables Parody

[Video from YouTube:]

Air Force Public Relations Department make me shiver duh duh

Les Militaribles Main

[Alternatively accessible on the ROK AF blog]

Comments from Ilbe:


Where did they get the camera? ke ke ke ke ke, that looks like a jib shot for sure ke ke ke


Hey this ought to go to Ilbe


Fucking high quality duh duh duh duh duh duh duh


ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke ke fucking hilarious


Shoveling fuck ke ke ke they are shoveling same place over and over


Fuck ke ke it’s fucking well made


Discharged after staring at the radar screen all day at the air force, any question.


ROK AF idiots ought to have it more tough, you call this a military service?


AF no doubt ke ke ke ke


AF fucking honey pot


Damn well-made


This is certainly one of the best quality videos of all time by the military…


ah1 I am proud to have been KATUSA

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  • Yu Bum Suk

    Very well done. I wonder what Nork soldiers would think of it.

    • Hongwu Emperor

      Their video would be something like Imperial March [star wars] or Grinder [c&c red alert]

  • Jang

    Is that the Korean Air Force theater class? I thought their work was in the sky. They have time to play because they have the U.S. defending their land for them. Koreans are smart.

    • Isaac

      US should deploy all of its remaining troops to Japan. They will need for their war against China.

      • Hongwu Emperor

        And then some middle-eastern terrorists sneak-up behind the east coast and give them an nice banging from the rear.

  • x1sfg

    Servicemen do this type of thing all the time. Go on Youtube and you’ll find thousands of videos of service members making videos of random shit in Afghanistan and Iraq. There’s not much to do on most FOBs, and you have to kill time somehow.

  • dk2020

    lulz .. good video ..

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