Pregnant Dog Attached to Post and Abandoned, Netizens Outraged

Pregnant dog

From The Herald Economy:

‘Who is the owner that dumped a pregnant dog?’, Netizens enraged

Netizens are appalled at a picture of a pregnant pet dog tied to a street-lamp post.

On November 3rd, a picture titled ‘pregnant abandoned dog’ was uploaded in an online community.

In the picture, a dog is tied to a steel post of a street-light. On a sheet of paper attached to its back was scribbled ‘Take and keep her. I kept her for 4 years. Her name is Baby. She’s pregnant. I leave her here because I have to move out of the city due to personal circumstances.’ The owner attached the paper to the dog’s back with yellow acrylic tape.

The dog’s white coat was tainted dark and the ground was soaked with liquid that might have come from the dog. Its belly was large with foetuses inside it.

The uploader said ‘How can a human being do this? How can you leave her tied to a street-light post after you gave her a name and lived with her for 4 years?’ and further condemned the owner, saying ‘I can’t help but curse you’.

Upon seeing the picture, netizens commented ‘Where is it? Let’s find the owner’, ‘A pregnant dog…That is so harsh’, ‘What a poor dog because of a bad owner. I hope she will find a nice home next time.’

The dog was saved by the district animal rescue team from Joongang-dong, Dong-gu, Daejeon on Novemebr 1st and is waiting for adoption. According to the Daejeon City Animal Shelter, it is a female white Maltese estimated to be 4 years old. It is currently waiting for an adopter.

Abandoned pregnant dog all alone

Comments from Nate:


That is not even a human… The owner deserves to be treated the same.. Too cruel that it makes me ashamed that I am a human, too…


Those who abuse animals should probably be legally banned from owning any animal…..


Saekki less worthy than a dog. That saekki should be caught, even if it’s by checking the nearby CCTV. Bad saekki.


First of all, I am a pet owner myself. A while ago, walking by an animal clinic, I noticed a poster looking for a missing dog with a reward of 5 million won. It was not a particularly expensive dog but a Shitzu and the owner had it for 3 years. From a dog owner’s perspective, the reason for such a high reward can be understood because raising a dog feels like raising not just an animal but a younger sibling…a family. So if you lose a dog, it’s not so different from losing a family… Don’t talk bluntly before you have experience with pet dogs…


I don’t like dogs much…. Around this time last year, my wife brought home an old Chihuahua that seemed to have been abandoned. Although I don’t like dogs, since it’s a living thing, I took it to an animal clinic next day and found it was as old as an 80-year-old human… The real age was about 10 years old?.. The doctor said it doesn’t have any other disease but it might be suffering from dementia..??;;; ‘Do dogs get dementia, too?’, I asked ignorantly only to be embarrassed by the doctor.ㅡㅡ….It wasn’t simply that the dog forgot potty training. It even peed on its own sleeping spot and kept sleeping on it…. The thing I cannot comprehend is….how can you spend almost 10 years together and then dump the dog on a cold day because it is not healthy….well…the dog died around the 15th last month…. It spent just one year at my home….I prayed for the dogㅡㅡ…… If you are not confident that you can keep a dog until it becomes old and dies, do not get it in the first place…I was very disheartened by the poor dog….


I also have been taking care of a Maltese suffering from womb infection for 6 years. I have rescued dogs and also have sent them through adoption. The abandoned kids’ hearts are broken too much.. because they know they have been dumped… My blood stream is reversing…How can you do that with a human mask on. What might the dog have looked like when the owner was turning around after attaching that thing on her back.. on the cold ground with pregnancy… By the way, don’t they have euthanasia at the Daejeon shelter? It really makes me grind my teeth.. It’s easy to catch a disease at a shelter.. I hope she meets a good owner soon.


The owner should be dumped by his or her own children when old~~ /spit!!


How desperately might she have been waiting for the owner, trembling in coldness and hunger? I hope she forgets the inhuman owner and meets a better one.


Are you a human?? I don’t know if you are a man or a woman but imagine you were dumped when you were pregnant…You make me swear on a Monday morning…


Let’s regulate pet dog shops!! And make it illegal to buy and sell too young puppies.. Because anyone can sell and buy them, humans worse than animals do whatever they want and animals are abandoned!


Implement a registration system for pets at any cost!!! Life is precious.


Ah…it makes me want to curse in the morning… How can you dump and leave her with pregnancy like that….after 4 years… The taping on her back… It doesn’t seem to be something done by a human. People like that deserve to be treated the same way… The law should do it…It’s really suffocating… I am ashamed and sorry as an owner of a companion dog…. ㅠI hope she meets a good owner and doesn’t get disheartened.. ㅠ


Let me tell you one thing. If you are not confident, don’t get pets like dogs or cats. Don’t just get them because you are lonely and dump them because they are troublesome.


You never understand until you have a dog. You learn that it only looks at you. How much fear the dumped dog might have felt.. Irresponsible people should really not have a dog in the first place…


I don’t understand those people who say ‘These people are all dog stans’ or ‘I guess you don’t eat meat’. This is not a matter of whether you eat meat or not. We are raging against animal abuse and disrespect for living creatures. Then because we humans eat meat, do you think we can do whatever to living things?

Pregnant dog abandoned

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  • Kate

    Ah geez…..poor mite I would gladly take her in…..I don’t understand how someone abandons an animal they are supposedly attached to and loved….I have 1 fat cat that I consider my fur baby and even though its gonna cost me an arm n leg to ship him to korea next year when my husband and I move back, I don’t care cause he’s my fur baby…..but many people see animals as accessories and easily attained and dumped when tired of……:***(

    • Brett

      You’re coming in January, right? Is your husbands family in Seoul?

      • Kate

        We moved the date to march because my husband is wanting to actually move back to korea for a few years instead. My korean family lives in the Yeoungdeoungpo area, relatively close to Times Square. Although next year my pil are giving us a house in Dongtan.

        We can save better in Korea because we don’t have living expenses like rent, utilities, etc Im going to do 1 yr teaching terms then 3-4 months vacation to the usa.

  • Digitalsoju

    Poor thing :(

  • lonetrey / Dan

    Wow, that’s just plain animal cruelty.

    1. Didn’t spay his dog.
    2. Didn’t find it a home after moving.
    3. Didn’t let it fend for itself even by tying it to a post.
    4. Felt this method of handling a pet is full of douchebaggery.

  • Serpico

    Go go Netizens!

  • holdingrabbits

    This isn’t an isolated incident. Where do people think all the stray purse dogs come from? It’s not like there are just roving packs of specially bred tiny dogs running wild. The difference is they don’t get signs. Last place I was in, a woman down the hall just left her dog in the hallway after she moved out. There was another stray scotty dog in the same neighborhood. Korea wasn’t made for dog ownership; it’s just too small. At least we can rest in the fact that this particular dog wasn’t dragged to death by a car or burned alive in front of school children.

    • Paul M

      Having a dog out in the country would be fine, but in the cities? I’d love to have a dog but there’s just no where in my neighbourhood where I would take it for a walk, no parks or green areas. There’s a mountain nearby but it’s usually swarming with ‘fashionable’ hikers who would freak out at the sight of a dog running loose.

      I get the feeling that vast majority of landlords in Korea forbid their tenants from keeping pets. So it’s likely that these people who abandon their dogs had to move into a place with such a landlord and just couldn’t be bothered to find an alternative owner or an animal shelter.

  • dk2020
  • HwoALanG

    i wish i can adopt that dog…. gosh….
    poor thing…

  • 3ayo

    Some humans should just stick to stuffed animals.

  • apple

    this dog died on sunday while giving birth. she had heartworm and she wasn’t strong enough. none of her pups made it either. it’s such a sad waste of life. this would not have happened had her owner 1) spayed her 2) given her a monthly heartworm preventative that costs less than $10. i volunteer at the shelter where she was being kept indoors by the shelter’s director. i got to spend some time with her the day before she died. her tummy was huge and she was so ready to give birth. she came so close to having a much better life, which makes this whole situation all the more devastating. we at the shelter renamed her “rainbow” hoping that she could find her pot of gold after suffering so much. she had a loving personality. very smart. the cutest face. she was a wreck when she first got to the shelter and kept on crying but calmed down after a few days. i walked away from her pen thinking that the next time i saw her, she’d be a mom. i gave her a hug and said goodbye. i didn’t know it would be forever. i’m sorry, rainbow. RIP lovely girl.

    • Sillian

      So she and her pups all died…

      Btw I keep seeing people related to articles here on kBang actually post here.

  • Poor thing died a couple days ago :( It had heartworms also, and I guess died in labor.

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  • her heat

    That is sooo wrong, who would do that?

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