Korean-Canadians Win Muscle and Beauty Contest Preliminaries

A Korean-Canadian Park Jin-kun wins Muscle Mania contest in Boston.

A Korean-Canadian Kim Seong-yoon passes the Miss Canada preliminary.In the order of from top to bottom, Park Jin-kun, Kim Seong-yoon

From Yonhaps News:

Two Korean-Canadians selected as ‘muscle man’ and ‘beauty queen’

Two Korean-Canadians were selected as ‘muscle man’ and ‘beauty queen.’

Park Jin-kun (32), the owner of a fitness centre in Toronto, won the men’s model section of ‘Muscle Mania’ contest held in Boston, USA, in late September.

He studied as an exchange student in Toronto in 1996, and then immigrated with his family to Canada in 2002; he played Canadian football at his high school.

He used to be a chubby 120 kg guy; but when he got into York University, he changed into a muscular figure with a strict diet and weight training.

Once certified a personal trainer certificate, he started working as a personal trainer for ten years at Valley Fitness, GoodLife Fitness and so on.

He started his own business in last August, ‘In Body Fitness Studio’ in the Yonge and Sheppard area of North York, Toronto, an area predominantly populated by Koreans.

Park said during a phone interview with Yonhap News on 30th (October), ‘My goal is to win the competitions that are going to be held in Europe and Korea,’ and ‘hopefully, I could be of modest help in letting South Korea be recognised more worldwide.’

Kim Seong-yoon (Yuliana, 23, female), who used to be a lady pilot aspirant and now is a film major student, is a 1.5 generation of Korean-Canadian; she made it through the preliminary of a beauty pageant.

Kim is a freshman at a film academy, ‘Toronto Film School,’ where she is the only Korean-Canadian who passed the Ontario regional preliminary of Miss Universe Canada 2013.

If she becomes the top eight at the final preliminary held on the 1st of December, she will be able to compete at the national contest in May 2013.

Kim immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 2000 when she was 11. She majored in aeronautics at Waterloo University for three years and then quit; she is now a film major.

She has great body – 170cm height and is 51kg in weight – and she said during a phone interview ‘People say I’m a tomboy, but I am beauty on the inside,’ and ‘I’d like to let more people recognise Korea and Korean beauty by winning the pageant.’

Comments from Naver:


The guy looks great, even from a guy’s point of view.


Wow fuck. Look at his shoulders ;;;


His body looks unassumingly perfect, not too big or bulging. It’s a trick – such body requires a lot of work. huh huh


I’m a guy, yet I’m attracted to him duh duh


If I say something like ‘I like girls with a certain BMI while maintaining big enough boobs,’ to those females who openly say ‘I like small but visible muscle,’ they’re SO gonna talk shit about me to their friends, looking surprised and say ‘That saekki is crazy.’ ㅡㅡ


Wow.. Actually, it’s really hard to build up muscle on such a slender frame.. He must have worked freakin’ hard..


Look at his shoulders.. they almost look.. non-Asian.. duh duh


I admire them.. Both of them seem to be living their lives to the fullest. Good job, you two Korean-Canadians!


I don’t get the fact that she’s selected as one of the regional preliminary winners; I can see the guy winning the contest though.


ke ke ke ke ke Oh I was just playing with my mobile phone for not being able to fall asleep; and this article make me laugh out loud ke ke He’s my personal trainer, and honestly, that picture is hideous; he looks so much better in person. He worked hard for the competition: going on a strict diet, even practicing some dance moves ke ke ke. Oh how he hated me when I ate an Oreo McFlurry in front of him.. I’ve got to show this article to him at the next training session tomorrow. Huh, he’s just an ordinary dad working hard for his dreams. I hope you commentators would watch your language here; you all should know better to do so. :)


Where did some of you get the idea that all women would drool on this guy? Every woman is different, just like men have different preferences regarding the ideal female body; some of them love full-figure, whilst others love skinny girls. I’ve read the comments ranked by the number of up-votes; perplexed by some of your comments like ‘Boseuls are gonna drool at this picture,’ I just have to post a comment. tsk Shouldn’t you keep your language nice and civil? Is it that satisfying to say ‘boseul, Kimchi bitches’ on the internet?


Whoa, his johnson isn’t even erect but.. ke ke


It’s about self-satisfaction. When your body is toned nicely, any clothes flatter your figure; confidence is an additional bonus.


Raise your hand if you’re here to read the comments.


That guy must’ve been fucking around a lot of Western girls. Gee, with his perfect six-pack, even the racist women might give in to him.


That guy’s body looks even better than Kwon Sang-woo.. Incredible..


I’m proud of both of them, and the comments here are simply despicable.


I’m not sure of her beauty, but the guy has the body bone structure to make it work.


I wonder how much weight training and dieting must have gone into making such a body. I’d rather live a normal life, eating whatever I want.


His body looks so nice and firm, a million times better than Sean Lee who has grossly giant muscle on his huge frame.

Park Jin-kun

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Park Jin-kun

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Park Jin-kun

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Park Jin-kun

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Park Jin-kun

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Park Jin-kun

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Park Jin-kun

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Park Jin-kun

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