Girl Posts Picture of ‘Molesting’ Man on Bus


Bus 'molestation' guy sitting at the back of the bus

A 21 year-old woman has posted a picture of a man who attempted to molest her on a bus. Although she did not actually get molested, she published the above picture on a portal website, asking netizens to sentence him to a social death. But as can be noted from the comments below, netizens are divided over whether she breached his human rights. Whilst most of them take her side, some netizens are afraid of this story becoming another misjudgement case of mob justice.

From Nate:

Molestation Bus Man Disclosed, Netizens Debate

On the 11th, Ms. A (21) posted an article with Mr. B’s picture on a portal website, entitled ‘I almost got molested by this guy on bus number **’

According to Ms. A, there were three ajummas between her and Mr. B, and when they got off the bus, he changed his seat to try and molest her.

Ms. A was stunned but she managed to yell at him ‘What the hell?!’, for she cannot stand these kind of people. And yet Mr B. did not even flinch and kept on listening to music, grinning at her.

As most passengers got off the bus, she was able to move to a front seat where she took the picture of him out of growing anger.

In the picture, Mr. B looks straight into the camera, sitting alone at the back of the bus. Next to him, there remains an empty seat where Ms. A seems to have sat on.

She pleaded with netizens to socially bury him (Mr. B) as well.

Some netizens said ‘My girlfriend and younger friends/siblings use that bus too. I’m worried for them’, ‘We’ve got to disseminate his picture to prevent him from getting on the bus ever again’, and ‘Ms. A ought to get a copy of the CCTV video during the incident.’ Meanwhile, other netizens reacted ‘If she got molested, then she should’ve gone to the police. Why is she calling for mob justice?’, and ‘It’s cruel to reveal his face’.

Comments from Nate:


Vote up if you’re up for revealing his face, vote down if you’re against it.


We’ve got to disclose his face to prevent other victims! What if your sisters or girlfriends get molested by that dirty bastard? Ms. A’s got to call the police!


We’ve got to reveal criminals’ faces. They don’t deserve human rights.


You wouldn’t say it’s cruel to reveal the perpetrator’s face once you yourself become a victim.


As a fellow man, I think it’s right to reveal the guy’s face to let everybody know what he did. I hope there’s no legal problems regarding posting the picture.


I’m definitely up for disclosing his face!!


I’m up for revealing his face if he’s found guilty. But all we know is one sided-story and that picture. How can we be sure whether he’s guilty? It’s dangerous to resort to mob justice without a fact-check. Imagine someone takes a picture of you and claim that you attempted to molest him/her. Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s right to reveal the perpetrator’s face when it’s ‘certain’ he’s guilty.


Although I didn’t read this article, I’d like to ask few questions. Why are you guys debating on revealing his face, is it because to protect human rights? Do you think they’re human? For me, they are insects. You guys are treating them as if they are human beings; why are you acting like this? I don’t understand some of you to respect those insects as if they deserve human rights.


Ah! It’s tiresome to explain this situation to some of you morons. Can’t you see how evil mob justice can be? We’ve seen enough of those cases.


What’s wrong with those who think it’s cruel to reveal the picture?? It’s necessary to stop that bastard from getting on the bus ever again.


It’s not right to disclose his picture or identity until the judge says ‘he’s guilty of sexual harassment’. You little Nate users may not be aware of ‘the presumption of innocence’. For those of you are up for revealing his face, one day you or your family will wind up being a victim of street justice on the internet.


Since sex crimes are treated with light punishment, there are growing numbers of those rubbish-type of guys. Even if they get arrested, the old or drunken ones easily get away, leaving the victims feeling stupid.. ㅡㅡ;;


It’s another identity thief case based on a one-sided story. Ah you fucking netizens!


It’s unknown whether her claim is true; even if so, she’s supposed to call the police, not make someone evil on the internet based on emotion. Besides, it’s not uncommon for these kind of stories to turn out to be a completely different in the end. I think she’ll get sued.


The most important thing is to check the facts. Do you think it’s acceptable to let her do whatever she wants? There could be a misunderstanding; maybe she fabricated the whole thing, yet do you think he deserves a social death without question?


It gives me a chill if it’s true. He even changed his seat to molest her; when she yelled at him, that bastard made a grin spreading across his face.


Oh, when I hate someone, I shall hire a girl to give him a social death sentence as a sex criminal by disseminating his pictures on the internet.


Aside from special crimes, most perpetrators are entitled to human rights protection around the world. The Korean legal system also acknowledges the presumption of innocence, yet she posted his picture without firm evidence; it’s a perfect recipe for getting a lawsuit.


That Kim Sun-mi woman was arrested for disclosing a picture without consent. Her face should be on the TV news. Did she take the picture because of the alleged sexual harassment? Did that bitch take the picture of him for grinning like a sex offender? Maybe he wanted to make sure you are okay, as you looked like a mental case; or he smiled at you as a farewell; and yet that youngster bitch took the picture and posted on the internet? Hey you boseul Korean bitches, listen. When you report someone for a sexual assault, you want to punish the perpetrators for giving you a traumatic experience; however, can’t you see they too can be traumatised by your accusations? You have no sympathy for guys who got scared by the social pressure that you fucking boseuls imposed on us, being conscious of every move when we are on the public transport. That woman has to be arrested with her face disclosed for a defamation charge; make her pay for what she did.


He’s shamelessly posing for the camera; it’s almost mandatory to reveal such a face. He looks like he’s harassing her, looking into the camera.

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  • somesojuslammer

    Sofa :)))

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    While a pang of anger impelling her to want to take the law into the hands is very understandable, a summary trial by furious netizens, which is, in all likelihood, expected to find him of guilty, has the possibility of being abused as a means of blackmail. In most exposees of sexual harassment or assault, a victim version of alleged sexual offenses is deemed truth. But what if there is slim chance of an excessive exggeration or fabrication which deal an irrevocable deal to an innocent person.

    Self-help is a long-standibg issue Many court movies

  • Brett Sanbon

    What does “molest” mean in this story? Did he try to get physical, or did he just move to the seat behind her to talk to her?

    I am all for punishing sexual attackers, but really, are you willing to ruin a guys life over a picture of him listening to music? Glad some of the netizens have sense.

    • lonetrey

      This is exactly what I was thinking.

      There’s no proof, though I don’t want to doubt the woman’s story. What happens if what she said is true? I feel like more info would be needed before ruining a guy’s life though.

      • mr. wiener

        She still should have gone to the police first. I’d really like to know what exactly this molestation was

        • Brett Sanbon

          Yea, I agree wiener… At least file a complaint with the police. They could check the cctv cams on the bus and decide whether or not to proceed… then again, Korean police don’t have such a reliable track record.

  • Patrick

    Fact is, she probably knew that the police would do practically nothing, and even if they ended up arresting him his sentence would have been suspended or no penalty at all. Better to let the public demonize him.

    • Anonton

      yep agree with you on that.

    • somesojuslammer

      If there was PROOF they might do something. This is no different than a woman having drunk sex and then calling it rape. Word vs word. Thank god we’re not in the USA or else this guy would already be behind bars and on sex offender registry.

      • Anonton

        I agree its bad when people get convicted for something they haven’t done, but molestation or in this case seems to be more mild sexual harassment isn’t easy to prove.

      • John Holmes

        in england drunk sex indeed IS considered rape..

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Whether to allow self-help is an age-old theme which many court movies take it as a thematic motif. And most of them remind viewers that self help beget selhelp and that miscarriage of justice will carry the day unless a chance is given of two sides—the defendant and the planitiff stating their stances. That’s why presumption of innocence has maintained though this principle sometimes generates a situation where its advocates feel disappointed when lack of evidence leaves a prime suspect walk on the streets.

    • John Holmes

      better arrest an innocent or release a guilty? that’s what the principle of innocence is for. Frankling speaking he could be a molester, but as long as he didn’t do anything he’s just guilty of bad behavior.. And what if the girl’s story is completly false?

  • John Holmes

    publish a picture without subject authorization is legal in Korea? In many western countries that girl could have to pay a fine and, due to the social damage, probably also an high compensation..

  • Matt

    Amazing how gullible some people are…

  • Mike

    Did I miss something? He didn’t do anything but change his seat…

  • TheNoob

    Not sure if they have these kinds of things in Korea but in the western countries the girl can be sued for defamation because, as she has stated that incident didn’t actually take place and she has already branded him a criminal.

  • 바나나

    inb4 the man is actually a joseonjok and cuts the woman into 100 pieces

  • Sojubang

    Either call the police or gather some witnesses who saw this take place, then go for the mob mentality assault, lol.

    Also even if he is a molester as claimed, all that would happen as a result of being exposed is that he may get another bus instead and do the same thing, the guys still gotta travel somehow.

  • 참을 수 없는 존재의 가벼움

    Most victims of sexual molestion or alleged victims are reluctant to come out to report their humiliating experiences to the authorities. And they do not want to be publicly identified which is inevitable during the police probe. I guess she knew this and use a quite shrewd strategy at the risk of being sued for character defamation as she eventually disseminate unsubstantiated claims.

  • Yohan

    So the guy changed his seat and smiled at the girl. That’s all the information we have, not even the girl herself seems to claim that he actually did molest her. Yeah, he deserves to die!

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