Bullied Student’s Last SMS “If You Dare Come to My Funeral…”

Another student commits suicide after being bullied
The topic of school violence continues to draw major attention from Korean media. There have been countless cases of serious school violence with many ending in suicide. Just last year in December a student in Deagu committed suicide after being bullied, this being followed by another two suicides in Deajon in December last year and January this year. According to statistics, one child commits suicide in South Korea everyday, with bullying being one of the causes. School violence in Korea has been increasing drastically and the problem reached such a scale that the government has decided to make it compulsory to record all such cases on the permanent school records of those students who participate in school violence. The following is a news report about another unfortunate suicide incident which happened on 18th of April and has received a lot of netizens’ attention.

From MBN News:

Bullied student commits suicide. His last text message “If you dare come to my funeral…”

“If you come to my funeral, I will kill you!” was the last text message Lee sent to his bully Yeon, shortly before he committed a suicide by jumping off the 20th floor of his apartment house.

Just before his suicide, at 8.45 in the morning, Lee sent the message to the bully, and at about 9.30 he left a suicide note and then jumped off the 20th floor of his own apartment.

It was revealed that since the middle of March, for over a month, the Lee suffered persistent bullying from his classmate Yeon.

The bullying included pricking Lee’s body by pencil, catching and pulling him from the back, and spitting in his face. During art class, bully Yeon poured water over Lee’s picture and at times used to beat Lee’s back and head violently.

After almost one month of bullying, Yeon insisted that Lee joins his club. He said that if Lee joined his club, he wouldn’t bully him anymore, so Lee reluctantly joined his club.

However, after joining the club Lee had to spend all the spare time with Yeon. Lee said in his suicidal note “It feels like I have become his subordinate. I hate spending time with that bastard more than anything else.”

Yeon told to the police “bullying was quite entertaining so I just continued bullying him for fun”.

The police stated that “they took all the 10 members of Yeon’s club in for further investigation due to the suspicion that they might be a school gang” and that “since Yeon is an underage not even 14 years old, they are conducting further investigations to decide whether he should be sent to a Youth Detention Centre”

Comments from Nate:


He should be executed for fun.


How angry and distressed he must have felt to leave such a text message and end his life at such a young age… And the bully. You say for fun? Can you make this kind of fun with kids that are stronger than you? You won’t be able to have any social life even when you become adult.


You son of a bitch, you will die no matter if you go to the funeral or not.


I really hope that his teachers will record this in his student record.. and although grades are important, I think that companies should check students’ records in the last stage of recruitment process……. student records are written by class teachers who had the opportunity to observe the student for long time while he was at school, I think that companies would be able to take the applicant’s student record into consideration… maybe it’s not realistic… I wonder if this would make the last stage of interview a little bit easier…


I would like to put acid on his face for fun and then say sorry


He has to be punished and this must be stamped out now. I think we have to let the adolescents that mock adults know the power of adults and the power of law. If we just hush this now, it’s going to happen again.


You should have just attacked the bastard with all the power of the resolution to die… it’s a pity…  I hope that the bastard bully will feel guilty for the rest of his life.


에휴… It’s important to bring up children properly… not only worry about whether my child gets bullied ….but also worry about my child bullying other children. I hope there is no more victims and no more bullies anymore. I hope that from an early age, parents teach their children to have understanding and consideration for others. It’s really not study what’s important ….


There are so many cases of young children committing awful crimes. The law must change. There should be no  distinctions in the face of law, regardless of age or sex. My conviction about this has been growing stronger and stronger lately.


I know an elementary school 4th grade student who got grabbed by the collar and robbed of his money when he went to toilet. So he mustered courage and told his mum.. And his mum told his class teacher… But the class teacher and the headmaster didn’t even open a committee.. and just said let’s just leave it… The victim and the bully are still studying in the same class…!!! Who in the world should he ask for protection… he even had a consultation with the school vice-commissioner but it was of no use… So at the end he went to police and wrote up a statement, and got diagnosis from mental clinic… Only then did the school start to slowly move…!!! And still the Office of Education and the school are like “we don’t know anything” and are busy to hush it!!! What should we do? The system must be drastically changed… ugh….


“bullying was quite entertaining so I just continued bullying him for fun”.This bastard is completely mad…In the future he might kill someone just for fun…He has a psychopathic tendency. He should be confined to a psychiatric hospital.


In this case we should use the guilt-by-association system…. the upbringing plays a role in this too… parents should be punished with him…


I want to stick a needle underneath his nails for fun.


If he can’t be punished as an underage, you should make sure his parents pay for this.


I pray that he will rest in peace. While we are following America in everything, why can’t we follow them in education system? If he bullies friends and talks back to the teacher, he should be suspended from school or forced to stay at school after the class. Also if a teacher does any nonsense, he should be divested of his teaching qualification.


You are not going to send him to Youth Detention Centre because he is not 14 yet? Huh, that sort of law must be abolished… a child has died… It’s because the law is this crap, that kids have no fear of law…


Who is the mother and father of this scumbag?


Disclose the bully’s mother and father as well~~ fuck!


The identities of school bullies should be made public the same way as the identity of sexual assailants, so that they can’t get a job and get married in the future.


How painful that must have been. Because of this I feel quite stunned since the morning today. Having children is scary. To think that my child would have to grow up in such a pain, or that my child would inflict this kind of pain onto another child. The society is quite scary really.


Amend the law to include only youngsters under 12 years old. Once kids go to middle school they already understand all there is to understand.


Make his face public. If a person dies, it’s not a joke, it’s a murder.


Lee: ‘It feels like I have become his subordinate. I hate spending time with that bastard more than anything else.’ Yeon: ’bullying was quite entertaining so I just continued bullying him for fun’. This is the reality of our society. The strong bully the weak and the weak have to suffer the bullying. And the school is just concerned about their school image, so they don’t pay any attention to this. I want to ask the school and the Office of Education to please be concerned about this and pay attention to whether there are any students who are being bullied. So that this kind of tragedy doesn’t repeat anymore…


Our school parents ke ke ke ke ke You are worried about your son? He might be bullied??? ke ke ke ke ke ke ke Try consider the idea that it might be your son who is the bully ke ke ke ke All parents sending their kids to army are worried that their kids will get beaten. But have you ever thought about the fact that it might be your child beating the other kids?? ke ke ke ke

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  • ChiChi

    It’s distressing to see mere children take their own life. This is such a tragedy.

  • Jang

    It’s amazing how Netizens(sitting behind computer) react or show their disdain for the bully but nobody at the school seemed to have cared. WTF? Actually, I doubt much is being done at thousands of schools all over S. Korea. Teachers leave students unsupervised for 10 minutes between classes plus however long it takes them to get to class and plus the time they leave early/before the class is really supposed to be over. Why? Because teachers come first in S. Korea, students are 2nd class citizens like Korean women are to Korean men.

  • Ruaraidh

    Why do some people act like the bully murdered the victim? He should be punished according to his actions, not those of the victim. This sort of backwards thinking seems to be prevalent in the west too. If I gave someone a damn good thrashing, and they wrote me into their suicide note, I should be charged with GBH not manslaughter.

    • Vince

      It’s not as simple as that. Granted, he didn’t directly kill the boy, but the suicide clearly suggests that it was much more severe and sustained psychological trauma than just getting a “damn good thrashing”.

  • I wish it was in China.
    Flesh search’em!

    • Patrick


  • Patrick

    I really like the first comment, direct, to the point – it gets the job done.

  • donscarletti

    While we are following America in everything, why can’t we follow them in education system?
    Because basic literacy and numeracy have their benefits?

    • BlackertheBerry

      Oh no, you don’t want to subject your children to an “American” style educational system. Believe me.

  • BlueCrush

    I am slightly surprised by the comments on this page condemning the bully and leaving little fault in the child that killed himself, Korean suicide that is seemingly glamorized, the school, authroties, and parenting.

    1) I think the bully is not at fault for this poor child’s death. Most kids bully or get bullied, it is a given in society because human beings are social creatures and those who are not in the norm are outcasts and human being likes other animals have face offs with their rivals. Chidlern at this age lack a lot of empathy. This bully, because he is so immature and not psychologically devolped obviously lacks empathy. Don’t YOU understand that this child who lost his life is not the olny tragedy but this bully as well. In time he will learn and feel the consequences of his actions. At it is going to hurt. He will have to live with it for the rest of his life. And he will have resentments….wishing that some adult had stopped him before it was too late.

    2) Where were the adults in this situation? The teachers and school administrators, did they just ignore what was going on? Did the teachers not notice a chnge in the bullied child? Did they not make a report when they noticed some bullying, did they let the parents know what was going on?

    3)The parents of these children. a)the parents of the bully. Why did they not teach their child to respect others and inflict no harm on others intentionally? The parents of the bullied child. Why did they not pay attention to the changes in their child. They must have seen a personality change, depression, social isolation, etc. Ask your child questions, make sure you know how their day or week went at school. If there is a problem; talk to the teachers ot even the bullies parents and confront them about their child’s behavior.

    4)What is going on in Korean society that suicide is some how considered noble and their is little fault tied to those who take their lives and leave othrs in pain. I have noticed this trend in South Korea as well as some other Asian nations in which suicide is rampant, even though there are so many better solutions than to off onself.

    The real victims are the two children involved. The bully and the bullied. The bully may not be suffering now but in time he is going to feel it and it will hit him hard. The sad thing is, he made this mistake when he was a child. The internal guilt he will surely feel and societies condemnation will do him in. This child needs counceling on the regular to deal with this tragedy and make him understand the severity of what happened and how it will effect him in the furtue.
    The child that took his life is a tragedy because he died a lone feeling he had not hope. btu some how I felt the suicide not was meant to get a reaction out of his bully and in time…it surely will. But Child, there were so many other ways to have dealth with your pain and this bully. Where were the adults that were supposed to protect the two of you from all this?

    May this child rest in peace.To the bully : may you find peace some day.

    • BlueCrush

      Sorry to the typos.

      “btu some how I felt the suicide not was meant to get a reaction out of his bully and in time…it surely will.”

      but somehow I felt the suicide was meant to get a reaction out of his bully and in time…it surely will.

    • Patrick

      I think it is less a matter of glamorization, this kid couldn’t stand his life. His last hope was the other kid suffer some kind of guilt, my bet is sooner or later he really will. Neither child was fully capable of understanding the consequences of their actions, they are simply too you. And while I am not a particularly vengeful person, I hope the little shit develops not only a concience but a complex. I have and currently do work with privilaged Korean secondary students, and on the whole I like them very much. They are smart kids with a lot of potential. But they also have a pretty mean streak when picking on each other. I know one young guy, a really smart kid. Nice personality, helpful. They like to call him “garbage”.

  • 소지섭

    fucking pussy
    should’ve fought the bully

    • achan


    • lonetrey

      Classy comment right there.

    • Every damn time I think the same when I read a piece of news like this, be it in Japan or South Korea… better DIE than fight back (even if you get a black eye)???
      If I ever raise a child in Japan I will enroll the boy (or girl, it doesn’t matter) in the first martial art academy he seems to like, you know, to learn to have some guts to FACE the life and don’t throw the towel after the first hit in the face.

  • Brett Sanbon

    Considering how common suicide is with regards to students, I think the most interesting piece of this story is the message the bot sent to his bully.

    I am wondering if he sent the message and waited for the bully to send a reply telling him not to go through with it… Regardless, if I were the boy and was determined to take the fall, I wouldn’t want the one responsible for my grief at my funeral either.

  • Stories of butts

    “If a person dies, it’s not a joke, it’s a murder.”
    Holy hell did the mention of suicide past by this reader or?
    And whats up with bringing the bullies mom and dad on this, like damn why not do away with the entire family to not spread the bad seed.

  • Tippy Long Stocking

    the bully is directly responsible for his death. i wonder if the bully has any remorse for the outcome his actions caused. probably not

  • October Miracle

    its a shame !!

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